The Time Russell Westbrook TRASH TALKED Steph Curry and INSTANTLY Regretted It (Ft. NBA Defense)

May 22, 2020
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Russell Westbrook tried to trash talk Stephen Curry and insult him, let’s just say it didn’t workout out and Curry got him in the NBA #Curry #NBA #Trashtalk
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This would be the 73-9 season, the season that Curry would win unanimous MVP and change the league forever. Also keep in mind that Russ hasn’t won any MVP yet and the Thunder haven’t made the finals since 2012.
This all leads to the 2016 western conference finals between the two powerhouses. And so this series starts off with the Thunder jumping out to a 3-1 lead. After the first game, it was just blowout city with Games 2,3, and 4 being decided by an average of 26.3 points. The Warriors would fight their way in Game 5. Durant would drop 40, Curry would have 31 points, 7 rebounds, and 6 assists with 5 steals to lead the Warriors to a 9 point lead. The victory was anything but pretty. After the game, a reporter would ask Westbrook and KD about whether Curry was underrated and this was their response. Yeah, Westbrook laughed at Curry’s defense. So yes while KD gave a more diplomatic answer saying the Warriors have other pieces, he said that Curry doesn’t guard the other team’s best point guards. Curry led the league in steals, but Westbrook obviously thought that Curry’s defense was a joke.
The funny thing is that Westbrook was actually one of the best on-ball defenders on Russ and throughout the first 4 games, Curry was the primary defender on Russ. Throughout the 5 games, Westbrook was averaging 28 points and 11 assists with 4.6 turnovers on 41.3% from the field. He was doing Westbrook things and you couldn’t complain with the results. This graphic actually says a lot. Westbrook was nowhere near dominating Curry. Along with shooting 32%, he also committed 7 turnovers when guarded by Curry. Is Curry a lockdown defender? Heck no. The stats might say so. In Game 5, Curry had the highest defensive ratings of all players who played 30+ minutes, but Curry isn’t better than Klay, Iggy, or Draymond and that’s the point.
And so now we head to Game 6. Most people remember Game 6 for Game 6 Klay dropping 41 points hitting ridiculous threes, Klay hit 11 threes and dropped 41 points, but the Warriors were down for most of the game. Klay was keeping them in it with Curry dropping 23 points through 3 quarters. Klay went off in the beginning of the 4th to prevent the Thunder from extending their lead.
With 5 minutes to go, the Thunder are up 7 and this is where Curry starts to take over. Klay hits this ridiculous three over Westbrook, and then Curry loses Westbrook with a screen and hits this deep one. Later, Curry provides excellent help defense on Durant who throws the ball away. Curry hits the three on the other end and now the Warriors are back in it. Westbrook can’t buy a bucket, Klay hits another 3, and now it’s time. A shot here could really seal the deal and Klay misses it, but the Warriors get another shot. Curry hits the tough layup with Westbrook switching off. He holds 7 fingers to say it’s Game 7. This whole time, but Durant and Westbrook have been choking on the offensive end, not really able to buy a bucket. The Thunder call timeout with Westbrook to inbound the ball. That defense that Westbrook was saying was overrated, the off-ball help defense that led to steals just ended the game. Curry ended the game with 31 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists shooting 43% from 3. Klay was the reason the Warriors kept up, Curry was the reason why the Warriors closed. Westbrook ended the game with 5 turnovers.
Game 7 was the Curry show. I mean pure off dribble domination. On Westbrook on everyone, it didn’t matter.
I think this summed it up. And as the Thunder were closing in Curry shut them out again and the Warriors went on to win the series, coming back from 3-1, only to lose a 3-1 lead. But honestly, this series is forgotten because of what happens next. Curry ended Game 7 with 36 points and 8 assists with 7 threes, Westbrook had 19 and 12 on 33% from the field. Since that comment, Russ got completely owned by Curry.
Since then they haven’t seemed to be cool, Russ doesn’t like Curry but I don’t know how true that is, I don’t wanna pull a Chris Broussard and say according to multiple sources. Curry picked Harden over Westbrook in the MVP debate in 2017. Westbrook said (who is he? Clip large room). Steph showed up and of course he didn’t make a big deal out of it in the press, but knowing from his history, Steph definitely used that as motivation, but what do you think? Where does Curry rank in point guards and all time? What about Westbrook?

  • Where's Curry rank all time? Westbrook? NEW CHANNEL RUN IT: Tik Tok-

    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY5 months ago
    • Who are you compared to Curry

      Aristole LeeAristole Lee8 days ago
    • Im a curry fan so CURRY BETTER THAN JORDAN GOAT 1

      Brandon AndradeBrandon Andrade9 days ago
    • This guy is mad asf at westbrook And a victory hunter who boasts. Curry has only successfully dunked 29 times in his career, whats next from this guy.....raggin on simmons bc he cant shoot 3's? Hes Cheap for views. Lets hope westbrook n simmons team up and lets watch this guy boil.

      Blair RichBlair Rich17 days ago
    • Btw u said that Russel Westbrook at no mvps lol he has 1

      Emani GonzalesEmani Gonzales21 day ago
    • YouShouldntBeSo Cocky curry not white

      everydaywelit2332 everydaywelit2332everydaywelit2332 everydaywelit2332Month ago
  • Westbrick. All day everyday.

    Bird VenusBird Venus57 minutes ago
  • westbrook and paul are shit , they shouldnt be compared to curry its no contest;)

    dragon 888dragon 8887 hours ago
  • i was expecting "look at curry man , he's so inspirational" to be the top comment

    Johnny KingJohnny King9 hours ago
  • Look at klay man

    devoutzay✓devoutzay✓14 hours ago
  • Yo, Curry out on the court ballin. Chris Paul: “It’s time for payback after he crossed me up so many times... This my court get out.” Curry: *Takes it personal* Watch he not going to guard me all game cause he already know what time it is.

    Guard MeloGuard Melo16 hours ago
  • West is a trash in every eam he join.

    Kenneth Lorenzo CostaKenneth Lorenzo Costa19 hours ago
  • Look at curry man

    John DoeJohn Doe19 hours ago
  • Bron change the game with his athleticism but curry right away show people how to change the NBA🤣

    Jayson MoralesJayson Morales19 hours ago
  • Curry my man 3 pt shooting right there

    Rian Lugo IrizarryRian Lugo Irizarry20 hours ago
  • Name a better shooter than Steph curry.I'll wait for a million years

    Stephen PautuStephen Pautu23 hours ago
  • A curry & warriors fan talking rubbish

    Meisam KafshgarMeisam KafshgarDay ago
  • The series that KD decided to join them. I recall being passed at this game because kd and Westbrook couldn't but a bucket and kept shooting it

    thisizdubthisizdubDay ago
  • Who is westbrook??

    Dayen BaangDayen BaangDay ago
  • Bruh y dis dude always talk trash when his team down 20

    bar zamedbar zamedDay ago
  • 7:10 damn curry* nice travel lol

    Kev _YTKev _YTDay ago
  • I hated Curry during the Cavs vs Warriors days, but even I have to admit that he is undoubtedly the best shooter in NBA history. The entire basketball community was revolutionized by his three point shooting. It sent a message to the youth that you don’t need to be a physical force like Lebron or really tall like other players.

    Mjnhexchao sMjnhexchao sDay ago
  • westbrook is ass like it or not my opinion is my opinion

    Kev _YTKev _YTDay ago
  • 4:18 Russ was legit the 2017 MVP

    Kunal SethiKunal SethiDay ago
  • russel westbrook won mvp 2017

    FlcreaperFlcreaperDay ago
  • he won mvp in 2017

    FlcreaperFlcreaperDay ago
  • You know you nice when pat bev says he wont trash talk you

    Top RamenTop Ramen2 days ago
  • Considering that Steph has 10 rebounds , look at curry man

    Diamond LagmayDiamond Lagmay2 days ago
  • If only curry could have played this season. We could’ve seen just how great he

    Introverted BreakdownIntroverted Breakdown2 days ago
  • Laugh

    Have HappyHave Happy2 days ago
  • Look at Westbrook man😂😅😂😅

    Michael PattersonMichael Patterson2 days ago
  • Westbrook is the biggest joke in the nba..super overrated..

    bernardo carpiobernardo carpio3 days ago
  • Curry>> westchoke

    Andrew HowerAndrew Hower3 days ago
  • Being from the Bay Area and being a Lakers fan is tough. But I've seen Curry since he was drafted and the ankle injuries and surgeries. Nobody ever thought he'd turn into the human torch he is the best shooter of all time...

    Benjamin From The Tribe of JudahBenjamin From The Tribe of Judah3 days ago
  • Curry #1

    Skinny RabbitSkinny Rabbit3 days ago
  • Did you really talk down to dirk

    Laythan SimmonsLaythan Simmons3 days ago
  • Westbrook didn’t laugh at his defence, I think he laughed because it was such a stupid question to ask the opposition team, I don’t think they cared

    Nathan HooperNathan Hooper3 days ago
  • Who is westbrook? 💩👎

    LVLV3 days ago
  • Dam west brook is trash at three pointers

    Rickey TurnageRickey Turnage3 days ago
  • And curry has good shoes don’t forget😂😂

    Liam RobinsonLiam Robinson3 days ago
  • Russ one MVP2017

    HOOPS HQHOOPS HQ3 days ago
  • Let's be honest Westbrook will never win a title and plays NO D. Nobody wants to play with westbrick everyone wants to play with curry.

    Kevin rKevin r3 days ago
  • Westbrook is barely even a top ten point guard and curry is the 2 point guard or number 1

    MAGiCMAGiC4 days ago
  • They watch bc your headlines are very interesting and nicely written. But I haven't subscribed bc you don't get to the point quickly. How many minutes passed before you get to Westbrook and Curry?

    Ben BowmanBen Bowman4 days ago
  • I asked you why

    yuga2310 yuga2310yuga2310 yuga23104 days ago
  • I aksed

    yuga2310 yuga2310yuga2310 yuga23104 days ago
  • So sad for russ, he battled the best shooter in all time NBA history.

    Sati fajSati faj4 days ago
  • Look at curry laugh man

    Olivier OddoOlivier Oddo4 days ago
  • 1. Magic Johnson 2. Stephen Curry 50. Russel Westbrook

    Seth LowerySeth Lowery4 days ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Elias ZunigaElias Zuniga3 days ago
  • Westbrook will retire without a championship ring. trust me.

    Red CrucibleRed Crucible4 days ago
  • Westbrick is Trash

    Kristoffer MaghariKristoffer Maghari4 days ago
  • Curry top 3 or 2 pg and even magic johnson said that Curry's is #2

    Ethan KocurEthan Kocur4 days ago
  • Just subscribed. Love your work.

    toobasaurus23toobasaurus235 days ago
  • Westbrook ant even a top 5 point guard right now.. he ruins teams literally

    Geee SantanaGeee Santana5 days ago
  • You can tell KD wasnt hating and only said that cause his Team made actions smh

    El Comedy RogueEl Comedy Rogue5 days ago
  • It better not be jealousy cause it started once Curry started blowing name dropped in songs but the League knew what Curry was before,MVPs n Championship lol they started Hating before haha damn

    El Comedy RogueEl Comedy Rogue5 days ago
  • Westbrook doesn't like HIMSELF lol! ☺️

    Brotha Neo - C.R.S.A ChannelBrotha Neo - C.R.S.A Channel5 days ago
  • Westbrook last curry first

    Gaming GaloreGaming Galore5 days ago
  • Who is he the king of half court shooting the guy with more rings then you guy who is MVP twice and won three NBA championship ok

    Foreign_maddogma MorrisForeign_maddogma Morris5 days ago
  • Westbrook:who is he Me:half courr king.2 or 3 time mvp one of the best shooters in the game

    Foreign_maddogma MorrisForeign_maddogma Morris5 days ago
  • U can’t trash talk the 2nd greatest point guard (arguably) when all you do is stat pad and trash talk

    Erish MaglaquiErish Maglaqui5 days ago
  • Look At Curry Man

    Simplyah SimpSimplyah Simp5 days ago

    Reaction PaperReaction Paper5 days ago
  • Just like Kobe, doesn't talk just acts

    mike eppsmike epps6 days ago
  • Who is he? A two time MVP first unanimous MVP three time champ and the worst of all the one KD chose over you

    Castle SantiagoCastle Santiago6 days ago
  • 10:30 is the biggest travel I have ever seen

    Trevor BaileyTrevor Bailey6 days ago
  • Love curry man

    Gavin BakerGavin Baker6 days ago
  • Who is Russell? Is is a name of turtle?

    Kirod hallKirod hall6 days ago
  • Who is he? Someone that blocked you from going back to the finals and stole your best friend from you.

    Beast DaniellBeast Daniell6 days ago
  • Russ is a crybaby!😢😢😢

    Jaekelopterus JonesJaekelopterus Jones6 days ago
  • Did you see the.kid and the police officer at the beggining lol

    JMCH1988JMCH19886 days ago
  • I remember seeing that altercation at the beginning live and I remember exactly what happened after. Curry hitting that buzzer beater to end the half and run straight into the locker room

    CynicalString56CynicalString566 days ago
  • Look at curry man

    Xavier WilliamsXavier Williams6 days ago
  • Laugh

    Xavier WilliamsXavier Williams6 days ago
  • Westbrook: Who is he? *Someone who has a higher 3 point percentage that ur field goal percentage*

    ItsJeffyItsJeffy7 days ago
    • 😂 😂 😂 Actually true

      100k subscribers without a video challenge100k subscribers without a video challenge3 days ago
  • "Look at curry man so inspirational"

  • look at Westbrook man

    Aditya GuptaAditya Gupta7 days ago
  • look at curry man

    Aditya GuptaAditya Gupta7 days ago
  • Laugh

    Graham SleddGraham Sledd7 days ago
  • Curry said he is the best

    Joseph DavisJoseph Davis7 days ago
  • What westbrook doesn't got any mvps??

    _Elite Trooper__Elite Trooper_7 days ago
  • Can you make a story about Micheal Jordan

    Blue Apples3Blue Apples37 days ago
  • someone asking westbrook about stephen curry, westbrook answer : "I dont care no matter what he say.. who is he?" and now westbrook left the thunder team "he is a nobody" you disrespect others, faith will disrespect you

    Corona VirusCorona Virus7 days ago
  • & dame hit tha shot on pg clearly

    Jaylan TaylorJaylan Taylor7 days ago
  • ion like the way you dog’n russ..

    Jaylan TaylorJaylan Taylor7 days ago

    Karen MarieKaren Marie7 days ago
  • 0:31 finally some one notices.

    Valtryek GamingValtryek Gaming8 days ago
  • Title achieved? Curry¿ Westbrook-Triple Double MVP SOLID WESTBROOK❤

    Christian NambioChristian Nambio9 days ago
  • Look at curry man, laugh

    Arkatek GamingArkatek Gaming9 days ago
  • Westbrook trash no rings ...

    BendemptionBendemption9 days ago
  • Look at curry man- I mean laugh

    Ethan DickinsonEthan Dickinson9 days ago
  • Did this dumbass jus say curry ain’t better than klay Iggie and dray or is he talking about d

    Kariem GomaaKariem Gomaa10 days ago
  • Stealing is part of defense... go argue with ur village people

    Nedu DeeNedu Dee10 days ago
  • Curry is the 2nd best Pg all time and 12th all time

    Basketball WowBasketball Wow10 days ago
  • Curry is the NBA today the most exciting player to watch. FACTS!

    Ricardo Diaz RuizRicardo Diaz Ruiz10 days ago
    • No he's not shooting a bunch of 3s ain't exciting

      Grant420Grant4206 days ago
  • Hahaha Westbrook who is he?

    Ricardo Diaz RuizRicardo Diaz Ruiz10 days ago
  • Westbrook be like: i dont care what he say, who is he. His status:sucks at threes, Chocks alot, Flops alot, Mvp only one Champoindhip:0 Stehphen curry:3-xchamp 2-mvp back to back 7-all star The best shooter ever seen. Wesbrook:gets humiliated alot in deep threes

    Nicolegend 30 officialNicolegend 30 official10 days ago
  • Westbrook is a trash guy 😂😂😂😂

    ka chubby boyka chubby boy10 days ago
  • Laugh

    Dat Wanna BeDat Wanna Be11 days ago
  • Simple, Curry is better at shooting, Westbrook is more of a beast down low.

    Master NTCMaster NTC11 days ago
    • Curry might not have Westbrook's athleticism but is also a beast down low because of his skill he is a more skill player and hardwork always beats talent curry is talented but does not have most players gift but is skilled thats why he is one of the best players in the world and the best pg and in a lot of eyes the best pg of all time.

      Cool SmithCool Smith9 days ago
  • Who are u westbrook? A ringless bullsht

    Boyet QuiñonesBoyet Quiñones11 days ago
  • no way to russ..russ is worst player of baketball as a point guard..low IQ...step is the real deal..2 mvp 3champs best shooter ever?who is he?hahaha go to hell russ

    Raquel AlfaroRaquel Alfaro11 days ago
  • Ethan gots a point

    Buddy-_-Buddy-_-11 days ago
  • 4:39 like ya cut g

    Andre JohnsonAndre Johnson12 days ago
  • "Everyone wants to see you good but not better than them"

    Tzuyu PlaysTzuyu Plays12 days ago