The Time Stephen Curry TRASH TALKED LeBron James In The NBA (Ft. Fights & Sad Boi Hours)

Apr 4, 2020
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Stephen Curry and LeBron James have battled in the NBA, and had a lot of trash talk along the way. #Curry #LeBron #NBA
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To start, we’re gonna have to go back, way back to a time when times were simpler. The Lakers had just won a championship in 2009, Curry had just gotten drafted, in his rookie season, and LeBron was the league MVP. In this time period Curry and LeBron were friends. But things would dramatically change when the Warriors and the Cavs would meet in the 2015 finals and Curry was named league MVP.
So with the Warriors winning in 2015 and both the Cavs and Warriors going nowhere, this was slated to be the finals rematch. Now Curry isn’t known to be a trash talker. I mean sure his antics and celebrations got on his opponent’s nerves, but that was the Warriors in general. We’re talking about the baby-faced assassin, the nice guy. And then outta nowhere, before their second game in the 2015-16 season, Curry just says “Obviously, walking in that locker room, it’ll be good memories. Hopefully, it still smells a little bit like champagne.” Wow, I just oop. The Warriors won the 2015 Finals in 6 in the Cavs arena but to say that before playing the Cavs seems disrespectful which is exactly what the Cavs and LeBron thought. In fact, LeBron actually called out Curry for those comments. In the shootaround before their January game in 2016, LeBron asked the media why no asked him about Curry’s comments and that he had an answer for those words. He then walked away and so we’ll never know his answer because the Cavs lost by 34. There was a play in the game in which LeBron just shoved Curry to the ground. Maybe that was his answer but LeBron wasn’t visibly happy. See Curry was coming for LeBron’s throne, to potentially dethrone him as the best player in the world which probably was also annoying LeBron,
And then the Warriors and Cavs would face off in the 2016 finals. Curry said “Trash-talking is part of the game,” “You have to give it. You have to be able to take it. It’s just that you don’t want to see it ever cross the line and become personal, because the game of basketball is never that serious in regards to disrespecting people. So you have to leave it on the floor.” This was because there was a lot of trash talk happening between the Warriors and Cavs.
Curry for the most part wasn’t involved in any of the trash talk...for the most part. There was this awkward moment when Curry tried to go for a dunk after the whistle and LeBron casually blocked it. Curry doesn’t have a good record with dunking. In Game 3, LeBron roughed Curry up a bit, Curry argued with the ref, LeBron came into to taGame 6 was a different story. The game was chippy throughout, the series at 3-2 with the Cavs ahead looking to tie it up. Curry was in foul trouble and the Warriors were behind the entire game. They had just lost game 5 and you could finally feel that the Cavs had an actual chance to comeback from down 3-1, so tensions were high. The Warriors are mounting a mini-comeback, and then LeBron swats the life out of Curry’s shot, trash talks him saying take that. What makes this even more memorable is that 9 seconds after this block, LeBron draws Curry’s 6th foul on a loose ball foul and Curry lost it. He launched his mouthpiece in the stands, hit a fan, and got ejected. Safe to say, this just was getting out of hand.
In the 7th game, LeBron blocks Curry again. This time, he just stares at Curry, says a word, and both get in each other’s faces. This moment is usually forgotten because of all that would happen in this game, but it’s clear to see the dislike that they had for each other. In the last minute, LeBron gets a piece of Curry’s shot and then they start talking, completely ignoring the game and the ongoing possession. And this is what Steph said happened.
So through the years, Steph and LeBron have had their moments and surprisingly, their fair share of trash talk. Definitely some out-of-pocket trash talk, but that’s what made it interesting because it was two great players at the highest level of the game competing for the title of best player and championship, but what do you think? Where’s LeBron rank all time? What about Curry?

  • Where's LeBron and Curry rank all-time? Yeee I asked it. Get my twitter-@MJ2KALLDAY Second Channel-

    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY6 months ago
    • LeBron goat

      Akira senpaiAkira senpai5 days ago
    • LeBron best

      Akira senpaiAkira senpai5 days ago
    • @Ignite Phoenix Julian Newman is the chosen one curry is the past

      j Smithj Smith5 days ago
    • Curry is better it’s just facts curry the chosen one no cap

      Ignite PhoenixIgnite Phoenix5 days ago
    • @shlidgn90 good list

      j Smithj Smith5 days ago
  • ledrama is a bitch, keep switching teams and getting players to be given a title lol

    Lyle BinnsLyle Binns5 hours ago
  • Why are you runnin’ WHY ARE YOU RUNNIN’ 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂 I died at that part💀💀💀💀💀

    Colvin CrudenColvin Cruden21 hour ago
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    giovonni watkinsgiovonni watkins23 hours ago
  • Draymond the dirtiest player in NBA!!!

    R MastersR Masters2 days ago
  • Curry had a super team lebron had bench warmers

    Jullian MolinaJullian Molina2 days ago
  • LeBron James sucks and is a b****

    slick Rickslick Rick4 days ago
  • Look at curry man so inspirational

    ItzAspxctItzAspxct4 days ago
  • why the REF look like that tho ? 😭

    Jeremy VelaJeremy Vela5 days ago
  • 4:15 unless your Michael jordan then you take everything personal 😂😂

    Vivek modhwadiaVivek modhwadia6 days ago
  • If LeBron had a healthy love and Irving and no Durant LeBron would have bitch slapped the warriors 4-0, he's a big racist tho

    Grant420Grant4206 days ago
  • Given how super successful both Lebron and Curry are, I want my son born in that hospital

    Bread 'N BuddaBread 'N Budda7 days ago
  • lol these guys are friends off court

    KidJVKidJV17 days ago
  • memories

    You’re ExposedYou’re Exposed18 days ago
  • LeBron James is a punk bitch.

    Dingleberry DanDingleberry Dan19 days ago
    • You left out racist

      Grant420Grant4206 days ago
  • Memories

    theodore pierceytheodore piercey23 days ago
  • LeBron is the worst of all time and curry is the best

    XTrooperBrosXTrooperBros25 days ago
    • Nopeeeee Lmao curry just show off

  • Y’all are babies if that’s disrespectful to y’all, he was joking with the media about his excitement to play and added some humor to it

    Marc T.Marc T.26 days ago
  • Top 3 NBA players. 1.MJ 2. Kobe 3.Lebron

    Mr. High Flyer!Mr. High Flyer!Month ago
    • LeBron is better than Kobe

      Grant420Grant4206 days ago
  • Why is that a lot of bullshitters call Lebron "the chosen one" when there are a lot of great players around him whom he didn't dominate? Lebron is a phenomenal athlete (don't get me wrong), with his gifted height and the way he moves, he's an "exceptional point guard" who could go from coast to coast and ram his way to the basket. If you ask me, I would go for Steph Curry who would outscore him and win the game at all cost any day and would strike fear to many teams (who had to change their ways in guarding the 3-point range). There are a couple of present-day players who could match Lebron's ramming power and that is Giannis. I'd even say Klay Thompson is more lethal than Lebron on the outside.If there is any older generation players who dominate better than Lebron, I would say Kobe, Shaq, Tim Duncan; and surely Scottie, Karl Malone, Charles, Larry, Hakeem, and Magic Johnson. I'm not even mentioning Michael Jordan, because MJ far superior. Perhaps it is for the amusement of the game to be called "the king" or "the chosen one," because the league needs a new face to carry the torch to the next generation, but I've never seen the likes of a player who constantly moves to a superior team to make his journey to the championship a lot easier. I don't care about the accumulated stat points or record-breaking stats now despite the longevity because of how the games were won. There is no thrill when you team up with great players and the other teams sometimes don't have that opportunity to do so and the rules are so less physical that makes everybody easy to score.

    George LGeorge LMonth ago
  • Damn, the rivalry was so good before KD came

    LIFE 009LIFE 009Month ago
  • LeBron is jealous of the attention steph was getting.

    lorenzo martinezlorenzo martinezMonth ago
  • Curry is personally my fav all time but the problem lies in the fact that he’s 6 3 and skinny and he’s only good primary is plamaking and shooting but lebron can dunk and he’s faster and taller

  • I mean he’s 6 8 athletic af sooooo no shit

  • Memories

    Ben CamachoBen CamachoMonth ago
  • naturally when someone who is placed in hi esteem in nba will find it so humiliating when a new kid would win over him three times out of four meetings. as for my perception, this is one of the reason lebron could never be a goat. curry broke records in nba younger than what lebron did...the little david has slain the giants in the meadow.

    Pines CityPines CityMonth ago
  • Brother your voice puzzles me

    Oliver JamesOliver JamesMonth ago
  • They were born at the same Monarch facility oops I mean Hospital in Akron Ohio

    Christopher GrantChristopher GrantMonth ago
  • Man I don't wanna be the sacrificial lamb for your leadership

    GMan5090GMan5090Month ago
  • Curry literally shitted on LeBrone's legacy...that whole gsw run really left a stain on his legacy.

    Senor GalletaSenor GalletaMonth ago
  • Lol personally I feel dat this narrator just does not like curry cuz the curry’s tombstone on James party is fine but curry’s trash talking is not

    Rabz zRabz zMonth ago
    • Just admit it DAT u don’t like curry dats all

      Rabz zRabz zMonth ago
  • LeBron is a punk ass racist bitch

    Toxic GamingToxic GamingMonth ago
  • this is why i dont really like lebron his attitude is awful when he loses he cries and complains but when curry lost he worked harder and won the next year

    Truly lostTruly lostMonth ago
  • Lebron is the better player

    Isaiah SmithIsaiah SmithMonth ago
  • Lebron is a hater.

    Silky JohnsonSilky JohnsonMonth ago
  • Lebron and curry top 10 but curry behind lebron

    John TiklukJohn TiklukMonth ago
  • Best #1 SG MJ. Kobe , Wade 14 rings combined PG Magic , S Curry , I Thomas 10 rings SF LeBron , Bird , K Durant 8 rings PF Timmy , C Malone , K Garnet 6 rings C Shaq , H Olajuwon , D Robinson 7 rings Bill Russell 11 rings W Chamberlain 2 13 rings

    Frankie WestwoodFrankie WestwoodMonth ago
  • NBA is back 😂

    Beast 30Beast 30Month ago
  • Top 10 1.) Michael Jordan 2.) Kobe Bryant 3.) LeBron James 4.) Magic Johnson 5.) Lary Bird 6.) Shaq 7.) Dwayne Wade 8.) Isaiah Tomas (Bad Boy Pistons Era) 9.) Allen Iverson 10.) Tim Duncan

    Roman ReignsRoman ReignsMonth ago
    • lol no

      VanzyVanzyMonth ago
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    Raphaël PicardRaphaël Picard2 months ago
  • You know what Lebron and Steph have in common? They both lost to Kawhi in the Finals

    #TonyKaye#TonyKaye2 months ago
  • Am yet to see curry Block Lebron , obviously on court it’s personal so when it comes to 1 on 1 and you trash talking like that on court bring your A game physical, block dribble and tight defence , not just one trick pony on shooting , For around game no challenge there Lebron all day.

    melvin pampilamelvin pampila2 months ago
  • Zaza.

    It's AcademicIt's Academic2 months ago
  • Memories

    WingX 007WingX 0072 months ago
  • It’s called help from the politicians on the floor .... the cavs should have lost , that game was fixed and every since then where has LBJ gone 🤔no where 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    LOYAL 2 THE SOILLOYAL 2 THE SOIL2 months ago
  • I'm glad curry don't kiss bron ass...

    David HeuDavid Heu2 months ago
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    Sandile DubeSandile Dube2 months ago
  • Curry goat

    Rixky ARixky A2 months ago
  • Curry 3 LBJ last

    Neighborhood Basketball leagueNeighborhood Basketball league2 months ago
  • curry a long shot?! thats a stretch

    Mickius CapoMickius Capo2 months ago
  • Memories

    hidden onehidden one2 months ago
  • Stg RIP Draymond we hav a well rested lebron in 2020 I swear if dray even looks at James the wrong he prolly finna drop 50 on his head May Draymond Greens soul rest in peace bruddha 😂😂 We dont wtf Lebron gonna do in the finals 50 points average bro mans been resting eh

    Tahmid AlamTahmid Alam2 months ago
  • I disliked

    Big ManBig Man2 months ago
  • Curry rank 1st LeBron 2nd

    Gerline FergusonGerline Ferguson2 months ago
  • People still got the nerves to call Lebron trash but they can barely do half the things he has done he even skipped college he was already a great after high school but I guess people can’t see that don’t get me wrong curry is still a really good player but tbh without Durant in 2019 I don’t think he would have made it that far in the playoffs and in plus they was in last place of all the nba teams in 2020 I know steph got injured but still has no excuse to being the #1 ranked team to going to last in the league but I can’t wait for this next season I wanna see how Durant do on the nets hopefully he be back and better my top 3 teams for this when the nba comes back is probably Lakers of course then the clippers and then the Milwaukee bucks

    Kyrie DavontKyrie Davont2 months ago
  • Tbh I still think Lebron is the best player in the nba but giannis and kawhi is definitely coming for him I can’t say KD because he still ain’t come from his injury I hope he plays just as good or better

    Kyrie DavontKyrie Davont2 months ago
  • People still got the nerves to call Lebrun trash but they can barely do half the things Lebrun has don don’t get me wrong Stephen curry a good player but tbh without Durant I think they wouldn’t had made it to the finals in 2019 and now they in last place of all the nba teams in steph was injured but I still don’t get how a #1 ranked team goes to last place like that they gotta learn how to play without KD I guess that’s the problem but I would love to see how KD would do on the nets

    Kyrie DavontKyrie Davont2 months ago
  • memeories

    Sean HillSean Hill3 months ago
  • memory

  • The fact is that you cant blame someone to be 190cm Hes born like that Curry has the best shot of all NBA History, LeBron is a great player, one of the best.. but the qualities of curry come from an hard work, not just because he borned with it FF: im a LeBron fan

    ValeB MVValeB MV3 months ago
  • Lebron is a delicate little bitch, he obviously can’t take shit and is a thin skinned crybaby.

    Max TerryMax Terry3 months ago
  • LeBron ranks 2nd after Jordan and curry probably at 4 after Kobe at 3rd

    Vedaank BuddarajuVedaank Buddaraju3 months ago
  • Mk

    Lionel TaylorLionel Taylor3 months ago
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    Khalil goatedKhalil goated3 months ago
  • curry is the best shooter in 3point area

    Jvx GamingJvx Gaming3 months ago
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    DaRyan HollandDaRyan Holland3 months ago
  • Lebaby mad curry is a unanimous mvp and he can’t stop curry at all.

    29kalel29kalel3 months ago
  • Curry...We're winning the game and you're going to talk trash about blocking my shot...Scoreboard...Lebron....We came back down 1-3 Facts.....Curry....I have 3 rings all against you...Facts... I guess that makes me the King....

    James RobinsonJames Robinson3 months ago
  • Memories

    Bilal MutawakilBilal Mutawakil3 months ago
  • Just wanted to remember that the warriors blew a 3-1 lead, IN THE FINALS

    Jean VillanuevaJean Villanueva3 months ago
    • Or do you mean the refs cheated for the cavs. I remember all to well

      29kalel29kalel3 months ago
  • Put curry on a team by himself

    Mike HawkMike Hawk3 months ago
  • My favorite part is how Kevin Durant had to break the NBA to beat Cleveland. Cleveland for god sakes.

    Lobby BoyLobby Boy3 months ago
  • I'll subscribe when you stop saying "It's ya boy..." when you introduce yourself. How's that??

    Jamie ClarkeJamie Clarke3 months ago
  • Curry has done what lebron has...must importantly Curry changed the GAME...

    Seluster LaneSeluster Lane3 months ago
  • memories lets go

    Moise KamanziMoise Kamanzi3 months ago
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    Samar JonesSamar Jones3 months ago
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    ZedzAAR ZaidanZedzAAR Zaidan3 months ago
  • Curry should be ranked above lebron just due to his impact on the game

    Stop bitchingStop bitching3 months ago
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    goofy_willlgoofy_willl4 months ago
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    giovaney Ggiovaney G4 months ago
  • Curry is better doesn't disappear in most fourth quarters.

    Brendan van RensburgBrendan van Rensburg4 months ago
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    fabiofabio4 months ago
  • 6:56 LeBrons patented move... Ooppss..

    Jabneel DesignJabneel Design4 months ago
  • Curry is still the better scorer tho

    Charlie TaylorCharlie Taylor4 months ago
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    hytrx HKhytrx HK4 months ago
  • Fuck curry

    Balokwa The lifeBalokwa The life4 months ago
  • Lebron is shit period

    ABS .08ABS .084 months ago
  • Curry the best

    Method_MMethod_M4 months ago
  • Curry is the best PG in history.

    Wolf GamingWolf Gaming4 months ago
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    RRC GhOsTRRC GhOsT4 months ago
  • if i had to pick steph or lebron i choose steph

    Mike EvansMike Evans4 months ago
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    Jérôme RitterJérôme Ritter4 months ago