The Time Stephen Curry Got ANGRY And Made Them INSTANTLY Regret It (Ft. NBA Revenge, Trash Talk)

Jun 19, 2020
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Stephen Curry doesn’t get mad or angry a lot in the NBA, but when Curry does, he has made players instantly regret their trash talk. #Curry #NBA #Angry
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The Warriors are facing the Clippers, they are the defending the champions and the Clippers are sorta supposed to be, well irrelevant. Tobias Harris is still there. But they have six man Louis Williams and some notable role players including Patrick Beverley. Yes the Patrick Beverley that is notorious for getting under people’s skins.
And in the second quarter, Curry gets an offensive board and then flexes, sorta right in front of Beverley, not necessarily looking at him. And then Beverley swipes at the ball, keeps going at Curry, and then pushes him. They both get into it and get double technicals. After a bit of back forth with the referee, Curry ends the encounter with a smile. Just the typical nice guy stuff.
Now Curry has gotten into fights before this moment. More like a singular real fight. There have been moments that Curry has gotten irritated, but it didn’t really impact his play afterwards. It was a quick burst of emotion and then back to calm. Curry wouldn’t just start jacking up shots to retaliate. In fact, Steph Curry could shoot almost every shot but he chooses to stay patient. Not like DeMarcus Cousins who uhhh (show him punching chair). But this time was different. This time Curry wasn’t having it. And maybe that’s because Beverley has a history of doing this with other players, maybe because Beverley has done this with Curry already in the 2016 playoffs
And so 19 seconds after this, Curry commits a foul on Beverley. Curry misses a pullup, draws a foul, and then makes a three all in under 2 minutes. Yeah Curry was amped. He would end up scoring 15 in that second quarter on some ridiculous weaving. No one including Beverley was stopping him. Curry continued his assault in 3rd quarter, and as the 4th rolled around, the game was still close. Curry’s revenge was completed in the moment. Like I said, Stephen Curry had a different energy this game. He ended the game with 42 points attempting 15 3 pointers.
But this wouldn’t be the only time in the season that Curry would get mad and retaliate in game. Like this mini scuffle against the Thunder after which Curry hits a three and runs into the locker room like a giddy little child. It was satisfying to him but the rest of the game wasn’t really close and more about KD and Westbrook.
There was also this mini incident between Stephen Curry and of course Kendrick Perkins who didn't even play in the entire playoffs. Curry takes this tough shot at the end of the third in Game 2 of the 2018 NBA Finals. He sort of lands near Perkins and Curry’s irritated that Perkins didn’t move his feet. Perkins asks Curry what he’s on and immediately they start barking at each other. Apparently Curry asked him “You ain’t playing tonight?”
That exchange might have lit a fire under Curry because Curry came out guns blazing, took 4 shots in the two minutes of the fourth quarter and continued a barrage of 3 pointers, ending the quarter with 16 points with 5 3 pointers including 1 4 point play and this ridiculous three. After the game, Curry said the scuffle was much ado about nothing, but maybe that was just what he needed to get an edge.
And oddly enough, that incident between Curry and Beverley would have a part 2 months later in April of 2019. Game 3 of the 2019 NBA playoffs. The playoffs that Patrick Beverley would annoy Kevin Durant and get him ejected. Yeah. Now this entire game, Curry consistently gets by Beverley the entire game. So after drive after drive, that probably got annoying to Beverley so much so that in the beginning of the 3rd quarter, things get physical. Pat took his frustration out at Curry, just straight up whacking Curry, but this time Curry didn’t even look at Bev. Instead, he just got upset at the refs for not calling some sort of technical.
See I find trash talk stories interesting because usually it’s a game in the near future that was premeditated where the revenge happens because the trash talk happens towards the end of the game or in a press conference. It’s planned revenge. Moments like these where it’s really an immediate revenge story, it’s a spur of the moment thing and that’s what Curry did to these opponents. Sometimes instinct takes over, we’ve seen it happen in random moments with Jordan, Kobe betting 500,000 grand on a free throw, and it’s a beautiful thing. But what do you think?

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