The Time Gilbert Arenas TRASH TALKED Kobe Bryant And Got OWNED (Ft. NBA Rivalry, Defense, Mongoose)

Jun 5, 2020
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Kobe Bryant and Gilbert Arenas had their NBA battles and trash talked each other. Kobe had the last laugh. #NBA #Kobe #TrashTalk
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Gilbert heard that Kobe would be on the court at 3 PM for a 7 PM game day doing his own practice which was absurd and something that Arenas thought was a myth. So when the Warriors would play the Lakers, Arenas heads to the court at 2:30 and exactly at 3, Kobe shows up with his trainer. They actually try to kick out Gilbert because they didn’t know who he was and Gilbert had to explain to them that he was actually an NBA player. But this was how Kobe learned of Gilbert. Yeah that’s how much Arenas was a nobody. Arenas would just watch Kobe’s routine. Apparently, Gilbert’s friend had met Kobe at Disneyland and told Kobe that Arenas was coming for him to which Kobe responded with, “”You mean the guy at the end of the bench, yeah ok”.
You have to remember that Kobe is that dude. He’s getting compared to Michael Jordan, leveraging 27 points in the playoffs, a 3 time champion doing all the while coming out of high school. On top of that, he was just a killer and at this point, his reputation was being cemented. In the 2005-06 season, Gilbert is torching the league, he would end up averaging 29.3 points and 6.1 assists. Kobe was without Shaq and would average 35.4 points per game in a season with a pace of 90.2 which is 10 less possessions per team per game than today. Yeah, these two were on another level. And while they had their battles, still nothing between them. The 2006-07 season in which Gilbert averaged 28.4 points, Kobe averaged 31.4. Just monsters in their own rights. And on December 26, 2006, Arenas went into another mode. Gilbert was just on fire, he was driving with reckless abandon, getting to the line 27 times. But with Gilbert going off, so was Kobe Bryant. Through three quarters, Gilbert has 29, Kobe has 32. Gilbert would almost never guard Kobe, as he said he wasn’t that dumb. Gotta love Gill’s honesty.
The Lakers would be down 10, Kobe would lead a comeback. Arenas would have a chance to hit the game winner on Kobe, but misses it. As the game heads into overtime, one of Gil’s teammates come up to him and tells him that he has 44 and that he could finally go for 50. This being Gilbert Arenas, that instantly becomes motivation and in overtime (Arenas).
The Wizards would win behind Arenas scoring 16 points in OT. Gil ends the game with 60 points. Kobe ends the game with 45 points, 10 assists and 8 boards. After the game, Caron Butler is on the phone with Kobe since Caron and Kobe were close. Gilbert tells Caron to put him on speaker and proceeds to tell Kobe that The Black Mongoose was a name that Spencer Haywood, his teammate, came up with since that was the natural enemy to the Black Mamba and that nickname was relatively new at the time.
Kobe’s response to that was that “I’m gonna remember that when I come see y’all in DC.”
The funny thing is that before this game, Gilbert declared that he would drop 35 on Kobe and the Lakers. Remember, at that point in time, Kobe was a 6 time All defensive team member, but Gilbert really called his number like that. Also, Kobe said "I'm sure I'll be on him a little bit. That's one of the things that was puzzling to me. After the game it was like, 'Gilbert gives Kobe 60.' I didn't even guard Gilbert until overtime. It was pretty silly to me. But that's how it goes. That's how it is."
The Lakers meet the Wizards and at the beginning of the game, Kobe doesn’t shake any hands. Instead he goes straight to Gilbert, pats him on the butt, and says remember, you asked for this. And then Kobe went to work. Spencer Haywood called it a 1 v 1 battle. Kobe an Gilbert were going back and forth and as Haywood recalls, Kobe just torched them, he shot 14 of 26 from the field and was pretty much making any shot, pacing the Lakers. Gilbert was showing Curry range, but shot 9 of 29 from the field, which is why when Gil and Haywood remember that game, they remember Kobe kicking their ass. Gilbert did follow through on his 35 point prediction, ending the game with 37. Kobe ended the game with 39 points and a 16 point dub, following through on his words.

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