The TRUTH About Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, & The Warriors (Ft. NBA Rumors, Fools, & Lies)

Jan 8, 2020
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Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are injured, but NBA rumors say the Warriors are holding them back, that Karl Anthony Towns is going to the Warriors. What’s the truth? #NBA #Curry #Warriors
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The Warriors are trash. With a record of 9-29, that much is obvious. I’ve been seeing so many different stories about the Warriors and it’s been propagated by the media to where people are starting to believe these rumors as facts. Daaaaanngg itttt. There’s two main points of discussion, the health of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, and then all the trade rumors with KAT and other players. I didn’t make a video on the Warriors because there was nothing concrete to really address, but now I feel obligated to talk about the injuries and potential trades because some people already believe that Karl Anthony Towns in on the Warriors.
Let’s start with Curry and Klay. Apparently the theory is that Curry and Klay are both healthy enough to return to games, but the Warriors are having them sit out so that the Warriors can tank and have them rest. That’s certainly a theory, but let’s look deeper into it, shall we? Just because Curry’s hand might look ok in normal activities does NOT mean that he’s cleared to play. For example, Durant ruptured his Achilles and he’s out for months, but just because he’s walking now and dancing when he was on the Warriors, doesn’t mean he was really ready to come back.
Stephen Curry broke his hand on October 30, 2019 on a nasty fall. (oh god no) He had surgery two days later and it was reported that it would take about 3 months to heal. He would be reevaluated in February to see if he could return back to the team. This is normal for the severity of Curry’s broken hand. Just recently he was cleared to travel.
Klay Thompson tore his ACL on June 13, 2019. The safest timeline for this type of injury is 9-12 months hence why the Warriors won’t give a definitive answer on whether Klay will return. They initially targeted February or March. He had surgery on July 2nd. ACL tears are one of the worst injuries in sports and has derailed many players’ careers. 20 years ago and it was considered mostly a career ending injury. I wanted to compare this to other athletes who’ve had ACL tears. And so I did. The average between these 11 players was 11.91 months so basically a year.
After players have surgery and go through rehab, they eventually get approved for shooting around. These aren’t hard cuts or game moves. It’s just shooting around. Then shooting practice, then some game moves, but all of this is no contact against no defenders. That’s exactly what Klay is doing, he’s doing individual shooting and dribbling drills. These are so that the players can reestablish their movements and game actions before even trying to have defenders and introducing contact. Stephen Curry just recently reintroduced his left hand to the feel of the ball. He just started to use his left hand in drills, just a week ago when he was “apparently” healthy. They haven’t progressed as far as others make it seem to be and they haven’t gotten the stage of full practice. For instance, Klay’s shooting here might appear to be normal, but these are hardly at full speed.
Will the Warriors be extra cautious with these two? Yes, the Warriors know that they won’t make the playoffs and especially after seeing the whole incident with rushing Kevin Durant, there is no need to push Curry and Klay back on the court. But to say that the Warriors are purposefully holding Curry and Klay back is just false.
Now onto this whole Karl Anthony Towns trade talk. There are reports that Towns is unhappy with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Let’s get this straight, KAT has not requested to go to the Warriors and the Timberwolves don’t need to trade KAT to the Warriors or Suns. There haven’t been any trade offers and nothing reported by Woj. This is all speculation.
So the Warriors are supposed to have this grand master plan, to tank, to get a high draft pick to use as either a trade asset or to get talent for the future, to trade for Karl Anthony Towns. While the Warriors management would probably like a high draft pick and like many other teams, are monitoring the whole Karl Anthony Towns situation, that doesn’t mean that they are purposefully doing everything to lose.They aren’t holding Curry or Klay back. So let’s not just fall for all this fake news and rumors. Treat them as possibilities, treat them as speculation, but not the truth. But what do you think? Will the Warriors unite Russell and Towns? Will Curry come back and play like MVP?
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