What is HAPPENING To Lonzo Ball? (Ft. NBA Lineups, A New Shot, A Missing Zion, & Old Lakers)

Dec 13, 2019
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Lonzo Ball has had a weird start to this NBA season on the Pelicans without Zion. What is happening to Lonzo Ball? #NBA #Lonzo
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There were expectations for this to be a breakout season of sorts for Lonzo, but things haven’t looked great. The Pelicans are 6-19 and Lonzo’s shooting less than 40% from the field, again. At the same time he’s averaging a career high percentage from 3 and had a nice game against the Suns when he went for 20 points and 11 assists. So I wanted to see what was happening with Lonzo Ball.
Lonzo is shooting more threes than ever before. We saw the new shot in the offseason that looked normal and not like this (goku death theme music) He’s shooting 6.2 3s a game, more than the 4.9 threes a game last year and more than the 5.7 3s a game in his rookie season. Actually, it’s not that much of a difference statistically from his past years. He’s shooting 33% from 3 which puts him at an almost average 3 point shooter, which would be 35.5%, but that’s only an increase of .4% from last year. Watching the games though, it’s really easy to tell that there is something different with his shooting and I’m not talking about the new form. Lonzo is shooting with more confidence, he’s not hesitating as much, especially on catch and shoot shots. In the past Lonzo would at times not take the open shot. He would pause and then pass it away. Now, there’s more conviction to it. On over 68 catch and shoot 3s this season, Lonzo has shot 37%.
There was also Luke Walton who was playing Lonzo inconsistently, maybe it was LaVar’s fault. That actually brings me to the one more important change, minutes per game. Lonzo has played well when he has been given consistent minutes. Last year when Lonzo played 30-39 minutes which was over 20 games, he shot 46% from the field and 42.9% from 3 with a net rating of 5.9. That’s elite shooting for 20+ games. In the games without LeBron, Lonzo averaged 12.5 points per game, 7.2 assists, and 5.9 rebounds while shooting 42% from the field and 37% from 3. That means that as the main guy running the offense last season with not too much help around him, he was able to shoot above average from 3 and playmake.
I looked at the Pelicans lineups and how effective each lineup was with and without Lonzo. And here’s where it gets really weird. The Pelicans have played 25 games this season and there is no 5 man lineup that has logged more than 9 games together. Yeah, out of all the lineups, not just starting lineups, the Pelicans have run throughout all the 24 games, there’s no 5 man combination that have played in half of their games. Other teams have multiple lineups that have broken the 10 game mark. The Lakers have 3, the Heat have 4, heck even the Knicks have 3 lineups, 2 of which have had 15 games together. One explanation could be injuries. Lonzo missed 8 games, but the rest of rotation players haven’t really had injuries besides Derrick Favors.

Now the slenderman, is heavily involved in the offense. Ingram’s usage rate has jumped from 22.7% last year to 28.3%. And we’ve seen Ingram be able to also initiate the offense as a point guard. He’s also 7th in the league in iso possessions meaning he’s handling the ball a lot. The Pelicans already have Jrue Holiday to be a point guard. Jrue’s actually averaging more touches than LeBron did last year. Lonzo was supposed to be the primary ball handler, but now he’s third behind Jrue and Ingram. There’s also a missing Zion Williamson who complimented Lonzo extremely well. We saw chemistry in practice, in preseason, and even off the court. Zion’s off-ball movement paired up with Lonzo’s playmaking. And then there were the fastbreaks. Not having Zion hurts Lonzo the most because that was the one player on this roster along with JJ Redick that seemed perfect.
Lonzo’s defense this year is all out of sync. While Lonzo is a solid 1 v 1 perimeter defender, his main value comes in team defense and being a glue that can cover other people on the perimeter. He has a tendency to gamble and do surprise double teams. The Pelicans, besides Jrue Holiday, aren’t filled with players that are defensive mind, (ahhhh) and because these lineups have not played together enough, there’s also a lack of communication and team chemistry.
I believe in Lonzo and what he can do. He’s only 22 years old so there’s a lot of time left before a final verdict. But what do you think? Will Lonzo play better? Will Zion return?

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    • Hey MJ, my fav Zo moment is when LeBron passed to him for a wide-open layup and he missed twice. p.s does it matter if I don't have twitter, can I still join the giveaway? I have Instagram

      Hunter HolmesHunter Holmes10 months ago
    • Lonzo ball to the bucks great fit I think

      VicVic10 months ago
    • lonzo ball is dogshit.

      Kait DiazKait Diaz10 months ago
    • When he got traded away from the Lakers. 😎😎

      Anshul DeshmukhAnshul Deshmukh10 months ago
  • lonzo is getting better hes able to more consistently

    Keon HarnessKeon Harness3 months ago
    • and his passing vision and his defense is also better

      Keon HarnessKeon Harness3 months ago
  • Positive vibe only. He still young in his career. His third year going on his fourth. Still have a lot to improve.

    West RoyalWest Royal6 months ago
  • Zo2

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  • But on a good note He has more tattoos than a lifer

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    • This obviously from 3 weeks ago

      DaHipHopAnalystDaHipHopAnalyst9 months ago
  • Look at him now though🤷‍♂️

    Dylan DyerDylan Dyer9 months ago
  • 2 games in a row with 20+ what's going on now?

    ShmokeyyShmokeyy9 months ago
  • Bro stop it Zo is a bench player and his career will be short lived he has random injuries and the pelicans have jrue holiday and Brandon Ingram to handle the ball

    Q MoneyQ Money9 months ago
    • You sound dumb lmao he just had a triple double nd had 24 6 10 last night

      DaHipHopAnalystDaHipHopAnalyst9 months ago
    • Q Money you sound stupid

      TimsettoTimsetto9 months ago
  • Imagine being paid millions per year to play basket and not even make %25 of your free throws.

    Hjb ProductionsHjb Productions9 months ago
  • Enough excuses the guy is getting like near 30mins a game. He ain't getting more minutes cause he's been trash. He's a decent passer, a decent defender that's it. Pretty much Draymond Green

    sreddi83sreddi8310 months ago
    • sreddi83 never heard of someone having 24 7 8 as a “bad game” lol last time I check a lot of players in the league don’t even get close to those numbers

      DaHipHopAnalystDaHipHopAnalyst9 months ago
    • sreddi83 are you dumb ?? That’s what you call averaging dummy lol how you gon try to discredit those numbers when they lead to wins ?? Those dudes don’t average 40 except one the rest that’s what a regular game looks like to them which proves my point . You just put him in the same category with those dudes but says he can’t be a number one option ? Lol you don’t know basketball

      DaHipHopAnalystDaHipHopAnalyst9 months ago
    • @DaHipHopAnalyst 24-7-8 ain't balling these days. Harden's getting 40s every week, Luka, LBJ, Trae, AD, Giannis sleep-walk those numbers and those are the "bad games". Lonzo might be an All-Star like Draymond. But he can never be no.1 or no.2 on a title-chasing team.

      sreddi83sreddi839 months ago
    • sreddi83 also yes he’s been balling averaging 24 7 8 the last 4 games

      DaHipHopAnalystDaHipHopAnalyst9 months ago
    • sreddi83 He’s not worse than Holiday he runs the team. Better than holiday . Holiday is jsut a better scorer . Obviously he’s not gonna be the first option when he is a pass first pg , that’s kinda obvious. His impact on the team as the leader nd him dropping 20 and 10 is what is gonna take this team over the top

      DaHipHopAnalystDaHipHopAnalyst9 months ago
  • Nigga lozos a bitch strait up scared to shoot the hype got him shaking

    CamCam10 months ago
    • Cam you can’t even spell brody 😂 you on the internet cussing NBA superstars out. gotta do better

      TimsettoTimsetto9 months ago
  • Nothing happened to him. He was over hyped in college. Left school early to gey the paycheck and never developed the skills he needed to compete in the NBA. And his little bro is about to make the same mistake.

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  • lonzo is bad and was always bad lol magic quiting the lakers was the best thing to happen to them, in his own words "game recognize game" about why he drafted him.

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  • Lonzo is a joker

  • But he got an mvp already. Summer league mvp.

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  • What’s happening? Lonzo is reeking of trash material, that’s what’s happening

    AlecAlec10 months ago
  • I want to see Zo get more of a chance too. The team is starting to gel, they'll be getting Zion back in a few weeks, I'm ready to see the Pels and Zo live up to their full potential. ZO2

    t5dagreatt5dagreat10 months ago
    • @German M You're correct! Pels fan win or lose!! #WontBowDown #GeauxPels

      t5dagreatt5dagreat10 months ago
    • t5dagreat fanboy lol

      German MGerman M10 months ago
  • My favorite Lonzo Ball moment is when he gets paid millions to play a game which all of the broke bums on youtube wish they could do

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  • NBA fans chanting Lebron is going to trade you

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  • when lonzo missed two wide open lay ups bruh

    JAKUB FrontczakJAKUB Frontczak10 months ago
  • Moment the NBA declared war on the Ball family by letting the officials swallow their whistles whenever a flagrant was committed on him (like in that infamous Laker road game against the Wizards last season, lol), his pro career was FINISHED. Sadistic, but that's how it goes in this day and age. Personally, I couldn't care less. These millennial athletes are pampered enough as is... >;-p

    PeekaPeepPeekaPeep10 months ago
  • Keep the NBA 2k. Go to the dog park and grab some shit. It's the equivalent of NBA 2k20

    esham976esham97610 months ago
  • Plain and simple. Lonzo Ball is the offspring of LaVar.He has LaVars DNA This makes him a failure. Everything Ball will fail. From draft bust Lonzo, to criminal LiAngelo, to overhyped LaMelo, the swap meet shoe line BBB, to green toothed LaVar, all things Ball are guaranteed to fail. Indisputable.

    robert Millerrobert Miller10 months ago
  • my favorite moment of lonzo ball was when he was traded

    Milk AnimeヅMilk Animeヅ10 months ago
  • my favorite moment was when he finally stopped working with BBB

    Infinite NarwhalInfinite Narwhal10 months ago
  • My favorite Lonzo moment is every time he buys something and the money is there. Everybody has to live, eat, and work. He made it! Good for him! He will be a useful journeyman throughout his NBA career. He does stand a few chances to jump out like Jeremy Lin and make noise for a short duration of time.

    Truthing & TrollingTruthing & Trolling10 months ago
  • My favorite Zo moment is when had son’d Jamal Murray

    G BSG BS10 months ago
  • What do you mean what is happening that nigga is trash... and has always been trash.

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  • My favorite Lonzo moment was when he made his first free throw in his career, making him 1 for 8674

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    alfred jaramilloalfred jaramillo10 months ago
  • My favorite Lonzo Bust moment is still jet to come him leaving the NBA ...i mean as soon as he has the ball he gets open shots because he can`t hit

    hannes3dhannes3d10 months ago
  • stop with the random screams during vids. quick way to discourage me from subscribing

    Benjamin VazquezBenjamin Vazquez10 months ago
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  • he needs to get used to his new jumpshot remember he shot with the broken one for years its all new to him besides his numbers will go up when zion comes back

    Allison PenleyAllison Penley10 months ago
  • Just trade him to a good organization who believes in him and he should start to blossom if he went to Miami or Spurs we could see vast improvement out of him

    StephonDDon_YTStephonDDon_YT10 months ago
  • "His dad was talking shit so I took him out early" Emotional beta male shouldn't even be allowed to touch a basketball let alone coach

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  • I think everything that’s happened to him up to this point is definitely bothering him mentally.

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  • My favorite thing about zo is how he improved

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      Carlo Miguel MarasiganCarlo Miguel Marasigan10 months ago
    • @Carlo Miguel Marasigan And Happy Holidays!

      Esteban BEsteban B10 months ago
    • @Carlo Miguel Marasigan I've watched more than shaqting a fool. Those were just nerves. He has potential, but I honestly think his Dad's big mouth messed with his confidence. He's still a going to be a millionaire so I suppose it makes no difference.

      Esteban BEsteban B10 months ago
    • @Esteban B he's jumpshot looks better and he doesn't pass when he is wide open like before .If u watched shaqtin a fool about zo then u would know

      Carlo Miguel MarasiganCarlo Miguel Marasigan10 months ago
    • Did he though?

      Esteban BEsteban B10 months ago
  • The hype was bs from the get go. Anyone believing the hype was delusional

    CaptZepplinCaptZepplin10 months ago
  • I was pulling for lonzo man,but it seems like he doesn't want to be in the league or he doesn't have the heart.

    The 1 above allThe 1 above all10 months ago
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  • My fav moment is wen Lonzo was given a new start by joining the Pelicans

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  • I like how lonzo plays like trash against my team and I’m always happy for the easy win

    Ya DIGYa DIG10 months ago
    • Mavericks

      Ya DIGYa DIG10 months ago
    • Ya DIG yo who’s yo team🤔❓

      Mick FunnyMick Funny10 months ago
  • Favorite moment was when zo got a steal, and opted to pass out of an open layup

    challengelobbynerdschallengelobbynerds10 months ago
  • Like you said feels like he the odd number left out and even more without Zion.

    Michael MontesMichael Montes10 months ago
  • Zo2

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  • Fav moment hmmm the last time he made a free throw

    Bob Elkin IIIBob Elkin III10 months ago
  • Favorite Lonzo moment when he was having baby mama drama

    Ant ManAnt Man10 months ago
    • odessa texas more drama than Jayson Tatum and his TWO baby mamas

      Mick FunnyMick Funny10 months ago
  • i hate these videos that say for example : "Lonzo Ball is shooting a career high 3pt percentage" but give no statistics or show it from his career. But u have the nerve to keep saying please subscribe...

    Roman SorokaRoman Soroka10 months ago
  • Zo2

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  • My favorite Air Ball moment was when he was finally traded. We should've drafted DeAaron Fox an through Kuzma in the AD trade, but no Air Ball no problem!!

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  • My favorite lonzo moment was when he left the lakers

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  • He is a rich man's frank ntilikina

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  • If Gentry would get off the dope and play lonzo, then they would have won the game. It is messed up to not play the guy tonight!!!! Honestly give lonzo the ball encourage him and you will start winning games!!!

    Kay KUKay KU10 months ago
  • rarely do players make a big impact out of high school or 1 year of college. In the past, he'd be first year nba about right now. Considering that Jason Kidd became a reasonably good shooter in his middle and later years in the NBA, I'd say Lonzo will not be drummed out of the league, and will become a very good player. His skills are very similar to Kidd but he's more athletic. The shot looks much improved this year, and the new shooting form was absolutely necessary. His dad did him no favors allowing him to shoot like an idiot growing up.

    John CraftenworthJohn Craftenworth10 months ago
  • favorite moment is when he blew that wide open layup from that full court pass from lebron

    Tristan GarciaTristan Garcia10 months ago
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    Breezy JeezyBreezy Jeezy10 months ago
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    Jarvius JacksonJarvius Jackson10 months ago
  • Send him to CHINA

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  • its called being banished to a shithole franchise that has a dead fanbase

    User OneUser One10 months ago
  • Lavar is MIA🤣🤣🤣🤣 Big Baller is done

    Seargent AR-10Seargent AR-1010 months ago