The REAL Reason Why Luka Doncic Is SO Good (Ft. NBA Passing, Deep 3s, Young MVP)

Nov 8, 2019
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Luka Doncic is playing like NBA MVP, went at LeBron. What makes Luka so good? #NBA #Luka
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Luka Doncic had an impressive rookie campaign, better than LeBron’s rookie year, up there with the likes of Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson. And we expected him to take a leap, but what he is doing now makes him one of the best players in the NBA, but what makes him so good? Let’s find out.
Luka Doncic is nearly averaging a triple double. Through 7 games, he’s averaging 26.7 points, 9.9 rebounds, and 9.1 assists. LeBron even called him a bad man. And Luka has been a bad man, 3 triple doubles and the Mavericks are above 500. He’s only 20 years old. So let’s look at what makes him so good.
I broke down Luka last year which sort of started this whole, so good series, lemme know what players you wanna see next. I wanna bring back the main point of that video, Luka’s balance. Luka Doncic has some of the most insane balance I have seen. (Show Luka balancing on chair) Like look at this pass. Luka should have fallen over while making this pass, but he was able to remain upright. (what?) That balance really does allow him to do all these flip shots and still make it a good shot, but more than that now are his body bumps. His nudges and the way he seals defenders who are hounding him are more impressive to me because it gives him space to operate. Since Luka has a strong core, he’s able to create the contact and go exactly where he wants to without being moved off his path. And Luka is not particularly big. He’s 6’ 7”, less than 218 pounds. He actually lost weight this summer and is more in shape. He’s just stronger and so he can shield the ball away from defenders while still keeping his head up. And because of that, he can stay in these positions near the paint while holding his ground. This gives the roller enough time to get to the paint for easy lobs.
This balance allows him to make difficult actions like routine and easy. Luka Doncic likes to do these jump passes that completely catch the defense off guard. He’ll get to the midrange area which is an area of tension for the defense. A lot of the off-ball defenders will have their eyes on him, even try to help. At the moment, Luka will jump in the air and fire a cross court pass that takes advantage of the defense’s position. As on off-ball defender, you typically play tight defense if you’re man is one pass away, but with Luka, anyone can be one pass away.That is almost a 50 foot pass from a trapped position. This means that Luka can literally pass from almost any position to almost anyone. This overhead pass behind his body is more proof of that, but that would mean nothing without Luka’s vision and ability to read a defense.
Because Luka is herky jerky and his change of pace is so lethal, he actually gives himself so many different options. He’s not super athletic or quick or anything. He is deceptively quick. He’ll slowly bring the ball up and then out of nowhere shift and turn the accelerators. That cross was on Danny Green, a good perimeter defender, but Luka got Green behind him with just one move. These little pauses or times when he slows down for just a split second is enough for him to read the defense and make the play. This is where all of what we have talked about comes together, the balance, the change of pace, the playmaking. He is literally toying with the Lakers defense which is the best defense in the league.
Luka is also shifty. I don’t mean he’s doing euro step layups. He’s able to throw his weight in one direction and then pull it back in another, but what makes this special is that he’s able to throw his weight further away from his center of gravity than most players. For example on this snatch back on Avery Bradley, Luka dribbles the ball out, but his center of gravity is really this far back from the step, which leads to these long step backs because Luka is able to extend past of center gravity so that when he does step back, he’s now in a comfortable position with his base loaded. This is also why his in between the leg dribble is so effective. He extends that leg out far away from his body while still keeping control. He can either go backwards or go laterally. His arsenal is just so vast.
Even if Luka doesn’t seem athletic, his actual athletic ability allows him to make a lot of those unique signature plays that we are associating with Luka. But his IQ and court awareness is just special. We are seeing a 20 year old put up MVP type numbers and play like an MVP. And so yeah Luka Doncic is really good, but he’s also one of a kind. But what do you think? What will Luka end up averaging? Which player do you wanna see next?

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    • UNIQUE

      joaquin valenzuelajoaquin valenzuela11 months ago

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    • The REAL Reason Why Luka Doncic Is SO Good, his father is Serbian, so he haze no choice, he must be the best.

      Zeljko KojcicZeljko Kojcic11 months ago
    • Trae Young or Kyrie Irving

      Jasiah CurryJasiah Curry11 months ago
    • jayson tatum

      it_REV1Eit_REV1E11 months ago
  • I think a huge part of Lukas came that no one talks about his his ability to shoot contested shots/ shots that should have an effect on your mental. He isn’t fast but makes just enough space to get off comfortable shot. Not open, comfortable. He’s been a pro going against bigger and aggressive defense for so long he is accustomed to shooting under pressure. I think it’s all mental, the fact his contested shots are just normal shots to him. Also he takes smart shots.

    Definitely not Lebron JamesDefinitely not Lebron James2 months ago
  • Just here after luka hit the game winner shot in game 4

    Lee ThalesLee Thales2 months ago
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    Bilal MutawakilBilal Mutawakil3 months ago
  • Luka ain't nothing

    Thomas_ Ayotte03Thomas_ Ayotte033 months ago
  • Amazing technique and Shooting. Impressive Basketball IQ. I can't believe Luka is just 21.. well, he's having so much fun that's why. Definitely gonna buy luka jerseys like 10 pcs..

    Pamplona ChristianPamplona Christian4 months ago
  • player like Doncic have a type of athletiscm that is really tough to measure.. eye, hand coordination, high IQ, incredible lateral agility and footwork are hard to get metrics on... when you combined those super skills with his size, he's an supreme athlete.. Speed, amazing vision and vertical he possess, i can't wait when he perfectly master this in few time. what a fookin legend... #Halleluka

    Pamplona ChristianPamplona Christian4 months ago
  • Those of you who were able to watch any of his performances in EuroBasket 2017, which took place almost a year before he was drafted into the NBA, knew Doncic was a very good player. He and Goran Dragic led the Slovenian national team to the championship in the tournament. But him becoming an MVP candidate in just his second NBA season was not something anyone could have realistically predicted at that time. Doncic, still just 21 years old, recently passed Michael Jordan for most consecutive 20-point, five rebound, and five-assist games since the NBA/ABA merger.

    Pamplona ChristianPamplona Christian4 months ago
  • Luka is better than lebron.

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  • He just needs to change his name if he is to be among the goat come on do you remember luka Jesus Christ that's sounds like a missionary

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  • Because of his talents and who he is, Luka Doncic will quickly become the most loved and most hated player in the league until he retires

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  • He came from europe.. The games in europe is more though defence and more tactical game, small court and team work (giannis and luka said it's hard to play much more than nba).. More fun to watch

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  • luka not the fastest player in the Nba a not so fast but quick player thats why he has so much control in the game

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  • luka not the fastest player in the Nba a not so fast but quick player thats why he has so much control in the game

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  • to sum it up. he moves on careful delayed calculated move thats why its easy for him to have balance. add to that, he is tall ( better all around vision), young ( fast ), and good enough nba built. plus accurate outside threat. lastly, mavs offense is anchored on him getting main touch of the ball which makes him a potential stat stock up in every mavs play.

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  • He's good because he's from the Balkans. We have basketball genes. Those layups are so typically old school Yugoslavian, Jokic does them too.

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  • NBA Community : it's hard for European ball players to excel in the NBA because of the elite competition and athleticism in the NBA. Ex. Milos Teodosic. Also NBA Community : Luka excels in the NBA because of his experience in the European ball league.

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  • The only thing trae has over luka is scoring and imo luka is closing in on trae but luka will be rebounding more getting more assists and what really separates the 2 is I don’t think trae will ever be a good defender luka won’t be the best on ball but hes got the ability to learn the passing lanes on the defensive end due to his high IQ

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