The Time Michael Jordan TRASH Talked Kobe Bryant And Instantly REGRETTED It (Ft NBA Rivalry & Shoes)

Apr 17, 2020
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Michael Jordan trash talked Kobe Bryant, but would instantly regret it. #NBA #Kobe #Jordan
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Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have had a brotherly relationship. Kobe came into the league in 1996 at age of 18, Jordan had just won his 4th championship at the age of 33. Now ESPN is releasing the Jordan documentary and Jordan thinks that it would make people think he’s a horrible guy.
This story starts back when Kobe’s 19. It’s the 1997 season, Kobe’s breakout season. In his rookie season, he barely got to play averaging 15 minutes a game. He was practicing moves without the ball during this time (show Shaq clip) but his second season was different. An all-star, but perhaps more importantly, it was the start of the comparisons between Kobe and MJ, especially after the December 12th game. Kobe had just had two consecutive games of which he had career highs, 27 points against Houston, then 30 against the Mavs. And this game was another coming out party. Jordan came out guns blazing, and Kobe came and answered. Both were hitting jump shots over each other and Kobe hits this fade on him. It’s the game where this famous clip happens when Kobe is asking Jordan for advice. Kobe gets a new career high with 33, Jordan gets 36 and the win. It started the conversation on Kobe as the future. That carries into the next matchup and this time the matchup is all about Kobe and MJ. This time the Lakers won in a 25 point blowout and Kobe scored 20 while Jordan had 31.
Yes Kobe and Jordan would face off more and more and they would go at it, not as student teacher, but as competitors. They still hadn’t really talked off the court, not until Phil Jackson wanted to arrange a meeting between the two. It’s 1999, Jordan’s retired, again. Dang it Jordan. Jackson wanted Kobe to be a little more patient. Kobe’s heading to stardom at the age of 21, but Phil wanted him to set up the offense for Shaq instead of doing the normal 21 year old thing and take over. So Phil gets Jordan to come to Staples Center after a game, Jordan and Phil are chilling in a room, Kobe walks in for this meeting, and the first thing he says to Jordan, “You know I could kick your ass one-on-one.”
That’s when their brotherly relationship started. They were still rivals, but Jordan became a sort of big brother. Jordan said that Kobe would call him in the middle of the night to ask him questions and pick his brain, that it would get annoying but he understood it.
Kobe and Jordan bantered in the 2002 playoff game, at this point Kobe had 2 rings averaging 28 points a game and he was showing the talent that everyone was talking about a few years ago.
It was all fun and games until the next season. The Lakers face the Wizards on November 8 2002. Kobe had 27 points, Jordan had 25, but the Wizards came up with the 1 point win. That was already bad enough, but MJ being MJ had to talk his smack and told Kobe that “You can put the shoes on, but you aint ever gonna fill em.” Kobe was wearing Jordan 7s during that game.
That got Kobe mad, so mad that for 2 weeks, Kobe was silent. He didn’t speak to any of his teammates. Gilbert Arenas told this story.
Remember, Kobe has wanted to be great, Jordan was the guy he was getting compared to and who people were saying that he was copying. So for Jordan to say that was definitely a blow to his ego. And like Arenas said, everyone knew what was coming up next. Also. Gilbert Arenas is fun.
The Wizards would be up on March 28th. And man did he go off. Shot after shot, midrange, fadeaway, all in the face of Jordan. He scored 42 points in the first half including 8 3 pointers and at one point 9 consecutive shots. Yeah it was a massacre. It didn’t matter who was guarding him, especially when it was Jordan. His teammates already knew that was going to happen and they knew to give him the ball early and often. Let’s just say it wasn’t the first time that this sort of thing had happened. Maybe the most interesting part about this was that Kobe was making jokes at Jordan’s expense, laughing at him while wearing Jordan 3 PEs. That was a statement. Kobe wasn’t scared of MJ and he proved a point that those shoes, maybe those shoes could be filled.
Kobe and Jordan were alike in so many ways. They had this insatiable drive to be the best. They wanted to destroy their opponents and tear them down. Definitely tear them down. They were competitive beasts and we were lucky enough to see them go head to head. Jordan passed the torch to Kobe that night. A rare, amazing moment, but what do you think? Who would win in a 1 v 1, Kobe or Jordan?

  • Kobe or Jordan? Twitch- Tik Tok-

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    • @Tyceria Alexander both

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  • rip kobe bryant and gigi rest up love you guys

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  • Mj would win

    Mark WashingtonMark Washington18 hours ago
  • same shot

    Jhorenz Mhieguelle T. SordillaJhorenz Mhieguelle T. Sordilla2 days ago
  • Series MJ... but not before Kobe goes for a bunch of 50 games on him. MJ is the GOAT but Kobe had the bacon sizzle that made watching both so exciting. You come to watch both go at it. Top competitors I ever saw do it.

    Francis BawasantaFrancis Bawasanta2 days ago
  • I think both are great but I do think Michael Jordan would win in his prime

    lois Griffinlois Griffin3 days ago
  • Shoes

    Brandon.D.WBrandon.D.W3 days ago
  • Who would win in a 1v1? Jordan or Kobe? Lebron.

    daniel ciprianodaniel cipriano3 days ago
  • kobe never passed the torch he couldnt even pass the ball before died for that matter

    aiden youngaiden young3 days ago
  • Their best performances occurred when they accepted the greatness they knew all people had & allowed themselves to feel their own..

    Douglas ArmstrongDouglas Armstrong3 days ago
  • Shoes

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  • Kobe would win against Jordan (shoe)

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  • Kobe

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  • 🖕🏼 to you and your greedy “2 commercial before a video shit” 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼- never watching anything from you again

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  • Kobe wasnt even in his prims when he used yo play jordan anx jordan was struggling

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  • Kobe Bryant

    gaming dantegaming dante4 days ago
  • Both in their prime . Im the #1 Kobe Laker fan. Fuck everybody else. But Jordan would win and Kobe would loose by Maybe 2 points .

    Rico RodriguezRico Rodriguez4 days ago
  • In their prime Kobe verses Jordan first to 100 points it would be Jordan 100 Kobe 99 thats how close their skill sets and drive to win is.

    LouisLouis4 days ago
  • That’s wasn’t trash talk

    Lazysyncz- YTLazysyncz- YT5 days ago
    • If you have time bro bro can you check this out man? God bless you and have a good day man!🤟🏽

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  • Kobe is a god

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    • If you have time bro bro can you check this out man? God bless you and have a good day man!🤟🏽

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  • It's the oldest out do myth that will always be around. Big brother, little brother, father son, older team mate to younger team mate. You will never Every Out Do Me!!!! Tough Love, Tough teacher...

    Parker GrimesParker Grimes6 days ago
  • I just glad I lived soon and long enough to watch them both beginning to end😥

    Ben OttBen Ott6 days ago
  • MJ will win easily

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  • Kobe ain't shit compared to Jordan

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  • Shoes

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  • He never regretted it. Relax.

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  • MJ of course..not bcoz Kobe beat Jordan when he was only a young 24 yr old dude , domt forgertge othwr age .4 yr old Jordanm. Jordan beating him would nake a more ridiculous story. .a 41 dude beat a 24 yr old kid ..thar doesnt sound nce.. Ok why nor t imagine if kobe met up with a 24 yr old MJ....u think hed be able to beat MJ ? I think we know. The answer to that liol

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  • We dont to compared the two them. There were who they are. They are diff. MJ is the Goat. KB is legend. R.I.P mamba.

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  • Jordan is the best period.....

    Shane BearShane Bear9 days ago
  • Kobe is the GOAT

    llucasllucas9 days ago

    Lincoln BurrowesLincoln Burrowes9 days ago
  • Watching Kobe and Jordan is like watching Goku and Vegeta one is the best and will always be the best and always wants to get better while the other wants to be the best

    Lightning boltLightning bolt9 days ago
  • Kobe lit his own torch, Jordan didnt pass Down anything to kobe. Kobe trained, practice and won rings without jordan.

    Andre FranklinAndre Franklin9 days ago
  • Kobe is the only one worthy to compare on jordan unlike some wannabe goat

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  • MJ didn't call himself black Jesus. Dude get yourself together

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  • a dead man against a living fossil hm

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  • MJ already said Kobe is the only guy who could beat him. But then through a jab at him and said only because he stole all my moves lol

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  • Jordan sucks. Only scored a career high of 66 in a game. Talk to me when he scores 81.....

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  • Michael stop talking to the dead like that

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  • He took it personally

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  • R.I.P Kobe and GiGi and everybody else that died in the helicopter crash🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • The picture pissed me off Micheal Jordan never said that and he never regrets anything he says

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  • MJ was old against Kobe at the time but my will win my opinion

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  • And people wanna say Lebron is the next Jordan nah we lost our next Jordan 😢

    Boogie 300Boogie 30013 days ago
  • I got all love for kobe but mj is still clearly the better one. Kobe tried to be jordan, and came the closest anyone’s ever gotten. But the fact is that he’s been chasing Jordan his whole career

    Anfernee ManansalaAnfernee Manansala13 days ago
  • Great content but we all know Mjs the bus driver

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  • still cant beleive now that this great human being passed away

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  • Nobody will move like MJ for the next 30 Years. Still, a touching story

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  • Jan 2020 - Kobe passed away. This video - April 2020. Me: Oct 2020 Still missing Kobe Bryant. Even with Lebron and AD about to claim the prize, LAKER NATION will most likely honor Kobe. LeBron will honor KOBE. Still too soon for me. He didn't have to keep playing, but everybody who loved him just wanted him around.

    SpinRush_C1SpinRush_C116 days ago
  • Kobe just wasn’t quite as nasty as Jordan, he wasn’t 100% willing to pay the same price as Jordan for the GOAT title, and I can respect anyone for that, my personality would never let things go beyond minor trash talk. Sure he had one hell of a competitive nature but Jordan took things to another level. If Kobe has been wired a little more like Jordan history as we know it could’ve been very different but Kobe just didn’t have the desire to mess with people to the extent in which Jordan did, he was fearless and didn’t let it ever get to him, at least not in a way that negatively impacted his game which is damn respectable considering the heads MJ messed up over the years lol. GOAT=Jordan....aside from Pippens help, it’s mostly because he “wanted” it more. Whatever it meant outside of cheating. Side note: I don’t THINK he ever referred to himself as black Jesus lol. He may have called himself that in certain situations after proving a point to someone, but I’m pretty sure he earned that nickname, or at least he never initially named himself that, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that

    Bob ColeBob Cole16 days ago
  • Kobe as Sasuke and MJ as Itachi

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  • boring voice over

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  • It wasnt trash talk but prime jordan vs that kobe would be a game to the death! Neither would admit defeat even tho i feel jordan eats him :) best of 3. Best of 5. Best of 7 best of 11. ....... forever! Lol

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  • The two most over rated players 😂😂😂

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  • Michael Jordan

    Play Smith 2Play Smith 218 days ago
  • The fact that Mugsy Bogues was guarding Jordan says a lot about the defense of Jordan’s era. Jordan was guarded by shorter guards during his entire career. According to DRTGs, Jordan played in a much weaker defensive league than Kobe. While Jordan had 5’5 to 6’4 guards guarding him that he could shoot over all day, none in the east being All Team Defenders except Joe Dumars, Kobe played in the conference of All Team Defenders. Teams would trade for 6’7 small forwards whose ONLY job was to guard Kobe. Pippen guarded the best perimeter players on the other team while Kobe himself defended the best perimeter player. I always use this analogy when comparing Jordan to Kobe, It’s like a video game, Jordan was the best player in “normal” mode and Kobe was the best player in “super insanity mode”. I use this because Jordan wouldn’t have done as well in Kobe’s era but Kobe would have DOMINATED Jordan’s era. Can you imagine Kobe facing the small guards that guarded Jorda and the 3 point line being almost 2 feet closer for a few seasons. Those Kobe top of the key Jumpers would have been 3 pointers for 3 seasons if Kobe played in Jordan’s era. 40 plus average for 3 seasons? Jordan came at a perfect time, the Celtics and Pistons were all retiring, besides the Bulls, there were no other great TEAMS in the east. Kobe had to play through the Spurs, Suns, Kings every single year. All had All Defense First teamers guarding Kobe. Jordan had an aging Joe Dumars to shoot over. I would put Kobe/Shaq Lakers against ANY Bulls team ANY year.

    TCBTCB18 days ago
  • prime jordan any day prime kobe good, but without jordan, there is no kobe

    Wendell LeeWendell Lee19 days ago