The Time Scottie Pippen BULLIED A Young Kobe Bryant and INSTANTLY Regretted It (Ft. NBA Trash Talk)

May 15, 2020
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Scottie Pippen tried to bully a young Kobe Bryant in the NBA, trash talked, and got owned. The first 1000 people who click the link will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium:
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After the 1998 season, the Bulls break apart, Jordan retires and the rest of the Bulls core is left their separate ways. And in this regular season opener game on February 5th 1999 that Michael Jordan decided to pull up to, Kobe dominated him. And that would carry over into the future as Kobe and Pippen faced off more and more in much higher stakes, and became much more hostile against each other.
This whole dynamic between Kobe and Pippen became really interesting to me because this all takes place right after the Last Dance ends in the 97-98 season. Jordan retires and the Bulls breaks apart. At the same time, this is with the rise of Kobe who had just become an all-star in the 98 season. Kobe was young and developing, but he wasn’t taking jack from anyone, even if it was a 6 time champion in Scottie Pippen. Once again, Scottie Pippen wouldn’t get what he wanted, he would get traded to the Trail Blazers to join Rasheed Wallace, an all-star but a lot of you probably remember him as the ball don’t lie guy and Steve Smith. And just like that Pippen would be inserted into the Lakers Blazers rivalry. The Blazers and Lakers would meet in the Western Conference Finals.
Pippen, as we’ve seen, wasn’t gonna take any sort of trash talk. So throughout the series, Pippen is constantly trash talking Kobe, trying to wear him down. Kobe had 25 in the game to lead the Lakers, Pippen only had 10 including 0 in that 4th quarter. That makes 2 years that the Lakers and Kobe beat the Pippen out of the playoffs.
And now we’ve finally arrived at this moment, 2001, another playoffs series between the Lakers and Trail Blazers, but all the resentment finally had leaked into Kobe and Pippen. Pippen was sick of the Lakers constantly beating him and sick of Kobe pretty much taking what he wanted. So the series starts and Kobe appears to get some sort of injury in the first half of game 1. He complains about having a rib injury, 3 points in the first half and just off. But then in the second half, Kobe just couldn’t be stopped, scoring 25 including 15 in the 4th quarter to lead the Lakers to a win. Kobe was unstoppable, making all his shots, facilitating, all with Pippen defending him.
After the game though, Pippen wasn’t buying anything Kobe said and accused him of faking his rib injury saying, "He's trying to be like Mike, He wants to have a heroic performance. They said he had bruised ribs. Come on. It didn't look like he had bruised ribs. He didn't find a shot he didn't like."
So now we move on to Game 2. And Kobe is just dominant. He’s controlling the pace of the game, he’s making almost everything he takes, getting anywhere he wants, rib injury or not. It’s one of those games the Blazers never had a chance. Kobe scored 25 points on 73% shooting from the field in 35 minutes along with 7 assists.
Pippen shoves Kobe right at the ribs that were injured, and they start arguing. Keep in mind Scottie’s 35, yet still petty. He was trying to belittle Kobe, to make Kobe seem smaller than he was, but he couldn’t and on top of that, he was completely useless in stopping Kobe. Then there would be game 3. This time Kobe wouldn’t be as dominant, but the Lakers would be just as dominant, Kobe scores 22 points with 9 assists, Pippen only musters up 7 points on 23% from the field. The Lakers win the series 3-0 and win by an average of 14.6 points.
Surprise the Lakers and Blazers meet again next year and this time for the series, Kobe led both teams in scoring at 26 a game. The start of the first game though. Kobe was on a mission, he made Pippen look like an old fossil on both ends of the floor. Throughout the years though, Scottie has showed respect to Kobe. Pippen did trash talk a lot during his career but doesn’t seem to hold any grudges besides the Bad Boy Pistons. I didn’t know Kobe and Pippen went this deep, but 41 games later and here we are, but what do you think? If it was Scottie Pippen and Shaq, no Kobe, how many championships would they have won?

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    • shaq and kobe got swept by the jazz... so think what the bulls would do to them.

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  • Kobe was NEVER 2nd fiddle to Shaq during the championship years. People that are not laker fans don't understand KOBE CLOSED OUT/FINISHED GAMES FOR US WHILE SHAQ'S FAT ASS HAD TO RIDE THE PINE TO KEEP TEAMS FROM PLAYING HACK-A-SHAQ OR BECAUSE FOUL TROUBLE. I don't care if your the first option for 3/4 of the game, that doesnt make Shaq batman and Kobe Robin. Games are won in the 4th quarter, and those were the times that Kobe was at his finest and Shaq was least available whether it be hack-a-Shaq or foul trouble

    Bobby RichardsonBobby RichardsonMonth ago
  • If it doesn't cause you to miss games(it didn't keep him from continuing in the game he received it), why would they list the injury. Nobody knew kobe was having fluid constantly drained from his knee in the 2010 playoffs. Obviously he had an injured knee, but you won't find it on any injury report. The only reason we know now is because it was reported on after the fact

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