This is Why Carmelo Anthony HELPS The Trail Blazers In The NBA (Ft. Damian Lillard, Midranges)

Nov 19, 2019
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Yes, Carmelo Anthony is back in the NBA. Melo is on the Trail Blazers now with Damian Lillard, but how does Carmelo help them? #NBA #Carmelo
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The Trail Blazers are now 5-9 after making the Western Conference Finals last year and the worst part is that Damian Lillard has played pretty well and CJ McCollum has played at a slightly lower but still a similar level to last year. Dame dropped 60 and the Blazers still lost. (ahhhhh) Dame and CJ have said that “Things can’t go much worse.” So in comes 35 year old Carmelo Anthony who has signed to a non-guaranteed contract. I wanted to see how he fits with the Trail Blazers so let’s break this down.
Let’s take a quick look back at what Carmelo did before he got kicked out of the NBA. Melo has always averaged 20+ points except for his season on the Thunder and in Houston and in the 2013-14 season, he shot 45% from the field and 40% from 3, shooting 21.3 shots a game and 5.4 threes a game, averaging 28.7 points a game. That doesn’t matter as much compared to his most recent performances. Those 10 games on the Rockets in the 2018-19 season were just bad for everyone on the Rockets. Melo averaged 13.4 points on 41% from the field and 33% from 3, but it was inconsistent. Not being great in 10 games isn’t the best way to analyze what Melo was. I’ve said this before, but look at Eric Gordon in his first 10 games last season and he averaged 14.8 points on 32% from the field and 24% from 3. So instead of judging Melo on his scoring stats, let’s look at what he did on the court because he changed himself. Melo decided to take more 3s instead of 2s. Instead he chose to shoot more 3s, he shot a career high 6.4 3s a game despite taking a career low 12.1 shots a game. Also, over 50% of Carmelo’s shots came with 0 dribbles, so yeah Carmelo might have been inefficient, but he was doing all the right things. Even though his stats didn’t look great, there were still those nights where Carmelo had outbursts that led to win like when he scored 28 against the Nets with Harden out. Even with Harden playing, Carmelo was capable of having nights of dropping 22 and 24 points. Now the reason why I mention James Harden specifically is because he is the most iso-heavy player in the league.
The Trail Blazers aren’t looking for a whole lot from Carmelo. Now he might not be amazing immediately, keep in mind the Carmelo is getting added to a team that he has never played with without a training camp 14 games into the season. So to expect Melo to be perfect right out the gate is to expect too much. When they signed Melo, they said that he is being brought in for a very specific role. The Blazers need spacing, but they need that floor spacer to also do one very specific action. The Blazers offense last year was ranked 3rd in the league. This year, the Blazers are ranked 13th. Now they have added Hassan Whiteside who can’t shoot, and at times, play period. All the Rockets defenders can be in the paint and that’s ok because the Blazers don’t have even above average 3 point shooters. Most of these forwards are small forward shooting guard combos like Rodney Hood, Bazemore and Hezonja. Carmelo Anthony would be better than a lot of the shooters they have, even if he shoots 34-36% from 3. Tolliver seems like a solid choice to space the floor as a career 37.4% shooter from 3, but he doesn’t satisfy the second requirement the Blazers need and that is to put the ball on the floor.
A lot of defenses in the NBA will throw their whole defense at those two. A lot of times, the fate of the Trail Blazers relies on whether Dame and CJ can repeatedly make tough shots. This one was a good shot though. In training camp, Hassan Whiteside said he was going to be more of a point-center this season and get a triple double with assists. That’s because when Dame or CJ run a pick and roll, but get trapped, the gameplan is to dump the ball to Hassan Whiteside who is supposed to make a play with a basically 4 on 3 situation. But Whiteside is averaging 0.9 assists a game. The playmaking doesn’t have to be at a high level from the position like Draymond Green, but the threat of all those possibilities does and Whiteside can’t make that midrange or consistently make the right pass. In comes Carmelo Anthony who has operated from that spot from his whole career. A 35 year old Carmelo doesn’t need to carry the offense consistently, he can be a third or 4th option that at times will get his own brand of offense to do.
It’s really been a year since we’ve seen Melo in action, wow I just hope he can perform man. Things can’t get much worse for the Blazers, but what do you think? How will Melo play? Will the Blazers make the playoffs?

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    • Btw you forgot they also got Pau Gasol who is injured

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  • Melo is that one oldhead at la fitness

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  • If Anthony joined miami w james and bosh in 2010 i think he is a better or different player now and i think he had finals mvp also

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  • Bruh how is he gonna lay off Lin because of his ignorance and then beg for the NBA to bring him back 😂😭

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  • I don't know if people actually watch NBA games here, but he looked like the same old Carmelo to me.

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  • Melo being back doesnt mean anything. Unless Melo learns to play soild D line to line. It means nothing in a conference that is stack full of championship mentality talent. At his age I doubt he'll do what he needs to do. You cant teach an old dog new tricks!

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  • Meyers rarely played. I don't understand why so many people keep bringing him up as a reason we don't have spacing.

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  • Man ... melo was always a college alpha caliber not an nba caliber

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  • How will the least hustling player in NBA history help the Blazers. Not much. Wild guess. I thought this video dude knew something about BB. apparently not so much. Suggest watching Melo do something besides shoot. Plays no D, and the "no" is literal. Does not rebound unless ball bounces to him. On O plants himself on the 3 point line--might as well pull up a chair--and waits for a pass. That's all M did for 2 straight years.

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  • What about -20 box plus minus tells you helps

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  • In one month you will make a video, Why Carmelo ruined the Blazers.

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  • Bruhhh....just left every team. A player like you who wants to ruin teammates career instead of helping them you jealous of them, don't need you rather you will be always a looser every where you go cause you got a bad mind. Pathetic

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  • Give Melo 10 games & watch him Dame & CJ form a new big 3 then make the playoffs

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  • do a why lebron is still the best or why he’s not he best in the league anymore

    Nathan TadrosNathan Tadros11 months ago
  • Carmelo Anthony will be cut or released soon, because he is a defensive liability when he is on the floor. The worst +/- on the team , in the league.

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  • Carmelo lived like a celebrity too soon that's why he had to have everyone helping him get a contract. longevity is not at the strip clubs or Hollywood parties. If you show up to work after nights of drinking , thot chasing and getting high it will show in your lack of endurance. I hope Giannis doesn't get Melo's big head or start dating white women atleast till he has accomplished everything he wanted.

    Grammar Police -Grammar Police -11 months ago
  • 1 reason he helps...but 10 reasons why they still lose. sorry.🤣🤣🤣

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  • Carmelo is ass. -20 +/- last night...worst on his team by a long shot. Should have never been resigned

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  • Shitty ass clickbait video.

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  • We traded Leonard you meant Nurk

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  • They traded Myers Leonard for Hassan Whiteside

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  • They have to let him be who he is. Why is it ok for Kwahi to shoot midrange but not Melo. He can be very efficient if you know how to keep him involved.

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  • He does help Portland..He helps shoot them out like he did all the other teams..

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  • This man got Jeremy Lin out the NBA and now he comes back to piss on his fame

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  • you failed to address a major issue....his defense...

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  • Carmelo - team worst -20 +/- just getting abused on defense...

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  • I think melo can come off the bench and score a little when dame and cj need some rest

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  • meyers leonard is on the miami heat , jusuf nurkic is the trail blazers injured center

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  • "Back" I'm Happy Melo Is Back In The NBA

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  • Nobody: Me: "Carmelo Anthony Towns"

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  • The Blazers lost Jusuf Nurkić to injury, not Meyers Leonard. Leonard was traded to the Heat on July 6, 2019.

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  • dwight is back melo is back is it a dream

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  • Melo need to be on the Lakers

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  • Melo is a bucket. He just hasn’t found the right system tailored for his game.

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  • yet he ended J Lin's career in NY.

    D YD Y11 months ago
    • So?

      Vonte SwaggVonte Swagg11 months ago
  • Wait, why did he get kicked out of NBA in the first place??

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  • Carmelo has never helped anybody but himself, and he's not even good enough to help himself anymore. The love for this selfish, entitled, one-dimensional player has always baffled me.

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  • Hell yeah Melo is a beast

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  • Hope he does good cuz I’m a blazer fan

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  • 5:18 Meyers Leonard was in the Hassan Whiteside trade I think

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  • Risky moves... But if melo returns ..they might won a title nxt season... Not saying 100% ...but they will be a gsw type... Lillard .macullum.antony all shooters .

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