The REAL Reason Why The Warriors NEED D'Angelo Russell (Ft. NBA Free Agency, Curry, Shot Making)

Jul 3, 2019
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D’Angelo Russell is on the Warriors through a sign and trade in this NBA Free Agency. The Warriors might trade him, but D’Angelo is perfect with Curry and the Warriors. #NBA #Warriors #D’Angelo
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The Warriors don’t stay down. When they lost in 2016, they got Kevin Durant. Now when Kevin Durant was walking from the Warriors in free agency, they somehow were able to reload and D Lo out of that. I literally think the Warriors are playing MyLeague in 2K. Now there are reports of the Warriors looking to trade Russell for solid role players. But the Warriors should keep D’Angelo Russell so let’s break all this down.
D’Angelo Russell is an All-Star point guard who just averaged 21.1 points and 7 assists in 30 minutes a game and get this, he’s only 23 years old. He was just sign-and traded with a 4 year $117 million dollar contract.
There’s a lot of talk about Curry and D’Angelo not being able to coexist because of redundancies, because both are star point guards and Russell has been ball dominant. But let’s look at some of the problems the Warriors have. This is not the same 2015-2016 team without Durant.
It’s something the Warriors lack when Curry is not on the floor. Keep in mind that Klay Thompson will be out for most of the season and that they traded Andre Iguodala and now you have a Warriors team that has no shot creators besides Curry. Russell’s not super quick, but he has great spatial awareness, knowing where the defense and offensive players are positioned. Like I said with Kawhi, DLo is also does things in “slow motion” waiting for defender’s feet to open up especially that in between the leg dribble and being in control of what he wants to do.
On all catch and shoot 3s, DLo shot 39.4%. This means he can be a floor spacer that can help draw some of the attention away from Curry and Klay when he returns.
Also, almost 50% D’Angelo Russell’s offensive possessions involved a pick and roll. Instead of having to rely on a Curry and Green pick and roll, you get a Russell-Green pick and roll in which Russell can pick apart the defense and kick it to a Draymond Green who can make a play from inside the paint.
There’s also the upside that Dlo can get hot at any moment and become a guy who is just unstoppable. We’ve seen DLo light teams up no matter how many defenders are thrown at him like the 27 point fourth quarter. We’ve also seen him be clutch and have ice in his veins. He averaged 3.1 points in the clutch off of 45% shooting from the field. For reference, Durant averaged 3.4 points off 41% shooting in clutch last season while Curry averaged 3.9 points off 47% shooting.
While he hasn’t shown much off-ball prowess, you could figure that he could would be ingratiated in the Warriors offense. Players like Kevin Durant adjusted to the Warriors free-flow offense. Durant was also a ball dominant, heavy iso player before he joined the Warriors. With a guy like DLo, Stephen Curry will return to being the clear number 1 option, but that doesn’t mean he is a stranger to sharing the ball. and with a guy like Stephen Curry, Russell can learn a lot of tactics and skills. I think the thing we forget the most about D’Angelo Russell is that he’s only 23. Curry consistently has been one of the best finishers in the league, finishing top 5 in field goal percentage in the paint among all players. And he’s shown to be a super saiyan, when teams kick him to the dirt, he only gets stronger. While he is 6’ 5” with a 6’ 10” wingspan, Russell has not been good defensively. He has the tools to do it and like I said, being around Klay Thompson might help him pick up some techniques.
Trading Russell would mean either getting back $28 million dollars in salary or trading to a team that has cap along with strong role players on cheaper contracts. Now remember, the Warriors also traded Andre Iguodala away to clear cap space to facilitate the D’Angelo Russell sign and trade. And don’t tell me Andrew Wiggins is an equivalent piece for a trade, cause he’s not. So for what the Warriors have lost, I’m not sure how much they could really get back from a single team to help right now. Keep in mind that Curry is still in his prime years and Klay will be coming back later this season. Curry is a generational talent and so the Warriors obviously want to have great players right now. DLo provides an all-star talent right now while also being a future piece that grows. I know DLo is not perfect, but for his upside and what he has shown he can bring along with the fact that he’s only 23 years old that help them win now, the Warriors need to keep him. But what do you think? Should the Warriors keep DLo? How far can they go with Russell?

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    • Yes

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    • Yea

      Adrian Diaz RiveraAdrian Diaz RiveraYear ago
    • Yes

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    • Probably a keeper. Depending how he takes to the coaching and players. There's no reason why Curry, Klay and D'Lo can't be on the floor at the same time. Double team one of them, which is what the Dubs would want in that situation. That opens up a top tier scorer. Defend this starting 5 : Curry, D'Lo, Thompson, Green, WCS

      mu99insmu99insYear ago
  • Bruhhhhh, 10:07 He just said that Wiggins is a shit trade. Look what happened

    ObamaObama7 months ago
  • 10:08 That aged well

    Sarath JosephSarath Joseph8 months ago
  • Keep dreaming on! They have just traded russel for wiggins + pick. #fromthesocalleddynastytomediocrity

    Ezekiel A. Velasco, ECEEzekiel A. Velasco, ECE8 months ago

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  • I think they should keep DLO reloaded

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  • DLo could continue the Warriors dynasty after Steph retires.

    TanTanYear ago
  • Nah, he can’t defend. He’s overrated but the good thing is people learn, if he becomes mature and wise in defense, he’ll surely be a superstar.

    arjel galvanarjel galvanYear ago
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  • I haven't watched D Lo play enough to form an opinion, but if the scouting reports are accurate he sounds like a good fit

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  • D-LO is going to get so much better playing on the Warriors. U keep a talented Player like him especially because it's a perimeter player dominant league.

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  • They have curry they don't need Russell

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  • Really don’t know how the warriors are gonna do with dlo considering he’s more ball dominant then curry

    NelsonNelsonYear ago
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  • Klay acl injuries gonna put dlo to starters.Young talent is needed for the warriors.Not only he does he have range, he’s basketball iq and warrior’s system is going to mix well with dlo cuz he is consistent and curry knows how to control the court with his team mates. Curry’s iq and dlo’s dynamics on offense help the team mutually.

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  • Deelo funna play 1 year and than request a trade bc he does not want 2 come off the bench reloaded

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  • I think the warriors will adapt, just like the did when they picked up durant

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  • Giannis will go to gsw in 2021 free agency mark my words

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  • how many years russell is gonno be in the warriors

    Jose DipenJose DipenYear ago
  • DLO is my favorite player in the nba

    Elijah BarlowElijah BarlowYear ago
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  • Fr, yess! Dlo will be the future of the warriors considering that he is still not in his full prime, dlo will be the star when curry dray and klay are already on their peek paired with willy. This will be one of the biggest what ifs in the nba if the warriors choose to let him go 5 yrs from now. #trusttheprocess

    Earl Jan DoEarl Jan DoYear ago
  • I absolutely agree

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  • That's my Idol

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  • Definitely keep him

  • He said Steve Nash Steve Kerr lmao

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  • U dont trade for him just to move him. Klay will be better at the 3 coming back from tearing his ACL. Yes 3's will be a bit bigger but the won't challenge Klay laterally with quicker cuts and more pressure on the knees like SG's would. For as creative as Wardale is with the ball in his hand I like him better when he starts off ball most possessions, the defense gets stuck on what he's gonna do next and allows D-Lo the space to get to his spots especially with Klay in a corner or opposite wing. If we're speaking as far as system fit goes D-Lo makes more sense in the Warriors system than KD did. I'm not a warriors fan but I fucked with that move. They'd be dumb to trade him

    shinglesshinglesshinglesshinglesYear ago
  • Keep dlo

    nathan dianonathan dianoYear ago
  • What about the suns , were we could maybe make a trade

    Dark SamuraiDark SamuraiYear ago
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  • Guys it’s not rocket science if he doesn’t fit well then they are going to trade if he does good they are going to keep him

    MortalityMortalityYear ago
  • He aint even streched though 😂

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  • Put russel at the 2 and if he learns to play off the ball and play better defense move klay to the 3 and the warriors ah still be ah contender

    breezy 5000breezy 5000Year ago
  • Can’t wait for klay to come back, they’ll be unstoppable and actually fun to watch this time around

    J Quanzy ThaGoatJ Quanzy ThaGoatYear ago
  • Would've been smart to ask for jarret allen with his defense

    Nah famNah famYear ago
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  • I said it once I’ll say it a million times. Warriors should try for Al Horford for Dlo.

    Jacob CarterJacob CarterYear ago
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  • D.Lo gonna want his own team not tryna wait for Curry to retire

    Ultimate WarriorUltimate WarriorYear ago
  • Not only should they keep D-Lo, but with Steph turning 32 this season, D-Lo could end up as the new face of the franchise in a couple of years. D-Lo will only be around 27 when his contract expires. I can see him as the primary ballhandler and Steph playing more off the ball when they’re together on the floor.

    Philip CalladoPhilip CalladoYear ago
  • they need dlo because they need a companion for curry when klay is not around.

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  • dlo will be great on GSW keep keep keep!

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  • I’m new here #reloaded

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  • It's obvious these toxic media are the ones pushing for the Warriors to trade Dlo for spare parts. They're afraid the Warriors will still be a threat in the West and it scares the hell outta them. They succeeded by making Durant feel like he had to leave in order to be called the goat now they know the Warriors can still be a threat in the West so they're trying their best to protect LeBron James LEGACY. How is he going to win another ring if he's not allowed to cake walk to a championship? I don't care what no one says the Warriors and the Clippers are the only teams in the West for LeBron to fear and these toxic media knows this but trying to get the Warriors to trade Dlo for spare parts. Warriors with Dlo and healthy players are going to be a problem no cake walk to a championship for LeBron

    racquel marriottracquel marriottYear ago
  • Dont 😴😴 on him

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