What's WRONG With LeBron James In The NBA Restart? (Ft. Lakers, Defense, & Pain)

Aug 5, 2020
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LeBron James has not been himself in the NBA restart, and the Lakers have looked different. So what’s wrong? #LeBron #NBA #Lakers
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After a 4 month break, LeBron’s body is not in playoff mode and so in these 8 games, he has to ramp it up to that level, but doing it too fast could result in injuries which is exactly what Bron said. This is where LeBron’s age comes into play. At 35, it’s already insane to be able to play at the level Bron has, but that comes with being more meticulous in preparation.
That could lead to a lack of aggression that we’ve seen from LeBron. LeBron not shooting well is not the concern, his shot can come and go. The focus is more on what LeBron is creating. Now let’s not get it twisted, LeBron averaging 19 points and 7 assists is still amazing by most standards, but we are comparing Bron to himself. At times, that first step just seems slow and the defense ends up staying in front of Bron or on his hip without him ever being able to turn the corner. Of course these teams have great defenders, but that’s what the playoffs are gonna be too. And even when there isn’t a great defender, Bron sometimes doesn’t even try to drive like right here. It’s times like these where it just seems like LeBron doesn’t have his legs underneath him. Comparing this to highlights a few months ago, LeBron in almost every typa of situation meaning from the top of the key, fast break, outta the post, would beat his man and have a head of steam into the paint. Even in the game against the Jazz in which he shot 56% from the field, he still wasn’t blowing by people you would expect, like here, Joe Ingles is able to cut LeBron off which leads to this really good pass, or even here, LeBron doesn’t get by Niang and take a stepback jumper that he airballs. LeBron’s only been to the free throw line 11 times in 3 games, he’s just getting stopped.
There’s actually a lot more times that LeBron is being slower, slithering through a pick and roll. This can work at times, but is not when LeBron is at his most effective. On the upside, in the game against the Jazz, there were more times LeBron was able to blow by his initial defender, like here even if he did miss. Or look at these two identical situations with LeBron on the baseline. In one, LeBron drives and beats him man. In the other, Bron doesn’t even try to drive.
The Lakers also are all outta sorts some possessions, like when LeBron pretty much holds on to the ball trying direct traffic for the entire possession, or here when Kuzma just dribbles the ball for 15 seconds without getting anywhere getting locked by Fred VanVleet and losing the ball. Dang it Kuzma.
Let’s also look at Anthony Davis. AD was uber aggressive in the Jazz game, he took 14 shots in the first quarter alone to make up for that Raptors game. But the one thing with AD is that even without shooting well, he was still getting to the line. The LeBron AD connection was also sorta shut down in the Raptors game, but a lot of that depends on Bron putting enough pressure on the defense which he didn’t.
At times against the Raptors, LeBron seemed like he didn’t even wanna try to get past the defense. And I get that, Siakam and OG were hounding him, but that’s not gonna cut it if Anthony Davis was also off. But in the game against the Jazz, both Anthony Davis and LeBron James made it a priority to be more aggressive. And AD was a monster. LeBron is still capable, it’s more of whether he’s there mentally and physically.
I’m going give LeBron a lot of credit defensively though. He has been active on that end despite a few lapses in rotations. He’s taken one on one defense much more seriously, he’s not overly quick on that end, he’s just being smart and using his experience to really bother defenders like he did with Kawhi and Paul George.
So a lot of this stems from LeBron literally not being LeBron. This is very reminiscent of LeBron in February, March 2018 or when LeBron came back from a groin injury last year when playoff mode was activated and went downhill. Teams are playing higher intensity than the start of the regular season, but Bron seems stuck in that easing in mode. Does that mean he can’t change this? Heck no. LeBron has other gears, he just has to find them in time for the playoffs which is less than 2 weeks away. LeBron will get better overtime. The real question is whether he’ll be ready in time for the playoffs. I think he’s gonna be playoff LeBron by the second round, but what do you think? Will LeBron be all good by then? Who’s been the best team in the bubble so far?

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    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY2 months ago
    • @bahamn15 After the Raptors got stomped, that has to be the consensus now. Suns have looked real good.

      Mike PurdyMike Purdy2 months ago
    • @Frank Rodriquez same with lakers against the clippers

      great meetingsgreat meetings2 months ago
    • @Moses k tru

      great meetingsgreat meetings2 months ago
    • Actually it's the phoenix suns. This coming from a raptors fan.

      bahamn15bahamn152 months ago
    • When you see a lebron video made by an MJ fan, you'll easily know it'll have double standards, one way, and biased analysis just to make lebron look bad. Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤷🏻‍♂️

      pt barnumpt barnum2 months ago
  • Lmaooo MJ You DEFINITELY Fell For That "Washed King" Ish I See lol REAL Ones Knew Bron Was Chillin. They ONLY Needed 2 Games To Clinch... They Beat EXACTLY Who They Needed To Beat. Chip On The Way.

    Willie SmithWillie Smith28 days ago
  • I knew something was up ...

    one zerozerozero oneone zerozerozero oneMonth ago
  • he just dropped 36-10-10 with a W. yeah he getting rusty... oh.

    rey bacuetesrey bacuetesMonth ago
  • The stupid adds

    Unix Johis 000Unix Johis 000Month ago
  • lebron sucks only put up 10 points today and his team still blew out the blazers. just shows you hes always on a good team and trying to take advantage of that. most overrated thing on earth.

    y tyndaley tyndale2 months ago
    • @y tyndale so it was ok for jordan to have pippen and rodman and a sin for lebron to have AD only. And u know lebron played 55 games last season cause of injury dumb ass. He would have made playoffs if he played 70+ games like he usually does. And don't act like clippers were not the most favorite team to win. Fool.

      No Rap CapNo Rap CapMonth ago
    • @No Rap Cap lebron wouldn't even make the playoffs like last season if it wasn't for AD. Don't act like they played good this season as the reason, they were already labelled the best duo in the league before the season started. Heard of Jason Terry by the way? Fool.

      y tyndaley tyndaleMonth ago
    • y tyndale Do u realize how dumb u sound. U are basically saying, Lakers are cheating cause 2 players played good the whole season😂 stupid af. And I’m gonna come back when Lakers win both finals😂. Can’t wait for the next excuse. Lemme guess it, Lakers are cheating cause they have a player who was MVP.

      No Rap CapNo Rap CapMonth ago
    • @No Rap Cap cmon man lakers have 2 all nba first team players on it. Wake up and stop cheating, nuggets will sort le baby bronny out anyway. cheers fool.

      y tyndaley tyndaleMonth ago
    • No Rap Cap 😂

      TN2 _TN2 _Month ago
  • Who y'all think is better KD or LBJ?

  • i think the problem is her jersey short because his short is not tight like the one in her normal nba game

    Giovanni DuranGiovanni Duran2 months ago
  • Stopper

    SpotOrthodoxSpotOrthodox2 months ago
  • 0:24 U c the Claw? Literally the claw? U c how big the claw is?

    Casual Gaming & more by KigamaCasual Gaming & more by Kigama2 months ago
  • stopper.

    marl raphaelmarl raphael2 months ago
  • I think bron said himself at his age said that this break from covid was really bad for him

    mellowman1020mellowman10202 months ago
  • Lebruso

    Leon MabongaLeon Mabonga2 months ago
  • I called this shit. LeBron feeds off of the crowds this quarantine shit got the king messed up

    Tre LaneTre Lane2 months ago
  • He takes off game

    Joshua DickeyJoshua Dickey2 months ago
  • LeBron was taking his entangles to the bubble that's why he's been rusty.

    Rap GodRap God2 months ago

    Elvis GisaElvis Gisa2 months ago
  • Lebron is getting old I feel like people expect to perform like he did when he was on the heat

    Bryce_told_ emBryce_told_ em2 months ago
    • Well he’s preforming now

      TN2 _TN2 _Month ago
  • stopper

  • Lakers

    Terry KollieTerry Kollie2 months ago
  • His old. He knees is about to colaspe

    Trucking with StanleyTrucking with Stanley2 months ago
  • Bruh, don’t disrespect Bron like that, he’s a goat, a legend, in every single Playoff Series he always had a sidekick, Shaq, D-Wade, Kyrie and Anthony Davis, I’ve seen every single Playoff Highlight, Bruh Lebron makes every single opponent his bitch, even Curry and Kawhi, whenever he’s in the paint, 3-pointers and steals (shit outta here nigga), whenever he’s on the court, he makes every single opponent look like a 2K match, JV team out here, whenever Lebron got the ball, the whole crowd be like RICKEEEEEYYYYYYY!!!!! Fuck wrong witcho bitchass😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Deemique PearsonDeemique Pearson2 months ago
  • Nice Video Bro, love it . Same thought here about LeBron.

    Patrick KaufmannPatrick Kaufmann2 months ago
  • Lebron knows what to do in the play-offs i’m sure

    Benji SøndergaardBenji Søndergaard2 months ago
  • Tj Warren is the best team in the bubble

    Rolando UrrutiaRolando Urrutia2 months ago
  • lebruso

    JJReactionsJJReactions2 months ago
  • They don't allow drugs in the bubble... Duh!

    cool112jjascool112jjas2 months ago
  • LeBron= LA Faker

    Michael jonesMichael jones2 months ago
  • Lebron is really slow

    Kendrick FarrellKendrick Farrell2 months ago
    • Are you stupid ? He’s rated the third fastest player in the league on nba reference . com

      TN2 _TN2 _Month ago
  • Do a video on DJ Wagner

    Christopher JohnsonChristopher Johnson2 months ago
  • Lebron is playing like he's got the virus but nobody knows about it !!

    J. RodzJ. Rodz2 months ago
  • Why was it ok to crucify Lance Armstrong, but Lebron?

    CaptZepplinCaptZepplin2 months ago
  • Suns been the best team 100%

    ImReliImReli2 months ago
  • they already clinched the no. 1 seed so they just chillin.

    franciousfrancious2 months ago
  • It's called aging. LeBron has already had issues with his knees.

    Sam SamsonSam Samson2 months ago
    • *Groin

      Kameron KrenKameron Kren2 months ago
  • Best team in the bubble has to be the rockets for me, defending way better than they ever have and players like rivers are stepping up off the bench while Harden of course scores for fun

    Lewis GoodwinLewis Goodwin2 months ago
  • What’s up with bandanas mj??

    Ivan CruzIvan Cruz2 months ago
  • Doesn’t matter we clinched 1st seed so there no point of trying right now.

    Ethan PlayzEthan Playz2 months ago
    • Bs... Tf u mean "no point of trying" 🤡

      FlyGangFlyGang2 months ago
  • Lol the way people talk about LeBron and him talk about himself like he a luxury car😂, dude just getting old and the holes that been in his game showing more🤣🤣🤣, get his meat out your mouth

    Sashy NemSashy Nem2 months ago
  • ᴾᵃⁱⁿ 💔

    Young JayYoung Jay2 months ago
  • With age it takes a longer time get cooking again. LBJ and Danny Greeen are showing their age.

    K VBK VB2 months ago
  • Lecramp gets a lot of points near hoop because centers cannot camp in lane anymore lucky for him...he is a mediocre outside shooter and all around jackass sjw

    Leo DerosiaLeo Derosia2 months ago
  • We have number 1 seed we don’t want lebron or ad too get hurt they don’t need too be in

    Deandre DraperDeandre Draper2 months ago
  • Old

    World TourWorld Tour2 months ago
  • Anyone with an honest eye test can tell that LeFraud is no longer what these media claims he still is. He is a shell of himself, no doubt he still have some bursts that reminisce of his prime. But for the most part his “still doing this in year 17” is overhyped up

    Jason TanJason Tan2 months ago
  • Hey hey hey

    Piotr BryjakPiotr Bryjak2 months ago
  • No PEDs and hookers.

    Smoove TalkSmoove Talk2 months ago
  • LeBron vs the Pacers: 31/8/7, 13-24 fg, 1 turnover, +14 on the court AD vs the Pacers: 8/8/4, 3-14 fg, 4 turnovers, -21 on the court

    SunamiKillaSunamiKilla2 months ago
  • He out of shape lowkey😭

    Allen The SkywalkerAllen The Skywalker2 months ago
  • Someone send this to lbj

    Aarsh DubeyAarsh Dubey2 months ago
  • Maybe he's trying to avoid contact due to his age. It might be a injury avoiding strategy.

    joji master89joji master892 months ago
  • Don’t matter. Will still be fixed so Lakers win for Kobe. That was the plan from the beginning.

    ActrueActrue2 months ago
    • Yes that was the NBA and ESPN plan I agree.

      I might answerbackI might answerback2 months ago
  • lb., you are a POS!

    Michael HornMichael Horn2 months ago
  • People seem to find it hard to accept he's turning 36 years old - it's called getting old!

    Kevin MastersKevin Masters2 months ago
  • LeBum James has gone full Woke! His best playing days are now behind him!

    Tony SmithTony Smith2 months ago
  • Are you saying a 1st round exit?

    charles ellendercharles ellender2 months ago
  • The Raptors are def the best defensive team I will take them over the bucks any time. Nurse is a genius, better than Pop atm.

    Kai RoachKai Roach2 months ago
  • lebruso

    Jack NelsonJack Nelson2 months ago
  • Its old now

    Marven Bautista ErnacioMarven Bautista Ernacio2 months ago
  • hey ain't getting old he's just preserving his energy for the playoffs...come playoff time🤫

  • Stopper

    KaChowKaPowKaChowKaPow2 months ago
  • The problem is all the BLM movement and taking knees...the problem is the NBA is dead now cause everyone stop watch the Chinese basketball association we are all done with this game and the players and owners should have kept it at a game and sport not turn it into politics now everyone on the right hopefully stop supporting the left...I stop caring but good for Jonathon Issac only jersey I would buy. LeBron and athletes get there motivation and adrenaline shot with fans they are playing with no fans no motivation they need fans period to up the intensity...

    z0mby d0nkyz0mby d0nky2 months ago
  • he might be trying to maintain energy before Playoffs

    DevanshDevansh2 months ago
  • He was once a king Stfu he do what he got to do

    ꯂꯟꯆꯦꯟꯕ ꯃꯉꯥꯡꯆꯥꯂꯟꯆꯦꯟꯕ ꯃꯉꯥꯡꯆꯥ2 months ago
  • this didn’t age well lmao. not too late to delete it

    John SmithJohn Smith2 months ago
  • Hes pump fakin....acting ass then when playoffs come he gnna be bussin everybody

    DawonInHD ProductionsDawonInHD Productions2 months ago
  • I think he’s sandbagging the league. Let them get their hopes up thinking he’s in decline lol

    Trey SandersTrey Sanders2 months ago
  • They just waiting on playoffs.

    LaylanLaylan2 months ago
  • You're cute MJ 😊 I've been your subscriber fr a year keep up the good work

    solemlycryingsolemlycrying2 months ago
  • Mk ultra.

    Gauge BurGauge Bur2 months ago
  • Lebrons no goat , MJ 3 peat on his way out the nba after tryna play baseball in 95... the young generation needs to watch the last dance and see the difference .

    Minato SlayzMinato Slayz2 months ago
  • Seriously acting like anyone on the Lakers is actually trying to do anything but rest and not get hurt in these meaningless games. Very insightful.

    Mildy ProductiveMildy Productive2 months ago
  • i think it is because that lebron and the lakers are playing for nothing

    Roni SmithRoni Smith2 months ago
  • he doing the lateral raises wrong those look like dumbbell flys but he is standing up

    Prince RakeemPrince Rakeem2 months ago
  • He can't leave bubble get his drugs y'all remember his bum ass went back to cav play trash then he miss game went back Miami came back different just saying y'all but he is old move on just like everybody else he is done he don't have another gear AD they best player lmao

    D TD T2 months ago
  • Lebron got the old man bones and is rusty F he might have to retire

    Jumis RamenJumis Ramen2 months ago
  • They clinch the top playoff spot these games are just scrimmages

    RPD_ LazerRPD_ Lazer2 months ago
  • To much air conditioning?

    Jeremy ChandlerJeremy Chandler2 months ago
  • I rlly think ppl are exchanging lots of team secrets on how to beat certain teams at the bubble. Since everyone is within a small proximity.

    Z XZ X2 months ago
  • Best team in the bubble is either Raptors or Rockets.

    Nitin SheoranNitin Sheoran2 months ago
  • It's only 8 seeding games.. Lakers still no.1 in the west.. So lebron is just in pass first mode.. But when its playoff time, lebron is in attack mode..

    Hanabi TacticsHanabi Tactics2 months ago
  • When the roids dry up, everything drops off. Look at the big knot on his finger at the beginning of the video. I don't think that he should start at point. There is nothing that he's doing special from the point. He doesn't have the spark due to the mitochondria being burned out. He need to increase the cellular voltage to get the explosion back. These guys are literally wearing out the cells of the body. With the addition of past sustance abuse, his cells are firing. Really sad.

    Damoor BlackfootDamoor Blackfoot2 months ago
  • He don’t wanna catch corona

    QuincythakingQuincythaking2 months ago
  • They already clinched #1 seed. Trying to avoid injuries

    JokerJoker2 months ago
  • can you do a video about whats going on with siakam as a raptors I have been really disappointed with him

    Benjamin CahillBenjamin Cahill2 months ago
  • Im sure Bronsexuals going to blame AD and not LeBronze.

    Dauntless 35Dauntless 352 months ago

  • The Lakers get goin when the refs have the best defensive players on the other team in foul trouble before half time

    Hansolo DoloHansolo Dolo2 months ago
  • Remember all those years with the cavs in the second stint, where they sucked in January and then sucked again in March? Same shit different jersey

    MonkeyVlogsMonkeyVlogs2 months ago
  • We don’t need to worry about Lebron, he’s not playing hard he’s clearly coasting. It’s AD we gotta hope brings it after the 8 games

    MonkeyVlogsMonkeyVlogs2 months ago
  • Please people making a big deal about nothing ... their #1 seed

    Harry Lee H2HHarry Lee H2H2 months ago
  • Every time he gets cocky and goes that “playoff mode “ he get cooked . Last year he did that when they was 9th place with a good amount of time to climb into the playoffs . D lo put them out of it shortly after . This tile right before the season he gets the “Moses “ beard , and posts pictures of him in that lab and get his laker fans super cocky about this playoff mode , and even wins clipper game and everybody swear he has game of the year . But now look🤷🏾‍♂️. I wouldn’t be surprised if a hungry blazers beats an arrogant lakers

    Maurice JohnsonMaurice Johnson2 months ago
    • S06P Naruto with Dual Rinnegan & 9 Bijuu oh yea of lakers actually bring it it’ll be a 5 Game series . The problem is I think that roster believes since they have LeBron they already have a free trip to the WCF. And they’ll look straight past Portland and Houston , and get caught by suprise

      Maurice JohnsonMaurice Johnson2 months ago
    • Bruh just no. Lakers are a defensive matchup nightmare. Look at their roster... NOW LOOK AT PORTLAND's. Who do they have that can't be shut down by an LA team? Dame.😂. Melo?🤣CJ?😭. Nurkic?💀

      Black DragonBlack Dragon2 months ago
  • Better than Jordan? Nah, not even better than Kobe.

    Tyler HarrisTyler Harris2 months ago
  • Rooting for the Clippers Babyyee

    Moks MMoks M2 months ago
  • Stopper

    Explore The WildExplore The Wild2 months ago
  • They bullshiting until the playoffs

    Nelson ReidNelson Reid2 months ago
  • Lakers is good, but other teams is not having that. Willing to foul

    RobDawg FishingRobDawg Fishing2 months ago
  • Hes Savin himself for the playoffs, why wud he go all out of he’s already clinched the first seed.

    Peter PanPeter Pan2 months ago
  • he starting to get old thats why

    3r1k3r1k2 months ago
  • 9:09 the longer you stare at LBJ and MJ, the weirder it gets.

    Gabriel B.Gabriel B.2 months ago