What You DON'T Know About The Damian Lillard, Paul George & Beverley Rivalry In The NBA (Ft. Home)

Aug 11, 2020
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Damian Lillard, Paul George, and Patrick Beverley all have an NBA rivalry. And it goes deep.
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Beverley immediately named Damian Lillard as that dude saying "Dame is one of the reasons why I went into the weight room.”Lillard did say he saw the clowning as a sign of respect because they expected him to be clutch and he wasn’t so maybe he has a point. So when Lillard talked about sending Beverley and Paul George home, Bev responding with Cancun on 3 is outta place and at the same time perfectly in character for the pest that is Patrick Beverley, But that hasn’t been the case at all between Lillard and Beverley. While Paul George and Lillard have been getting into the most on IG, their rivalry is more recent, but more aggressive. But just 6 years ago as Damian and Beverley were starting their feud, Paul George was apparently a big fan of Lillard when they were running team USA scrimmages in 2014.
Dame was drafted in 2012, was the rookie of the year averaging 19 and 6 and a half assists, he got the seal of approval from Kobe Bryant.
On March 9, 2014, the Rockets were behind by 2 against the Blazers with 13 seconds left. Ball goes out, Beverley argues with the ref and then puts his hand on Lillard’s chest. Lillard pushed back and they started arguing. Beverley even took his mask off. The Rockets would end up winning this game in overtime with Harden dropping 41 points and Beverley and Lillard fouling out. Lillard said in the post-game comments that Bev’s antics were “not basketball” and that “Everybody knows what he does to get under people’s skin.” Beverley went on SportsTalk 790 in Houston and said that Damian Lillard “whines” and that he was not a big fan of that. Yeah they weren’t on good terms. Beverley also said that “I don’t go out there and try to start fights with nobody. Prior to this game, he was shooting 29 percent against me.” And then came the 2014 playoffs. The playoffs the Trail Blazers and Rockets would face off in the first round and (show game winner). Yeah Dame hit that, which is why he said he sent Beverley home before. During that series, he averaged 25.5 points per game on 49% from 3.
Meanwhile, Damian and Paul weren’t just random players in the NBA, they sorta looked up to each other. In 2017, Dame wanted to sign Paul George who wasn’t even a free agent. What. In 2019, Dame said Paul George is on a different level, that that dude is MVP. This is almost sounding like a bromance, a pairing that never happened. But then fast forward to the 2019 NBA playoffs, a playoffs that was headlined by a very different rivalry. Russell Westbrook vs Damian Lillard. Looking at Paul George during that series, he really didn’t say anything before Game 5. There was the infamous game 3 in which the whole Thunder squad clowned the Trail Blazers, but PG didn’t really have a good game shooting 3 of 16 from the field but getting to the line 17 times. After the game, Paul George calls it a bad shot despite Lillard doing that the whole series and the whole game.
The issues between Dame and PG come from fundamentally different values. Lillard has for his whole career stuck with one team, even when 4 of the 5 starters on the Trail Blazers left in one offseason, Dame signed an extension. He’s even spoken against players going to other teams trying to win instead of building. Paul George became a star on the Pacers, the main guy, came back from a gruesome injury, and has then been public about wanting to go to the Lakers, got his way out of Indiana and Now traded to OKC, and then demanded to go to the Clippers. He has forced his way out of 2 contracts and teamed up with superstars.
Paul George made the Eastern Conference Finals twice, Dame’s made it once to the Western Conference Finals. Actually these are PG’s numbers on the Pacers when he became a somewhat stars and Dame’s numbers so far since he been balling since his first playoffs and there isn’t much difference. Which is what twitter is tryna push. But where Paul George, besides those series against the Heat, hasn’t shown up like in the series against the Jazz like having 5 points in Game 6. And then in the Trail Blazers series, that was Dame time.
But we’re just gonna have to settle for the next time they face off, whenever that is. All I know is that they have some unfinished business and an NBA rivalry. But what do you think? Who’s better, Dame or Paul George?

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    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY2 months ago
    • @Richard Alfaro Yeah I prefer Dame time rather than wayoof nervous P

      James Benedict GarciaJames Benedict Garcia2 days ago
    • @James Benedict Garcia yeah he still is .... he is still winless against LBJ in a series

      Richard AlfaroRichard Alfaro2 days ago
    • @DaniGodoG 777 I don't think so, HAHAHA for just 2 years in Indiana? With Hibbert and hill and Granger? I don't think so look who dame got.

      James Benedict GarciaJames Benedict Garcia2 days ago
    • PG even though he's healthy he'll never be the PG of Indiana HAHAHA Forever wayoff P

      James Benedict GarciaJames Benedict Garcia2 days ago
    • Dame all the time...

      Sherwin LimSherwin Lim10 days ago
  • Almost at that 500k 🤯🔥🔥🔥

    TheBakedBeaverTheBakedBeaverDay ago
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    JaeQuan BeatsJaeQuan Beats2 days ago
  • Man if only you made this video like 1-2 months later

    sammy abuelhawasammy abuelhawa2 days ago
  • Dame is better than Paul George

  • Home

  • Pandemic P

    Joshua ShumanJoshua Shuman4 days ago
  • George and Beverly can’t talk I wouldn’t trade the last pick in the draft for George the clippers were better off playing 4v5 in game 7 that’s how bad he was

    Joshua ShumanJoshua Shuman4 days ago
  • Dams time

    Zy the oneZy the one4 days ago
  • That loyal to the start mentality that is shown by dame could be the one thing that puts him on a certain list of Hall of famers, the ones who never won a championship.

    Robin MohabirRobin Mohabir4 days ago
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    adnan nasseradnan nasser5 days ago
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    Mister JBMister JB6 days ago
  • Yall remember thos lbj vs pg13 games back in the days 🔥

    Jake RyanJake Ryan7 days ago

    Tonyjoe WhiteTonyjoe White10 days ago
  • Dame is too clutch

    MoonroofMoonroof10 days ago
  • PG was never better than dame @ anytime.

    Red KingRed King11 days ago
  • PAT.BEV n PG having beef with DAME is like...milli vanilli beefin with PRINCE...them 2 CHUMPS are frauds...

    KRS AfoaKRS Afoa11 days ago
  • Who would consider the pacers

    SilentMovement 305SilentMovement 30511 days ago
  • As much as i hate dame coz im a westbrook fan, Dame is not a joke He is underatted

    tope jamestope james12 days ago
  • Atlaest dame didn't blow a 3-1 lead

    Michael Geronimo FloresMichael Geronimo Flores13 days ago
  • Playoff pg Or Playoff damian

    TEAM JVERTEAM JVER13 days ago
  • i kinda wanna see dame play with another team or a superstar like the Bucks, Miami Heat, Lakers or the Raptors

    Ronald JonesRonald Jones14 days ago
    • That’s never happening

      Alan SopAlan Sop6 days ago
  • it is funny how Beverly wanna talk shit on a new team and laugh when he has litterly 2 superstars on his team and then choked a 3-1 lead and then in that clippers vs Trailblazers game he didn't even play in the game kinda sad when he dropped them both when both there teams were supposed to be the better team at that time

    Ronald JonesRonald Jones14 days ago
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    Singh SaabSingh Saab16 days ago
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    Eduardo PinaEduardo Pina18 days ago
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    Elijah SmithElijah Smith20 days ago
  • Dame is the truth.

    KK20 days ago
  • Home😊

    mgharriermgharrier20 days ago
  • How do you call it a rivalry when Paul George sucks .🤔

    donald pizzodonald pizzo21 day ago
  • Dame is the best player out of the three basketball players .

    Omari FlemingOmari Fleming26 days ago
  • Ohh boy we will be watching this over and over again. This will age well hahaha Poor Clippers suits you right

    Zian ValderramaZian Valderrama27 days ago
  • Dame all the time... Pat bev is a joke and pg13 is just desperate and didn't delivers in big games any more. How you can be a grow man and acting like kids when you sit on the bench (pat)...oldschool ballers didn't act like that. I guess its a different time

    Smo NoviSmo Novi27 days ago
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    Wilson LimaWilson Lima28 days ago
  • HOME.

    Varun SalwanVarun Salwan28 days ago
  • Next season opening night Por vs Lac

    IV ANIV AN29 days ago
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    Caleb QuinteroCaleb QuinteroMonth ago
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    Thunderb0y 11Thunderb0y 11Month ago
  • Paul George got that Anti-Intimidator

    Corey DeWittCorey DeWittMonth ago
  • Home.

    Go KuGo KuMonth ago
  • Dame without question is better than PG.

    mantidmantidMonth ago
  • Pat Bev and Pandemic P on suicide watch these days

    George WangGeorge WangMonth ago

    gaming Jgaming JMonth ago
  • Pat bev is the best player in NBA right now ina bubble . 2 points and 6 fouls Nobody can do this trust me

    Sueee ZySueee ZyMonth ago
  • Dame time! PG is a joke and so happy he never went to the Lakers. Choke artist!

    Gaspar MontesaGaspar MontesaMonth ago
  • He definitely didn’t have better success than Dame . Dame won more games for sure

    Lucky LoveLucky LoveMonth ago
  • just saying, clicked the video because of the story. Still I don't believe a basketball fan support 2k and all their scummy laziness by opening packs.

    Halo KosovoHalo KosovoMonth ago
  • HOME ! ! ! Btw PG and PatBev really should keep their mouths shut, actually feel le it might help them concentrate on the court... Shit I mean Lillard shoulda too and I forget who came at who first but Dame is more than good enough to keep good mouth shut cuz his game will do the talking.... And so is PG13 and if he was able to keep his mouth shut his mind probably wouldn't be flooded with the distraction of putting your money where your mouth is and might've allowed him to play without any thought of pressure and he might've not only been able to perform better but come up clutch in the when his team needed him too! Definitely feel like the Clips fucked up and choked I mean not only is the Nuggets a young team with little Playoff experience, but the team of clowns had a 3-1 and lost 3 straight!!! Clips shoulda been the ones facing the The Lakers in the western conference finals, while on the other hand I don't blame the Blazers for not having enough Dame Time Juice to make it there either....I mean they did run into the strong Lakers who's probably gonna win the 2020 CHIP.....

    Frank AbagnaleFrank AbagnaleMonth ago
  • HOME

    Shercore ChambersShercore ChambersMonth ago
  • trade pg13 & pat fet damian liliard

    Sir GsmSir GsmMonth ago
  • We need to cancel pat bev he is out here running his mouth and fouling out of games😂🤣 we got fooled. By the way clippers blew a 3-1 lead🤷‍♂️

    Giordany LormeusGiordany LormeusMonth ago
  • A Dame DISS TRACK to PG and little Chihuahua coming SOON.

    Sleek SSleek SMonth ago
  • I dont call it choking.he missed.it happens.i saw nearly all of the 'greats' miss shots in the clutch that would have won games.the same shots I would bet my last they would have made at a playground.or better yet high schoolers make those shots.pg and bunch wouldnt have done that had the guy from Mavis or Dragic from heat missed.you get my meaning.plus pg is jealous.but we just saw he is through

    Tonyjoe WhiteTonyjoe WhiteMonth ago
  • Pat Beverly is a pest and cant shoot and refs gives him passed.Paul George is choker and the only thing these guys got in common they hate LBJ.

    Sidney BoddieSidney BoddieMonth ago
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    Thuy LeThuy LeMonth ago
  • Damian LILLARD just drop the mic on Geroge Paul and Patrick BEVERLEY

    Derrick JohnsonDerrick JohnsonMonth ago
  • Clippers got wooped in the second round they ain't nothing

    Halloween MewHalloween MewMonth ago
  • Dame no doubt

    Alex ColesAlex ColesMonth ago
  • I love watching this after Clippers blew a 3-1 lead XD

    Charles LaraCharles LaraMonth ago
  • dame

    ItsyourgirlatongItsyourgirlatongMonth ago
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    Good JocsonGood JocsonMonth ago
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    HURTSHURTSMonth ago
  • Im here after the nuggets sent them home 😂

    Haxk GudhueHaxk GudhueMonth ago
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    Yonatan AyichewYonatan AyichewMonth ago
  • “That’s a bad shot” Edit: this beef reminds me of Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett

    Unknown GrxpeXV1Unknown GrxpeXV1Month ago
  • idk hey dont forget about the nba curse soo idk and daim is on the cover so

    Lil DreLil DreMonth ago
  • Dame can destroy both PG and Beverly

    Matthew DazaMatthew DazaMonth ago
  • Dame > Pg

    bigD DybigD DyMonth ago
  • I dont call those choke it was time to miss I have seen the true greats miss.bump paul george and crazy beverly and morris.i respect them all good players but hey it could happen to them at some crucial point

    Tonyjoe WhiteTonyjoe White2 months ago
  • home. shout out

    Nicolai ColladoNicolai Collado2 months ago
  • Dame Time

    State Fan MikeState Fan Mike2 months ago
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  • Can someone plz tell me what the insturmental is called that plays throughout the whole video

    Dr. DoofenshmirtzDr. Doofenshmirtz2 months ago
  • Dame home

    pikapikafirez plasmapower2.0pikapikafirez plasmapower2.02 months ago
  • 2013 Heat vs Pacers Game 7. Playoff P for 7 points. Maybe PG was being poetic or ironic or was on some Psychedelic Paul Galactic Big Brain George shit and it was all part of the plan so he could end up with the clippers 7 years later. Playoff P had me fooled and I never even met em. Still haven't..

    TheHumbleNarcissistTheHumbleNarcissist2 months ago
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    Bizzy is Busy ProductionsBizzy is Busy Productions2 months ago
  • Bruh dame sister needs to stfu nobody not tryna involve family cuz now it making shit worse

    Jordan HintonJordan Hinton2 months ago
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    wesgod HDwesgod HD2 months ago
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    Lawrence Marshall Jr.Lawrence Marshall Jr.2 months ago
  • Dame easily.

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    Juice ManJuice Man2 months ago
  • Dame

    GCAGCA2 months ago
  • Dame:misses freethrows PG and bev:call him a choker dame drops 51 and 61 in the next 2 games Dame:hold my beer

    WatermelonJuice GamingWatermelonJuice Gaming2 months ago
  • 0:15 he said facts not fast

    Matthew ColittiMatthew Colitti2 months ago
  • nobody commented HOME, sorry MJ :/

    GDD BasketballGDD Basketball2 months ago
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    Super TVSuper TV2 months ago
  • The Playoffs are when you make a reputation for yourself. Dame has done this. Especially against those guys. That wave goodbye was Legendary!

    w Williamsw Williams2 months ago
  • Patrick Beverly has know class! All talk! He's a grown man and should act like one .

    w Williamsw Williams2 months ago
  • Good Takes!

    w Williamsw Williams2 months ago
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    Marcus MonroeMarcus Monroe2 months ago
  • When do you post videos?

    Hussein Abdul-RahimHussein Abdul-Rahim2 months ago
  • Dame all the way on the skill board . Pg is good but he’s too focused on others. Pb don’t even qualify for dame they got there moments but I’d pick lillard over Beverley and day no hands down

    Eugenio SalazarEugenio Salazar2 months ago
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  • Can you make a NBA G League select team?

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