The REAL Reason Why Lonzo Ball Is Playing BETTER In The NBA Preseason (Ft. Zion, Pelicans, Shots)

Oct 18, 2019
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Lonzo Ball has changed from his Lakers days and this is what changed #NBA #Lonzo
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Lonzo Ball was the number 2 pick in the 2017 draft to the Lakers, but never seemed like himself offensively. Now on a new team, Lonzo has changed, and here’s what’s different. Lonzo Ball has had an interesting preseason filled with highlights and a different Lonzo. He’s changed his shot. And now he’s throwing lobs to Zion, but there’s a lot more to him that’s changed than just his shot and new team so I wanted to break all this down.
Lonzo Ball was sort of an afterthought in the Lakers offense last year. With LeBron James being added to the team, obviously, most of the offensive load was given to him, but it didn’t help that Luke Walton was inconsistently playing Lonzo Ball whether it was weird starts or being in and out of the closing lineup in the 4th quarter.
The Pelicans are different because they need Lonzo Ball. Lonzo is a key piece that the Pelicans and the coach Alvin Gentry is relying on for the Pelicans success. Taking a look at just the stats, averaging only 9.5 points and 6 assists on only 32.4% shooting from the field and 30% from 3 isn’t anything special and is actually lower than what he was averaging last season at 9.9 points at 40.6% from the field and 32.4% from 3. But it’s not his percentages that matter right now, it’s the change in how Lonzo’s approaching the game. For one, Lonzo is taking more 3s. This preseason, he’s averaging 5.8 attempts per game in only 22.6 minutes a game which is higher than the 4.9 he took in 30 minutes a game last season and last preseason he only took 2 a game. Even if the shooting percentage is lower, what matters is that he feels confident enough to take 3s within the confines of this offense. What that means is that the defense can’t simply relax when he has the ball in his hands, they can’t drop down to cover the passing lanes. Lonzo has been punishing defenders for going under screens and so now defenses have to step up.
Lonzo isn’t just dribbling around the perimeter in a half-court setting. He’s actually driving to the rim. He’s using the pick and just bursting past. A lot of times in his last few seasons, Lonzo would hold on to the ball at the 3 point line and look to immediately pass. He would wait until someone got open and thread the needle to get it to them. Lonzo has always been a great passer, but on the Pelicans, he’s forcing the defense to react to him with the ball instead of the defense just guarding the passing lane. And while Lonzo finishing the layup is a great use of his size and length, driving and using his passing vision to find the open man is by far what makes Lonzo so special. Some of Lonzo’s passes Lonzo’s drives gave an open look that was either disrupted by a foul or led to a whole defensive shift.
Lonzo already has a special chemistry with Zion Williamson, you know the guy that’s averaging 23 points on 71% shooting from the field and also doing this. Zion’s already said that “I don’t think he’s thrown a bad pass yet.”
One of the main reasons Lonzo and Zion work so well together is because of the timing of Lonzo’s passes. A lot of passers tend to pass the ball when the player is open so that player doesn’t need to do anything and just immediately take the shot. Lonzo’s different. He likes to pass the ball a little earlier, in rhythm but right before they have to make a move into the shot. This is perfect for a player like Zion. Lonzo gets him the ball just as Zion’s beginning to cut, Zion gets the ball in stride and either takes the opening all the way to the rim or if the opening closes, puts a move on to get to the rim. As I mentioned in my previous video on why Zion is so good in the preseason, no one can stay in front of him if he gets a 2 step head start. If Lonzo was to pass it later, Zion wouldn’t get to take advantage of his speed at that size. Zion moves off the ball so much that it gives Lonzo another option.
The Pelicans are another chance and as of right now, I think the most important part of all this is that Lonzo is confident. The feelings of pressure, of disbelief, of all the front office lies, all that are gone. Along with that Lonzo had a more healthy offseason which allowed him to work. So yeah, Lonzo Ball’s stats might not seem all that different, but what he’s doing on the court is completely different from those Lakers days. It’s more of the original Lonzo Ball that had the nation in a craze when he got drafted, and I think that’s a good thing. But what do you think? How will Lonzo perform? Will he ever be an all-star?

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  • Lonzo is good player and a good person. no shade on him.

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  • This aged horribly. Bozo is playing worse than when he was in LA - even if that is possible

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  • Great vid ball will have better season

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  • Lonzo can definitely be an all-star if he keeps on doing what he does for the pelicans

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  • Lonzo ball is honestly a great nba player and a teammate, to be in a team with lebron became more like a learning experience, bc just watching him play and how lonzo could improve on, lonzo wasn’t a scoring player since lebron was on the lakers, but now that he’s in basically a rookie team he has more to play and show he’s true talent on his team. And he can be a break out on the pelicans he’s on his own with Zion and his other teammates, just a learning process for lonzo.

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  • you know why the internet is better than cable TV? apparently its not.

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  • Mark my words lonzo will be one of the best players in the league

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  • he got benched in the pelicans. not sure what this channel is talking about?

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  • 🤣🤣🤣 How exactly is he playing better? His fg% (34%) & 3% (31%) is down from last year at the moment.. He's averaging fewer assist and rebounds in the preseason as well. He was always a good defender. His shot looks better but it hasn't produced as of yet. His production so far is not an improvement on last year. 🛑 It

    Mike GeyenMike GeyenYear ago
  • When Lonzo stats this Preseason are worst than his Rookie year yet somehow people are trying to convince you that Lonzo is better this year than ever 💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️🤨🤨🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣

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  • too bad he's not a laker anymore

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  • Lonzo is trash..

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  • First D Lo, then 'Zo. The Lakers lost their second No 2 pick (again) who's gonna become a star in a different franchise

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  • I think lonzo is the most underrated player in the nba right now (my opinion)

    Gavin NelsonGavin NelsonYear ago
  • What’s different is the NBA turned his shot back on.

    True ProphitTrue ProphitYear ago
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  • Stepback unguardable he always could shoot . Defense on point hes a top 5 pg

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  • NEW MAAAAN... Seeing these highlights makes me really realize again how much imma miss seeing zo and kuz playing together 😥😥 and what really could have been so lethal with LeBron... But I really blame Luke more than anything... At least LeBron tried to include zo imo... Especially if u payed attention... But since zo kept getting taken out..bron just started to rely on his old system since he was mostly on the court on his own. DON'T @ME UNLESS U WATCHED EVERY GAME THAT YEAR AND THE YEAR BEFORE LEBRON GOT THERE !!!😴😴🙄😪👌 WE HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT!✌🙌

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  • So Lonzo was held back by lebron style of play

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  • It's simple.. because no more media pressuring lonzo now, zion is the main spotlight / hype rookie in the team

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  • STOP THE HYPE. He will be out of the league after this year. His shot sucks.

    James LeeJames LeeYear ago
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  • Lonzo has always played well. Illiterates just think the only way to be a good basketball player is being a great shooter like Curry, Harden or Dame. They don't know that being a good defender, being smart and having vision is harder to learn/do. He already has that. He just has to work on the shot. Any of you reading this can fix your shot if you spent a few months working on it with a shooting coach.

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  • He has shot fckin 34% from the field IN THE FCKING PRESEASON, 31% from 3, this is WORSE than ever at lakers. Just because he gets more shots dosnt mean he actualy does better. At least his FT improved I guess. But yeah much improvement since he changed his shooting form a bit.../s Those takes are just garbage. He is doing what he has been doing in the lakers just with a bit more confidence. As long as he dosnt shoot 45/35 or something and as long as he keep airballing FTs, there is nothing to indicare he improved. Mentaly maby, his actual skill level not at all.

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  • i thought u was black man

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  • Until lonzo really starts to attack the rim; the rest of his game will be just nba average..which is fine because he should remain a top 10 defensive gaurd...but it just seems like he can be more..i really like to watch him play when he is playing with confidence..its really transcendent.

    HotGritz910HotGritz910Year ago
  • You all know troydan is watching...

    Dude DecentDude DecentYear ago
  • Lonzo and Zion The next Kyrie andlebron

    Jholor RamirezJholor RamirezYear ago
    • DEFINITELY not

      Elijah DuncanElijah DuncanYear ago
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  • People not realizing it’s only 22mins per game. Lonzo will be averaging 32-35 minutes minimum per game. He can definitely lead the league in assists and his point total will definitely go up to 14-15 ppg. My only worry is that Jrue let’s him play his game and try to be the “alpha”

    DTK _ JAYDTK _ JAYYear ago
  • The raycons are actually really good

    Yung God DosYung God DosYear ago
  • Quick answer.... It’s preseason maybe 🤔

    The WatcherThe WatcherYear ago
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  • Too much hate on Lonzo, he's a legit NBA pg with his passing and defense. If he ever gets his shot down he's an all star

    CGRCGRYear ago
    • Sike!

      Branden EskridgeBranden Eskridge10 months ago
    • @CGR I honestly believe it will improve about the level of steve nash, i believe the reason why he didn't do so good in his first two years was because he was coached by luke walton. I don't really think there has been a point guard thats been a bust as a number 1 or number 2 overall pick since like a decade ago. And if lonzo is not playing good in the nba despite his ugly shot, then there is something wrong. Nowadays, as a guard you don't come out of college and be that good and all of a sudden, you don't well in the nba as a 1 or 2 pick and be that terrible. I don't blame it on lonzo, i blame luke walton for not doing his job, and i blame lonzo's dad for putting more pressure on lonzo then what he needed to be. I felt like that trade is the best thing that ever happened to lonzo, and i feel like all he needed was a fresh new start. And a young team like the pelicans is the perfect place for him right now. I feel like lonzo gets way too much hate than he deserves as a player who commits himself to the game 100%. This is just my opinion of course, but i think lonzo's limit is still really high.

      Gavin NelsonGavin NelsonYear ago
    • @Gavin Nelson I agree he'll get more efficient but he'll never be able to shoot at the level of a Steve Nash he'll be more like a Jason Kidd imo

      CGRCGRYear ago
    • @CGR i honestly believe that lonzo will improve his scoring to like 18 to 19 points per game in a season or 2 at the peak of his career in the near future. I believe you are however wrong about the efficiency. I believe it will improve by a large amount since lonzo finally fixed his jump shot. Maybe not right away, but in the near future. However, every one gots there own opinion and i respect that. This is just mine.

      Gavin NelsonGavin NelsonYear ago
    • @Gavin Nelson I'm not sure I see him ever as a 20+ ppg guy but if he score like Steve Nash did then you might be right. I don't think he'll ever be that efficient though I think he's more of a Jason Kidd

      CGRCGRYear ago
  • Everyone in the fucking world & aliens knew lonzo would improve as soon as he leaves lakers. Big name teams like lakers and Manchester United doesn't have the patience or environment now to grow Youngsters

    SiamSiamYear ago
  • If he keeps this approach and works more are in his game either this year or in a year or 2 he will break out

    KingDavid 12701KingDavid 12701Year ago
  • I’m telling y’all if Zion stay healthy, matter of fact.. even if he’s injured, pelicans gon be fun to watch af !!!

    WithGod E.WithGod E.Year ago
  • I read the title wrong but Lonzo ball he improved a lil

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