What You DON'T Know About The Embiid & Towns NBA Rivalry (Ft. Trash Talk, Fights)

Nov 1, 2019
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Joel Embiid and Karl Anthony Towns got into a fight and have an NBA rivalry, but how, why, when? #NBA #Embiid #Towns
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Recently before the game on Wednesday, the media asked Karl Anthony Towns how much the individual matchup with Joel Embiid meant and this was his response. Seemed alright at the time, Karl Anthony Towns was averaging 32 points, 13.3 rebounds and 5 assists, Joel Embiid is also one of the best big men in the league, so you would think it’s just about two players at the same position going at it, but that was only the surface so let’s break all this down.
Yes, Ben Simmons actually did a chokehold, with his right arm and not his left. But he’s not really involved in this rivalry. Karl Anthony Towns and Ben Simmons seem like good friends, they even played PUBG together on stream. Karl Anthony came into the league in 2015 and won Rookie of the Year. Joel Embiid was drafted in 2014 but played his first season in 2016. There were always comparisons between Embiid and KAT that started in Embiid’s first season, two big men that can shoot from the perimeter, rebound, and decently defend. But there was still nothing between the two until December 12 2017. Joel Embiid was up to his usual social media self and posted a picture of him scoring on a Euro layup against KAT with the caption “Euro stepping our way through Minnesota and we ended up raising the cat last night.” The Sixers social media page encouraged their fans to celebrate the win by using the hashtag #raisethecat. I wonder who cat, could be… oh . Karl Anthony Towns responded with the caption was as trash as picture quality, Joel Embiid in Embiid like fashion had to have the last word and said “Better quality than your defense.” Dang Joel Embiid (laugh maybe, whatever you want)
Embiid has also been saying for a while that he’s the best big man in the NBA. Towns feels like he’s the better big man. Apparently this has mentally affected KAT. Ryan Saunders, the Timberwolves coach, said that last season, he would talk to Towns before his matchups with Embiid to make sure his mind was right and that he wouldn’t play outside of himself. Keep in mind, that Towns and Embiid have been compared for years. Imagine you are Towns who’s seeing his comparison go to the playoffs, make All-NBA teams, and dominate you when you play and obviously, there was something brewing. Now let’s talk about Jimmy Butler. Jimmy Butler was upset with the young core on the Timberwolves. There was the legendary practice in which Butler took third stringers and beat the starting lineup, saying how the young pieces weren’t working enough, that they didn’t know what they wanted. When Jimmy got traded to the Sixers, he never complained about the young pieces in Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid and actually praised them. All this wasn’t helping any Towns-Embiid rivalry. It wasn’t about their personalities, it was about who was the better player.
So it wouldn’t take much to get all this started. The fact that there was no trash talk is what kept things cool between them. Embiid definitely is expressive, but also is a showman. KAT was probably already heated and just needed a spark. So let’s look back at Wednesday October 30th. The Timberwolves and Sixers both came into the game undefeated and even after Embiid scored early on Towns, there was no sign of tension. But on this possession, things were already getting physical. Battles between two big men tend to be more physical, but it was never this physical between the two. The refs allowed it which wasn’t the best idea. Embiid felt like he got fouled and so he was irritated. Both Embiid and Towns were scoring on each other, and in the third quarter, Joel just bodies Towns and scored on him. He then flexed his muscles at Towns. It was payback for that possession in the 1st quarter. Towns felt like he got fouled by Embiid’s elbow rip through move and was also irritated. This was all getting out of hand. A few minutes later and there’s more physical play ending with a Joel Embiid fadeaway. The next possession, Towns has the ball, Embiid comes over to double him and kinda wraps him up. They get tangled and all the frustration of the game and the rivalry between the two built over 2 years, more so for Towns. (show fight)
So going back to KAT’s comments before the game, he just wanted to get the W, but the Timberwolves still lost. This is definitely exciting and I wanna see these guys go at it again because these two are some of the best big men in the league. At the end of the day, it’s just a competitive game. But what do you think? Who’s the better player KAT or Embiid?

  • Embiid or Towns? In the process of moving into my new apartment so the video got late, but we about to go crazy!

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