What We All MISSED About The Clippers In The NBA (Ft. Playoffs Disappointment, Kawhi Watch)

Sep 16, 2020
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The Clippers lost in the NBA playoffs. Kawhi and Paul George didn’t perform, but why? #Clippers #Kawhi #NBA
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The Clippers are known to collapse. Look at 2015 when they blew a 19 point lead. The common denominator, Doc Rivers who has now blown more 3-1 series leads than any coach in NBA history and is 6-8 in NBA Finals. Even Phil Jackson knew. “They know how to lose”. Think about that. We’ve seen it throughout this whole series.
But it isn’t just Doc Rivers. We have Playoff P, or Pandemic P, whatever you want to call him. Paul George. PG is supposed to be a leader on this team. And he’s supposed to be a star, borderline superstar player. Heck he finished top 3 in MVP voting in 2019. And then he’s put performances up like these. Some of these have been in win or go home games. He’s had multiple games just these playoffs of shooting 25% from the field. And there’s no excuses. In 2019, it was the shoulder, in 2018 it was Carmelo.
And let’s not forget about Kawhi. Max Kellerman, I want a public apology. Look at Kawhi’s game 7 performance.In fact, look at the whole Clippers. Their top 3 scorers all struggled. Is that Kawhi’s fault? No, he got the shots he wanted, he just didn’t make them. These are shots that Kawhi typically misses. And that can happen when you make a living off making tough shots. Kawhi left the Raptors for the Clippers and ended up with the same result.
The most important flaw of the Clippers which was always mentioned but never fully addressed was their chemistry and specifically their lack of playing time together. Kawhi and Paul George played a combined 43 games out of a total 72 games played for the Clippers. And that means they’ve played in less than 60% of games with their superstars. Yeah load management is cool, but not when you got multiple new pieces. They just didn’t have an identity or system. And then think about Kawhi who has primarily been in structured teams with great coaches and management, like the Spurs and Raptors. Without structure, you lend yourself to letdowns.
And without a true floor general, this is bound to happen. Kawhi led all Clippers in assists at 4.9 per game. That ain’t it. There was no true point guard that could run the offense and because of that it fell on the team as a whole to get the offense going. But because the Clippers had no chemistry, it became hero ball, whoever had the hot hand and that worked since the Clippers had so much talent. And while I don’t detest hero ball, it can’t be a substitute for an efficient running offense. For all the trash talk, Patrick Beverley ain’t doing much as a point guard and Dame mercing him. During the regular season, the Clippers were 22nd in assists per game. Kawhi is not LeBron in that sense at all. He’s not the guy running the offense, Paul George has in the past to some extent but both of these stars had traditional point guards or guards capable of setting up teammates consistently. Kawhi had Kyle Lowry who performed, he had Tony Parker in the Poppovich system, PG had George Hill who at the time was a steady hand on the Pacers.
Now where do the Clippers go from here? Kawhi’s contract is up next year, PG ends next year too, Louis Will ends next year. Harrell is going to want to be paid this offseason. The Clippers have no first round picks till 2027. That means no real trade assets besides the players they have, no cap space to add players. So they are left with a few options. That is to either try again and make sure the team is a well oiled running machine, or cut their losses, try to avoid risk and trade Kawhi.
Trading Kawhi would shake the NBA again, but it really also depends on Kawhi and what he wants. From what he’s said, he’s wanted to have some sort of offensive scheme, but the Clippers didn’t have that. We have two players, Kawhi and Giannis that could completely change the whole fabric of the NBA. But what do you think?

  • So...that happened...Lakers in 6? Twitch- www.twitch.tv/mjallday2k

    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY8 months ago
    • Lakers in 5!!!

      Fun GuyFun GuyMonth ago
    • Lakers in 5. Noobs who said nuggets in 7☝🏻😂

      배롬멜배롬멜5 months ago
    • 3-1

      Thomas CollinsThomas Collins7 months ago
    • Lakers in 5 for me.

      Jo-Ryan SalazarJo-Ryan Salazar7 months ago
    • Lakers in 5.

      Devin MooreDevin Moore7 months ago
  • 3-1

    Pedro Luis De Souza ResendePedro Luis De Souza Resende8 days ago
  • Meeennnn it's Doc Rivers fault

    Fun GuyFun GuyMonth ago
  • They blamed Doc but he is not in charge of putting the ball in the hoop like. This goofball PG shot the ball off the side of the backboard and Kawhi Leonard choked. Doc is gone so what's gonna be the excise this year? They still struggle and blow leads they get lucky and hold on though. In the playoffs that's ain't gonna work as we saw last year

    Timothy CohenTimothy Cohen3 months ago
  • Biggest collapse was in 1968 wilt blew a 3-1 to Bill russell Celtics

    knicks fanknicks fan4 months ago
  • 3-1

    Djdnd DegcDjdnd Degc4 months ago
  • The lakers franchise will keep him surrounded with what he needs while he stays dominate.. then when he wants to retire if he is not still h Th e same LeBron usher in AD and then we get him a KD Th e second best player in the league.... cus kawhi is the 3rd best behind KD... smh damn man it’s not rocket science... you can’t do it with out a decent team mike and LeBron showed you... 5 player playing together cohesive with the best player in the league is what it takes...

    Mario WilliamsMario Williams5 months ago
  • I never seen what they thought..... I only see a team when the play as a team as a cohesive group.... damn man..... LeBron is hands down the best player in the league.... would you think you could beat everyone at the park and allow the best player at the park not to be on you’re squad... smh until this man leaves the league he is e quintessential mountain to climb...

    Mario WilliamsMario Williams5 months ago
  • 3-1

    calfas77calfas775 months ago
  • 3 1

    Gray GhostGray Ghost5 months ago
  • Okay but when has Paul George win anything you guys talk about previous this previous that what has he won

    Clayton FoleyClayton Foley5 months ago
  • Listen guys I'm from Indianapolis Paul George ain't about that winning he's never in the history of him being in a knifeless he has not hit one game winning shot okay and the playoffs he always Folds Paul George don't care about winning

    Clayton FoleyClayton Foley5 months ago
  • PG13% from the field

    Ace CanchogoAce Canchogo5 months ago
  • 3-1

    drew travisdrew travis5 months ago
  • 3-1

    Toronto FilmsToronto Films5 months ago
  • #3-1 Playoff P! YEAH!

    Pochii The DogPochii The Dog5 months ago
  • When I saw George and Kawhi got together in Clippers, I knew they wouldn't win a championship :/

    Diamond Ninja_GabDiamond Ninja_Gab5 months ago
  • 3-1

    Che GarciaChe Garcia5 months ago
  • Anyone know song at the in ?

    shon evansshon evans5 months ago
  • sign isaiah thomas and play him at small forward instead of pg 😂 its better than playing paul george 🤷‍♂️

    TanTan5 months ago
  • Lakers gonna repeat

    Jorge OrtegonJorge Ortegon5 months ago
  • 3-1

    Dániel KomjátiDániel Komjáti6 months ago
  • '' even phil jackson knows".. more like even this random youtuber knows smh. love the channel

    shaye maceachernshaye maceachern6 months ago
  • trade paul george

    Hero DionisioHero Dionisio6 months ago
  • 3-1 🔥💯

    Cam HillCam Hill6 months ago
  • sometimes i get pissed at how you say whats up it's Mjaaaaaaaaay, sometimes i dont lol. weird. lots of nba talk guys have weird artificial accent of saying words, please dont go that route lol need subtitles for their videos, yours as good though, subscribed

    Adel JAdel J6 months ago
  • No one: Everyone who is saying the clippers are gonna win the chip: *lets act like the lakers doesn’t exist*

    DababyDababy6 months ago
  • 3-1

    Trayvon WilliamsTrayvon Williams6 months ago
  • Get rid of Pat Bev in favor of Rondo - possibly dump PG he's a playoff liability... otherwise keep the team just as is

    Kurt MillerKurt Miller6 months ago
  • 3 in 1

    Isha JainIsha Jain6 months ago
  • Kwahi and PG should play one more year together. If they fail....They should leave next off season but when they leave it should be a sign and trade like KD deal that got warriors D'angelo Russel. If they just leave Clippers then that franchise will literally die... LOL!

    Bronguero NoleBronguero Nole6 months ago
  • 3-1 hahahaha

    #YupISaidIt#YupISaidIt6 months ago
  • 3-1 :)

    Zone_LuckZone_Luck6 months ago
  • 3-1

    Kicking it with ZaykoKicking it with Zayko6 months ago
  • U are such a cutie

    Kingleo89 Gabriel13Kingleo89 Gabriel136 months ago
  • Phil Jackson the savage that speech was amazing.

    Mark KurentMark Kurent6 months ago
  • What we missed bout the clippers is they was M.i.A in the western conference finals

    Lavar JohnsonLavar Johnson6 months ago
  • 3-1

    Mahfuzun NabiMahfuzun Nabi6 months ago
  • Did he just say better than Kobe ??

    CPTRAGE310CPTRAGE3106 months ago
  • Doc wasn't playing

    Michael GrayMichael Gray6 months ago
  • I’m so glad they imploded this year, not because I’m a hater, but that group had a we’ve already won it attitude when they have a squad full of haven’t done shits and Kawhi. It’s like they forgot Bron n AD are in the same fucking city as they are. Lol. And I really think George needs to see a sports psychiatrist, his mind seems weak and I wonder if it has anything to do with injuries getting in his head. Just a thought.

    Alyosha KostelecAlyosha Kostelec6 months ago
  • Paul George aka Pandemic P aka Wayoff P aka rated PG13% aka Pathetic P

    Subzerofrom NYSubzerofrom NY6 months ago
  • Wayoff P.

    S. KeegsS. Keegs6 months ago
  • the funny thing is all those people who picked Clippers are acting like they were just not the biggest bandwagons of all times at one point

    Khoa DoKhoa Do6 months ago
  • Jalen, Durant,Green....Clippers.... Clippers....Clippers..... what happened? out of your big mouths comes thy judgement ( like what Moses said in the Ten Commandments of Ramses orders )

    Robert BarqueroRobert Barquero6 months ago
  • This year playoff P went from a superstar to a 1/2 a star.

    Brian MorienBrian Morien6 months ago
  • Lebron did not won championship his first year so cool down they will bounce back

    Manu BainsManu Bains6 months ago
  • Proof , you don't believe the hype.

    James BowserJames Bowser6 months ago
  • I thought the clippers would go to the finals cause the starting, Bench, Tall, and 3pt lineup

    headless jeep ya yaheadless jeep ya ya6 months ago
  • 3-1

    Darwenn GoberDarwenn Gober6 months ago
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  • 0:38 lmao were celebrating

    Brandon AritaBrandon Arita6 months ago
  • yo mj i love how they pick the clips but the lakers be like *ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT*

    Zaiko AnimationsZaiko Animations6 months ago
  • this is the 3rd team pg was on that collapsed. back on the pacers i think the 2012-2013 season they started like 30 and 8. the second half of the season they stank it up

    nerddashnerddash6 months ago
  • PG pandemic George and kawhi choke Leonard

    Emilyn EviotaEmilyn Eviota6 months ago
  • In my opinion it was always really dumb for kawhi to leave Toronto especially after them basically giving him the keys to the franchise and what they accomplished. No I'm not saying that he should have gone there expecting to continue to win based on the moves that occurred that offseason however he could have waited and tried to get another star to come with him to Toronto instead he just left to go and play with a bunch of people who he'd never really played with before and expected it to go well.

    Just IntellectJust Intellect6 months ago
  • This analysts are all idiots.....when you need to analyse anything beyond the obvious they dont.....just see the beyter roster and all bet on clipers. They are paid to see neyond the pbviou and almost anyone saw the clippers collapse.....now they all say what everybody knows and saw. The easieste job ever. Just to say what everybody knows

    ponceponce6 months ago
  • Im not a huge fan of the clippers but i think its just the new court that they are playing on, and the long break from the NBA in quarantine..

    EXPERTEXPERT6 months ago
  • 3-1 and the Clippers were a major disappointment this year and now have a screwed future.

    Kombatman 2003 YTKombatman 2003 YT6 months ago
  • 3-1

    Varun SalwanVarun Salwan6 months ago
  • Talk so much shit but when they choke is chemistry and now need to play more together where are those ppl saying that’s why he load management ready for the playoffs Luka by himself was cooking them lucky his partner got ejected and hurt

    Sin CitySin City6 months ago
  • It’s funny how you didn’t hear anything about chemistry, 1st year together, real offensive schemes or any other crap like that when they were up 3-1. All that came after they choked. It’s Karma for sure, KL deliberately went out of his way to sabotage the Lakers and then the clips spent the whole season mocking the Lakers instead of building chemistry and a good offensive scheme. Karma’s a bitch ain’t it😂

    Tjuanne PitchfordTjuanne Pitchford6 months ago
  • 3-1

    Unworthy EXPUnworthy EXP6 months ago
  • His name is George Paul

    Matthew De PersiisMatthew De Persiis6 months ago

    KRS AfoaKRS Afoa6 months ago
  • Doc rivers really is responsible.... word... he won a ring in Boston because those guys just knew how to win... that’s why rondo would call plays and ignore doc..... if you don’t believe me look it up.. Rondo and those guys on that team just were high IQ on there own wich means less coaching... and more management 🤷🏾‍♂️like who’s fatigue and who ain’t foul trouble... simple stuff

    Mario WilliamsMario Williams6 months ago
  • Hmm. You can have the rim a cm. Off To have teams miss?

    Somebody SomewhereSomebody Somewhere7 months ago
  • PG = talented but not focused enough on the game. Too busy enjoying the money and the fame, and the pussies that comes with the game.

    BladeMasterz916BladeMasterz9167 months ago
  • Trade pg while they can

    Haze JutsuHaze Jutsu7 months ago
  • 3-1

    AnestiAnesti7 months ago
  • 3-1

    Ommis PhiodefectiveOmmis Phiodefective7 months ago
  • 3-1

    Stretch NicholasStretch Nicholas7 months ago
  • He should beg Labron to join lakers

    Ultra MysticUltra Mystic7 months ago
  • If Clippers trade Kawhi that will be stupid.

    Mark LawMark Law7 months ago
  • All the BS takes. If Lou and Trezz showed up Clippers won have won

    Mark LawMark Law7 months ago
  • DGreen. KD. Pual pierce. And the nba analyst Y'all are shit! Look at are they now.. they're got choke in game 7😂🤣

    Naway LahatNaway Lahat7 months ago
  • 0:06 Yeah historicaly disapointing

    MIKE NYAHMIKE NYAH7 months ago
  • I've been said during the season Clippers had no chemistry and it would hinder them in the playoffs

    Michael BarnesMichael Barnes7 months ago
  • 3-1 mj

    Yennsy JimenezYennsy Jimenez7 months ago
  • 3-1

    Benjamin DankwaBenjamin Dankwa7 months ago

    JAMES KYRIE GelicameJAMES KYRIE Gelicame7 months ago
  • Kawhi is that dude at a get together that barely talks and when the get together get lit he says something awkward 😲💬.. and then silence 😬....😂😂😂

    Horror Fan 4-LifeHorror Fan 4-Life7 months ago
    • Like you

      Rexus DullnessRexus Dullness6 months ago
  • Way off p!

    everyday codeeveryday code7 months ago
  • I don’t get how experts picked this team to go all the way. They have no true leader besides Beverly (who only talks when his team does good). They have no playmakers or rim protectors either. It was so easy to get to the hole on them, trey Burke and Tim Hardaway looked like all stars against them 😂

    Michah VanAlstineMichah VanAlstine7 months ago
  • 3-1

    Derrick CooperDerrick Cooper7 months ago
  • Clippers or 💩

    Kurt SanchezKurt Sanchez7 months ago
  • There’s a curse on the clippers set by the Lakers going back to the franchise manifestation. The question is how can the curse be broken?

    Young WizzdomYoung Wizzdom7 months ago
  • Man this was torture 😭😭 lol screw doc.. overrated choker

    TheLegendEliTheLegendEli7 months ago
  • I knew they needed a playmaking point gaurd. Thats why i picked the lekers even if they matched up. Rondo is better now than beverly will ever be and pat is 32. 🤷🏿

  • Khawi just should’ve stayed in Toronto he was way better

    ShadowShadow7 months ago
  • Tony Parker in the Popovich system... just say Kawhi had Tony Parker. The disrespect to Tony is ridiculous. Yes the man had Manu and Duncan however after 2011 to 2016, Tony was the man for the Spurs

    Samuel AsekhamenSamuel Asekhamen7 months ago
  • Load management screwed the clippers. Hahahahahaha! What a weird excuse.…

    Jr AguinaldoJr Aguinaldo7 months ago
  • 3-1

    The capitao's familyThe capitao's family7 months ago
  • Expectation: clippers 2020 champs Reality: eliminated in the 2nd round 😆😆

    Lee YuanLee Yuan7 months ago
  • Kawhi,PG1-3 and Pat pulling out the biggest SIKE in NBA history..

    Mc4estMc4est7 months ago
  • Doc Rivers let the team down.

    Larry ScottLarry Scott7 months ago
  • The curse lives.

    Christin Soriano, Jr.Christin Soriano, Jr.7 months ago
  • We not gonna talk about how The Zen Master just ended Docs entire career

    Eddie MartinezEddie Martinez7 months ago
  • we didn't miss anything, clippers did

    Ta aDTa aD7 months ago
  • 3-1

    André DiasAndré Dias7 months ago