The REAL Reason Why Luka Doncic Is SO Good In The NBA Playoffs (Ft. Slow Motion, Paul George, Skill)

Aug 28, 2020
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Luka Doncic has been amazing in the NBA playoffs, but what makes Luka so good? #luka #NBA #Slow
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This is the third time I’ve made a video on why Luka and every time, Luka keeps going to another level. There are elements that have stayed consistent like Luka’s insane balance, top 10% of point guards in stopping on a dime, so let’s talk about that real quick. Luka at 6’ 7” 230 pounds is a different specimen. That makes him the second heaviest point guard in the league behind only LeBron. So Luka uses his weight to keep defenders away from the ball. Because of his balance, he sorta is able to throw his weight around while continuously moving.
With this sort of snake style Luka often finds himself in this midrange area. Sometimes he has a defender tight on his back hip, other times he gets free and when he does, he doesn’t speed up. He still methodically puts pressure on the defense because everyone is tryna figure out how to pick up Luka like right here. Zubac steps up, 3 Clippers are around Luka sorta in chaos. Pandemic P, I mean Paul George, is communicating a switch of some kind. Meanwhile his assignment cuts in. Luka stays in this area allowing the play to develop and see who would mess up. And so PG does, Luka makes the pass. Pandemic P in the building…
But it’s not that Luka can just get to his spot in the paint, he has a whole arsenal of flip shots designed to take advantage of his ability to stay balanced and upright despite contact. He has immaculate touch around the rim and patience. And because of that, he can get any shot that he wants once he gets close. The key again is his balance and his ability to use his body to create slight openings.
I was going to explain another part of Luka’s game that goes in combination with his bumps, but this tweet from Spencer Dinwiddie was a great analysis. He responded to a tweet calling Luka slower than Christmas which I don’t know what that even means, but Dinwiddie responded with “Change of pace has always been more effective than pace in general. If I see something every time eventually I can stop it. If the rhythm/cadence is constantly changing what are you supposed to dance to?” And that was it, a short explanation of why Luka continuously drives by defenders despite being much slower than most players on the court.

That hasn’t changed at all. Like at all. In fact, it’s gotten even more effective because Luka has gotten even more effective at putting pressure on defenses which means even more openings. He still executes a bunch of jump passes, able to once again patiently wait for the defense to move and make last second decisions. Going back to Luka being able to snake, he’s able to put a lot of pressure on the defenders and because he’s able to stay in this area for a little longer, it can make defenders more likely to collapse. With the Mavericks having a minimum of 3 shooters at all time around Luka, this gives him multiple options and multiple defenders he’s waiting to make a wrong step to then fire a pass off.
The scary part is that Luka still has a lot he can improve. He can improve his 3 point shooting, especially since his jumpshot itself is a little slower and he’s not particularly efficient. I understand that he takes tougher shot, but he’s not a knockdown, not yet. He still at times is a liability defensively. He hasn’t figured out how to use his weight to compensate for his lack of quickness. But this is only his second year and what he’s already doing on the court makes him a top 5 player in the league, but what do you think? Is Luka a top 5 player? Will the Mavericks beat the Clippers?

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    • If u support this u are foolish just like these players blm is an anti black anti American movement.

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    • For two days straight the national sports media was focused on the NBA for a different reason than usual. They weren’t talking about Black Lives Matter and black folks being victims. They were talking about Luka Doncic being called a racist slur and having his injured ankle stomped by a black player. They couldn’t have that. So boycott. But only for one day. Ha. Always check the timing. It’s sketchy. They quickly changed the focus back to them and their victimhood.

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  • Ummmm idk about y’all but I saw Luka play fantastic defense against the clippers, like the best he’s ever played. While his 3p% is below average, he hits such crucial shots it really don’t matter. Go back and watch the series. Game after game he was hitting clutch shots all over in the 4th quarter

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  • the only person that kind of does this, knows how to adjust with his body, get to the lane, create space, penetrate and effectively find the open man, is Chris Paul.

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    • Listed height 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) Listed weight 175 lb (79 kg) Really?

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  • He has amazing balance, can stop on a dime, sees everything, but remember he is not athletic lol

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  • “He’s doing this with seemingly no athleticism.”. *cough(bullshit) I told you last time you said that. It’s not true at all. Athleticism is more than just running fast and jumping high. Luka is more athletic than a lot of players in the NBA. He’s not LeBron. I get it, but come on man. Also, the obligatory bullshit comment about how a white guy is not athletic. I stopped it here (early), so I haven’t heard the rest of the video. You gonna compare him to Larry Bird? EVERY really good white guy to come along is compared to Larry Bird. Most of them don’t compare to Larry Bird at all, but hey, they’re both white so we can’t compare them to a black player. 🤦‍♂️

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    • Luka is Luka. There are elements of a lot of different players from the past and present. Bird, Magic, Kidd, Nash, LeBron, Harden.

      Super_BSuper_BMonth ago
    • I said he's currently a more court savvy Paul Pierce in his style of play. A way better ball handler and passer by far. But Paul had that slick "non athletic" game as well and had a long career playing that way...🤷🏾‍♂️

      Kerry AndersonKerry AndersonMonth ago
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