The Time Patrick Beverley TRASH TALKED Russell Westbrook And INSTANTLY Regretted It (Ft NBA Defense)

May 29, 2020
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Russell Westbrook was mocked and trash talked by Patrick Beverley and made him regret it.
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This current season, Westbrook is on the Rockets and Beverley has found a home on the Clippers. In their very first game of this season, Harden would drop 47 points with Beverley guarding him from time to time. Actually that comes later on, but yeah. Westbrook himself had a pretty horrible game shooting 30% from the field on 20 points. Russ for the most part was guarded by Bev and so after the game, he was asked whether Bev’s defense was really that annoying. His response (trick y’all).
So going back to this play, some excused it for Beverley just being Beverley, injuring Westbrook after going for a ball.On March 11, 2014, after the whistle blows, Beverley puts his hands on Westbrook and of course Westbrook loses it. It makes sense, that was the same play that took Westbrook out for months and there was justifiable anger. Throughout the game there was just physical play. Throughout the years, it was more physical play. In the 2017 playoffs, there was a hard foul and you guessed it, more arguing. Westbrook mocking Bev had me dying.
It is true that Beverley would scream out 1st team all defense randomly so Russ was pretty much mocking that saying he had 42 on him.
That was the first real time they trash talked each other and not just some yelling out of anger. But they wouldn’t play until a whole year later so nothing would really escalate and no real chance to retaliate.
Their next game would be just a few days later on November 22, 2019. This game would be back forth. In this game, Beverley was matched up with Harden so he wasn’t guarding Westbrook for almost all the game. But despite that, Westbrook still didn’t have a good game. He only had 22 points on 41% from the field and 1 of 7 3 pointers from the field. This is the game that this happened (Harden crossing Beverley). Paul George was horrible from the field, shooting 27% from the field, Kawhi was doing his thing and had 24 on 56% from the field. Harden was going off, he had 37 points, 12 assists, and 8 boards on 56% from the field and 46% from 3.
Kawhi hits the midrange jumper to go ahead. Harden has the ball with Kawhi guarding him, PG comes over with the double leaving Russ wide open.
Yeah Beverley mocks Westbrook’s shot. And to be fair, Westbrook was shooting 22% from 3 upto that point in the season. Westbrook was shooting bricks. Westbrook can be seen visibly calling Bev “trash”.
And as soon as the game started, it was on. Westbrook was making midrange shots over everyone, making circus shots and just barrelling through defenders. Once again, Patrick Beverley wasn’t guarding Westbrook. On top of that Westbrook was getting to the line since none of the Clippers could keep him in front. Not even Kawhi. Yeah. Russ would end up going to the line 13 times and surprisingly make 12 of them. And then in the third quarter, the Rockets swing the ball to Russ. Beverley does shows and runs back to Harden. Russ takes the three and hits it. Right after, he points at Bev. If you remember, that’s the same spot that Russ had just missed the game winning three and the three that Beverley had mocked him.
Westbrook would continue carrying the Rockets and end the game with 40 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists. Towards the end of the game, Beverley picks up his 6th foul in a 3 point game. Russ keeps taunting Bev as he’s leaving the court. Russ gets the tech as Harden pushes him away. The Rockets would win the game and afterwards, Westbrook just said (nothing new).
But what do you think? Who’s the most competitive player in the league.

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    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY4 months ago
    • I'm a Rocket bleeder and I love P Bev. Now we have Russ. Put it this way..... If I had to pick 2 guys in the NBA to go into an alley battle in ChiRaq I will pick Beverly & Westbrook without blinking an eye✊✊

      AlphaProjeKtAlphaProjeKt3 months ago
    • @Hamdi Hersi Now... Not 1925 😂

      AlphaProjeKtAlphaProjeKt3 months ago
    • 3:30 dat was a nice pace Ong 💯🤟🏾

      CloutBoyShug TvCloutBoyShug Tv4 months ago
    • You can tell you just started watching basketball

      Dream Different SocietyDream Different Society4 months ago
    • Can you do steph vs pat......he can’t hold curry AT ALL 🤣

      DavinciiiDavinciii4 months ago
  • Pv is trash

    Ronald MendozaRonald Mendoza20 minutes ago
  • My favorite part of this video was the sound effect of the glass breaking when Russ bricked the 3pt

    greglaroda242greglaroda2428 days ago
  • Westbrook is a dog with amazing talent and will, Beverly is a dog with amazing will..

    Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha8 days ago
  • Mock

    Phillip MichaelsPhillip Michaels12 days ago
  • Well now there’s one with Damian Lillard

    SamYGSamYG13 days ago
  • Bottomline cry baby beverly is trash

    Rio GRio G16 days ago
  • Both trash

    Lone WolfLone Wolf17 days ago
  • Russell

    RB - 03ZZ 857108 Chris Hadfield PSRB - 03ZZ 857108 Chris Hadfield PS19 days ago
  • He have changed a bit when we were kid pat was a bully on the court lol I never got my ball back

    Von HoustonVon Houston19 days ago
  • crazy how you said "championship banner" ang show lakers.. and then followed up by Butler.. Lakers and Miami are currently in good position for NBA Finals by the way...

    Seymour ButtsSeymour Butts25 days ago
  • Only seen Russ get locked up once & it was by Lebron James @ 35

    Red KingRed King25 days ago
  • Bev is just on crack man he always delusional

    Gifted skillzGifted skillz26 days ago
  • Mock

    Blue_moon GamingBlue_moon Gaming26 days ago
  • mock

    Shercore ChambersShercore Chambers27 days ago
  • I don't like Russ but Beverly is just reckless defensively and I can't stand him. I wish Westbrook would just knock him out.

    THE-MEDTHE-MED29 days ago
  • This could have been a 4 min video

    jodhveer GIlljodhveer GIllMonth ago
  • Cancun on 3 😂😂

    Manu ElManu ElMonth ago
  • This was really Good

    J ProfitJ ProfitMonth ago
  • ALM

    Shawnmatt VideosShawnmatt VideosMonth ago
  • I don’t think beverly wanted to play basketball i think he just wants people ejected

    Timothy O'Neil, JrTimothy O'Neil, JrMonth ago
  • I enjoy watching the russ westbrook & pat beverly match up. The competetiveness be on 10

    Devin NixonDevin NixonMonth ago
  • hope Rockets and Clippers meet in the WCF so that can see this kind of competition again.

    Ahoy ChoyAhoy ChoyMonth ago
  • Patrick Beverley is too cocky dude can disappear at times. He’s low-key overrated

    Hubaldo SaldanaHubaldo SaldanaMonth ago
  • big deal. westBrick is still Ringless, will always be ringless is a ball Hog and now we all know. He will Never enter the Ring of Champions

    p Yop YoMonth ago
  • Irony: The Rockets trade CP3 for Russ & now the Thunder is the better team 😂

    Fotosynthesis858Fotosynthesis858Month ago
  • If only Pat Beverly’s game was as loud as his bark 😂🗣🗣🗣

    Fotosynthesis858Fotosynthesis858Month ago
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    XGN Dub 7XGN Dub 7Month ago
  • Dont test the relentlessness of russ.

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    SNKY_ ArnokSNKY_ Arnok2 months ago
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    give all glory To god the time is Now!give all glory To god the time is Now!2 months ago
  • 💀patrick Beverley is crazy

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    WisdomTime 2019WisdomTime 20192 months ago
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    Wes GamerWes Gamer2 months ago
  • Imagine playing a team consisting of PG: Bev SG: Russ SF: Butler PF: Draymond C: Embiid There would be minimum 4 tech/game

    Mild ChaosMild Chaos2 months ago
    • Garbage team

      Rio GRio G16 days ago
  • Westbrook’s the goat

    Jamie HigginsJamie Higgins2 months ago
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    I'M specialI'M special2 months ago
  • Dont care if they hate each other. The only thing fo sure is that pat bev aint getting a ring.

    Jewel MagalitJewel Magalit2 months ago
  • The two do not compare Westbrook is infinitely better than Bev

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    G1LLƎSG1LLƎS2 months ago
  • Ones a top 3 pg , the other is getting 30ppg dropped on him every game😂

    Keenan DallasKeenan Dallas2 months ago
  • beverly is a drama queen

    Jaykob HirschlerJaykob Hirschler2 months ago
  • Beverly shouldn’t be allowed in the league man, the way he plays fake defense and hurts players is some trash

    Robby FosterRobby Foster2 months ago
  • Aye Westbrook didn't have a bad game when harden hit that shot he played his roll

    Matthew BanksMatthew Banks2 months ago
  • Russ needs a ring man

    Mario BrunoMario Bruno2 months ago
  • russ 110 times better

    Drayk TheDudeDrayk TheDude2 months ago
  • Lol regretted it? Beverly shuts him and garden down...of westbrook puts up 30 and needs 40 shots to get it thats not efficient

    wil rodwil rod2 months ago
  • Russ is the most competitive

    MikeMike2 months ago
  • U can tell russ scared of bev

    MoneyMarqsMoneyMarqs2 months ago
  • please dont ever compare the two ever its not close at all top 3 pg maybe top 2 and a “defensive specialist” who isnt really that good at defense when he gets 30 consistently dropped on him

    Noz hunchoNoz huncho2 months ago
  • That's why russ is my favorite player, he never backs down from anybody, always going 2000% every single game, and has a real passion for basketball.

    CynicalCynical2 months ago
  • RIP George Floyd ✊🏼

    Aaron O'RourkeAaron O'Rourke3 months ago
  • Yea but he fucked up his knee

  • Lmao 42 took him 45 shots to get too 42 💀

    Alexis SierraAlexis Sierra3 months ago
  • Ppl act like he guarded James that whole game

    Alexis SierraAlexis Sierra3 months ago
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    Silenced YessirSilenced Yessir3 months ago
  • Westbrook all day and I used to play with Beverly in high school he has always been tenacious on defense.

    kisp14kisp143 months ago
  • Westbrook’s after game interviews will forever be classics 😂

    Ysn CarriYsn Carri3 months ago
  • Am I tripping or did he jus say the n word at 7:42

    KenzoKenzo3 months ago
  • Mock all day

    Kasper HalstensenKasper Halstensen3 months ago
  • I love Westbrook but holy fuck Beverley is one of the most annoying and dumbest players I’ve ever seen. Him along with Draymond are two of my most hated players of all time.

    MadmansmittyMadmansmitty3 months ago
  • Bigggg mockkkkkk

    Cam PryorCam Pryor3 months ago
  • 40 points on 30 shots is like really good. Idk how many threes he had but in theory it only means he missed 10 shots

    Xxxtentacion got the Krabby party formulaXxxtentacion got the Krabby party formula3 months ago
  • Both pit bulls but bev from the streets so hes hungrier

    Pain'tPain't3 months ago
  • Bev n Westbrook not similar breeds bev not even a Tony Allen breed 🤣 you tried it tho

    D SmithD Smith3 months ago
  • Russ is the most competitive player no matter what he giving it his all

    TreTha SteppaTreTha Steppa3 months ago
  • Russ will always be the most athletic and competitive guard in history

    Monsuta BongzMonsuta Bongz3 months ago
  • He did try, and succeeded, to hurt him. He does dirty shit like that all the time

    Thunder UpThunder Up3 months ago
  • I honestly respect him and his passion

    EddietheYetiEddietheYeti3 months ago
  • Anyone else not subscribed bc of how often he asks

    Louis WilkinsonLouis Wilkinson3 months ago
  • Fun Fact: Russ was a much lower rated high school recruit then Bev. Bev was around 60 and Russ unranked (rivals). One went undrafted and the other was a top 3 pick. Shows how hard Russ worked/works compared to Bev.

    35robert1635robert163 months ago
  • So Beverly a crackhead? I mean the hair is enough to convince me

    Nicolasz kwjNicolasz kwj3 months ago
  • Russ everyday, all day

    Christian EshunChristian Eshun3 months ago
  • What’s up with this youtuber he literally hates Westbrook this the first video actually good about him but he was still talking shit about him

    Draco BTWDraco BTW3 months ago
  • Ja

    remi98remi983 months ago
  • Is there a actual Beverly fan??

    CrackedGoated 0CrackedGoated 03 months ago
    • My guy

      Von HoustonVon Houston19 days ago
    • 🙌🏽

      Saidot.Saidot.Month ago
  • And this is why we have fighting in hockey

    Logan SLogan S3 months ago
  • Westbrook was clearly wrong speaking “he can’t guard nobody” and there are many proofs for it. Beverley however is a straight piece of shit most of the times he steps on the court, physicality doesn’t equal hard fouls every single time causing injuries, that’s some Bill Laimbeer stuff, it’s not MMA, just basketball.

    Krzysztof OstrowskiKrzysztof Ostrowski3 months ago
  • In the '80s and '90s rivalries were a normal thing. Players then downright hated each other. They were out for blood🤬😠They would end players' careers from injuries.

    DreydenDreyden3 months ago
  • I really hate Beverly, but I'm ngl, I would love to have him on my team. I'm sure most people would too.

    Edward GarciaEdward Garcia3 months ago
  • Imagine Westbrook and Beverly on the same team

    Esteem RainEsteem Rain3 months ago
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    Takeoff 824Takeoff 8243 months ago
  • beverley is trash, he just does it so westbrook doesnt get attention

    SkelpixSkelpix3 months ago
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    andres delbustoandres delbusto3 months ago
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    XDomYTXDomYT3 months ago
  • Your content is dope but there are so many reaches in this. You just come out of this looking like either you're a Westbrook Hater or you love that other trash guy loooooool

    Leon GLeon G3 months ago
  • If you think Beverly better than westbrook then something wrong bruh lmao

    BoyWantsSomePizzaRolls YTBoyWantsSomePizzaRolls YT4 months ago
  • A guy under 6' 5" made it to the NBA and you say he's "not that talented" literally no one in the NBA has said that about him you just made that up. I think you should retract that statement considering you look like you don't even have strength to even lift a basketball🤣😂

    Top This!Top This!4 months ago
    • No 🧢

      Von HoustonVon Houston19 days ago
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    Albert VillalobosAlbert Villalobos4 months ago
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    Albert VillalobosAlbert Villalobos4 months ago
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    MrDblock876 . JosephMrDblock876 . Joseph4 months ago