The TRUTH About LeBron James At Point Guard For The Lakers (Ft. NBA Height)

Oct 4, 2019
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LeBron James is going to play point guard for the Lakers in the NBA. With Anthony Davis, everyone thinks this is OP, but is it? #NBA #Lakers #LeBron
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It feels weird to call LeBron James a point guard, but at the same time, it feels right. LeBron’s been the guy running offenses for years. It almost seems unfair to run him as the official point guard. But there’s also some major flaws that are just glossed over so I wanted to get to the bottom of all these expectations of LeBron as a point guard.
Now LeBron will most likely play a combination of positions with multiple lineups, but at the start of games and most likely in their crunch time lineup, LeBron will be the point guard. I think the thing people focus on the most about LeBron at point guard is his size. And that’s for good reason. LeBron’s 6’ 8 which makes him the 3rd tallest point guard in the NBA right behind Ben Simmons and Isaac Bonga, the Laker legend. But he’s the only one out of the 3 that can shoot. Last year, he only shot 34% from 3. It’s not elite, but last season was also a wreck. LeBron shot 33% on off dribble threes which is important for all ball handlers. For comparison, Curry shot 41.5% and Durant shot 31%. We think of both of them as pretty could off dribble 3 point shooters, but there’s a wide spectrum of efficiency. The main thing is that LeBron can make them and put enough pressure on the defense. There’s also this idea that LeBron at point guard means that there’s going to be some point guard guarding him, like Stephen Curry, but I don’t think any NBA defense would do that. LeBron’s combination of speed and size is what has made him a freak of nature. He’s as fast as a guard, but with a weight of 250, no one could stay in front of him if he just pushed through.
But who do you put on LeBron? In fact, what even is the right size to bother LeBron? To answer that, I looked up all the defenders who had the most success against LeBron. And the answers weren’t all that shocking except for one factor. Most of LeBron’s defenders throughout the years have been small forwards and power forwards. One of the obvious answers was Kawhi Leonard. Just look at LeBron when he sees Kawhi. There had to be players that weren’t the best defenders on everyone, but could bother LeBron, and surprisingly, it was Kevin Durant. While Kevin Durant didn’t have the size or weight to stop LeBron from getting to where he wanted on the court, he had the quickness and length to bother LeBron. LeBron’s even said Kevin Durant’s probably played the best defense on him other than Kawhi.
So defenses will most likely match up a faster forward onto LeBron. There’s no way to stop LeBron, but you gotta put someone on him so he doesn’t do whatever he wants.And that’s the beauty of running LeBron at point guard. He’ll make everyone else’s life easier.
The rest of what LeBron brings will be the same old LeBron, but what people aren’t focusing on is that with all that size comes certain downfalls. Just like LeBron is an offensive mismatch, he also becomes an odd man out when it comes to defense. What position does LeBron guard and do all the shifts in defensive assignments actually work for the Lakers? For instance, you don’t want to end up in a situation where Kyle Kuzma somehow ends up guarding the point guard because that would be uhhh... At the same time, you don’t want LeBron guarding a point guard or shooting guard. Let’s just say last season wasn’t the best defensive effort. Alright, I do think that if LeBron puts his mind to it, he can still be a great defender. LeBron’s been an ALL-NBA 1st team defender, but with his offensive load, LeBron needed to take a breather defensively. Even with a guy like Anthony Davis, LeBron will still have a sizeable offensive load, and so running after quick guards hardly counts as a breather. He’s in his 17th season and with all this mileage on his body, it doesn’t make sense to have LeBron guard anyone but forwards or big, slower shooting guards. But with that being said, I’m not sure how you can have a lineup with LeBron, Kuzma, and Davis on the floor together if AD wants to play power forward. If Anthony Davis plays center, Kuzma can guard the 4, and LeBron guards the 3, but then there would be 2 Lakers guards with those 3 and it becomes a more normal lineup without LeBron playing point guard. That just defeats the whole purpose because then there are no offensive benefits because LeBron is no longer playing point guard.
So LeBron at point guard might seem like hacks and it could be on some rosters, but it’s not as simple as it seems with the Lakers current roster. But what do you think? How will LeBron play this season? Will the Lakers win the championship?

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  • Greatest SF of all time "I'm not a PG SG SF PF or center I'm a ball player" lolz

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  • Its weird to you guys but I made him a point guard in 2k games long time ago :)

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  • Lebron can run point gaurd then . Go back to gaurd the 3 4 or 5

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  • He could honestly defend a PG. He's quicker than most point guards anyway

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  • LeBron is not even a real point gaurd..never was. He tries too hard to a position he wasn't breaded to play.

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  • 2 guard systems are everywhere look at the warriors I mean they can shoot but LeBron can too so I think that system isn't to bad

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  • LeBron at point guard, the ball stays at his hands until someone gets open for LeBron to pass it, HOLDING THE FUCKEN BALL UNTIL SOMEONE GETS OPEN.

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  • For this season Kuz is coming off the bench. Starting 5 1. McGee - C 2. AD - PF 3. LeBron - SF 4. Danny - SG 5. Avery - PG 2nd Unit 1. Howard - C 2. Kuz - PF? 3. KCP - SF ? 4. Daniels - SG ? 5. Rondo or Cook - PG ? ? - defense liabilities This team lacks the depths that's fitting for this team---- They are not that bad at the Center position for the regular season.....but should be a cause for concern come playoff time The Lakers need the following role players 1. Trevor Ariza - SF 2. Andre Iguodala - SG 3. Kenneth Faried - PF/C 4. Marcus Smart - PG The 2nd Unit 1. D. Howard - C 2. K. Kuzma - PF 3. T. Ariza - SF 4. A. Iguodala - SG 5. M. Smart - PG

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  • Durant can't guard LeBron lmfaoo. treated him like a child in the 2012 Finals and even in the finals durant beat lebron (with his stacked team) He stilled averaged 30pt triple doubles....

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  • Green on PG, Kuz on SG (could swap either). LBJ on SF or SG (depends upon match-up).

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  • I see the Lakers at the 5, 6, or even the 7 seed in the playoffs. I also dont see them getting out of the second round.

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  • Am in my opinion when you are talking about position they are talking about defense right? I think lakers just asking lebron to handle the ball more in offense and in defense he guard small forward or anything else. It would be fun if avery bradley green lebron ad and javle on the line up cause green and bradley can defend the 1 and 2 effectively while lebron can guard the 3. While green can really be a spot up shooter for spacing and in my opinion bradley is a better efficient defender and a catch and shoot player compares to kuzma. But its all my opinion not a expert in basketball hahaha. Please comment your opinion too.

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  • The league is stuffed with point guards who can blow by LeBron. Playing him at point guard would be a desperation move by a franchise that doesn't have a balanced roster.

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  • You clearly dont even understand how lakers are likely going to play this season. James will do same shit as always, just with no classical PG besides him for most of the time. He has had the same role on offense every year for some time now. And he will still not be guarding PGs. Lakers are just going to put 2 SGs beside him (I kinda expect Bradley and Green), so they chase the guards while bron defends the sf/pf, Lebron will just be the primary designated ball handler on offense, without another ball dominant PG beside him. There really isnt much downside to that. Kuzma wont be starting at least to start the season, I dont think

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  • Like Lebron said he's not a 1 2 3 4 or 5. He's just a player. Let's end this discussion with 2 traditional guards and a traditional 5 next to Lebron and AD. And stop trying to make things difficult on the defensive end. Vogel got that covered. It doesn't hurt the point guard having another facilitator out there as well. And AD can dominate the 4. Nothing to fix here. Sorry I love Kuz and as much as I would like to see him play next to Lebron and AD, Kuz can run the 2nd unit sufficely. And there's really no one coming off the bench for AD anyways other than Kuz and maybe Dudley. When Lebron retires, Kuz will slide to the starting 3 next to AD. Not a problem at all. Actually it's a good problem to have right now. It just means the depth of this bench is amazing! We need shooters for late game scenarios? Then Kuz can definitely be out there with AD at the 5. Everybody is happy. Everybody on this team will get to eat it up! Except for KCP that is haha!

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