The REAL Reason Why Dwight Howard HELPS LeBron James & The Lakers (Ft. NBA Dunks, Defense, & Blocks)

Aug 27, 2019
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Dwight Howard signed with the Lakers and is now with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, but does he actually help the Lakers? #NBA #Lakers
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Dwight Howard signed with the Lakers on Mamba day, which makes perfect sense after Kobe and Dwight’s relationship. Yeah, especially after the injury DeMarcus Cousins, so I wanted to dive deeper into all this and show how Dwight Howard can still be effective and perfectly fits their needs. Drop a like for the amount of the amount of free throws Dwight Howard has missed, and don’t worry I counted, 7722.
Dwight Howard is a 3 time defensive player of the year, a 5 time first team ALL-NBA, a guy that was dominant and led his team to the Finals. He was dunking on people, blocking shots, grabbing all the rebounds but he wasn’t doing this on crazy stats, averaging 20.6 points and 13.8 rebounds, but that was a different time, a different era with centers actually posting up. You might have PTSD from the last time Dwight Howard was on the Lakers, so I just wanted to have a quick side note. Dwight averaged 17.1 points and 12.4 rebounds along with 2.4 blocks shooting 58% from the field. He led the league in rebounding and played in 76 games, but he also played most of the season with a torn labrum in his shoulder, making it extremely painful for him to use that shoulder in movements or bang down low.
Fast forward to just two years ago in the 2017-2018 season, and Dwight averaged 16.6 points and 12.5 rebounds on 55% shooting from the field along with 1.6 blocks. He played in 81 games, and was 8th in the league in offensive rebounds per game at 3.1, similar to a guy like Clint Capela who averaged 3.3 rebounds. All of this was just in 30.4 minutes a game, a starting role, but nothing too much. He impacted shots, leading to a 4.6% drop in shots less than 6 feet. Dwight is definitely not as athletic as before, but that doesn’t mean that all his defensive instincts and timing to block and disrupt shots are gone.
As I already mentioned, Dwight is a great rebounder, still one of the best in the league. That means the Lakers don’t have rely heavily on Anthony Davis to bang down low for rebounds. Instead, Dwight Howard would fill that role which helps AD play more of his natural position and also avoid more injuries. The Lakers don’t compromise here, in fact Dwight Howard has actually averaged more rebounds than DeMarcus has in the same 6 year stretch in about 31 minutes a game.
What I haven’t talked about specifically are his pick and rolls. Dwight Howard was used as a versatile pick setter. What separates Dwight from many other centers is really his quickness with his strength at the center spot. As you can see, Dwight can set mean screens that really holds up the defense, but more importantly that that, Dwight has great foot speed and acceleration. He’s great at readjusting the pick as needed. Guys like Rondo and LeBron James are playmakers that snake their way using the pick to survey the floor and find the opening, either for themselves or for others. Howard has proven to continuously move his feet. This movement confuses defenses and with Howards acceleration to the rim and good roll angles, LeBron and Rondo will have a lot of passing lanes to find Dwight deep in the paint, either for a lob or a layup. LeBron gets another pick and roll option with a guy who can match LeBron’s pace when LeBron speeds up or slows down. Howard can also take some of the defensive attention off of LeBron when he rolls, giving LeBron more space to pull up from 3.
His quickness also translates defensively. He’s not the defensive player of the year he once was, but he’s still got those instincts. He’s a great weak side defender, not necessarily blocking shots like he used to, but still getting great contests. He is also able to go out on the perimeter on these high pick and rolls and contest bigs that can shoot 3s or even guards.
Yes, Dwight Howard only played 9 games last season, due to rehabbing from his back surgery and a gluteal injury which is where all the jokes come from. But if you look at Dwight’s career, he’s been relatively healthy. In 15 seasons including his last season of 9 games and a lockout season of 66 games, Dwight has averaged 69.6 games per season.
Dwight’s mental baggage is another story. The Lakers felt as if Howard had reached his lowest point and was humbled by it. A guy who got his coach fired, who didn’t want to with a champion in Kobe, who couldn’t a reduced role of being a secondary star with Harden. None of his money is guaranteed. And for what he brings to the table, elite rebounding, rim protecting, and pick and rolls, that makes Dwight one of the most effective role player centers in the league that can easily help the Lakers.

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      Christian GarrettChristian Garrett11 months ago
    • MJ2KALLDAY if he can just learn how to create space and slash to the goal like bron it would be over

      Christian GarrettChristian Garrett11 months ago
    • You were wrong about dwight not being athletic and not being able to block like he used to, he definitely can and does after 5 games this season I felt it was necessary to go on here and tell you to set the record straight

      E46325modE46325mod11 months ago
    • Very very good

      E46325modE46325mod11 months ago
    • MJ2KALLDAY he will be good looking forward to the next season

      Christian GarrettChristian GarrettYear ago
  • superman

    Hudson WattenHudson Watten4 months ago
  • This lakers team is going to be lethal next season this season they we’re getting started they were bad for years but before they were never bad they have lbj ad Dwight Howard rondo Danny green even Caruso

    Jordan BotelerJordan Boteler4 months ago
  • Dwight not trash

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  • Super man Howard

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  • Bruh of course I think Dwight Howard is a good fit he’s my favourite center favourite player tied with LeBron and I’m a laker fan

    Samuel’s AdventureSamuel’s Adventure9 months ago
  • If he stays in Lakers with LBJ ad he can 4-5rings..

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  • I'm still a Superman avid that you team up with my LBJ and Dudley it makes me now a Lakers fan..Superman LBJ and Dudley are my favorite player's..and the other one is Blake Griffin..

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  • LeBron don't want to play defense anymore, he only wants to shoot, pass & run the offense thru himself!!

    Virginia ColemanVirginia Coleman11 months ago
  • Fast forward the Dwight lakers reunion turned out to be a perfect marriage

    Young DrettiYoung Dretti11 months ago
  • been observing dwight since the start of the season, and i think the Lakers dont need cousins anymore. he is a very good defender, rebounder, and pick and roll maestro. this guy deserve a year contract not a summer contract.

    Richie GiloRichie Gilo11 months ago

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  • Puro kayo may alam ..buti kapa alam mo mga dahilan

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  • Easy 20 pts 15 rebs per game if he xtend hes playing time in l.a. bcuz hes only playing 20min per game. Add 10 min or more and he will surely 20 pts 15 reb. Per game

    monkey d. buggy pirate kingmonkey d. buggy pirate king11 months ago
  • He was never dominant. He never scored 25 or more points per game. To be a truly dominant center you must be dominant both offensively and defensively, not only defensively. Imagine Shaq, Olajuwon or even Anthony Davis averaging only 20 points per game in their prime. That ridiculous right? Well, that was Diwght Howard. An excellent center, but not dominant at all.

    James WalkerJames Walker11 months ago
  • This video has aged like a fine wine! Go Lakers! Howard is my favorite part of season so far. He is doing it on all fronts.

    Randy TaylorRandy Taylor11 months ago
  • Salute to this changed man, DWIGHT HOWARD. He is humbled by his past behavior. Thanks man, i admire you so much for who you are now, attitude wise and performance on the court. More games to win. Lakers here for life.❤❤❤

    StraightEdge 918StraightEdge 91811 months ago
  • He is doing fine. You are a visionary.

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  • Dwight Howard = great guy awesome personality. Don't nobody bring your down not even Kobe

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  • Hey MJ2KALLDAY dwight howard actually has the record for the Lakers franchise for the most free throws made in a single game

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  • Have y’all seen him this season!? Howard is doing his part and is looking impressive 💪🏾

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  • Speed Art time lapse of my Digital Painting of Lebron James :

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  • Dwight has never been trash . He can still go for 20 and 20 on any given night! Facts

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  • He will be starting 20 games into season

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  • I don't know why nba teams trade Dwight Howard, he is still in his game.and there no doubt that Howard contributed his depense, offense,and many of the center in nba that Howard is he is the lakers maybe it the right time to prove what he can, and wish to have a champion in this season

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  • Dwight does not like being a pick and roll player hopefully this will change

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    • @lyhthegreat yes he slows down the pace of the teams he is on and isn't very affective at scoring after doing he's held onto the ball for like the entire shot clock

      Olly TropicsOlly TropicsYear ago
    • so he still wants to post up in this era?

      lyhthegreatlyhthegreatYear ago
  • media is killing his career.

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  • The Lakers are built to stop Gianni or Joel Embiid if either comes out of the east. And Next year if Dwight, Cousins,JaVale and AD are healthy the Lakers will be hard to beat.

    Jose VazQueZJose VazQueZYear ago
  • Dwight will average 14 points and 12 rebounds for the lakers if he gets enough minutes.

    Jacob RosenbergJacob RosenbergYear ago
  • Lakers need him, He need to be a starter player, He is a top 3 Best rebounders in The league, and he is the best active player with the most rebounds in The league. He can help in The offensive plays, and deffensive plays too, in blks,dunks, alley-oops ect. Perfect Starting five lineup: 1.Rondo 2.Green 3.LeBron 4.Davis 5.Howard

    LazerDeluxeLazerDeluxeYear ago

    Alex KAlex KYear ago
  • Only if they had Lonzo as point guard

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  • Let's see what he can bring to the table in 2019/2020. He will not start, that is for sure

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  • Dwight, AD, LBJ, Green, Avery. Will be scary defensive first five this season.

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  • Prediction: Howard will play well but then get injured.

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  • We never heard from him after he announced he was working on a three point shot

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  • I wonder why balhogger Kobe called him soft while he won consecutive defensive player of the year???

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  • Dwight is completely washed. Physically and mentally. He has never had the mental capacity to sustain a consistent career. Sure he did well in Orlando, but that was his early years. He doesn't have the IT factor, the killer mentality, he likes to joke around. He may be trying to prove something now, and has probably matured and come to guys senses but it's too late. He will contribute if he gets the minutes, sure. But no way he becomes an intricate part of the Lakers. He put up numbers in Charlotte recently because that team was garbage. I would rather rely on a champion javale McGee.

    Sameer MehtaSameer MehtaYear ago
    • @Michael Chinje damn. You convinced me.

      Sameer MehtaSameer MehtaYear ago
    • No

      Michael ChinjeMichael ChinjeYear ago
  • DH39 (39 = creative energies and benevolance) will be a good addition to the Lake Show. I think his becoming an NBA journeyman and seeing Carmelo slighted by every team has awakened him to the danger of not being wanted. I think this 2nd chance with the purple and gold has instilled a true hunger to help hoist O'brien!

    Michael ElliottMichael ElliottYear ago
  • I say Kuzma gets 6th man.

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  • I always believed that neither he or Melo would win a NBA ‘ship unless they played with Bron...let’s see 👀 🍿

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  • Watch "Dwight Howard Allegedly Exposed By Man Claiming To Be His Ex-Boyfriend" on USworlds

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  • Gotta agree. If nothing else...and I mean NOTHING else....he'll be eating on the boards. And guys don't crash like they used to so I expect a lot of second chance opportunities.

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  • Dwight taking all the hits in the paint while AD shooting all the mid range shots

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  • Mcgee was able to average 16 points in the first month with lebron, if Howard is fully healthy and doesn't have attitude problems I really don't think him averaging 15 points is a big stretch with great playmakers like lebron and rondo

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  • Lets not forget that Dwight howard grab a mans balls like it was nothing

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  • I appreciate this video! 👏👏 This is proof of how the media can shape how these so called "fans" see basketball. This man on a hurt back and torn labrum, averaged 17pts and 12rebs. Javell mcgee hasn't averaged more than 10 rebs in 7 years. He's been top 10 in rebs EVERY YEAR bes been in the league! Thanks for sharing actual facts, that the media act like doesn't exist! 👍👍💯

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  • My big question about Howard is what Kobe questioned, that is his toughness. Let's face it the Lakers need him for one or maybe two teams, that is whoever and mainly the Clippers. With the Clippers, the thought is that they are a smaller unit that may have problems vs bigger and more physical teams. In other words, Howard is going to have to assert himself as a dominant big man, especially on the glass vs the other L.A. team. Sure on paper, he should be able to do just that, but if you look at his track record, Howard has never played like a dominant big man when he was needed to play like one. Even in the season where he made it to the finals, the was dominated in the paint by the Gasol and Bynum. He sort of gets a pass for that, being that it was two big men vs him, however, he is past the point of excuses so this season may be his last chance to prove he is a Hall of Famer superstar player who can help a team win a championship, at least in my opinion.

    mrxexesmrxexesYear ago
  • Sorry man, I like your vids but this is nonsense. "Why are people disappointed in Dwight? He never lived up to his name of superman." No; NBA teams are not eight-years old. They passed on him for a reason. He does not try for stretches in the game, affects the confidence of his teammates, tries to post up for 15 seconds of a possession, let's people blow by in man defense, and he does not know how to hedge or play modern pick n roll defense. He is an atavism from another time. The guy is a minus. Period. That's why today's analytical GMs don't like him. His numbers don't mean anything. I watched him play every game in Atlanta live. Our Hawks were better with Pero Antic (and his 7 points, 4 rebounds per game) because he played great defense, always boxed out, and knew his role on offense. The advanced defense/offense ratings prove it, although you could see it before your eyes easily.

    goran cvetkovskigoran cvetkovskiYear ago
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    • Truth

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    • Ralph Angel they will

      Branden HarrisBranden HarrisYear ago
  • It would be really sad to be on a roster with the likes of Anthony Davis AND LeBron James and not be able to make this work for him. Dwight Howard is in a much better situation roster wise than he was in what 2012? This is do or die for Dwight's NBA career and as a Lakers fan and a believer in second chances, I was salty in the beginning when the Lakers re-signed Dwight for the fact that, Dwight has been given so many chances with team after team and has screwed things up, meanwhile Carmelo Anthony is doing interviews pleading with these teams to atleast be the 12th man on a damn roster. Yeah I still kinda feel some kind of way about that. MFs like Dwight are still getting signed but Melo is out here being glossed over time and time again.

    C SandersC SandersYear ago
  • "Trash" no... More like Cancer. Because his attitude of sulking and not trying at times, spreads.

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