This is Why Carmelo Anthony HELPS Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving On The Nets (Ft. NBA Versatility)

Sep 3, 2019
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Carmelo Anthony might come back to the NBA after Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant pushed the Nets to sign Carmelo, but how does he help the Nets? #NBA #Carmelo
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Carmelo Anthony is still out of the NBA and now Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are pushing the Nets to sign Melo. The question is, how does Melo help Kyrie and KD?
Carmelo is a Brooklyn Native. To see why Carmelo is a fit for the Nets, we have to first look at what the Nets need. The Nets are a team that lack depth at the power forward spot. The Nets don’t have a true power forward, the closest player to it is Rodion Kurucs who was a promising rookie, playing a combo forward, but is skinny. He averaged 8.5 points on 45% shooting from the field and 31.5% from 3, but the Nets obviously realized their depth problem at the 4 spot. This leaves the Nets with a hole and here comes Carmelo who has been playing power forward for the last few years. Now I’m going to talk about Melo specifically as a fit with Kyrie and Durant along with what he can do in this year without Durant.
I’m tired of all the Carmelo slander, Melo has always averaged 20+ points except for his season on the Thunder and in Houston and in the 2013-14 season, he shot 45% from the field and 40% from 3, shooting 21.3 shots a game and 5.4 threes a game, averaging 28.7 points a game. These 10 games on the Rockets were just bad for everyone on the Rockets. Melo was on a new team with the Rockets with teammates that he had never been with in a system that is radical and completely new. Yeah he averaged 13.4 points on 41% from the field and 33% from 3. Not being great in 10 games isn’t the best way to analyze what Melo was. I’ve said this before, but look at Eric Gordon in his first 10 games last season and he averaged 14.8 points on 32% from the field and 24% from 3. So instead of judging Melo on pure stats, let’s see what he did on the court. Instead he chose to shoot more 3s, he shot a career high 6.4 3s a game despite taking a career low 12.1 shots a game. And then there were games where he was capable of carrying a team, like when he scored 28 against the Nets with Harden out. Even with Harden playing, Carmelo was capable of having nights of dropping 22 and 24 points. Now the reason why I mention James Harden specifically is because he is the most iso-heavy player in the league. Kyrie and Durant have also been iso-heavy. While Harden had 16.4 iso possessions per game, Durant was 9th in the league at 3.7 on a ball moving Warriors and Kyrie was 16th in the league at 3. Spencer Dinwiddie was also 10th in iso possessions at 3.7.
Kyrie Irving has had big men that could stay back on the 3 point line and shoot 3s. On the Cavs he had Kevin Love, and more recently with the Celtics he had Al Horford and even Marcus Morris who played the power forward. Kyrie would be the ball handler, and the big man would be the pick setter bringing the power forward or center defender up. Kyrie would use that pick, Al Horford would flair out to the 3 point line creating a mismatch with Kyrie and the big man, or the big man defender stepping all the way out to Al Horford leaving an open paint for Kyrie to finish, or an open Al Horford for 3 once Kyrie took a step towards the paint. The Nets don’t have big men shooters besides Kevin Durant. Both Deandre Jordan and Jarrett Allen can’t space the floor which eliminates that center spot from being a threat outside the paint. Carmelo has the heft at 240 pounds to set solid screens and the shooting stroke to make some of those threes and have some pull to have Kyrie open. That pick and roll offense is a large part of Kyrie’s 4th quarter offense when the game slows down.
There was an instance on which Kyrie, Durant, Deandre, and Melo were all on the same team, and that was the 2016 USA Olympic Team. While I can’t show all the clips, Melo brings a certain value that most power forwards can’t bring and that’s being a ball handler in the pick and roll. This leads to some interesting Melo and Durant pick and rolls or some reverse Melo and Kyrie pick and pops with Kyrie popping out to the 3 point line. This also can lead to a lot of mismatches. Durant especially can take advantage of this to get the worse forward defending him in the low block to iso. The Warriors did this a lot with Green or Iguodala setting a screen just for the purpose of getting a switch.
What we can’t put a price on is the brotherhood of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Deandre Jordan, and Carmelo Anthony. Chemistry is an intangible that doesn’t show up on the stats, but something you can feel. Pair that with Carmelo actually being from Brooklyn and maybe this is the perfect place for an aged star, his home playing with players who he has a bond with, but what do you think? Is Carmelo the right fit with the Nets? Will the Nets actually pick him up?

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    • Casey Taylor well then what are some of the recent decisions the Knicks have made that you like? That’s just the most recent thing I can remember them doing

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    • Casey Taylor which part of the four starting caliber power forwards that the Knicks signed makes you say their management is better than Brooklyn’s?

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  • THIS IS A BIG WAKE UP CALL TO MELO! when he gets on the nets hes going to go off with that team bro watch. he might even play more Defense

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  • Melo’s from West Baltimore

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  • Melo we know you about the $$$ not winning just stay home and watch your get poked on Power

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  • As a Houston fan, I miss Melo

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  • Melo is also incredibly ass on defense though

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  • Sign him to 10 day contracts and if he proves his worth in the first 30 days give him the 1+1 with a team option. He can earn that spot and he will be a good pick up and also could be more valuable this year with no KD and can maybe get that team into the playoffs with Kyrie

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  • Sign the guy NBA not because we feel sorry for him. It's because he still can play and score like 15points per game

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  • Bring melo back, he's learned his lesson

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  • Yeshhhh please come to brooklyn

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  • Bitch Carmelo ain’t helping shit he’s ass now

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  • I like melo will be in nets jersey

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  • All jokes aside Pop is the coach for him if he truly wants to play ball and be a team player...the only other coach than can have him in the roster and not risk being ona hot seat is Steve Kerr because of SK&D

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    • He wouldn’t get as much time with the Warriors, so I think the Spurs would probably be a better fit if they played DeJounte Murray at PG and Melo at SG or as a 6th or 7th man.

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  • Yes and I hope so they I miss melo playing in the nba

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  • He be ok in the nets

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  • if melo improved his spot up 3s then for sure he is a fit, both KD and melo plays the same role as the main scorer who relied in isolations, the main difference is that KD can be a shooter and a scorer at the same time compared to melo who just shoots 3s base on what the defense gives him and if its buzzer beater time. melo will still be a threat bcoz he is known as a score first guy when KD is not playing, as kyrie can work with melo with there pick and pop. the big IF is if melo is willing to step down for the better of the team,he can still have his moments if he can manage to embrace a new role.

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  • So let's go nets sign melo already

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  • Does he really help them tho? 3 isolation ball dominant players doesn't sound like a good idea

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  • You started by talking about the game Melo used to have, but doesn't have any more like that's an argument for him to play now--it's not. On top of that, yeah, he tried to adapt his Houston, but he is not nearly as good as you and a lot of other people are saying. I respect your opinion, and I listened all the way through, but refute this--everywhere Melo has gone has been the same story--getting worse each time. Why is this time going to be different? Why after fucking things up for everybody but himself his whole career is he going to change this time. Maybe he's a nice guy, maybe he's a great team mate--as long as you're not the coach or Jeremy Lin--but he isn't nearly as good as you are saying he is, and his record--which no one addresses, speaks for itself.

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  • I think you made melo look like a good pick up while hating on him at the same time

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  • I don't see what is the harm in adding him. Just give him a Non-Guaranteed contract like D. Howard.

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  • no defense? no team!

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  • Nets would have the big 4 Kyrie Durant Mello Jordan

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  • They should sign, plus Melo is a great player. He should be on somebody's team.

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  • And ppl were saying Brooklyn needed a small ball PF ( Tobias Harris) when they still had dlo and they’d be legit contenders imagine that playstyle at PF (melo) w KD and Dlo 2.0 👀👀👀

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  • That power forward is going jail

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    • Hopefully. NFL still lets their abusers okay so we’ll see about the NBA

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  • Not a single word in the video about Carmelo rebounding, making assists and admitted that he can't playing defense. How does that make him versatile?

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  • why the hell are we still talking about carmelo? he is wash up. imma say right now. if nets pick up melo they will never win a nba championship. defense win championships not iso plays.

    tengtxtengtxYear ago
    • The nets aren’t winning a championship this year regardless so what does signing Melo matter? lol he’d probably be off the roster by the time KD comes back and the Nets actually have a chance to go to the finals so I could see it being very possible they sign Melo this year and still win the championship in 2021 or 2022

      Simon SezSimon SezYear ago
  • If Carmelo is picked up by the Nets, I’m becoming a Nets fan for next season!

    Drawnby1Drawnby1Year ago
    • @Hieremias D nope, he's my favorite player, Knicks had a chance

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    • Drawnby1 thats just wrong

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  • Humpty dumpty had a better chance than Durant

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  • Hes never gonna be the same, People forget his broken ankle.. Hes a race horse with skinny ankles....hes DONE, sorry

    mike ryanmike ryanYear ago
  • I'd love for the Nets to sign him as they would never make the playoffs with him. Their D would be horrible with sub-par defenders everywhere. Kylie, Harris, Melo and DJ are all bad defenders.

    gullintannigullintanniYear ago
    • gullintanni yeah that’s fair on DJ and I honestly forgot about Jarrett Allen lol it’s been tooo long since the season ended

      Simon SezSimon SezYear ago
    • @Simon Sez Yes. DJ has really stagnated as a defender and he can't guard stretch 5's like Brook Lopez. He is just a really good rebounder now. Allen has much better feet on D, but I bet DJ's connection to KD and Kyrie will put him on the bench. Even KD will struggle on D if for not some miracle healing after surgery, but he won't play NeXT season I presume.

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    • DeAndre Jordan?

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  • but durant won't play the whole season

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  • If they really wanted to sign him then they would of already.My bet is that he's done or should I say the league is done with him.Fuck all of those Analytics n numbers

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  • Melo is not a Brooklyn native. He's from Baltimore.

    G. South The ProducerG. South The ProducerYear ago
    • Born in Brooklyn bud.. maybe lived in Baltimore for longer and played more ball there but dude still lived his first 8 years in Brooklyn lol I think that makes you a Native

      Simon SezSimon SezYear ago
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  • In my opinion Carrillo Anthony should come back to the NBA especially on Brooklyn Nets it's his hometown and he could probably make a difference this time

    janett Moorejanett MooreYear ago
  • If he goes to the Nets ima have to wear my Knicks MELO jersey to a Nets game because I never got to see him play in person while on the Knicks 🤦🏽‍♂️

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