What HAPPENED To Monta Ellis? Is He Going To The Lakers? (Ft. NBA, Young Stephen Curry, Warriors)

Jul 5, 2019
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Monta Ellis was a star on the Warriors when Stephen Curry came into the NBA. Now Monta Ellis is trying to comeback, but what happened to him? #NBA #Warriors #Monta
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Before the Warriors were the Warriors of today, they were a struggling team that was just bad. But at the core of the Warriors were the young Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis. The Warriors almost traded Curry away and built around Monta Ellis, but were absolutely lucky. While Stephen Curry would thrive, Monta Ellis would find himself out of the league at the age of 31, not because of injury, but because no one wanted him anymore.
As a 6’ 3” combo guard coming straight outta high school, he had experienced nothing but success. In his senior year of high school, Monta averaged a ridiculous 38.4 points, 7.9 rebounds, 6.9 assists, and 4.5 steals. At one point he scored 72 points in a game, and he was named the National Player of the Year. He won two state championships and was runner up twice in his 4 years of college. Monta had the utmost confidence in himself and you could see it in his game. He was a ball hog. In fact, even before the draft, this is what scouts had to say about him. “He loves to dribble and dribble and dribble and then dribble some more. AAU ball has basically left him no grasp or comprehension of team basketball or fundamentals, and he probably wouldn't understand what's wrong with that if you tried to explain it to him.” That same report said that “He's a 6-3 SG with absolutely no PG skills whatsoever. That will limit his potential to contribute minutes initially unless he ends up on a horrible team.” And he did get drafted to a bad team. The Warriors were coming off of a 34-48 record. They hadn’t made the playoffs for 11 straight years at that point.
All this led to the one player who would inadvertently drive Monta Ellis away from the Warriors. And that would be the baby-faced Stephen Curry, everyone's nightmare. As soon as Curry was drafted, Monta Ellis immediately had a problem. When asked by the media how him and Steph could play together, he simply said, “We can’t.” and that “We’re not gonna win that way.”
Monta already played with a point guard like Baron Davis so you would think drafting Stephen Curry wouldn’t be that big of a problem, except drafting Curry who hadn’t shown that great of point guard skills, made people think that Monta would play more of the point guard position. I can understand where he’s coming from and after his girlfriend persisted that he apologize to Steph for those comments, Monta did and said his problem was with management. Monta went on to have his best season in 2009-10, averaging 25.5 points and 5.3 assists on 45% shooting and 31% from 3 in 41 minutes a game. Steph was surprised when he got an invite to Ellis’s wedding and thought it was Ellis’s fiance. Of course the Warriors management noticed this and saw that Curry had a great rookie season averaging 17.5 points and 5.9 assists off of 46% from the field and 44% from 3.
Stephen Curry even won the sportsmanship award. But… the Warriors management wasn’t the management of today. They chose Monta and looked to trade Steph, at least based off the Bucks owner Marc Lasry who said the Warriors offered Stephen Curry for Andrew Bogut and the Bucks rejected them because of Steph’s ankle health. Steph had tweaked his ankles five times in the season before and in the offseason, he went through offseason surgery and in January of 2012, he sprained his ankle again. So the Warriors with no other real options, decided to trade Monta instead of Steph and take a chance on Steph. Warriors fans loved Monta and booed Chris Mullin at his jersey retirement.
The Mavericks would make the 8th seed in 2014 and Monta averaged 20 points in that series losing. In the 2015 playoffs at the age of 29, Monta averaged 26 points in 5 games in the playoffs along with 5.2 assists shooting 47% from the field and shooting 37% from 3 on 6 3s a game. It was his peak, but the Mavs still lost.
The thing is I think Monta could be effective if he’s added a 3 ball and if he’s the leader of the second unit. Being out of the league should be a humbling experience and make you hungrier. He’s only 33 and so he definitely shouldn’t be a washed player, even with all those minutes. Teams are worried about Ellis’s knee, but at the end of that day, Monta Ellis has himself to blame for his career, but I think that if he’s changed himself, he really can be exciting and help a team out. But what do you think? Will Monta Ellis comeback to the NBA? If so, then which team will he sign with?

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    • This video is blasphemous of what Monta did for the Warriors. You probably didn't watch how he played and took out of context Monta's comments when Curry was drafted. I used to like your videos but a lot of the information here is purely false. He didn't call himself the second best player but rather the second best shooting guard. You need to do more research when doing videos like this.

      emm08emm084 months ago
    • MJ2KALLDAY Comeback

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    • who was the #1 player he didnt mention???

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    • If a team gives him a chance, he'll be gone quickly.

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    • MJ2KALLDAY comeback

      Jeqzii_Jeqzii_Year ago

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  • He better get hall of famed nxt year

    Quezz LeshawnQuezz LeshawnMonth ago
  • Monta Ellis is my character

    Big GuyBig GuyMonth ago
  • Monta Ellis is the most underrated player in NBA history. 25.5 ppg 2009-10 season no all star game 24.1 ppg 2010-11 season STILL NO DAMN ALL STAR like WTF!!! Monta should have at least “AT LEAST, COULD BE MORE” 5 All Star appearances in his career and its mind blowing how a lot of people will never know how great he really was SMFH🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

    Relly For LifeRelly For LifeMonth ago
  • He said they couldn’t play together because that backcourt would be too small and ultimately he was right

    Riich TuesdayRiich TuesdayMonth ago
  • L

    1st_gamer1st_gamer4 months ago
  • Averaging 25 while having 40+ mpg that's his limit, put that minutes on stars player and they become an mvp caliber, even harden who got mvp by hogging the ball at least Averaging nearly 40 with lesser mpg than Ellis, of course they gonna trade him lmao, especially when they know they gonna get his replacement in the draft later with a better posture and prospect (klay thompson).

    meiji ikhlasulmeiji ikhlasul4 months ago
  • on NBA 2k13, i never lost a game with monte ellis Milwaukee Bucks. Hundreds of games too.

    CHoPPitUPCHoPPitUP4 months ago
  • Monta Ellis isn't a team player but damn his playstyle is so entertaining to watch

    Edward LamEdward Lam4 months ago
  • Monta used to bust kobe and Westbrook ass when he was on the court. He was definitely an underdog.

    Alexander McDonaldAlexander McDonald4 months ago
  • Definitely my favorite player of all time. He was a true warrior 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Alexander McDonaldAlexander McDonald5 months ago
  • ¿Comeback?

    Patrick RuchPatrick Ruch6 months ago
  • Go Golden State Warriors

    Patrick RuchPatrick Ruch6 months ago
  • Smh he shot himself out of the league.

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  • Him and lou will have a similar voice

    SuperJavi_SVTSuperJavi_SVT7 months ago
  • Kobe's dead guys. Fuck.

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  • La clippers go or come back to the bucks

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    Ray OwensRay OwensYear ago
    • Miair

      Ray OwensRay OwensYear ago
  • Comeback

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  • "Only himself to blame for his career?" Let's see over 10 years in the NBA and over $100 million in salary? No blame or shame in his game.

    Power PlaylistPower PlaylistYear ago
  • Comeback

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  • comeback

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  • Monte said fuck y’all. This is mycareer mode . Lmao

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  • Him curry couldn't play with him they both like to shoot

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  • But he don't have to play no more he rich af

    zayno 1000zayno 1000Year ago
  • Monta from my city he was one the best player the truth

    zayno 1000zayno 1000Year ago
  • I'd love to see him play again. I know his brother's death impacted him mentally. I hope with all the time that has passed we can see a rejuvenated Ellis. He was one of my favorite players and it's sad to see wasted talent. He can easily be the sixth man on any team in the NBA

    jarred marquesjarred marquesYear ago
  • Fast Forward now it is Carmelo

    Justin WilsonJustin WilsonYear ago
  • I think it’d be really smart for the lakers to try him out

    J Quanzy ThaGoatJ Quanzy ThaGoatYear ago
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    Richard ChaseRichard ChaseYear ago
  • I liked him when he played for Dallas, I felt like he shouldn't have left but oh well probably for the best.

    Burning AmbitionBurning AmbitionYear ago
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    Daniel BostonDaniel BostonYear ago
  • Monta Elis is like a Walmart James harden

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  • Ugly ass

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  • this was one if the best calls. steph went crazy after this trade

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  • I forgot about monte lmao

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  • I watched the entire video and have no clue what you said

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  • What do you use to edit your videos?

    Soballer IDFWYSoballer IDFWYYear ago
  • He can still be a poor mans lou williams if he has enough left in the tank.

    TacticalPower88TacticalPower88Year ago
  • comeback

    elijah moseselijah mosesYear ago
  • So Kobe Bryant is a team player? What about a.i.? What about lebron? Think about it? James harden ? Then ask yourself did monta ever have the ball as much as those guys??? He played 40 minutes cause he had the stamina!!! 3 of those guys I named don’t defend!!! Stop it NBA choses their babies ! I’m not saying monta is better or as good as those guys! But even with his bad ft% what if he got those foul calls like those guys named aboved? He averages over 22 pts every year as a starter. Note it is well documented that the officials have cheated or(are cheating) for the players named above and the all have the BALL more in ball handling time than monta

    Jay GorgeousJay GorgeousYear ago
    • Also harden plays like 40 minutes a game so that puts even more pressure on his asthma

    • Jay Gorgeous 3? At most 2. Lebron in his prime was the DPOY and top 10 in defense. Now he’s older so he just defends smartly. He doesn’t go for unnecessary defense plays and only plays the necessary ones. James harden is the same. Many people forget he has asthma and that he has to conserve his energy. So he chooses to focus on offense and only defends when he MUST.

  • That’s not a good analysis of monta Ellis game. Cause what did him and dirk do?

    Jay GorgeousJay GorgeousYear ago
  • Comeback

    Sidney M.Sidney M.Year ago
  • How the hell did nobody want him ?? He was a 25ppg player for fuks sake.

    MeMeYear ago
  • huh -no moped mentioned? -that incident played some role in his relationships with Dubs management

    I KI KYear ago
  • Come back

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  • Steph wasn’t that great of a PG until like age 26 Monta was way better but now everyone’s a Curry fan so you can’t tell them shit

    23 Glo23 GloYear ago

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  • Comeback bc I’m a real one

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  • he turned down money from the bucks he shouldn't have turned down

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  • That 360 layup Monte Ellis did was so crazy.

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  • NBA 2k13 , he was monster.

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  • who is here from an playing an old 2k

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  • This guy doesn't know anything. Those Warriors team were trash (basically a d-league team) and that's why Monta had to play like Iverson. Nobody else could create a shot and Curry was passive injury prone. When they had Baron Davis and a better roster, you can see he was willing to defer and play his role. He has his flaws but he should have been an All-star at least once.

    ballerz411ballerz411Year ago
  • Comeback

    Groovy LouGroovy LouYear ago
  • The OG Harden mentality 🤪

    Jay DiompocJay DiompocYear ago
  • He’d be great coming off any teams bench

    LmenzolLmenzolYear ago
  • I feel bad for monta ellis. We really missed him as a warrior

    Ritchie fabulousRitchie fabulousYear ago
    • He would have been such a nice backup scoring guard if he was just open to it. His stubbornness was sadly his downfall.

      CknSaladCknSalad3 months ago
  • I hope he goes to the 76ers and plays starting 2 guard if he won’t be a ball hog

    Michael HamiltonMichael HamiltonYear ago
  • Frank Vogel: ima put you at the 5 Monta Ellis: I'll do my best

    Ivan PearsonIvan PearsonYear ago
  • Just imagine The Bucks Have Stephen Curry? Steph with Giannis😭😭

    Courdel DaDonCourdel DaDonYear ago
    • Having a player doesn't mean you would know how to develop him properly or give him the confidence to lead and Shoot whenever he wants...

      johnDomainjohnDomainYear ago
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  • kawhi is a asshole

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  • 13:29 ... as a wolves fan, that one hurt me...

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    Mike NachosMike NachosYear ago
  • I always liked his game... reminded me of Ray Williams and Stephon Marbury. Definitely worth a look... but missing two years and playing at this level at his age... maybe, maybe he can still do it for a year or two.

    Ez RyderEz RyderYear ago
  • Comeback what you know about that

    Luxci HFLuxci HFYear ago
  • Lies told about Monta.. 1 Monta had problems with Steph. Monta had problems with him being forced to guard bigger players like KD, Kobe, & Melo on a nightly basis while playing near the most minutes in the NBA. 2. He was a poor passer or didn't pass. Monta did what teams ask him to do.. With the Bucks they wanted him to be more of a passer and takeover in the end, he lead the NBA in 4th quarter scoring and points after contact 4 a good while there.. Was also one of the most clutch players during that time. In Dallas he was having a MVP type of year distributing the ball, winning, and scoring until they traded some key players, and brought Rondo in. 3. His days in Indiana performance was bad because he wasn't healthy the majority of the time. OAN.. Monta Ellis was tearing Kawhi a new asshole when he was with Dallas the whole year. 😂 Put more respect on that man's name. Ask Kobe About Monta

    flyazzplayboyflyazzplayboyYear ago
    • @Kelvin Guerrero I'm pretty sure you could shoot the ball a lot just like everyone else. Why won't people pay you millions of dollars to do so?

      flyazzplayboyflyazzplayboyYear ago
    • I asked Kobe, and Kobe said: Monta is a ball hug just like me.

      Kelvin GuerreroKelvin GuerreroYear ago
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  • Monta loves that hesi cross

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  • LMAO!!! The Bucks rejected a curry trade for bogut? Wow.

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    • The warriors still got Bogut

      Camryn DraperCamryn Draper11 months ago
    • 23 Glo He still was a pretty good point guard before then tho I think he was still avg 15

      Pcallen 313Pcallen 313Year ago
    • @23 Glo And Bogut's body fell on his arm, before that Bogut was pretty good

      Danny ScipioDanny ScipioYear ago
    • Robert Jacobson people fail to realize Curry didn’t develop into superstar until like 25

      23 Glo23 GloYear ago
  • sign his ass asap

  • I think he will make a comeback and he's going to the nets or thunder

    Mario SanguinettiMario SanguinettiYear ago

    Mario SanguinettiMario SanguinettiYear ago
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  • “We are not gonna win that way” Steph joins Golden State:Gives them 4 trophies

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    • steph only has 3 trophies fool

      Y BY BYear ago
  • He couldn’t shoot

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  • I think he would go to the cavs

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  • russell westbrook is like monta ellis on steroids LMAO

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  • 43.7% from 3 rookie? Disgusting. Illegal. No. Unacceptable. Wrong. Did Steph do a deal with the devil? Edit: Steph was not healthy enough to trade for Bogut after being a rookie. Warriors are trash. Warriors old fans are trash too. Damn. Shout out to those bandwagoners. Warriors owe dodgy ankles and the Bucks for their success

    AnimelyticalAnimelyticalYear ago