What You DON'T Know About The Giannis & Harden Rivalry In The NBA (Ft. No Skill, Dribbling, MVPs)

Mar 6, 2020
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Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden have been throwing shots, there’s an NBA rivalry so let’s breakdown Giannis vs Harden. #NBA #Giannis #Harden
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This all starts in 2014, a meaningless regular season game in November of 2014. The Bucks are down big, Harden is doing his thing and commits an offensive foul on Giannis. Giannis immediately gets up and starts talking to Harden, pretty aggressively. Then he knocks the ball out of Harden’s hands, Harden pushes Giannis while talking, and eventually good old Larry Sanders steps in which leads some shoving, pushing, and probably cursing. Harden continues to talk to Giannis later on. Larry Sanders was in the NBA during this time, wow the nostalgia.
So really there wasn’t anything to make of it other than frustrations and some trash talk. The next game they played on February 6, 2015 and it was normal. Giannis dropped a career high, the Rockets won by 6. This was during Jason Kidd was coaching and experimenting with Giannis at point guard. There were no altercations, no trash talk, nothing. The only real notable thing was that the Bucks were constantly double teaming Harden even at half-court, but still no real tension.
Then, this happened. If Giannis did this on purpose, well props to him man that’s some skill right there. It seemed that Giannis wanted to rifle the pass but held onto the ball a little too long so the angle of the pass changed. Giannis said it was by accident, Harden wished he could have seen it, this was in January of 2019.
There’s the whole MVP saga that shouldn’t be ignored. Giannis and Harden were the frontrunners for MVP for the 2018-19 season. Harden dropped insane numbers, averaging 36 a game. Giannis led the Bucks to the best record in the NBA on 27 and 12. Giannis would win MVP, but the interaction between the two wasn’t as pleasant. Most of the time, players in the MVP race tend to be cordial towards each other in front of the media at least. Giannis a few months later in October of 2019 still had to defend winning the MVP saying “That’s their opinion.” and also that the trophy is in his house. It’s weird to be defending an MVP months after, but then again nothing is normal about Harden and Giannis. While both distribute and have some fancy footwork for finishes, it’s such a clash of styles, one guard that isolates and dances on the perimeter, one who’s a 6’11 power forward that drives to the rim, powering through his opponents.
In this regular season, the Bucks and Rockets had a good game, nothing extra despite the hostility between Harden and Giannis. Harden acted as if a bowling ball was falling on him when Giannis airballed a three. Giannis blocked the life out of Harden. Harden drew a foul on Giannis that got Giannis aggravated.
Now is the All-Star saga. Giannis is drafting and I’m just going to roll the clip. First of all, I’m not sure what Giannis was trying to do with his team, I just, what. Charles Barkley definitely brought on the joke, Giannis played along to the stereotype that Harden holds on to the ball, but Giannis kind of brought that energy in there when he said he was trying to pick between Trae and Kemba leaving Harden out.
After the All-Star game, Giannis went out and told the media that their plan for the last few possessions was. Still, Giannis didn’t have to be so blatant with a serious face and take a shot at Harden, again playing to the no defense stereotype.
Harden didn’t really respond until his interview with Rachel Nichols on February 28 in which he responded to both the passing allegations and then took a shot at Giannis. (roll the clip). Harden made some good points, Giannis might have joked around in the draft, but it was coming from some sort of perception of Harden. The whole skill thing… yeah that was outta pocket but Harden was trying to show how he’s had to really work hard at the game and develop his craft while Giannis has been given a lot of his gifts which is also unfair because Giannis has worked extremely hard.
And so here we are today, once again Giannis and Harden are in MVP conversations although this time it’s pretty clear that Giannis should win. He’s averaging 30 points in 31 minutes. This rivalry between the two of the best players in the world, it’s exciting for the league. But what do you think? Who’s winning MVP? Who’s making the finals?

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    • Who tf likes harden

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    • Anyone who cares about this is a entertainment zombie idiot

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    • Clifton Ellis bro wtf are you talking about

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  • Harden sound exactly like rdcworld's Draymond Green 😭

    RD2ARD2A36 minutes ago
  • Who’s here after the bucks got 4-1 by the heat and giannis has to pass and couldn’t score lmao

    Potatoelol.Potatoelol.Day ago
  • It don’t take skill to dunk

    Judah IaquintaJudah IaquintaDay ago
  • Ima thunder fan James harden is better

    Judah IaquintaJudah IaquintaDay ago
  • Giannis chokes in the playoffs every time

    Tadia CouncilTadia Council2 days ago
  • 1:13 the funny thing about the joke is that its not funny. He wasnt trying to make a good joke. I hate it when people miss stuff

    PuLsE X CralloPuLsE X Crallo2 days ago
  • I thought it was funny when James Harden said he was the best player, well James Harden you are not, there is a lot of evidence behind all of that. Oh, and also skill is not doing a double step back. #TRAVEL and NO SKILL!!!!!!!!!

    Owen McClintockOwen McClintock3 days ago
  • L

    MamadouDaGoat ytMamadouDaGoat yt4 days ago
  • My schoolbus broke down so i had to walk a mile to school. I told that to my grandad and he said back in his day nobody had feet.

    Andwele HarrisAndwele Harris4 days ago
  • I don't even know the playing positions, but I'm sure I have better defense than Harden💀

    Andwele HarrisAndwele Harris4 days ago
  • What giannis gonna do flop in the paint?

    Davius AllenDavius Allen5 days ago
  • harden envies giannis

    Jessy PJessy P6 days ago
  • I was one of the 5 million people that watched the finals this year.... am I the only one that wants the NBA to get rid of the 3 point line? Is the lack of viewership the result of the way the game is played today? Is it because they have become so political? Is it because they are falling all over themselves to gain China's money? Or a little of all 3? Jordan's last final against Utah gained 35 million viewers. 7 times the amount that watched this years. 11 million watched the Sunday night football game. 2 times the amount that watched the Finals. They gonna have to do something.

    NyfalhemNyfalhem6 days ago
  • Look in 2021 when the playoffs start let's just petition the nba to directly hold a finals between MIL and HOU let's see who wins

    Kaustubh TandonKaustubh Tandon7 days ago
  • 1:31 What’s up dudes, dudettes, BONERS, players xD

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  • Skill

    Aries BacolodAries Bacolod8 days ago
  • Constipation... constipated.....

    Ron ElderRon Elder10 days ago
  • Lol your voice is making me feel sleepy

    Marika TukanaMarika Tukana10 days ago
  • Skill

    Tate LeeTate Lee10 days ago
  • yea james harden is right it takes no skill giannis is 6'11 is takes no skill to be able to dunk and lay the ball up

    HokzyHokzy11 days ago

    JaydenJayden12 days ago
  • What are you talking about no match for height Paul to Lowry Kemba to harden Giannis to lebron Siakam to kawhi AD to Embiid It’s just a switch had happened

    SamYGSamYG12 days ago
  • To be fair if Giannis was 6’7 and below he would be trash

    SamYGSamYG12 days ago
  • Hes good for a 7 footer but if he weren’t that tall he would not be that good

    Oof Cracker:Oof Cracker:14 days ago
  • *continues to win the mvp award again*

    Miguel martinezMiguel martinez14 days ago
  • Here after giannis won mvp again

    igotcutefibulasigotcutefibulas14 days ago
  • #skill

    Doge VoidDoge Void15 days ago
  • Giannis is better

    Doge VoidDoge Void15 days ago
  • If giannis don’t have skill then how does he have badges in 2k21 🤷🏽‍♂️? Think about that one🙂

    704Skies704Skies16 days ago
  • Skill

    Jairos ChimedzaJairos Chimedza17 days ago
  • Dis rivalry finna be good for the league

    Corey Mullins Jr.Corey Mullins Jr.21 day ago
  • skill

    Eyad AbulnagaEyad Abulnaga22 days ago
  • Skill

    Shammah TShammah T24 days ago
  • 4:12 "i just tried to talk for a bit"

    Hansel FinnHansel Finn24 days ago
  • Yeah just like it takes skill to always choke in the playoffs right James?

    Bryant BarreraBryant Barrera24 days ago
  • He dose have skills that why he has an all star Team

    mele telefonimele telefoni26 days ago
  • What they have in common: Travelling like a god

    Chikamjibiri MBAKWE AugustineChikamjibiri MBAKWE Augustine27 days ago
  • First clip is a travel lol but he is talking like the man has skill lol

    aedolf sasuke242aedolf sasuke24228 days ago
  • Both Harden and Giannis have tremendous skills. But James definitely has to develop more skill night in and night out due to the height differences between the two. I'm actually amazed at what James Harden has been doing year in and year out. It's amazing looking back that the Thunder once had KD, Russ, and Harden on the same team. But they were young and raw at the time. The Thunder had a Golden State Warriors like team before Golden State became Golden State. But something was always weird with either the chemistry of the players or coaching. I liked watching that Thunder team. They were fun to watch.

    Todd SandsTodd Sands29 days ago
  • if your game is predicated on dunking .......you are one back injury from career altering ...i bet no one thought Dwight howard's career was going to end how it is ending now

    Li ZhangLi Zhang29 days ago
  • Crazy how Harden is right, Miami shut down his rim running and he didn’t play good

    er1ctorre5er1ctorre5Month ago
  • Back-to-back --> Well.. that settles it. Harden who?

    ManosManosMonth ago
  • When lebron wins MVP

    Angela PattersonAngela PattersonMonth ago
  • they both flop in the playoffs

    Harsh DeshpandeHarsh DeshpandeMonth ago
  • 1:45 killed me

    Hazard SwavyHazard SwavyMonth ago
  • That makes me like my favorite player more , because he hates the rockets like me

    AbdAbdMonth ago
  • I like Giannis but I don’t fuck with him like I’ do harden because Giannis a sneak disser then play victim

    Na jeNa jeMonth ago
  • are we going to estabilish the fact that james harden travels every step back and some how get away with it talk about paying the umpires

    darragh bassdarragh bassMonth ago
    • He doesn’t travel he takes it’s called a gather step 🤦‍♂️

      er1ctorre5er1ctorre5Month ago
  • giannis for sure harden doesnt pass either i agree

    darragh bassdarragh bassMonth ago
  • I think harden mean giannis has no shoot

    loic raimbertloic raimbertMonth ago
  • Harden is trash. He bends rules and flops to get to the line. I hate watching his iso game. He will never win a championship with iso ball. It is a team sport.

    William BexWilliam BexMonth ago

    tim tubbytim tubbyMonth ago
  • that joke is lit man. lol. the only ppl not laughing are the ppl that have never experience real constipation

    tim tubbytim tubbyMonth ago
    • or the ppl that have it waaaaay too often for some reason

      tim tubbytim tubbyMonth ago
  • Well technically none of them made The Finals. They both got eliminated in the second round!

    theTebstertheTebsterMonth ago
  • U suck

    Luke NieberLuke NieberMonth ago
  • In fairness, there are 7 footers Giannis could learn from tbh I love his skill he has some He isn’t a PG or a major shooter He tall and fast but imagine acquiring a skill set like Kareem or Yao Ming in the paint/post He would be more insane

    Keith WrightKeith WrightMonth ago
  • It's funny because both of them are choke artists that's got bounced out the playoffs in the same round this year

    Foolie Wayne the 3rdFoolie Wayne the 3rdMonth ago
  • 😂😂 both these guys got knocked out the 2nd round this year

    jason555jason555jason555jason555Month ago
  • id take giannis over harden any day..harden is too lazy of a player for someone who is proud of his work ethics..giannis all the way

    KidJVKidJVMonth ago
  • 2 regular season specialist mvps and playoff quacks heading bac home

    loose1984 gooseloose1984 gooseMonth ago
  • Harden roles yanny can't even compare him self with Harden...harden is a legend

    muhizi nelsonmuhizi nelsonMonth ago
  • Sooo umm Harden kinda right no Skill bc that Running and dunking aint beat the heat

    NYC_TyyNYC_TyyMonth ago
  • 🤣 Real MVP to the flopping MVP

    Dottie FarmerDottie FarmerMonth ago
  • This aged well 😂

    Ironwood NFIronwood NFMonth ago
  • When giannis smaked harden with the ball i died

    Michael BeresMichael BeresMonth ago
    • So how did you write this comment

      Chikamjibiri MBAKWE AugustineChikamjibiri MBAKWE Augustine27 days ago
  • What's up with the background music are you trying to serenade somebody or talk to us about sports 😂😂😂💀💀

    Max RiosMax RiosMonth ago
  • 7:36 who is that woman in the blue?

    Tottykidd15Tottykidd15Month ago
  • Funny how you left out the remark when harden points out that he ranked higher by 28 rankings in assists you forgot the stats 😂 makes you think if he can make a video with no prior knowledge and have views maybe I can make a video with actual knowledge and be a millionaire

    Ilijah SaizIlijah SaizMonth ago
  • Me personally I love Giannis

    Ionic TheodukeIonic TheodukeMonth ago
  • Harden should have won mvp. Giannis had regular good stats and made his team better but Harden had a historical season. Not to mention Rockets dont make thr playoffs without him. It was 100% thr NBA's narrative to make Giannis the next player up.

    ty Fty FMonth ago
    • Facts 💯

      Ernie GamesErnie GamesDay ago
  • For an NBA player that’s 7 foot and not fat it’s not that hard to do what Gianni’s is doing, the separation between giannis and other 7 footers in the nba is work ethic, James Harden has actual skill and not strength and speed

    Broc ArrendaleBroc ArrendaleMonth ago
    • Well actually James Harden is pretty strong for his position and he's sneaky athletic but yeah overall he's more skilled than he is athletic I would say.

      Doran MitchellDoran MitchellMonth ago
  • Gianns Does Not Have Skill , He AirBalls FreeThrows ‼️

    JG WentworthJG WentworthMonth ago
  • giannis is overrated 🤧

    Abfrm23rd - TopicAbfrm23rd - TopicMonth ago
  • Let's see if harden can smile tonight when jimmyyy and the heaaats sweeeppping giannis

    Well KnownWell KnownMonth ago
    • This aged well

      LatuneLatuneMonth ago
  • James Harden is MVP

    Harden ChawngthuHarden ChawngthuMonth ago
  • Giannis who? His only a regular season AllStar.. not a playoff kind of guy..

    Mark Kristian M. PagdatoMark Kristian M. PagdatoMonth ago
  • So Giannis doesn’t use a triple threat, which it takes SKILL and PRACTICE to master the many techniques that comes from it. ? 😆 hard head need to chill

    Shalamah KahanShalamah KahanMonth ago
  • His skill is hard too see these days just ask the Miami Heat

    Shankin2daBankShankin2daBankMonth ago
  • You’re being biased bro

    jai Chidaajai ChidaaMonth ago
  • Harden >Giannis

    Senor GalletaSenor GalletaMonth ago
  • harden and gianis fighting both of them is not MVP the real MVP is KD period.

    emperor pogiemperor pogiMonth ago
  • Media play African decented folks like pit bulls against each other. Why do we take the bait?

    Tee CarterTee CarterMonth ago
    • I have absolutely no idea where you got this from

      Rubicon CrossingRubicon CrossingMonth ago
    • What are you talking about thats sports

      Travis MillsTravis MillsMonth ago
  • Giannis is a god but I just dont like him

    Man ShahMan ShahMonth ago
  • It's like saying Shaq had no skill bc he just pushes around, elbows and dunks on defenders and get away with it but he's considered as the most dominant player ever. Even posterizing requires skill and ofc strength.

    Jm RegalaJm RegalaMonth ago
    • Shaq was just big

      OGcuisineOGcuisineMonth ago
    • Or he’s saying due to his size differences he’s had to work harder on he’s skills.

      m TKm TKMonth ago
    • Mans is just a really athletic Shaq and people still hate for some reason

      LatuneLatuneMonth ago
  • Gannis to me doesn't have skill the nba gives the man accolades he don't deserve because the team is 1st seed plus the nba needs a cash cow after LeBron retires....KD is too pussy and Gannis is a more freak of nature then KD is the NBA is about stars and giants not skinny shooters like KD (sad but true even if he's the best player that can stop and top LeBron) If Giannis don't work out NBA already has. Zion

    Zachary ClarkZachary ClarkMonth ago
  • Skill

    darwen frankiedarwen frankieMonth ago
  • I love the 8-step travel as they're talkin about whether Giannis has skill or not in the very beginning of the clip. I don't really like Harden he's a bit of a ball hog. But to say Giannis has more skilled and Harden is insane. He's built like a Greek god but skill no. With all the double and triple teams they're thrown at him he should be getting 15 assists a night. He's got no handles no passing ability travels on most of his drives and can't shoot. He'll be forgotten about quickly when people are bored of him traveling to a one-handed dunk. I like most basketball fans I would much rather see somebody shake and bake someone out of their shoes and then drill a 3 in their face. It's got a much higher skill level involved.

    larry kochlarry kochMonth ago
  • Skill

    Zaire BryanZaire BryanMonth ago
  • Why is there so much footage of giannis warming up ??lol

    jayr12fuljayr12fulMonth ago
  • Its funny cause crying to the refs, and kicking your legs out in the defensive players landing are takes even less skill.

    TMP KevoTMP KevoMonth ago
  • He heard "Giannis" and "no skill" and started getting defensive.

    Suzuki TaigaSuzuki TaigaMonth ago
  • Basically what Harden said was Giannis didn't work for his height. He clearly said that being 7 foot, being able to get to the other end of the court in two steps, and dunking with effort, THAT takes no skill. I don't know why everyone is saying Harden said Giannis has no skill whatsoever because he didn't say that.

    Suzuki TaigaSuzuki TaigaMonth ago
  • Only skill harden has is doing threes his double step back is basically traveling 🤷‍♀️ so like......

    Ivana SuguitanIvana SuguitanMonth ago
  • Giannis is a Greek freek

    raees hendricksraees hendricksMonth ago
  • Bro you got 2.2 mill views how did you do it.. Help your boy out.. 💪🏽💪🏽

    ZEEK PrescottZEEK PrescottMonth ago
  • Harden: Imagine if i was 7FT tall and could just dunk on everyone The rest of the NBA: Imagine if i got 13 free throws a game cause someone exhaled on me

    ßìelsßìelsMonth ago
  • Skill

    brandan williamsbrandan williamsMonth ago
  • Skill

    Bergiton EtienneBergiton EtienneMonth ago
  • James harden is just jealous

    Johnny ZhouJohnny ZhouMonth ago