The TALLEST High School Basketball Player That's Still TOO Small For The NBA

Aug 16, 2019
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The tallest high school basketball player, Robert Bobroczky, has kind of disappeared. It’s hard to lose the 7’ 7” 19 year old so what happened to LaMelo’s teammate? #NBA #TALLEST
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Here we are, 1 year after I first talked about Robert Bobroczky, the 7 foot 7 17 year old and when I called him a stickman. But it’s weird that he hasn’t been talked about more, especially since now he’s 19 years old and since he was supposed to be in the spotlight with LaMelo, so I wanted to breakdown Robert and see what’s happened to him.
So for those that don’t know Robert Bobrocsky, he was a 17 year old Romanian senior that was 7’ 7”, weighing only 190 pounds. That’s why he legit looks photoshopped. His dad stands at 7’ 1” and played on the national team alongside Gheorghe Muresan, you know the tallest player in NBA History at 7’ 7.5”. Robert’s mom is 6’ 1” and so after numerous tests, it’s been concluded that Robert’s height isn’t some disease, it’s just good old genetics. At the age of 14, Robert was recruited by A.S. Stella Azzurra, the institution in Italy that has produced amazing talent like Andrea Bargnani.
In 2016 he transferred over to SPIRE Institute in Ohio with the main goal of putting on more mass. At the age of 16 at 7’ 7”, 180 pounds, there were some serious risks for injury, for exhaustion, and he would instantly break if someone backed him down. Rob’s fees were covered through a scholarship and so you would think that at top-notch facilities with personal trainers focusing on one goal after one whole high school season, that Robert would show some progress right? He was 190 pounds.The more important note was that Robert wasn’t really putting on much weight despite being on 5000 calories diet. SPIRE had him on a very different set of exercises, lowering his basketball practice to preserve weight while trying to work on all his muscle groups. 1 year later and now Robert was 195 pounds at the age of 18. It’s not as if he isn’t giving it his all, trainers have said he’s fully committed to following through on the diet and lifting. Now Robert was getting ready to play in his Senior year alongside LaMelo Ball, and that’s when news about him really resurfaced. With LaMelo on SPIRE, people thought we would get to see more of Robert because there would be more media coverage on SPIRE. The season goes along and there is a lot of coverage on SPIRE and LaMelo, but Rob doesn’t even play. Rob didn’t play in any of the games. Now that’s weird for a guy in his junior year who’s trying to make it in college basketball. He wants to make a D1 school and eventually make the NBA as the second Romanian player ever. The only reason I can see is that Robert has had scoliosis for a while. Scoliosis is a curve in the spine which could be due to bad posture or just a large frame. Because he developed it when he was younger, his hips have been misaligned by several inches. This causes back pain and other issues running up and down the court. That explains the awkward run. That also explain why he’s really can’t take any weight, because his center of gravity and core are all out of line. This leads to less stability.
Different sources report different current weights. Most sources stick with his weight being 220 pounds. MaxPreps has his weight listed at 225 pounds. If that is true, then Robert really is doing well weight wise. I don’t know how he went from gaining 5-10 pounds in a year to 25-30 pounds, but that’s progress. The fact that there is no news is what is kinda scary. He does have one more year of high school left even though he’s 19 and so I guess we’ll have to see in his senior year, but he hasn’t received any offers from college. So yeah, Robert Bobroczky was the tallest high school basketball player. But now he’s sort of fading into the background. But what do you think? Can Robert make the NBA?

  • Get stick bugged lol

    Miks Dāvis EglītisMiks Dāvis Eglītis3 hours ago
  • He needs to eat before doin gym

    Rafael GamingRafael Gaming3 hours ago
  • Imagine how much you'd have to eat to be big at that height.

    Danny HelserDanny Helser7 hours ago
  • I hope he doesn't dislike his body but I can't help but feel bad for the guy.

    Danny HelserDanny Helser7 hours ago
  • Imagine he gets buff and keeps his height

    Quay DaGodQuay DaGod9 hours ago
    • Giant

      SkroozSkroozHour ago
  • I bet he's got a slong..NO HOMO

    Creed MooreCreed Moore9 hours ago
  • He skipped neck day

    Brody PattersonBrody Patterson12 hours ago
  • He broke his neck

    Brody PattersonBrody Patterson12 hours ago
  • This is legit sad

    D CruznD Cruzn12 hours ago
  • Imagine walking in the night and being this dude.

    Toad MotoToad Moto14 hours ago
  • He's 7 7 but his neck is atleast a foot

    Jim KaneJim Kane15 hours ago
  • Dude is so fn skinny lmao

    Jim KaneJim Kane15 hours ago
  • He is slenderman

    Christopher SteinbachChristopher Steinbach15 hours ago
  • Him wide neck and longneck need a colab lmfao 🤪 wow. Body proportions lol

    coonus1coonus120 hours ago
  • Wait till this dude gets GAINZ

    юань Fríoюань Frío23 hours ago
  • This guy makes Bol Bol look like a bodybuilder

    MONAMONADay ago
  • damn he look like from the fifa 98 graphics sadly

    bobi shopiniobobi shopinioDay ago
  • Tall

    DaZe_ ClipZDaZe_ ClipZDay ago
  • Cant imagine how if he is in nba... Being charged by giannis, AD, lebron, their drives power would break his bone easly

    Fajri AnugrahFajri AnugrahDay ago
  • He's about 220 so hopefully he gets to like 280 and he'll be a shawn bradley

    _game fuse__game fuse_Day ago
  • He needs 12000- 1500 calories 5000 ain’t gonna cut it.

    TJ NTJ NDay ago
  • WTF Murica learn your metric system.....

    Venom _Venom _Day ago
  • He looks too weak for NBA. My guy is all skin and bones. He needs to put on a lot of weight and muscle mass.

    Noob MasterNoob MasterDay ago
  • Tall

    YoungZangYoungZangDay ago
  • Tall

    Gavin JonesGavin JonesDay ago
  • Eat 5 times a day

    Muz AnunciacionMuz AnunciacionDay ago
  • lol what a dumbass title.. hes not to small for the nba... hes not good enough for the nba.. did yall forget about Isaiah Thomas and idk how many fkin more than are under 6' O.o fuckin dumb

    Tyler NolenTyler NolenDay ago
  • poor guy ... he has to suffer being slender man

    Preston BatesPreston BatesDay ago
  • The only thing im having trouble understanding is how he cant gain weight with scoliosis, I myself have have a more severe case but I don't have any trouble gaining weight when I try and my some of my friends have scoliosis don't have trouble gaining weight as well.

    frostyx channelfrostyx channelDay ago
  • Tall

    Ryan BarryRyan BarryDay ago
  • TALL

    TwanFNTwanFNDay ago
  • He should take some notes from Tacko Fall. When Tacko started basketball when he came to the U.S he was only about 260lbs at 7'6. Now he's a healthy 305lbs and still looks thin for his height. Robert deadass needs to gain 100 lbs just to look normal.

    Jordan ShawJordan ShawDay ago
  • Tall

    Khai KhaiKhai Khai2 days ago
  • If he manages to gain mass he can become a great player Tacko Fall is 7'5 and can't shoot like this guy but has much more solid build, keep going and you'll make it eventually

    Irmantas AleknaIrmantas Alekna2 days ago
  • He’s completely deformed, his structure is way too weak to do any kind of sport, plus he can barely run at all... it is a sad sight... i feel really sorry for him, really... i hope for him to do anything but basketball or any kind of sport, because not only does he have weak joints, but forcing on muscles, bones, and doing anything physical will exhaust him even faster. He has no athleticism in him come on now with false nba hopes and such. Maybe he’s smarter than what he looks like. Although to be honest, being how he is, i have no idea what he can do with his life and the strong handicap he has being that tall.... even getting in a car must be very difficult, daily life must be a nightmare too.... 😞

    Fred EricFred Eric2 days ago
  • I think he has somekind of genetic abnormality

    clo Seclo Se2 days ago
  • Wow girls here must love him they like anything taller than 6'5

    P0W3RGL0V3 -P0W3RGL0V3 -2 days ago
  • Tall

  • Tall

    GalaxyMcGalaxyMc2 days ago
  • Ummm my family can definitely solve the weight issue! 😂 🥘 Bring him to the south side of Chicago!

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  • Aint no damn "good ol genes" he's tall, but built like a stick! He's fragile as hell!

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  • He should play Lurch in The New Addams Family movies.

    EJSFilms2KEJSFilms2K3 days ago
  • should have just put him on a mcdonalds diet

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  • Bargnani, Melli, Gallinari, Bellinelli. Yeah yeah I know, not exactly superstars, but we have a fierce competition and our basketball forged and developed Kobe. We have our pros as well :-)

    GioGio3 days ago
  • Sometimes you wanna be a basketball player than a man. The metabolism can be a birch but... Creatine can make amazing things happen when you cater to your weights more than baskets.

    Todd HitchensTodd Hitchens3 days ago
  • He'll make it.

    eg13000eg130003 days ago
  • With more muscles this guy will be unstoppable

    Marvyn DominiqueMarvyn Dominique3 days ago
  • I know his spinal cord fuckeddd up

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    Nino LifeGawdNino LifeGawd3 days ago
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    Nino LifeGawdNino LifeGawd3 days ago
  • Im not againts him but as i can see to him,, he’s not fit to play, although his tall but his size not enough to become a basketball player... sad to say that’s situation is more difficult and dangerous to him.. the ody built was so thin... but i salute him because his determination is there.

    Smashie TVSmashie TV3 days ago
  • Why did Spire ask him to lift weights? Brah feed that man food

    F RF R3 days ago
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  • Tall

    Liam DrowerLiam Drower3 days ago
  • Some of the people in the comment section are assholes.

    CycloneCyclone3 days ago
  • No he can’t make it to college dude can’t even run. He looks like he’s gonna break.

    Justin MendaJustin Menda3 days ago
  • He doesn't even need to put a hand up 😤

    ZombieZombie3 days ago
  • Tall

    DDC ClanDDC Clan3 days ago
  • He's TALL ... obviously ... But I didn't see any real or special *SKILL* in this video at all. 🙄 Mugsy Boughes, at just 5'2" would have destroyed him in the NBA.

    • Skill? Did you notice him say "5-6 meals a day"? And "Lifting EVERYDAY" and notice how he made a good amount of shots and 3s, I've never seen a big man like him shoot like that.

      PrinceDarknessPrinceDarkness6 hours ago
    • 5'3"and its Tyrone Bogues

      stealthraidzgamingstealthraidzgaming7 hours ago
  • Hope he can play in nba

    antonio murakamiantonio murakami3 days ago
  • He looks like he’s in pain all the time.

    Mr. PersonalityMr. Personality4 days ago
  • Drink WHEY PROTEIN man

    Jelo BagalihogJelo Bagalihog4 days ago
  • Taall

    Space TurtleSpace Turtle4 days ago
  • all he need is food

    ob1ob14 days ago
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    butt forrealbutt forreal4 days ago
  • This man would get demolished in the nba 😆😆.. 0 body muscle or fat so the boy would snap In half from the first blocked shot.

    butt forrealbutt forreal4 days ago
  • 1.

    Erlend VågenErlend Vågen4 days ago
  • Not trying to be funny BUT he looks like a FREAK. Go to the movie set and secure a role in a horror movie.

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  • If he dresses as slender man I'd be stared as hell.

    Sergeant DanelartonSergeant Danelarton4 days ago
  • Dude was a test tube baby

    Ordinary PeteOrdinary Pete4 days ago
  • He would snap his leg in half

    TS23TS234 days ago
  • Tall

    Hank ArdittiHank Arditti4 days ago
  • Hes goin nowhere. Imagine him guarding someone like Zion or even half as athletic but same size. This guy would get crushed.

    Kevin HoopesKevin Hoopes4 days ago
  • Man, I wish him the best. But I'm afraid for the dude every time he takes a step. I feel like nick naming him Jenga.

    Poveri SfigatiPoveri Sfigati4 days ago
  • when slender man was in high school

    Lucifer MorningstarLucifer Morningstar4 days ago
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    Jude Martin ArsuloJude Martin Arsulo4 days ago
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