What You DON'T Know About The LeBron & Pierce NBA Rivalry (Ft. Trash Talk & A Lot of Playoffs)

May 9, 2020
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LeBron James and Paul Pierce might have a serious NBA Rivalry filled with fighting, trash talk, and a lot of games. #NBA #LeBron #Rivalry
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A lot of you probably read that title and went Paul Pierce? Really? We’ve seen Paul Pierce become a unique analyst to say the least, but before this, Pierce was an NBA star and a guy who was a hurdle for LeBron to overcome. They played the same position, the same conference, so they've played 69 times against each other,
This story starts in 2003 with some trash talk.That second game on December 13th, 2003 was...different. As the game is going on and Pierce is starting to get into a groove, he starts trash talking Otis Carter. Otis is the father of Maverick Carter who’s LeBron’s best friend. LeBron considers Otis like an uncle so Pierce and Otis going back and forth definitely rubbed LeBron the wrong way. Pierce commited a hard foul on LeBron and Otis started screaming. Pierce was staring at Otis every time he scored in the second half which was a lot since Pierce scored 21 in the second half and 41 for the game. LeBron dropped 37 for the game, they were going at each other, but not defending each other as much, which will change as this rivalry progresses. Apparently, Pierce told Bron to shut up Carter or he’d go for 50.
Before the start of the 2004-05 season, the Cavs and Celtics played a preseason game in Ohio State. Pierce scores 2 straight buckets on LeBron in the third including a crossover that got LeBron, Pierce then started talking his smack, not right at LeBron, but that obviously got under Bron’s skin. The Bron hit a jumper, stole it from Pierce, and dunked it down. That escalated and they got in each other’s faces. They had to be separated and got technicals. Pierce spit at the Cavs’ bench he would get fined $15,000 for that. That could’ve been the end of it, but here’s where things really get wild. At the end of the game, both teams are heading back to their locker rooms, but in Ohio State, both locker rooms are next to each other. And so in the hallway to the locker rooms, LeBron and Pierce started arguing again. It got so heated that Pierce had to be carried away by his teammates.
In 2006 was probably their best game in the regular season against each other on Feb 6. The Celtics are pretty trash, only 20-31 at that point. The Cavs are 30-20 with LeBron leading. Hey look there’s Delonte West on the Celtics, that’s gonna be fun for Bron in a few years, anyways, this game would become less about the teams and more about LeBron and Pierce going at it. The game would end up going into double overtime. Pierce ended the game with 50 points, 8 assists, and 7 rebounds while LeBron had 43 points, 11 assists, and 12 rebounds with the win.
In 2008, there was the infamous game in which Paul Pierce fouled LeBron hard and his mom got out of her seat to yell at Pierce. Then James told his mom to sit her ass down. The Cavs and Celtics would meet in the 2nd round. With all the pieces the Celtics had, it wasn’t just the Pierce show anymore. It all came down to that game 7, possibly the best game 7 duel in NBA history.The Celtics win, LeBron ends the game with 45, Pierce had 41.
2012 was an experience, maybe the most competitive series between LeBron and the Celtics to date. It would be a back and forth affair. The Celtics tied the series at 2-2 and the series goes back to Miami. The game is neck and neck and in the last moments, Pierce hits a dagger three over LeBron and yells “I’m cold-blooded, I’m cold-blooded.” Yeah Pierce really did that at 34 years old. The Celtics go up 3-2 and it felt like LeBron was going to lose out again, after making this speech.
Going back to Boston, it really felt like LeBron’s legacy was on the line. And then we got this LeBron. LeBron ended the game with 45 points on 73% from the field, constantly keeping the Celtics away. The Heat won game 6, took the air out of the Celtics push, and the Heat would win game 7.
Paul Pierce has even admitted that it’s hard to let go of the rivalry with LeBron and I can see why. For 14 years, they faced each other on the court in some of their biggest games of their career, Pierce’s career high 50, the best Game 7 duel, LeBron’s historic game 6. They did not like each other, but they have respect for each other. When I first started to look into this rivalry, I didn’t realize how deep this rivalry went. 69 games later and Paul Pierce might be right, he is LeBron’s biggest rival. But what do you think, who is LeBron’s biggest rival? What was LeBron’s best game?

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    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY5 months ago
    • Their rivalry started in a preseason game not regular season...u reaching homie

      Chevelle TaylorChevelle TaylorMonth ago
    • It’s Paul for the longevity of there rivalry and I think currys up there too for the amount of years they played against each other and in the most meaningful games in 4 straight finals.... and mvp steph was at one point the best player in the world taking lebron a place until he took it back. Also KD and Tim Duncan they both played lebron 3x in the finals and one mvps in lebron a career

      Anthony ToledoAnthony Toledo3 months ago
    • Yall youngsters....his nickname is "The Truth from Compton" what you expect lol

      Detroit Sports247Detroit Sports2474 months ago
    • @AgooD Avgguy he still beat lebron

      Angel CastilloAngel Castillo4 months ago
    • This video is the truth💪💪

  • Damn that will be amazing once LeBron retires and he becomes an NBA analyst.

    Darth VaderDarth Vader2 hours ago
  • Pierce was nice true, but I was nvr a fan

    Samurai BlkSamurai Blk3 hours ago
  • I love Paul Pierce

    Jose BoyerJose Boyer13 hours ago
  • How often Paul pierce win games before the big 3?

    Dung NguyenDung Nguyen16 hours ago
  • 0:48 so nobody gonna comment about that fall

    Rochimi 22Rochimi 222 days ago
  • Lebrons best game is east semis game four 2012, trust it’s better then game six ECF

    Oscar WallaceOscar Wallace2 days ago
  • Pretty sure LeBron is 3-2 i playoffs vs Pierce and not 2-3 like you mentioned

    Jacob DoehrmanJacob Doehrman3 days ago
    • Also LeBron dominated him statistically averaged 29, 7, 6, 2spg, & 1bpg while Pierce only averaged 19, 5, 3, 1, & 0.4

      Jacob DoehrmanJacob Doehrman3 days ago
    • Yup I was correct. LeBron when he actually had a squad like Pierce did he was 3-0 again Pierce. 17-13 overall in those playoff games and 12-5 when he had 2 other all stars like Pierce

      Jacob DoehrmanJacob Doehrman3 days ago
  • Here how it went. LeBron wrecks Pierce Pierce gets help and beats LeBron LeBron gets help and goes back to wrecking Pierce Pierce retires and becomes a joke of an analyst

    Arjuna BazazArjuna Bazaz4 days ago
  • Melo put up 50 vs Heat in playoffs 💯

    Ant LamontAnt Lamont4 days ago
  • Pierce was 2-3 in series against Lebron not 3-2

    Walter AndrewsWalter Andrews6 days ago
  • Pierce got better when he played James. The competition brought the best out of him. If James got the same pierce everyone else did....wouldn't have been close.

    Joshua MaueJoshua Maue6 days ago
  • I moved from New Jersey to Massachusetts in 2004 and lived out there till 2017. I've been a Nets fan my whole life but I can't lie Paul Pierce was a Savage

    Keshawn ClarkKeshawn Clark10 days ago
  • Truth

    KD WashingtonKD Washington13 days ago
  • Lebron biggest rival that never won a championship is Carmelo Anthony

    John JohnJohn John13 days ago
  • 9:05 OMG its slim shady! i didn't know he played.

    Rokie YTRokie YT14 days ago
  • 0:45 this was funny af

    KhaiROGKhaiROG15 days ago
  • Trump about to come back from COVID and win the election like Paul Pierce come back from that "foot injury“ during the 2008 finals LOL.

    Future Lottomax WinnerFuture Lottomax Winner15 days ago
  • Paul is full of himself ...... it was an unfair battle when it came to the cavs vs celtics.... it was pretty much all of Celtics vs lebron....lebron said fuck it im go get my team together ...and destroyed that dynasty! ! So Paul and KG didn't break him , they pissed him off and he came back with vengeance!!! King goat james!

    AC2AC215 days ago
  • Pierce played with an old KG and old allen. Dwade played with a good shaq.

    jencen blancojencen blanco16 days ago
  • @ 0:48 why he do Nate lidat had me dying 2 am inna morning 😂💀🥴

    Lowsup Attack6969Lowsup Attack696916 days ago
  • Goooooood vid man.

    Rod JacksonRod Jackson18 days ago
  • I this really a video about the rivalry or an attempt to raise Pierce while diminishing LBJ?

    ChessPokerGM GonzalezChessPokerGM Gonzalez19 days ago
  • there is no rivalry!

    mojo jojo the monkeymojo jojo the monkey22 days ago
    • you must be 15 years old just shut the fuck up

      charles sanchezcharles sanchez21 day ago
  • TBH, lebron is a great player but not a good teammate. Well.. pierce is hmmmmm how should I say it without being rude. He is great but not someone you want to root for to the end.

    Christian MelendresChristian Melendres23 days ago
  • The real face of the mastermind of that series at 9:05. " The legend" SCALLLL!!

    H RodH Rod23 days ago
  • LeBron's only real rival is hair.

    Bryant GBryant G26 days ago
  • Them 2 battled I enjoyed it!

    Nolie LikeyorelaxerNolie Likeyorelaxer27 days ago
  • Back when LaBron was balding

    Dr. ZarkovDr. Zarkov28 days ago
  • His biggest rival after pierce was Davis, so he made him a teammate

    E XodiaE XodiaMonth ago
  • Boi growing up watching Paul especially being from Chicago you knew how real He was. Hated the Celtics they stopped some great teams.

    Travis HaleTravis HaleMonth ago
  • KD no doubt

    Brenton DunlapBrenton DunlapMonth ago
  • Ur content is great bro. I was hoping that you would mention the nets beating the heat 4-0 in the regular season that was a good fact too add.

    Na jeNa jeMonth ago
  • Bron only left because delonte snaked him And his teammates knew

    Na jeNa jeMonth ago
  • Paul pierce a bitch and a hater

    Na jeNa jeMonth ago
  • gay music in the back ground

    Corley ChiropracticCorley ChiropracticMonth ago
  • Paul Pierce was a beast

    Hector GHector GMonth ago
  • Last shot , game on the line! Paul Peirce!!

    Pedro RosaPedro RosaMonth ago

    Ra MuhRa MuhMonth ago
  • Pierce 1 of my fav ballplayer, the blogger didnt knw bout pierce

    Janelle AtonducanJanelle AtonducanMonth ago
  • @ 2:37 so that means the truth was averaging 26 points in a weak ass eastern conference? yall devalue lebron for being in the east yet no one else...lmao

    Fastball FilmsFastball FilmsMonth ago
  • Jordan didn't have to tamper and steal Joe Dumars to get past the Pistons. Kobe didn't have to tamper and steal Tony Parker to get past the Spurs.

    sam jonessam jonesMonth ago
  • Paul Pierce is without a doubt a great player. Clearly, he is not the GOAT.

    Conrado PerdiguerraConrado PerdiguerraMonth ago
  • I'm the truth like Paul peirce

    Gregory CampbellGregory CampbellMonth ago
  • I’m a bron fan and the fact that it took a video for ppl to realize this is crazy. I must be old

    Joe GonzalesJoe GonzalesMonth ago
  • Pierce was no doubt lebron's biggest rival. Durant or steph not so much coz they pretty much joined up and beat him. Plus they really had bad blood on each other, unlike KD or steph.

    Nick SampNick SampMonth ago
  • Pierce needed KG and Allen to beat Lebron.

    KidJVKidJVMonth ago
  • Bro that team was the year after he lost in the finals to the spurs...Mo williams came the next year

    Pjerz103Pjerz103Month ago
  • Pierce 1st curry 2nd

    h2 loh2 loMonth ago
  • Kang James is 10ply. Soft to the core. Couldn't hang in the 80's when as long as you didn't have a weapon it was no foul lol

    Marvin KlineMarvin KlineMonth ago
  • Can you play ball?

    Trey BanksTrey BanksMonth ago
  • Fuck ya videos. Too many ads

    ddemby77ddemby77Month ago
  • How tf did he choke to Jason terry?that must be Dirk‘s code name

    Sandra BlackmanSandra BlackmanMonth ago
  • yo commentary sucks.. man get to the fuckin point

    Bryant OnojetaBryant OnojetaMonth ago
  • Lebron is the goat. The rest are injured.

    Concerned CitizenConcerned CitizenMonth ago
  • look at ray allen face when he walk by 0:47

    MajorDaGodMajorDaGodMonth ago
  • When Pierce had good knees he was hard to deal with tho fr

    Reuben JonesReuben JonesMonth ago
  • Antoine Walker is way better than Paul Pierce, beside if don’t get fairwell tour in this league you are NOT one of the Elite NBA Players

    SalemSalemMonth ago
  • All those ages pierce, kg & ray allen had is not a excuse to be on ur game. Look at lebron age today, still wyling 💪🏼.

    9 179 17Month ago
  • I sent the uhaul I sent the uhal

    Warren Rambo TerryWarren Rambo TerryMonth ago
  • 00:46 seconds in. Man just died lol.

    jonathan nievesjonathan nievesMonth ago
  • You forgot to add in 2012 KG was hurt in that series.

    Showtime 209Showtime 209Month ago
  • LeBron turned Pierce into an analyst so...lols

    NS ANS AMonth ago
  • Fuck you

    Ronnie GatmaitanRonnie GatmaitanMonth ago
  • Some people are in denial of Lebron's Greatness, look at cavs roster before miami and who he had to play with and who he had to face against in the play off and final. Cavs roster are so terrible

    Denis MedanDenis MedanMonth ago
  • Paul pierce my favorite of all time he so underrated

    MasmillMasmillMonth ago
  • Pierce was good but saying he better than lebron is stupid

    Dahnley CabrerosDahnley CabrerosMonth ago
  • Paul pierce is lebron's rival and jordan had none .

    Kelvin GillettKelvin GillettMonth ago
  • Truth

    ZeusAlmightyZeusAlmightyMonth ago
  • LeBron don't play D...

    Joel SmithersJoel SmithersMonth ago
  • Wait, feb 2006? You mean when Lebron was 20? Paul Pierce is funny

    Tony SonTony SonMonth ago
  • Pierce was Better.. lebron grew up and got better than pierce #VeRsSaTiLe

    VeRsSaTiLe BEATZVeRsSaTiLe BEATZMonth ago
  • Pierce is one the best of all time, so funny how people act like he isnt on Wades level. Dude has more total pts, rbd, steals then Wade. But people only know Pierce for 2008 and after. Its shame cause he was one of the best scorers ever..

    Ulises GomezUlises GomezMonth ago
  • lol i would say that was thankful 2 garnet n allen not pierce

    ANTHONY LeeANTHONY LeeMonth ago
  • Lebron should be in everyone’s top 5 no matter how big of a hater you are Pierce isn’t in anyone’s top 30 no matter how big of a fan you are

    Sam PodSam PodMonth ago
  • Pierce was gd but he's still hating on bron dude get over it brons still balling and you're still hating

    Mac LoveMac LoveMonth ago
  • Pierce needed ray and KG, so LeBron even the odds, smart man💯

    Ronald WilliamsRonald WilliamsMonth ago

    Adrian LazaroAdrian LazaroMonth ago
  • Paul Pierce for sure ain't no scrub but he is not LeBron

    liveelovelaugh1liveelovelaugh1Month ago
  • 0:46 knocks his team over lmao

    Dripp KageDripp KageMonth ago
  • Paul Pierce is bitter and jealous of Lebron coz even on to this date LBJ still the #1 face of the NBA... and now look at Paul Pierce just a trying hard and worthless basketball commentator!!! LOL

    Fermin TeagoshFermin TeagoshMonth ago
  • LeBron James would have eight plus championships if he stayed in Miami

    Bryce GardnerBryce GardnerMonth ago
  • Paul is a hater plain and simple what was his record against Lebron before Ray and Kevin got there

    Juanell ChapmanJuanell ChapmanMonth ago
  • What is that wow sound effect

    Rage CaseyRage CaseyMonth ago
  • 2/6/2006, the Celtics played the Heat.....

    Michael CronkMichael CronkMonth ago
  • Nate Robinson fell hard asf lol 0:48

    Grosby ThomasGrosby ThomasMonth ago
  • Paul Pierce was a great player HOF, but he wasn’t beating Lebron until he got two other HOFers, 2007 Lebron was in the finals, Paul Pierce won 24 games.

    William TreadwellWilliam TreadwellMonth ago
  • Bro I'm a teenager and people need to stop making 69 jokes they're not funny and even adults make them grow the fuck up the jokes are cringy as well

    Gucciboi412Gucciboi4122 months ago
  • Cutting scal cost the Celtics not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 more championships.

    ennie mineeennie minee2 months ago
  • Paul is telling the truth he is better than dwade

    Kingsley JacksonKingsley Jackson2 months ago
  • Ok

    Joshua salazarJoshua salazar2 months ago
  • Pierce always sucked and Lebron has always been overrated and has always had a stacked team of all stars.

    donald pizzodonald pizzo2 months ago
  • Ayyyy Paul Pierce is not kind of right, he is right, with bron NOT being able to beat the C’s in 2009 when KG got hurt and Orlando Magic Beat them Bron was Super Happy 😃 thinking that they was joke with Courtney Lee and Mikeal Pietrus Keith Bogans all taking turns in Guarding from the perimeter and D12 tossing everything lay ups flowders dunks away bron thought Magic was another problem in the summer and took the Eazy route bitching out to DWade who was tired to C’s beat. Then convinced Cb4 to join too and know the ultimate 3 super stars was created For those of y’all Celtics started this need to learn things Celtics got them by trading players and outsmarting some dumb ass GMs to free KG and Ray. No need for Deep info Captain Truth Sent bron to the Uhual Truck to South beach where he had D signing back and CB4 already with talking to go there. Bron could’ve gone to Knicks who offered more money Denver who his best friend played for c Anthony. But said NO

    Yusuf AliYusuf Ali2 months ago
  • Nice vid but you forgot to mention the 2014 nets vs heats series after game 3 where pierce bragged to the media that he would guard lebron. Lebron then proceeded to drop 49 the next game

    Gab LeeGab Lee2 months ago
  • truth

    Keshav DoobayKeshav Doobay2 months ago
  • There is no doubt Pierce is a baller but he is delirious as to what his place is in the bigger picture. Lmao like out of this world delirious almost like he got dementia

    Timothy CohenTimothy Cohen2 months ago
  • That was a garbage as celtics team! Almost wasted Paul's talent

    Dagga DaGahdDagga DaGahd2 months ago
  • Truth

    Jayson NJayson N2 months ago
  • letruth

    Patricia MwitaPatricia Mwita2 months ago
  • 0:46 can we get a rip in the chat

    CLB0023CLB00232 months ago