The TRUTH About Lonzo Ball & His NBA Potential (Ft. Pelicans, A New Shot, NBA Busts, & Injuries)

Jan 10, 2020
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Lonzo Ball and his NBA potential has been confusing since his Lakers days. Now Lonzo is helping the Pelicans and playing better so what’s going on? #NBA #Lonzo #Pelicans
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Yes, Lonzo Ball has been playing better recently. In his last 5 games, he’s averaging 19.8 points, 7.8 assists, and 6.2 rebounds on 51% from the field and 40.5% from 3. And since Lonzo has returned to the starting lineup, the Pelicans are 7-2. But this is more than just Lonzo playing better. It’s as if he’s fighting the title of an NBA bust. Lonzo has been a polarizing subject since he came into the league. It’s been an unusual path to say the least.
After the Lakers game, Lonzo said this. “My body feels good, and my confidence is where it’s supposed to be,” Lonzo has never particularly been healthy in his first two seasons. He’s only played in 99 games in his first two seasons out of a possible 164 games. He was injured in his first real NBA offseason. He was even injured in 8 games this season out of a possible 36. Lonzo has missed stretches of games. He’s missed 73 games in 2 and a half seasons. In fact, here’s a list of all of his injuries. And this doesn’t include offseason knee problems. Rookies and sophomores in general are suffering more injuries so this is not surprising, but it still should be considered.
Before we begin to label Lonzo a bust aka Kendrick Perkins , it’s important to realize that this is his third year and he’s only 22. But the first two years of a player’s career doesn’t necessarily define who they are. An example of that is Pascal Siakam who won most improved in his third year or C.J McCollum who went from averaging 6.3 points in 14.5 minutes to 20.8 points in 34.8 minutes in his third season. Offensive progression is more noticeable, but Lonzo did make one huge improvement from 1st to second year, and that was his defense. When Lonzo came into the league, he was thought to be more of a defensive liability. But in the NBA, he was able to get better defensively as he played more.
In terms of opportunities, it looks like Lonzo got a lot of minutes in his first two seasons averaging 32.9 minutes per game, but the key word there is per game. We already talked about Lonzo’s injuries and because of that, there weren’t that many games he played. Although Lonzo was the number 2 pick, he was still looked at as a player that was quirky and had to be utilized in a certain way. Luke Walton never gave Lonzo that chance, and Lonzo didn’t get as much playing time or health to improve on his game to be more well-rounded. He lost out on experience. I think it’d be a good comparison to see the amount of minutes played by all other players in the first two seasons and see how that compares with Lonzo. Here’s the chart. LeBron led the top of the list, Giannis was 42nd, heck Bismack Biyombo is 239 with over 4700 minutes played. And here’s Lonzo, 321st. With 4080 minutes played.
So now with that understanding, let’s talk about Lonzo’s recent play.
Remember how we talked about minutes per game, in the last 5 game stretch, he’s averaging 36 minutes a game, many of which were spent on a consistent lineup.
Ingram is now 10th in the league in isos, his recent games being an indication that he isn’t just holding on to the ball as much. Jrue Holiday has dropped his touches from 86 to 75.3 in the last 5 games while Lonzo finally has the most touches on the team now at 92.6 in the last 5 games.
Lonzo has increased his drives from 6 a game to 7.6, but more importantly than just the increase of drives is the aggression and intent to score. Where as before, only 30% of his drives led to points, now it’s 47.6%. This is because Lonzo is simply exploding to the paint, taking layups with confidence, and going into defenders. Yes, Ingram and Jrue seem to be trusting Lonzo a lot more, but if Lonzo is truly healthy, that just fits into why he’s more aggressive.
Lonzo is also just making more threes right now. He’s had stretches of solid 3 point shooting before and that has come when Lonzo is given more minutes. On the Lakers last season, when Lonzo played 30-39 minutes which was over 20 games, he shoots 46% from the field and 42.9% from 3 with a net rating of 5.9. So with Lonzo playing 36 minutes a game, he’s once again a good shooter. He’s taking 8.4 threes a game in the last 5 games and he’s hitting them from all over.
But Lonzo Ball is not a simple open and shut case, there’s a lot more to him than just bust or star potential. And we’ll see more of it as he gets more opportunities on the Pelicans. But what do you think? Is Lonzo Ball a future all-star or bust? Can Lonzo keep this up?

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    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY9 months ago
    • Lonzo AIR Ball is trash

      Big DeeBig DeeMonth ago
    • Future all star

      SK - 08DD 762349 Roberta Bondar PSSK - 08DD 762349 Roberta Bondar PS6 months ago
    • MJ2KALLDAY star

      Hp FlixsHp Flixs6 months ago
    • Future star

      10kroadup Up10kroadup Up8 months ago
    • MJ2KALLDAY future star cmon his foundation was playmaking and defense now his stroke is coming back around

      1lovemarii1lovemarii8 months ago
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  • Lonzo missed may the shoots too

    Big DeeBig DeeMonth ago
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  • I see a covid carrier 7:25

    Kama SutraKama Sutra3 months ago
  • As long as people realize datt he will be a passer not a scorer he gon thrive

    Mo SaineMo Saine3 months ago
  • The man has skills, we also forget the massive amount of off the court distractions, hs girlfriend trying to milk him for every dime of child support, his father taking his money, brother legal issues, a sick mother, playing on a Lakers lime light, etc... Going to the Pelicans is probably a blessing in disguise,, no real media attention there

    William HandyWilliam Handy4 months ago
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    Aaron VandergaagAaron Vandergaag4 months ago
  • Lonzo Ball needed to get away from the BALL-DOMINANT Lebron James, I know Laker fans mad because Lonzo Ball fans (Brandon Ingram fans too) BUTT-HURT because Lonzo can't enjoy the success of the Lakers being the #1 Seed Western Conference Team. They both needed the freedom of a Small market NBA team. If Lebron James wants you to remain a Laker, you will remain with the Lakers.

    DeAndre PageDeAndre Page5 months ago
  • All i know that kendrick perkins is the worst nba player ive seen in my life.

    Anderson ChuaAnderson Chua5 months ago
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    khalil Gamingkhalil Gaming6 months ago
  • Lonzo Ball isn’t a bust.He is actually a great player but he’s inconsistent and everyone is a fan of him.So people think he’s just a player and isn’t that great.Like Alex Caruso,he’s actually a good player.But everyone love him soooo they don’t see how good he is

    yaboy dannyyaboy danny6 months ago
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    sangesange7 months ago
  • Im shocked that when you were mentioning the most improved players you didn't bring up Giannis

    Justin ThompsonJustin Thompson7 months ago
  • Just don't use the same sound effects.

    Ali YiğitAli Yiğit7 months ago
  • One reason why he maybe playing better an more mins is that his dad isn't ruining every second minute of the day

    Bobby DeanBobby Dean7 months ago
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    Elijah_Long08 LongElijah_Long08 Long7 months ago
  • I think he’s an overall decent player that could become great without injury and a lot of practice

    dy507dy5077 months ago
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    maeganblissmaeganbliss8 months ago
  • Man, you guys sure do love to kick a man when he’s down. I will remind you that before KD, Kobe, curry, etc all averaged under 19 points their first 3 season. Why? Cause you gotta give kids time to grow. The potential is there, the skill is there, just give him time to polish his craft. Lonzo has something that you can’t teach and that is the way he sees plays before they’re even made, he knows how to read the defense and offense and there are very few point guards that can do that now a days

    Kevin RodriguezKevin Rodriguez8 months ago
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    Jake KrileyJake Kriley8 months ago
  • has no potential, 3 years in the league and has not shown anything hopefully melo meets expectations

    Daniel TrifonovDaniel Trifonov8 months ago
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    Jose SedanoJose Sedano8 months ago
  • What people ignore is the pelicans have three promising rookies and these guys have a real future ahead. The pelicans will be a legit championship contener in a few seasons given ingram, zion and lonzo play together for long enough and learn to coordinate and hit their primes together.

    Aditya PrajapatiAditya Prajapati8 months ago
  • Lonzo a future all star

    JPlaysJPlays8 months ago
  • He is an all star man

    Vibha AryaVibha Arya8 months ago
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    Gustav HipiloGustav Hipilo8 months ago
  • Looking even better with Zion on the floor.

    John MiningerJohn Mininger8 months ago
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    Liam SagivLiam Sagiv8 months ago
  • Lonzo even more improving after Zion came back.

    ABCABC8 months ago
  • Lonzo was never going to be a bust hes always been a triple double threat he has fantastic length and passing ability the only he just needed to develop... his father's antics put a spotlight on him and it made people want him to fail

    Melvin SmithMelvin Smith8 months ago
  • He is a average nba player. Not a bust. Certainly overhype by nba community.

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    Saffron BullSaffron Bull8 months ago
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  • futlz issa busy not so

    Stephen StephenStephen Stephen9 months ago
  • Lonzo is a future all star for sure

    Luv10kLuv10k9 months ago
  • They say Lonzo’s net worth is 10 million but I say people are priceless.

    Ninja_MemoryNinja_Memory9 months ago
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    Daniel FloresDaniel Flores9 months ago
  • All my friends say Lonzo a bust but he’s my favorite player since he entered the league and sooner or later he gonna become the player we all hyped him up to be

    King DouglasKing Douglas9 months ago
  • I say Jason Kidd

    TwelveTwelve9 months ago
  • Why the fuck does Christian Blake get it all the time

    yisikad dubzyisikad dubz9 months ago
  • Hes a future all star

    Pocafootball24Pocafootball249 months ago
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    AndresAndres9 months ago
  • Man U talk too much like get to the fucking topic

    On Ma bagOn Ma bag9 months ago
  • for me. .he will be a future all star, a good defender and a good passer. .if his given more minutes then he will be an all star for sure. .

    philip rovan nakilaphilip rovan nakila9 months ago
  • I still got my hopes on Zo

    Cristian CisnerosCristian Cisneros9 months ago
  • It's like watching drake tryna play ball

    Reeperctv SneezyReeperctv Sneezy9 months ago
  • Like this if Lonzo going to be The Most Improve Player this year

    Chino MartinChino Martin9 months ago
  • Future all star baby!!!

    Bryan MathewBryan Mathew9 months ago
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    MrJTJALENMrJTJALEN9 months ago
  • Lonzo got buff and stronger, and also injured. That affected his shot which was based timing and feel because it was so weird.

    cncaliguy09cncaliguy099 months ago
  • Is it counted as a drive if they run towards the hoop and pass the ball?

    B Kress_03B Kress_039 months ago
  • plus lonzo is a TRUE point guard and understands how to move the ball around as opposed to the "assists are only good if they come from me" point guards

    Verce 919Verce 9199 months ago
  • All the Balls are scrubs

    Boogity BooBoogity Boo9 months ago
  • in recent games, he's been playing better. But if you look at his season as a whole, the guy has been below average. He actually regressed from his time in LA

    PhonZyPhonZy9 months ago
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    Bonsu The TigerBonsu The Tiger9 months ago
  • cant ait till zo haters finna say theyre og lonzo fans

    J.J ProductionsJ.J Productions9 months ago
  • I think he’s a bust I just don’t like lonzo

    ostt3ostt39 months ago
  • I like Lonzo's game he can ball he just needs someone to believe in his skillset

    MrTeeReddMrTeeRedd9 months ago
  • He is only 19 or 20. Ball is amazing.

    David SolisDavid Solis9 months ago
    • Dude he's 22...he says it during this video are you serious

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    Jason MusicJason Music9 months ago
  • Lonzo is a great player, but there's just one more step he needs to overcome. He needs trust from his teammates. Look, his father and Luke Walton are why the Lakers failed him. But now in this pelicans team, he goes along nicely with Hayes, Ingram, and Holiday. Hayes with the paint coverage, Ingram with the consistent shooting and the trust is always there with him, and Holiday with the three-point shot and driving ability, also with some nice defense. Lonzo fits perfectly with the pelicans team, sometimes as a complementary role to Jrue or Brandon, or sometimes the leader of the offense. But in order to lead the team and guide it, he needs trust. He needs the last shot. And that's how he will truly blossom into an all-star.

    EvanEvan9 months ago
  • Wtf future Hall of Famer no doubt.

    AAron GuzmanAAron Guzman9 months ago
  • Just watch ball in the family. Lonzo has been through so so much personal stiff on the side that BOUND to have negatively affected his game. The fact that he's still playing this good really is extremely impressive. Since he got to the NBA he hasn't really had a break from family and personal drama and pain

    Gedeon GatchessiGedeon Gatchessi9 months ago
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  • Allstar

    uhu yuhuhu yuh9 months ago
  • More I think that Lonzo can be on a good lvl but it's hard to tell if he become an all star. For now it doesn't look like it but maybe it doesn't look like it yet.

    FurashuFurashu9 months ago
  • Ingram is a certified ball hog

    Szn IncSzn Inc9 months ago
    • He's raised his assists up this season

  • The lights were just too bright for Lonzo when he was a laker and I don't really see his game going beyond that purgatory level.

    SDAWGSDAWG9 months ago
  • I always thoguht it was so harsh on Lonzo. He was injured a lot had to start in Leberons shadow which isnt always easy with all the addidtional attention and even at his worst brickign every shot he took he still looked likea god tier passer and elite perimeter defender

    MaximeMaxime9 months ago
  • To simplify it. He's not a laker

    M.A.C. kid eARTh818M.A.C. kid eARTh8189 months ago
  • if pelicans beat the lakers in the playoffs i’ll become a pelicans fan

    Ezequiel RiesgoEzequiel Riesgo9 months ago
  • Steph curry with a 40 inch vert 😂

    Young SkillaYoung Skilla9 months ago
  • i literally watched a vid where lavar said “if u give lonzo consistent minutes and start him he’s gon start winning you games”😳

    EvalationUncutEvalationUncut9 months ago
  • I’m unsubscribing for all the subscribe requests ;)

    Andrew DavisAndrew Davis9 months ago
  • All-star 💕💕💕

  • Glad we got rid of Ingram but sad to let go of Zo 😭

    SC_KemzSC_Kemz9 months ago
  • Lonzo is pretty mush Ben Simmons but Simmons would be a playmaking slasher SF and lonzo would be a slashing playmaker pg

    A LITTLE FinesseA LITTLE Finesse9 months ago
  • This guy is annoying defs not subscribing

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  • Man I luv me some T-TIme girl is about her bizness

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  • Lonzo Sucks Ball’s

    Mike BMike B9 months ago
  • Lonzo should be a 3rd string bench player to fulfill his role.

    03evo8 4g6303evo8 4g639 months ago
    • You clearly don’t know ball

      Kobe BraithewaiteKobe Braithewaite9 months ago
  • Lonzo is a HOFer trapped in the body of a bust lol

    Christian SoldierChristian Soldier9 months ago
  • Y’all so funny😂Swithching up like a b****

    Omar ZOmar Z9 months ago
  • I like your content, but holy crap do you shout yourself out A TON. No shade or anything bu like zamn

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  • People are milking this guy for views. The man was hurt for 2 seasons and is just on his 3rd. How good do people expect him to be?

    Killer KazuriKiller Kazuri9 months ago