What You Don't REALIZE About The Andrew Wiggins Trade To The Warriors and Stephen Curry (Ft. NBA)

Feb 7, 2020
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Andrew Wiggins got traded to the Warriors to join Stephen Curry for D’Angelo Russell right at the NBA deadline, but how does Wiggins work with Curry & the Warriors #NBA #Wiggins #Curry
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D’Angelo Russell was the consolation prize for the Warriors in the sign and trade with the Nets. It allowed the Nets to free up necessary cap space and also gave the Warriors something in return for KD instead of getting nothing. He’s only 23 so he’s far from his prime, he was just an All-Star last year, and as a 6’ 5” guard, there was a lot of potential of Russell learning from Curry and Klay. But there was always the question of fit alongside Curry and Klay. The main caveat with this was the the Warriors got a young player with potential in a situation where they were about to get nothing. So now they got Andrew Wiggins who is a polarizing player, a guy who’s in this gray zone where he’s not bad, he’s not great, he’s just good with so much more promise on a really expensive contract, maybe the worst in the league.
So the main focus for the Warriors is to build a team for next season while managing to stockpile assets for the future. Curry is almost 32 years old, Klay is turning 30 tomorrow, and Draymond Green is turning 30 in less than a month. And so the window for these players is definitely dwindling. At the same time, these three still have peak years left.
So now they get Andrew Wiggins out of a situation where they were going to lose KD for nothing and perhaps more importantly, the Timberwolves 1st round pick in 2021 that’s only top 3 protected. Remember the Timberwolves are only 3 games ahead of the Warriors with the 4th worst record. So the Warriors could end up with the number 1 pick with their own pick and a top 5 pick with the Timberwolves in the future, all which become either young talent for the future or tradable assets.
Andrew Wiggins is about to turn 25 years old, and has multiple seasons of averaging 20+ points, but we all know that he’s still not fulfilling his potential. The Timberwolves is a franchise that has not been the best environment. The Warriors have been a great organization that for the past 7-8 years really has been getting the most out of their players.
So now onto the basketball side of things where people think Wiggins is basically a Harrison Barnes in the Warriors system, especially since Wiggins is not a knockdown shooter, but that’s just wrong. Did the Warriors not just have Durant on their roster? Curry, Klay, and Green all gave up touches and usage so that Durant would be able to operate in the offense. Durant just averaged 28.2% usage rate in his 3 years on the Warriors while Harrison Barnes was fulfilling a role and getting a usage rate around 16%. Now do I think Andrew Wiggins will have the same usage as Kevin Durant? Heck no, but the offense has room to give Wiggins his touches, especially with Andre Iguodala gone. The Warriors need more ball handlers, besides Curry and Green, it’s what allows the Warriors to run a lot of these off-ball actions with Curry and Klay and Wiggins can actually do that.
Wiggins has emerged as a primary ball handler this season, at times, running point guard for the Timberwolves with some success which is more than what Harrison Barnes could do for the Warriors. Wiggins focused on ball handling this off-season and saw film on James Harden on how Harden could break down a defense with his handling. IOn top of that, he can be that guy that can run heavy with the second unit and stagger Curry and Wiggins minutes, but at the same time still play them together in important stretches.
Can we talk about how Wiggins benefits from being surrounded by Curry and Klay? As a slasher, he will have all the space in the world to operate. If defenses decide to bring help defense, Wiggins has already shown that he can make open passes, but most likely defenses won’t help off which means Wiggins is going to have one on one coverage and probably not against the primary perimeter defender of the team. And with no one really at Wiggins position on the Warriors, he’s their main small forward which allows Klay to play more of his natural position at the 2. Everyone on the Warriors can really play their natural positions.
The big risk in this trade comes with Wiggins’s contract. His contract still has 3 seasons left after this year averaging more than 30 million dollars a season. That’s a huge contract to someone who’s not proven that he’s a star. The one plus that minimizes a worst case scenario with Wiggins not being a star is that the Warriors will still have the draft pick. This trade is really one of the riskiest trades for the Warriors.

  • This is...a trade. Who won the trade? TikTok: vm.tiktok.com/Vwagr2/ Second Channel: usworlds.info/tv/ZWAssCaz6YHMXGziCKtdPw

    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY8 months ago
    • Mr Fool He did it 1 game, they’ve played each other 11 times and Bron won 10/11 and bested him in every star relax😂 Thabo Sefolosha locked up LeBron too, you think he’s losing sleep over it? I’d be great for the Warriors if this was consistent play but that’s not realistic.

      Uncle DrewUncle DrewMonth ago
    • @Uncle Drew bro wiggins locked down lebron on defense

      Mr FoolMr FoolMonth ago
    • You can't play good defense when KAT is just a 7' pylon. Whoever says warriors won this trade is delusional. Now you have two stars on the Wolves who are not commited to defense and that is about as good as getting the 8th seed every year to go with a first round exit in the west. Barnes 2.0 is a stretch because Barnes does not have Wiggins' length or his athleticism. From what I have seen so far after the trade, Wiggins will be fine. He sized up Lebron on defense and guarded David in the post. With Wiggins' length they can also go back to the small ball line ups that were very successful.

      Pray For MojoPray For Mojo8 months ago
    • Think about it if warriors get James wiseman there lineup would be Pg. Curry Sg. Klay Sf. Wiggins Pf. Green C. Wisemen

      TTV CortxzyyTTV Cortxzyy8 months ago
    • Minnesota

      859ms859ms8 months ago
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    Kalle HeikkinenKalle Heikkinen3 months ago
  • As a Timberwolves fan wiggins is a bust even in the right system hes not an all star. The move interesting move is the best 3 point shooting center (KAT) getting paired up with a deep ball threat playmaker (Dlo) in a move that impresses and interests devin booker. Regardless Dlo is home and If booker comes too the worst team in the league is a title contender

    BBALL killerBBALL killer3 months ago
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    Andrew MerklingerAndrew Merklinger4 months ago
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    REALTRAINER .13REALTRAINER .134 months ago
  • Today is happening warriors will come back giannis wil be traded to golden best players Curry Wiggins And Giannis

    Princeharry PahilaPrinceharry Pahila4 months ago
  • Smart trade for the warriors

    Nhel Dela CruzNhel Dela Cruz4 months ago
  • Andrew Wiggins good place for the warriors because all team mate is not a selfish

    Nhel Dela CruzNhel Dela Cruz4 months ago
  • Currys playing style can let him play into his mid 40s

    craps 48craps 484 months ago
  • Yeah but what about kawhi? He plays same position as Wiggins. Warriors will struggle against teams like the clipppers

    Timon ChengTimon Cheng4 months ago
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    Shivam PatelShivam Patel4 months ago
  • Wiggins plays better defense than Russel which is an improvement in my opinion.

    Matthew MitchellMatthew Mitchell4 months ago
  • What’s with the ridiculous sound effects?

    A KA K4 months ago
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    Iso ZoIso Zo4 months ago
  • people wanna act like the warriors didn't go 73-9 with Harrison Barnes

    Daksh BatraDaksh Batra4 months ago
  • The thing is, harrison barnes is super underrated and he gets buckets.

    VrunnnVrunnn4 months ago
  • If barnes can flourish in this system i’m certain wiggins will as well. if he shows defensive improvement gsw is a huge contender automatically in the west

    Brian JohnsonBrian Johnson5 months ago

    Alex KAlex K5 months ago
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    Martin BohonyiMartin Bohonyi5 months ago
  • No pressure on a guy drafted#1 Overall..He will be the #4 Option on the Warriors .that should be easy for a 24ppg career scorer

    Desmond AndersonDesmond Anderson5 months ago
  • Wig

    TylerTyler6 months ago
  • Wiggins seems like he always does the bare minimum in any role he is given so he shrinks as his role shrinks. As a rising star he didn’t rise too high As a 3rd option for KAT and butler he stunk barely averaging over 15 on horrible shooting and no defense Loses a bunch of games and has 3 weeks of elite play followed by horrible regression Gets to the warriors and shows no signs of imposing himself, pretty much just floating out there He’s just coasting it’s woefully apparent he’s just doing what he needs to keep himself in the league and those checks coming but has no interest in taking it seriously

    Random personRandom person6 months ago
  • So in the era of small ball the Warriors wanted to get bigger? He's significantly worse than Russell in every offensive category and his defense blows 🤣🤣🤣

    Julian DuranJulian Duran6 months ago
  • If Warriors can get Giannis without trading Wiggins, it will be a Win Win for Warriors....If Warriors can't get Giannis, Warriors should bring back JaVale McGee instead and that would bring Warriors as Fighting Machine again!!!!!

    Norbin Bobot TinioNorbin Bobot Tinio6 months ago
  • Andrew Wiggins is a future Asset for the Warriors, so therefore, Warriors MUST NOT or SHOULD NOT Trade Wiggins to other Teams just to get Giannis A.

    Norbin Bobot TinioNorbin Bobot Tinio6 months ago
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  • I’m a warriors fan but I am goin to keep it real my team is 🗑 trash🗑

    CJ CarterCJ Carter7 months ago
  • Great insight. This team could be scary next year.

    Swell RellSwell Rell7 months ago
  • Wigs won't have ADD with warriors. He's be focuse, this is a competitive enviroment. If you ever played for money, you know what i mean. (night and day)

    rose orpheerose orphee7 months ago
  • In the long run I think the Warriors trade and their picks will do well for them

    Jonathan ParksJonathan Parks7 months ago
  • I needed Wiggins to become that clutch player so his nickname can be Ender, like the book. Ender’s Game

    Thomas RobertsThomas Roberts7 months ago
  • GSW has a history of making players like Wiggins into super stars.

    Delon LawrenceDelon Lawrence7 months ago
  • The timberwolves are my favorite

    Dumb stuff IsaiahDumb stuff Isaiah7 months ago
  • Wiggs is trash man..

    Star GiovanniStar Giovanni7 months ago
  • Wiggins at 4:39 is TOUGH to guard...hints of Olajuwon. How you gonna stop that fadeaway?

    alexandergoldmanalexandergoldman7 months ago
  • He might be the next Victor Oladipo

    marino jonesmarino jones7 months ago
  • 4:40 slow it dow. Definitely a travel.

    Zach TZach T7 months ago
  • Who the hell wants to play in Minnesota. Wiggins can flat out ball. When GState get Lamelo it's about to get real.

    Wall Street DaveWall Street Dave7 months ago
    • Yup. Dynasty will reemerge. Talking about Big 5 potential

      MacabreeMacabree7 months ago
  • short term wolves won, but they gave up those draft picks for essential 2 players this year that had identical stats and contracts. So long term warriors will win the deal, because like most MN sports, wiggins will probably thrive outside of MN, and unless the wolves can learn to play d-fense and or pick up booker, the big 3 want to play together, if they can all agree on contracts that let them play together, but if they can't then don't be mad when you can only afford 3 players on your 15 player team. But unless this new MN general manager is any good and knows what the fuck he's doing (which no MN exec has yet) Mn always get's screwed in the long run just to keep fans interested vs. big market teams. And MN is too fucking honest to tank a season to get a number 1 pick. If MN was smart they tank every god damn game this year and get that number 1 pick, that might make it all worth it, and that's assuming MN actually hires some scouts that know what they're doing, let's face it MN's draft selections haven't been very good, KG and KaT out of 25+ years and hundreds of draft picks, is not a good track record.

    redman0901redman09018 months ago
    • @Macabree no one else in the league would have given that much for russel, sure he was going to get traded at some point, but a number 1 draft pick as well, no f'ing way, MN only makes that deal that's why they did it. Warriors are an actually smart organization, now they'll tank the rest of this year, grab yet another 1 pick on top of wiggs if they keep him and then still have 3 all-stars. I mean this trade was no Herschel walker trade, but still, I mean MN did get some good utility pieces as well, but they also gave up their only 2 way guy as well, and MN is still hurting from the butler fiasco, plus they already blew it with lavine, I mean this team if they would have waited another 2 years would have made something out of lavine, wiggs, and kat, but man, I'm to the point that they should just close the franchise down to be honest, pretty sure they've been on the chopping block for a while now.

      redman0901redman09017 months ago
    • Perfectly and inteliggently written so people could understand this situation well. Good point about KG as well. Never thrived until traded away from MN. Same applies to Kevin love

      MacabreeMacabree7 months ago
  • KD was a decent defender before going to Warriors. He became an elite defender after playing for the Warriors

    bangwithcaminobangwithcamino8 months ago
  • Wiggins > Harrison Barnes 🔥 That’s why he’s a good fit.

    Erringhton HynesErringhton Hynes8 months ago
  • The next possible trade is a pack with middleton for Embid

    Manuel Rivera 10Manuel Rivera 108 months ago
    • Hmm. Have horford take embiid spot and middleton added for shooting power to helpcsimmons since Simmons have great interior offense and embiid to bucks to make a powerful unstobbable bucks offense?

      MacabreeMacabree7 months ago
  • even if his contract is bad we unpacked jacob evans $9mill contract during the trade

    Noah NelsonNoah Nelson8 months ago
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    Ethan LopezEthan Lopez8 months ago
  • What do you mean they haven’t had a winning season without Garnett. They were the 4 seed with jimmy butler. 4 or 5

    Riley FreemanRiley Freeman8 months ago
  • Air Wiggins, what people forget is nobody in the League can Sky like "Maple Jordan!"

    Anthony JonesAnthony Jones8 months ago
  • No, this is what you dont realize. usworlds.info/slow/video/fIGngmK-qHxtp4s

    Dennis BDennis B8 months ago
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    SpeedyZ11SpeedyZ118 months ago
  • MJ change your shoutout, it’s lame.

    John PierceJohn Pierce8 months ago
  • Wiggins and D'Angelo has the same contract. So they Exchange one for another.

    joehead0522joehead05228 months ago
  • MJ get your own Talking point stop taking everybody else's. I went back and checked out a lot of Wiggins games his game is on point. He's going to really help the Warriors out

    joehead0522joehead05228 months ago
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  • Why do you speak so slow...you're like Milo in Jumanji 2...get to the point already.

    Lynden LegaultLynden Legault8 months ago
  • this is wiggins try outs ...hes not a killer at all but for the rest of the season he can learn to take over games ...hes going to be 16 n 5 next year worse case hes getting traded hes just something to flip

    Cleeko GCleeko G8 months ago
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    dakota dustdakota dust8 months ago
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    RkrkgRkrkg8 months ago
  • Wiggins finally has a great opportunity in Golden State, I feel that he will really flourish. Especially going into next season, this summer will be crucial for the next jump for him!

    Seanostep101Seanostep1018 months ago
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  • however Charles Barkley feels about this, I feel the opposite

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  • Vancouver, Toronto 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

    Jay DurantJay Durant8 months ago
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    Steven SampsonSteven Sampson8 months ago
  • I agree with curry on this one I see lakers and bucks in finals ... if it happens I got lakers 4-2 now I got to say something off topic I don’t see Brooklyn nets being title contenders at all even with Durant back next year unless the bring in more experienced playoff veterans but who knows

    Judy LalliJudy Lalli8 months ago
  • So excited to see D Lo and towns ball up together

    Judy LalliJudy Lalli8 months ago
  • How about please use different edits they suck

    connor fischerconnor fischer8 months ago
  • Gsw are gonna draft melo in the 2020 draft pick

    Jerry NgJerry Ng8 months ago
  • the warriors just basically got themselves their kawhi leonard prototype player (2013-2015 Big 3 Spurs Version)

    Playboi_GariPlayboi_Gari8 months ago
  • My man Wiggins needs some braces on that grill y'all.

    alex042687alex0426878 months ago
  • I understand he’s no where near a KD on defense but wasn’t defense considered KD’s biggest liability on every single sports outlet before he came to the Warriors.....

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    trizzletroy28trizzletroy288 months ago
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    Anthony SwiffAnthony Swiff8 months ago
  • I have a good feeling about Wiggins. I'm calling him making allstar game next season

    NarDawgNarDawg8 months ago
    • Michael Scofield he’s only 25, won ROTY, and has averaged 20 points his whole career. There’s definitely been bigger busts and it’s way too early to give up on him

      Brady FaulknerBrady Faulkner3 months ago
    • @Brady Faulkner because thats the truth

      Michael ScofieldMichael Scofield3 months ago
    • Michael Scofield why do you hate him so much? You respond to every comment calling him a bust😭

      Brady FaulknerBrady Faulkner3 months ago
    • he is bust

      Michael ScofieldMichael Scofield4 months ago
  • I'm not subscribing because you put random parts of your dialogue on the screen

    Jarod HawsJarod Haws8 months ago
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    omega 03omega 038 months ago
  • Why was Wiggins 1st overall pick?

    Maddest SportsMaddest Sports8 months ago
  • Andrew wiggins is a rich man's Harrison Barnes

    60 frame rate per second60 frame rate per second8 months ago
  • I honestly feel like andrew wiggins and the warriors first round pick (if its a good center) will be the flagship of the next great Warriors team, once curry and clay are too old to put up the same numbers. Especially if they get another good ball handler.

    dzimm 3802dzimm 38028 months ago
  • Warriors got Wiggins, top pick for this year and a lotto for next year 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ they lowkey reloaded

    Tristan DraperTristan Draper8 months ago
    • Yeah they did. They are gonna be nasty. I wonder if they draft big boy from Memphis

      Christopher GrantChristopher Grant4 months ago
  • Once the warriors get james wiseman a 7 foot center it is over the warriors are winning the finals with klay,steph,wiggins,draymons and the rookie wiseman

    cruzfamcruzfam8 months ago
  • The first sensible voice on this subject I’ve heard. So far your points are being proven. Wait until this team has its horses back, Wiggins could very well be Durant when there’s 5 lane highways to cut through.

    Ok LongOk Long8 months ago
  • GS drafting James Wiseman and having the Wolves first round pick which most likely will be a top 5 lottery pick sets them up for continued success. Wiseman, Steph, Klay, Wiggins will open the floor up more having a center of Wisemans level and Wiggins finally being able to just play and be a number 3/4 player instead of an expected 1/2 like in MINN will make this trade a home run for GS.

    Joe SJoe S8 months ago
  • Wig

    Nick PintoNick Pinto8 months ago