This NBA Star BROKE Kobe Bryant's Nose And INSTANTLY Regretted It

Sep 6, 2019
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This NBA Star broke Kobe Bryant’s nose and Kobe trash talked and then made him instantly regret it.
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There was a time where Kobe Bryant had to wear a mask. Another NBA star had broken his nose, and Kobe made him regret that.
There have been a lot of players who wore the mask. There’s masked Kyrie, masked LeBron, masked Westbrook. It’s something about that mask that’s special. Kyrie had a career high 41, LeBron dominated in a career high 61 points, Westbrook dropped a 49 point triple double. It’s that tunnel vision that comes from not being able to see in your peripherals, but that sometimes brings the best out of players, it simplifies the game so that you’re not taking in all the information, you just focus on one thing and that’s getting the ball in the basket. Kobe isn’t one of those players that let’s go of anything and Dwyane Wade found out the hard way.
Kobe and Wade have had a competitor relationship. Both respect each other as players and what they’ve done on the court. They got into a few scuffles here and there but neither backed down. Wade came into the league admiring Kobe who had multiple championships when Wade was a rookie, Kobe called Wade for advice on attacking pick and rolls in the playoffs when Wade didn’t make the playoffs. And then in 2009, Kobe hit this game winner on the Heat and Wade, a ridiculous shot that left Wade asking, how did he do that? Kobe answered with a simple, “Mamba Mentality”. And then there was 2012.
On February 26, 2012, the 2012 NBA All-Star Game was happening. Now if you wanna take a trip down memory lane, this is when 38 year old Steve Nash made the All-Star Game, Dwight Howard was talking to trash to Kobe, Deron Williams and Luol Deng were actually relevant. (Wow) It was a different time. As the game is going along, both Wade and Kobe are doing their own things, Wade throwing up countless lobs, Kobe making tough shots. Now this is also a time where there was some defense played in the game and so in the 3rd quarter, Kobe goes around Wade and drives to the hoop and bam, Wade fouls him, but it wasn’t any foul. Wade just hits Kobe in the face. It’s first and only ever flagrant foul in the history of the All-Star Game and that hit broke Kobe’s nose.
I’m not sure what prompted Wade to go that hard or not let Kobe get an easy layup. There wasn’t any animosity between the two, sure there had been countless comparisons, both had won championships with Shaq, but this was out of character. Kobe started bleeding, but looked at it and smiled, like typical Kobe fashion. He’s crazy. He would get treated, go back in the game and the West would win. Kobe had 27 points, Wade had a triple double with 24, 10, and 10. Now the Miami Heat were scheduled to play the Lakers 3 games after the All-Star game. Wade said that he didn’t maliciously hit Kobe and so Wade calls Kobe on the phone after the game. Kobe just said “Bro, I love it.” Wade was shook, here he is, having broken the man’s nose, forcing him to wear a mask, and the guy’s telling him that he loves it? And then Kobe told Wade, “I’ll see you in a couple days.” And Wade was like (show Wade). There was already regret in his face.
This is the time when the Miami Heat had LeBron James, the whole Big Three. But Kobe had declared war, in the nicest way possible. Now Wade and Kobe typically guarded each other in these matchups throughout their whole careers. So the Heat play the Lakers on March 4, 2012. And after the first minute, the masked Kobe Kobe just drives past Wade. And then he does this. He was just destroying Wade. He even got the cameraman. Fadeaways, contested jumpshots, leaners, just shooting over everyone. I don’t even know what to say. Yeah, Kobe had games like this in the past, but there was something more calculated in this game. Every bump, every move was meant to just hurt the opponent. Wade had to be switched off Kobe and Battier came in, and it didn’t matter. Kobe ended the game with 33 points on 61% shooting from the field, and he only had 3 layups and made 14 of 23 from the field. Kobe was on a mission, he wasn’t gonna let anyone stop him. On the other end, Kobe bothered Wade, Wade only finished 16 points, but more importantly, he fouled out. 2 of those 6 fouls were on Kobe and Kobe kept true to his word. The Lakers won by 10 and Wade even said that “he gave it to me”.
I think that moments like these when a player declares that they gonna do something like win the game, or come after you, or make a free throw with closed eyes, and then back that up, those are special moments that just make my fall in love with the game even more. I guess the moral of the story is, don’t break Kobe’s nose cause you’re gonna instantly regret it, but what do you think? Where do Kobe and Wade rank all time?

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