Why Carmelo Anthony & JR Smith Can HELP The Lakers After The Anthony Davis Trade (Ft. NBA & LeBron)

Jun 28, 2019
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After the Anthony Davis Trade, the Lakers are looking at Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith in the NBA Free Agency. They can actually help the Lakers, and this is why. #NBA #Lakers #Melo
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The Lakers have freed up cap space for a max free agent, but even then they are gonna need guys who would be willing to sign for the veteran minimum and two names have popped up. Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith. But both of them can actually help LeBron, Anthony Davis, and Kuzma and the Lakers win a championship. So let’s break that down.
Let’s start with Carmelo. I know it seems like Carmelo hasn’t played basketball in forever, but he did play 10 games with the Rockets just last season in 2018, averaging 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds a game shooting 41% from the field and 33% from 3 along with 68% from the free throw line in 29.4 minutes a game. Those numbers scream inefficiency. You must be thinking, it’s crazy to think that Melo could help, but keep in mind that Melo was on a new team with the Rockets with teammates that he had never been with in a system that is radical and completely new. Not being great in 10 games isn’t the best way to analyze what Melo was. Instead I think it’s important to look at something that I haven’t seen Carmelo do his whole career, and that is adjust his game. We saw that in Denver and on the Knicks when he was the main man and a little bit of that in OKC. He came off the bench instead of being stubborn to start. That doesn’t mean he can’t give you some points off the bench as a role player. Will Melo be that guy we saw in New York? No, it’s crazy to expect that, but we saw that Melo was willing to adjust his game and recognize he isn’t that star player anymore.
JR Smith is much easier to breakdown in terms of basketball skill because he’s a streaky shooter than can give you defensive effort and some 3 point shooting. Like Carmelo, J.R. only played 11 games in the 2018-19 season but instead of looking at what he did in 11 games with LeBron, let’s look at his body of work with LeBron. In his time with the Cavs, J.R. has averaged 10.5 points shooting 38% from 3. With JR, you’re getting a competent knockdown shooter that when hot, could light the place up, make contested shot after contested shot. We have seen it throughout his time with LeBron that JR takes the shot at the end of the shot clock and just makes some crazy shot. I think what isn’t talked about enough is JR’s defense. When JR is matched up with opposing star players, he does an amazing job at making it tough. He has gone against Paul George and DeMar Derozan as the primary defender on them in the playoffs. \He gets caught ball-looking instead of staying with his man. JR on the Cavs was the 4th option, behind LeBron, Irving, and Love and didn’t get in the way of that. That 2015-2016 Cavs was one of the best teams in NBA history, we forget how dominant that Cavs team was because how historically dominant the Warriors were and JR Smith added on to their dominance at times, but didn’t ever take away from it.
The main thing to understand is that these two aren’t getting huge roles like they would have in their primes. They are coming to be 5th or 6th options, come off the bench and hold it down when the stars go to the bench. Now LeBron and AD will probably have staggered rotations meaning there will be at least one star on the floor at all times. Don’t forget about Kuzma. He can also get hot in a hurry, but has shown that he can consistently give you 15 points. Like I have said in my video about 5 free agents the Lakers should sign with their $24 million dollar cap space, LeBron and AD most need 3 and D guys, 1 more playmaker for when Bron goes to the bench, and maybe some X-factors. Carmelo and JR Smith are no longer those players they once were, but they can act as floor spacers. Carmelo has shown willingness to defer to the star on the floor and without the star, try to step up into offense. JR will be the floor spacer at the 2, but as a guy coming off the bench, he can also defend star guards. That’s exactly why Carmelo and JR are valuable, because they aren’t relied on to do anything offensively and their floor is enough to not take anything away from what the Lakers would be. These two aren’t even using up the cap space, they are literally veteran minimums. Because LeBron and AD will draw in a lot of defense, Melo and JR will get good looks. So do I think Melo and JR can help the Lakers? Absolutely and if you’re getting them for veteran minimums, the downside is that you’re getting two guys who can’t buy a shot, but that’s most veteran minimums. The upside? They could lead the second unit and for a few nights maybe even 3 or 4 games in the playoffs, just get on fire. But what do you think? Should the Lakers sign another max free agent? What about Carmelo and JR?

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    • @Rage Quit damn

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    • Jr

      Alexander ChebotarevAlexander Chebotarev5 months ago
    • We need a spark off the bench anyway ! 2 sparks ?! Why not ?!

      Sauce JacksonSauce JacksonYear ago
    • Patrick Beverley

      Crispy_ECrispy_EYear ago
    • fuck outta here bitch you know damn fuckin well these has beens arent coming anywhere near the lakers

      Rage QuitRage QuitYear ago
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  • Please do not sign those two trash

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  • No plz no

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  • PG=LeBron SG=Danny Green SF=Carmelo Anthony PF=Anthony Davis C=Javale McGee

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  • Jesus this need to happen, send tucker down to the g league get melo, training camp set your rotation and get jr, Starting lbj green kuzma ad javale Bench rondo/bradley kcp jr melo dwight, a lot better then what they have in Dudley and no sf bench player.kcp I guess can play the 3 but that bench is way better

    rgncal 4rgncal 4Year ago
  • Yall cant beat gsw

    xdeaf-_-monkeyxxdeaf-_-monkeyxYear ago
  • I wish Jr would have played that type of defense on kobe back in the 2009 conference finals. My nuggets could of used that but I guess kobe was just too good obviously. Guarding Oladpio and Derozan would be easier

    Chris56076Chris56076Year ago
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  • Henny smith LOL

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  • Melo is done. Lakers need a 3 and D guy and Melo isn't either

    Greg ThompsonGreg ThompsonYear ago

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  • I ain’t subbing

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  • melo ruined J Lin. hope his attitude changes

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  • shaq kobe, and jordan are joining the lakers too

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  • 3: 33 except for last season with the Rockets and ten games with Houston??

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  • Carmelo just lied his ass off 😆

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  • Boogie Cousins > Melo

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  • I still to this day think melo has a bad rap. The thunder nor was the rockets a good fit for him at all. Lebron could revive him forsure, I hope they can see that.

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  • Rather have jr then melo

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  • Why not sign Kobe and D Wade? Wade and LeBron are old friends and Kobe is a Laker for life. Kobe and Wade would still be better than Melo and JR.

    tatashadytatashadyYear ago
  • MJ whattup!!!

    Thabo LangaThabo LangaYear ago
  • Noooooooooooo!

    Grass LandGrass LandYear ago
  • Carmelo and lebron gonna have great chemistry they always wanted to play with each other. Came in the same time and only played on the Olympic team together if im not mistaken. Lebron might get another ring

    Myra DickMyra DickYear ago
  • Imagine.....Brooklyn vs the clippers. Just a thought tho

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  • Shut d hell up LeBron! Data gayness at its finest..u don't want to compete

    Ramon Moses ParasRamon Moses ParasYear ago

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  • if its just the spotup 3s they offer, plenty of other players in the league can do that. and without the baggage, without the drama, without the diva attitude, without an overblown salary. Plus other players can offer something on the defensive end

    sys434sys434Year ago
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  • Jr Smith? Come on! Not again! Jr should just sit his ass all day and smoke weeds.

    Ariel BalbalosaAriel BalbalosaYear ago
  • Who else heard the Houston and The Rockets Discrepancy lol 😂

    SlapsMansSlapsMansYear ago
  • They could work coming off the bench

    Sauce JacksonSauce JacksonYear ago
  • not sure bout Melo but JR sure

    Robert BaluRobert BaluYear ago
  • denver Melo and Jr were dope

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  • They should both go to the Knicks

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  • Nobody wants to sign those 2 clowns , LOL

    JuniorJuniorYear ago
  • Melo deserves a shot but JR after 2018 finals... No he doesn't deserve to be on a title contending team

    Warrick JamesWarrick JamesYear ago
    • why are you so mad at J.R? its not like they were gonna win the series anyway

      XxZeroxXXxZeroxXYear ago
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  • Sign the professor of they want to win

    Jun PasionJun PasionYear ago
  • Melo and Jr not gonna help no NBA team .

    dilink23dilink23Year ago
    • what about the suns?

      XxZeroxXXxZeroxXYear ago
  • People will make fun of the Lakers if they grab guys like Melo and JR, but I believe they would both be valuable pieces. The Lakers have 32 million to scoop up players and maybe not even that if they add Kawhi or Dlo. They'll need so find value on minimum deals and Carmelo and JR coming off the bench could be solid. Defensively there will be a fall off, but they should still be able to score some points and hold their own against opposing benches.

    TheLakerFanNexXDoorTheLakerFanNexXDoorYear ago
  • I BEEEEEEENN said this! Perfect fit off the bench. SHOOTINGGGGG

    Kendrick SamKendrick SamYear ago
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  • This would be dope Melo and JR played together on the nuggets so they have chemistry They both can create their own shot so they can go iso and score until the team figures out chemistry Here is how I see the team filling out Brook Lopez and Javel McGee 7 mil C Ivica Zubac 3 mil C Austyn Rivers 1.5 mil 6’4 PG Patrick Beverly 5 mil 6’1 PG JJ Redick 15 mil 6’4 SG Melo 2.5 mil 6’8 SF Seth Curry 3 mil 6’2 SG JR Smith 2.5 mil 6’7 SG Jamal Crawford 2.5 mil 6’5 F/SG Kyle Korver 2.5 mil SG Minus 2 of these players they can fill the team out with catch and shoot... and players who can create their own shot... plus defense and ball It’s so many line ups they can go with AD plays well with other bigs... after cousins got hurt every big next to AD always had 20 plus whether it was Julius Randal or Mortic So I’d error on the side of having Javel for defense and Lobs and clean up inside

    rob Henryrob HenryYear ago
  • You earned my sub

    Jrue BresilJrue BresilYear ago
  • Absolutely disagree on this one. Lakers need to see this one a 2 year hope, not a 1 season miracle. This year they didn't compete, so they need to focus on competing this year, not expecting to win. And so you need a more balanced team with a better bench, and people in their mid 20's who can develop greatly next to lebron and davis to be able to win in 2 years if they do things right. Using all that budget to get Melo who hasn't really proven himself in the last 4 or more years, and JR who... well, lebron knows.

    DouganTheMightyDouganTheMightyYear ago
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    William SheekeyWilliam SheekeyYear ago
  • And the funny thing is jr already played with melo

    MichaelMichaelYear ago
  • Melo yes but Jr Smith hmm nah he chokes every playoffs

    Al BaronAl BaronYear ago
    • he doesnt choke EVERY playoffs. the only bad playoff moment for JR i can think of off the top of my head is 2018

      XxZeroxXXxZeroxXYear ago
  • No

    J EnJ EnYear ago
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    wavywavyYear ago
  • They need to sign Ricky Rubio and/or Patrick Beverley, Rubio is a playmaker who finds teammates in rhythm and he isn't one of these guys that must have 15 or more shot attempts in every game to be happy and that is good when they have James and Davis who want alot of shots. Patrick Beverley is a great defensive player " who can be a little dirty at times" but he can score when needed and has a high rev motor who play hard. Melo off the bench would be a lot of help with the 2nd unit and JR Smith need to embrace his spot and take pride in coming off the bench like Lou Williams. If he does it right at the end of season he will be worth alot more money than he is now. If Melo and Smith are both signed and agree to coming off the bench they should be the front runners for the 6th man award and maybe their careers will be reenergized some what. I believe Harrison Barns will be joing the Lakers and why he declined the player option in Sacramento is very confusing and stupid. The reason he is going to the Lakers is because he wants to join a team who has a legitimate chance of winning a title so he can hopefully play very well in the playoffs then he gets a longer contract with way mor money too.

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  • sign dlo , jr , carmelo , seth , javale , caruso we could space the floor all day

    Jason ChevezJason ChevezYear ago
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    • they cant afford beverly and ariza

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  • My bday is on July 14

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  • we don't subscribe cause your intro is to cringy, whats up with the dudes dudettes bs

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  • I wouldn't really mind Melo on my Lakers, but c'mon on now you know LeBron ain't going for that JR shit. Rasheed Wallace got a better chance of teaming up with LeBron in LA then JR does

    Young ConquerorYoung ConquerorYear ago
  • i find that carmelo plays pretty much like KD but KD doesnt get shade cause he wins

    dev angdev angYear ago
  • Hell nah

    greg heffleygreg heffleyYear ago
  • instrumental?

    Coda2Times TvCoda2Times TvYear ago
  • Which of these 2 current NBA Players do you think they'll get a free championship ring before they'll retire on NBA, is it Melo or Boogie? 🤔

    Eric DannugEric DannugYear ago
  • LeBron James and J.R Smith greatest duo's legendary.

    Carmelo AnthonyCarmelo AnthonyYear ago
  • Lonzo and Ingram, plus those 4 first round picks, could have helped the Lakers for the next Decade plus. LeBron is 35, TWICE ZION'S AGE! Think about that, LeBron was declared for the NBA before Zion was born. LBJ is too old for long term reliability yet the Lakers gave away their future for a James\AD combo. AD could have came for free in one more Season, Ingram and Zo are both a Jumper away from being Elite.

    Nick King TelevisedNick King TelevisedYear ago
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  • Hell. Nawl.

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  • Please no.

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  • FU all cuntss disrespecting Melo FDPs twats

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  • The Lakers can sign all these players doesn't mean their gonna win a championship!!!!!

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  • Kawhi to Lakers so I can bandwagon !

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