The Time This Player TRASH TALKED LeBron James And Got OWNED (Ft. NBA Playoffs)

Aug 30, 2019
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LeBron James has been in the NBA for a long time, and has trash talked, but this player called LeBron overrated, and this happened. #Lebron #NBA
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LeBron isn’t known for his trash talk or for his response to trash talk, so when he actually does, it’s a side of LeBron I like so I wanted to bring it to you.
So let’s start in the 2006 playoffs. It’s the first round and the Cavs are facing the Wizards. It was LeBron’s first playoffs and it was intense. The series went to 6 games, 3 of the games were decided by just one point, all of which the Cavs won, two of those games went into overtime, LeBron trash talked Gilbert Arenas at the line in game 6, telling Gilbert that if you miss this, you know who will end the game, referring to Damon Jones, a guy who Gilbert Arenas had iso’s in game 5 and roasted alive. Sure enough, Arenas missed the second free throw and Damon Jones ends up hitting the game-winning shot in the corner in Game 6.
But in both of these years, there was one guy on the Wizards who had been watching LeBron torch them up close, and that was DeShawn Stevenson. DeShawn Stevenson isn’t special on the basketball court. To this point in his career, he’s averaged 8.2 points, he’s a starter, solid shooter, a good defender, but nothing special, but he’s still known. So after watching LeBron eliminate him, especially since that was also his matchup, DeShawn Stevenson was already irritated. Apparently, LeBron said something about Stevenson to Drew Gooden who was also friends with Stevenson from the early 2000s on the Magic. When asked about what was said, DeShawn didn’t exactly say what it was, but he said that is was disrespectful, something that shouldn’t be said.
Bron would play the Wizards 3 times in the 2007-08 season, winning by 36, and then winning by 1 in which LeBron hit 2 clutch free throws, wow that doesn’t happen anymore, and DeShawn missed the game winning shot. Still at this point, nothing has been publicly said until March 13, 2008. It’s a close game and LeBron misses the game winning 3 point shot. DeShawn had a typical game for him, her had 13 points but he also made 4 threes and right after the game, he said that LeBron was “Overrated.” Now this is when LeBron is leading the league in scoring, he had went to the finals, he had eliminated the Wizards back to back years.
When asked to respond, LeBron said he wouldn’t because it would be like Jay Z saying something bad about Soujla Boy. At this point, Jay Z is at the top of the game, Soulja Boy is a one hit wonder. Jay Z is a legend, Soulja Boy made a song called “Doo Doo Head”. Stevenson also said that "If you look at the games and what's going on, I know when I go to sleep I know we have to play LeBron James. When I go to sleep and know we have to play the Lakers, I know it's going to be a long night. It's the difference between the Kobes and LeBrons. Not saying he will never get there, but that's what I'm saying."
So the Cavs and Wizards once again will play in the first round of the playoffs. But this wasn’t like the past two years. There was extra motivation. All the games except 1 in the past 2 playoffs were decided by single digits, but DeShawn had trash talked the King so LeBron came out with a vengeance. Game 1, LeBron had 32 points on 63% shooting. DeShawn has 3 points and the Cavs won by 7. There was literally no stopping him, forceful layups, pull-ups, alley-oop dunks, didn’t matter who was on him. Game 2, LeBron has 30 points, 12 assists, and 9 rebounds, DeShawn has 12 and the Cavs win by 30. LeBron’s even doing the, you can’t see me face celebration from the bench. Now that could have been the end of the trash talk. YBut then Game 3 happened. Remember Soulja Boy, yeah DeShawn Stevenson decided for Game 3 in Washington, to fly Soulja Boy out to mock LeBron’s comments and Game 3 was a spectacle. DeShawn hit 5 threes including this one in LeBron’s face, Caron Butler did the crank that dance as a nod to Soulja and the Wizards won by 36.
It’s Game 4 in DC. The game’s been back and forth, when LeBron drives to the rim and Stevenson wacks LeBron in the head. They immediately had words and were separated. The game went down to the wire, it’s tied 97-97, LeBron dishes it to Delonte West in the corner who hits the 3. The Wizards miss their next shot and the Cavs win. LeBron ends the game with 34 points, 12 rebounds, and 7 assists while Stevenson only had 13 points and went 2 of 7 from 3. The Cavs would win this series in 6 with that 4th game being pivotal. It was LeBron who had made the winning pass, LeBron who had torched them throughout the series. DeShawn Stevenson had gotten owned, multiple times. LeBron definitely wasn’t overrated and he proved it.

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    • MJ2KALLDAY number 3 of all time! If he wins one this year he jumps to 2...if he wins two in LA he’s the goat

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    • 1 LeBron 2 Jordan 3 Kobe 4 magic 5 kareem 6wilt 7 Shaq 8bird 9russell 10 malone

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  • Now we will add Jimmy Butler to the list as the next Player who tugged on supermans cape and got destroyed because LeBron is going to destroy them tonight in gwme 4

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  • I think Deshawn Steveson juat wanted to make a name for himself. When he was with the Magic, his salary was around 10 million a year. When his agent told him to opt out to be a free agent to make more money, he opted out and noone signed him! So he had to sign with the Wizards for the veteran minimum. So what better way to make himself relevant? Trash talk and stir up something with the game's brightest star!

    Tenzin AlexanderTenzin Alexander3 months ago
  • I’d say lebron is tied at 2 with Kobe cuz I can’t decide between the two with mj at 1

    Dave TimbrouckDave Timbrouck4 months ago
  • Overrated.

    Bizzy is Busy ProductionsBizzy is Busy Productions4 months ago
  • overrated- LeBron is in a category of his own. He is incomparable. He can do anything and everything. Except shoot well from free throw now.

    Amaresh Bagilthaya (ab6744)Amaresh Bagilthaya (ab6744)5 months ago
  • Lebron is the most giving player of all time, during his reign the old spurs got two rings, Dallas got their first and only ring, steph curry got 3 rings and the raptors even got a ring. Thank you lebron for being so generous

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  • You don’t have to be better to understand when someone is overrated

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  • Sorry guys Deashawn Stevenson actually was right. Bron is Overrated and he shut Bron down in the 2011 NBA Finals. Dont believe me look at his stats.

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  • Seems to be a common theme! Since high school and Trevor Ariza going all the way to the Warriors and Green calling him a bitch and he comes back from 3-1 and he COOKS you, that's just how it is he cooks you if you talk shit!

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  • Kobe is far better .

    Huswa TVHuswa TV6 months ago
  • Kobe is far better .

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  • Mike, Kobe and then Bill Lebron is 4th. Lebron had all those finals with 3 rings and had to leave Cleveland for 2. Jordan had six rings never lost a finals but took over games to win them and was the best clutch player ever when you needed a bucket and was a legend on defense also. Kobe had 5 rings and and was a legend on both sides of the ball. Bill had 11 rings in like 14 years in the NBA and second on the Celtics in his 14 years with them had 6 or 7. You can argue why Bill isn’t the goat. Lebron for people to call him the goat has consistently over his career missed clutch game winners. Don’t get me wrong he’s a legend but 4th all time in my eyes.

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  • Actually he was overrated. He wasn't the best in the world at that time. Kobe was. Doesn't mean Bron wasn't great. Bron was great. Hall of Famer right then. He wasn't the best in the league at that time. Bron became the best in Miami.

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