The REAL Reason Why Paul George LEFT Russell Westbrook For Kawhi & The Clippers (Ft. NBA Trade)

Jul 10, 2019
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Paul George left Russell Westbrook and the Thunder for Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers with a trade, but why? #NBA #PaulGeorge #Westbrook
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By now we all know that Paul George is a Clipper, that he demanded a trade from the Thunder, that he was unhappy with the Thunder and with Russell Westbrook, but why?

The NBA never stops man, now Russell Westbrook will most likely get traded, but this is now the second time in 3 years that an All-Star, MVP candidate has decided to leave Russ. Paul George demanded a trade instantly after Kawhi asked him to join him. This also comes just one year after Paul George decided to resign with the Thunder and always saying he loves Russ. And then he probably saw this throughout the season. So I wanted to break all this down and get to the bottom of why NBA stars don’t want to play with Westbrook.

While Paul George’s usage rate dropped from 28.7 to 24.8 which was to be expected, Russ’s also dropped from the ridiculous 40% in his MVP season to 32.6% in 2017-18 which was still the second highest in the league. That season was filled with weird adjustments, from Russell Westbrook trying hard to let PG fit in to then taking over again. They were 2nd to last in passes made as a team. But the icing on the cake was the playoffs. Their first round match up was with the Jazz, a team led by a rookie in Donovan Mitchell and while that team was solid, the Thunder were the heavy favorites. Westbrook declared that he was going shut that stuff off next game after Rubio had a triple double in Game 3, but Westbrook became uber-aggressive in Game 4 and had 4 fouls before the half. He had to be way less aggressive in the second half, hurting his game. While Rubio was a plus 22, Westbrook was a minus 14 even if Westbrook dropped 23 and 14 rebounds. The But even with all this happening, even with the disappointing season, and this disappointing playoffs series, Paul George decided to resign for 4 years, not even taking a meeting with the Lakers where he had originally wanted to go to. Paul George said Westbrook and him had unfinished business. Westbrook was the main reason why Paul George decided to stay and I’m sure Westbrook is a really good person and teammates must love him.

Russell Westbrook just had his best regular season in the Paul George era, so basically this was better than the year before. Westbrook shot a worse field goal percentage, worse from 3, worst from free throw. But there was one thing that Russ definitely worked on, and that was being more of a floor general. More importantly, Paul George’s usage rate increased to 28.7. There were more times this season that Russ gave the ball up to PG and let PG operate, especially when he was hot. Russell Westbrook led the league again in pass to assist ratio, beating out James Harden for how many off his passes are assists. The Thunder finished the season 49-34 which was only one game better than last year, but what really mattered was the playoffs. After all that had happened last year, you would think Russ might keep his emotions in check or at least know how to use them to his advantage. Throughout all of Game 3, Russell Westbrook was celebrating in the face of Damian Lillard. That was contagious as his teammates got in on the action. Damian dropped 50 in that Game 5 and if you read some his comments like telling Westbrook to stop running from this whooping or how he was amused by the celebration, you can tell that Dame was motivated by Westbrook’s antics. But that is who Russell Westbrook is in his core.

But let’s just push all the basketball talent to the side for the moment and let’s shift to Kawhi Leonard. While Kawhi Leonard is super-competitive, he is probably the opposite on court personality that Westbrook is. Kawhi’s still a fun guy, but his composure and calmness in the biggest moments is special. And that bleeds into his teammate. It allowed the Raptors to focus more on the game of basketball.

So like I said, forget that Westbrook’s game doesn’t fit the modern NBA. Paul George saw that two years in a row, Westbrook’s personality detrimentally affected the team. If the core was with Westbrook, the issue would still persist. Despite Russ being this great guy, his refusal to change himself for the betterment of the team is why pairing up with a low-key guy like Kawhi so appealing. This might be a wake-up call and Russ could adjust, but unless Russ dramatically changes, Paul George and the Thunder were destined to be a playoffs team and nothing more. But what do you think? Where will Russell Westbrook go because he’s probably getting traded? How will PG and Kawhi work?

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  • Bullcrap. All of Russ' teammates have spoken highly of him as a teammate and friend except the snake himself. Furthermore, your ENTIRE video is contradicted by the very first clip of the video. "He's a standout guy." He didn't leave because he hated Russ. PG just wanted to go to LA and it just made it better that Kawhi signed with LA too

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  • Every video I have watched about Westbrook that doesn't kiss his ass has been hated on by the most ignorant ass fans. I am so glad to see these morons get exposed by saying it was Billy Donovans bad coaching and now his first year without Russ, he's voted by all the other coaches as coach of the year. He finally has a true Point Guard and guess what, his team is doing way better. Wetsbrook is a ball hog, stat padder, morale killing, emotional diva. He does not deserve a ring.

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    • Is that why PG had a career year and was leading the MVP race until the All-star break where he got injured? I never understood people who make stuff up just to hate on a player.

      bluesrockfan36bluesrockfan362 months ago
  • 5:27 “The thunder finished 49-34.” Bruh that’s 83 games not 82

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  • You know in 2019, PG shoulders were messed up and George Paul showed up in that series

    TitlebreakerTitlebreaker3 months ago
    • @Olivier Colletaz Because he asked for the defensive assignment. Go watch the interviews and the games then come back. Russ did not get outplayed by Ricky Rubio... what the hell man. 14/7/7 vs 30/12/8. Come on now. Did you see game 5 of the series? Where Westbrook willed the OKC out of a 20+ point loss into a win? The biggest comeback in playoff history. Ricky Rubio didn't do that. PG didn't do that. Or how about game 6? Where PG scored a total of 5 points? You're being ridiculous. You clearly just hate Russ to the point that you lost all objectivity. Outplayed by Ricky Rubio... smh. Also don't speak like Ricky Rubio is trash, he's a great player.

      bluesrockfan36bluesrockfan362 months ago
    • @bluesrockfan36 why was it pg guarding lillard on the last shot of the series? because he was their best defender all series long. this kind of argument, using lillard hitting a 30 footer on pg to try and make it sound like pg's defense wasn't really better than westbrook's, is so childish it's laughable. same for the famous elimination game against utah, when everybody knows that russ sh*tting the bed, in the first 4 games, getting outplayed by ricky fckin rubio, is why they were down 3-1 and lost the series. no comment on your ridiculous opinion about the stat lines. scoring efficiency and defense matters way more than assists, especially when it comes to the kind of assists russ gets with his usage rate and turnover numbers. add that to the gulf at the other end of the court and the fact that russ was once again, like against the jazz, the one getting outplayed by his matchups. pg wasn't great, and in the clutch he wasn't even good, but he was still better than russ.

      Olivier ColletazOlivier Colletaz2 months ago
    • ​@Olivier Colletaz Good defense? You obvioulsy didn't watch the games. Lillard's half court game winner shot was over whom again? Honestly, 23/9/10 are better stats than 29/9/4. The difference in assists contributes to more points. Yes, Russ 2PT% was pretty low, but his 3PT% and FT% (even though he struggled all season due to injures) was _higher_ than PG. Statistics will never tell you the true story behind a game. But since you insist go pull the statistics from the 4th quarter of the elimination game. Where PG was 1 for 4 in the FT line, where Russ shot over 66% from 3PT range where he had 4 assists 1 steal and one block. Where he got crucial rebounds. PG in crucial games was trash, I'm sorry, I really love his game but this is undeniable fact. For more evidence go watch the elimination game with the Jazz.

      bluesrockfan36bluesrockfan362 months ago
    • @bluesrockfan36 bla bla bla. pg put up 28.6/8.6/3.6 on 58% true shooting with good defense. russ 23/9/10 on an abysmal 46% true shooting, hunting for assists, bargaining on defense, taking more shots than pg despite his horrific shooting, and rockin the baby to trashtalk lillard, his matchup, who completely outplayed him in the series. never said pg was perfect but he was better than russ in that series that's not arguable.

      Olivier ColletazOlivier Colletaz2 months ago
    • @Olivier Colletaz You didn't watch the games then. I was rooting for PG, but he would *dissapear* in the 4th quarter, as in literally get the ball and immediatly pass it back. It was a disgrace.

      bluesrockfan36bluesrockfan362 months ago
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  • PG left the Thunder because he is hella weak. Same reason he left Indiana. Westbrook aint the best but aint the reason everybody keeps losing either.

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    • Russ is a GUARD. He's held to a different standard. And even excluding the fact that Westbrook is the typical build for a shooter, literally the same height as the greatest shooter of all time, opponents deadass went UNDER screens when Westbrook played in OKC, as Westbrook has one of the worst shot IQs for a 'star' player ever. Proven by despite being a horrendous 3pt shooter and decent midrange shooter when OPEN, last year he took FIVE threes a game shooting 29% from 3 and 42% from the field. Giannis, however, if we still use the standard of last year Giannis shot 57, rounding to 58% from the field "only off of driving", but if he was only driving he's predictable and there should be a way to stop him but there isn't. And this year, leaving Giannis WIDE open from the three is taking a gamble as he's literally shooting a better percentage from three than Westbrook as a 6'11 forward. Giannis improved his game which is why he is praised because his only "weakness" has become acceptable. Westbrook still thinks shots 4 feet behind the arch are acceptable which is why he's literally shooting 25% on barely 4 attempts.

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  • For one that last game against the Jazz where neither of them could hit a Game winner or a shot to tie the game up and save the series.....melo should’ve been probably thought cause he wasn’t in the game before that one that it was okay to not use him....stupid move to only rely on PG and Westbrook against a solid jazz team

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  • Only reason PG resigned was because he knew Presti and the Thunder as a small market team would play him THAT BAG to stay. He then could request a trade after the next season to an LA team with fat ass contract. Pretty smart considering his injury history and recent sub par playoff performances

    Triston WellsTriston Wells4 months ago
  • SO you’re just gonna completely gloss over the fact that down 3-1 against the Jazz, Russell Westbrook had back to back 40 point games on 43% FG and 43% from 3? And PG went 2/16 in the elimination Game 6? That PG felt that it was his fault they lost the series bcuz it was? Russ made mistakes but he understood he had to clean them up and had a legendary Game 5 and in Game 6 had another 40pt game with 7 threes made

    Raw Precision MediaRaw Precision Media4 months ago
  • Paul George leaving OKC had nothing to do with Westbrook.

    Asaru PtahAsaru Ptah4 months ago
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  • @MJ2KALLDAY yooo facts is wrong and so you not going to talk about how Paul George after all star break he started to decline and how he went into the playoff with hurt shoulders where he couldn’t even help Westbrook out in the playoff and the year before once again how you allow your self to lock up by joe ingles

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  • From Indianapolis: Paul George is SHADY. He NEVER intended to stay in Oklahoma.

    Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor NicholsDennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols4 months ago
  • Quit hating on RUSS. why is ring chasing so praised? PG had no success in Indiana so how is RUSS responsible for further failure? PG could have played better, same as blaming RUSS for KD leaving. Was RUSS responsible for KD being ejected in game 7? Was he solely responsible for blowing 3-1 lead? Was he responsible for KD disappearing in the playoffs vs GSW? Was he responsible for trading Harden? This is nonsense bro.

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