The REAL Reason Why Carmelo Anthony Is NOT In The NBA

Aug 6, 2019
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Carmelo Anthony is out of the NBA and no team has given Carmelo a shot after getting cut with the Rockets, but why will no team give Melo a shot? #Carmelo #NBA
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Carmelo Anthony got cut 10 games into the season with the Rockets and hasn’t been in the NBA since. Apparently Melo is better than 70 of the league according to Chris Broussard. Never trust Chris Brousssard, but it’s been weird that Carmelo hasn’t found a spot on a NBA roster, especially with guys like Anthony Bennett coming back to the league.
In order to see why Carmelo isn’t in the NBA, we need to look at all the possible reasons that GMs and teams don’t wanna take a chance with Carmelo. I don’t think it’s ever been about Carmelo’s talent. I’ve made the case for the Lakers to pick up Carmelo and I believe he’s good enough to help a second unit. Carmelo in 10 games with the Rockets averaged 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds a game shooting 41% from the field and 33% from 3 along with 68% from the free throw line in 29.4 minutes a game. The good thing is that we saw Carmelo drop 28 against the Nets and hit threes off of catch and shoot situations mixed in with a little iso. We also saw Melo turn in a 2 point night against the Thunder. Yes, going 4-6 to start, but almost the whole roster struggled without their assistant coach Jeff Bzeldelik, who was really their defensive coordinator. There were reports that Jeff Bzdelik would only return if Carmelo wasn’t on the team. Carmelo is the main reason that Bzdelik was fired in Denver because of a falling out with Carmelo.
On the Rockets, Melo took a career high 6.4 3s a game despite taking a career low 12.1 shots a game. Yes, Carmelo, the midrange assassin, the jab step extrordinaire reduced the amount of 2s he took to only 5.7 a game. I mean, look at those jab steps.
There’s the uncertainty about his actual skill. While the Rockets wasn’t a good showing, it wasn’t enough to make a conclusion on what Melo can still provide. The Rockets had wanted Melo for 3 years and told him he was the missing piece they needed. Melo did shoot 36% from 3 but 40% from the field on the Thunder scoring 16.2 points per game, but it was definitely not the best season. Melo’s Thunder season was the precedent that set the tone for the rest of his career.
Carmelo Anthony was resistant to being a bench player on the Thunder. Championship teams don’t need a supposed iso scorer or average three point shooter starting. Young teams don’t need a guy like Carmelo taking away shots from developing talent, teams in the middle are usually looking for a second superstar and not sure about what Carmelo could do. While shooting more 3s and being willing to come off the bench was a great sign, I don’t think that Carmelo ever understood that what he brings to the table is just less than what he did before. Carmelo’s defense was also trash. Carmelo ranked 77th in defensive plus/minus out of 91 total power forwards.
But the main reason that Carmelo isn’t getting that call from the NBA is that Melo is a 35 year old project. Melo was unfortunate to be in an era where NBA players were sort of expected to play at a higher level for longer. But even with LeBron as the anomaly, Kobe averaged 27 points at the age of 34. MJ was winning championships at 34.
Carmelo at the age of 35 has never once been in the NBA Finals. He’s in an unsure place in terms of his roll. You don’t know exactly what you’re getting offensively and you’re getting a defensive liability at the age of 35. Where most 35 year olds know what they bring to the table and understand what role they need to be, Melo is a sort of project without the upside of talent growth. I don’t think it’s a question on if he’s willing to adjust, because he is, it’s a question of what that means for his game. He’s redefining his game for the modern NBA, but we haven’t seen the complete change. So the last full season we saw him play was on the Thunder when he was pretty stubborn in his play style. And I mean, he’s still doing this. That makes him a tough sell for any team because of other 35 year old vets that might not have the same offensive firepower, but are sound in everything else. Guys like Andre Iguodala have championship experience and defense, while hitting big shots.
Do I still think that Melo deserves to be in the league. Yes. I still believe he should be with the Lakers, but I’m looking at this from the perspective of NBA executives and GMs who simply have not picked up Melo. It makes sense why a guy who everyone seems to like, who talent-wise, is better than a lot of players in the league, isn’t getting picked up by teams, because in their eyes, he’s not worth the effort. That’s reality. But what do you think? Will Melo ever play in the NBA again? If he does, how will he play?

  • Will Carmelo return to the NBA? You kinda got have "All Notifications" cause Melo is uhhh Melo 😅

    • He did

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    • Thats wierd cuz on nba2k Melo Tony does much better

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  • Great vid MJ

    Helen JohnHelen John18 days ago
  • Carmello needs to be treated the way he treated Lin.

    Chris VBChris VBMonth ago
  • A 40 year old project whose declining don't think I'd take that either no defense go to Europe

    kevin robertskevin roberts2 months ago
  • Go to lower division

    S SS S2 months ago
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    Shrihan ReddyShrihan Reddy3 months ago

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    MrdoodMrdood3 months ago
  • Karma for what he did to JLIN. 😂 This guy is the most selfish basketball player on the planet

    Abdel IbrahimAbdel Ibrahim3 months ago
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    Larry ChristianLarry Christian4 months ago
  • Jeremy Lin as White American Asian proved that not only black american is the kings of NBA

    Xan XiXan Xi4 months ago
  • lol cuz he doesn't do defence

    Sam WangSam Wang4 months ago
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    Victor BowenVictor Bowen6 months ago
  • Every since he cheated on his wife la la his career just went down la la cheat on her she is a bad women what else do you want she got booty breasts looks she bad why would you cheat that was a nigga move and that's why they kicked him out the leauge

    Leon PressleyLeon Pressley6 months ago
    • I mean Then Kevin garnett should watch out He said Melo wife smell like cheerios wait she might of got him when he wen to brooklyn Oh NO

      Hamdi HersiHamdi Hersi4 months ago
  • Listen stop making excuses Kobe never cried cause he had to play point guard or forward whatever position he had to play he just handled it and he did them very well which is why KOBE is a 5 Time champ and carmello is well Carmello get it you gotta want it alot of this is laziness KOBE said it best he asked Allen iverson one time while he was visiting LA what you getting into tonight Allen responded going out to the clubs and he said to Kobe and what you about to get into tonight ....Like a champion player he responds heading to the gym to practice get it hmf yea people hate On Kobe because he works harder then everybody else in the whole Dam leauge feel me that's why he gets the up most respect from all the dam owners and coaches on every team.coaches wish they had Kobe on their team to shape and wake up the rest of their dam weak ass players ...these guys are in the leauge for two reasons the money and the fucking women and that's why KOBE is supperior them all them NBA stars if that's what you wanna call them

    Leon PressleyLeon Pressley6 months ago
  • Jad

    Adois YtAdois Yt6 months ago
  • The stats you kept putting up are garbage 24% from 3land is trash

    wheelzz wheelzzwheelzz wheelzz6 months ago
  • He's garbage that's why and he thinks he's like Kobe and should be allowed to do like him when he's garbage

    wheelzz wheelzzwheelzz wheelzz6 months ago
  • You'd think this would be a wake up call that he has a poor attitude and is a shitty team player. At his age and decline of skill no team has use for him. Why have a ball hog on your team who can't even provide guidance as an old head. Get this guy outta here.

    Bob MinBob Min8 months ago
  • Tbh he can make to any roster but he can't be the 1st,2nd option! He can thrive as off the bench! And he needs to be a good locker room guy! Wish him all the best but he possibly can't win a ring now.

    Blue PlanetBlue Planet8 months ago
  • Linsanity would have complimented Gallinari, Wislon Chandler, and Mozcov. That would have been a dangerous Knicks Team.

    Benjul OcampoBenjul Ocampo8 months ago
  • What you get fat ass melo for getting jealous of lin

    Arnold AgreesArnold Agrees8 months ago
  • Dude fuck melo that dude did Jeremy Lin dirty and doesn’t have a ring too fuckin L talking about politics LOOOL dude just lost his spot fair and square and got karma. Overall stubborn arrogant and salty deserves all he’s getting and he’s washed. I’ll admit that he’s better than most in the league but he’s too old and not performing well maybe he should get another chance but if he performs ass then it’s about time he’ll have to retire officially.

    DRAQDRAQ8 months ago
  • Jab jab bang bang

    Boyd FindlayBoyd Findlay10 months ago
  • Carmelo karma for what he did to JL.

    Mark FrancisMark Francis11 months ago
  • 3 months Later... Portland: Melo! Melo! Melo! 😂👌

    Noel RomanoNoel Romano11 months ago
    • L after L after L

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
  • Karma is biting him in his probably small pp after doing the to Jeremy Lin.

    Valentin YiValentin Yi11 months ago
  • Karma! That's why! He did that to Lin!

    pogi09282805724pogi0928280572411 months ago
  • 5:11 😂

    Steve RodriguezSteve Rodriguez11 months ago

    C_DOT.CHRISC_DOT.CHRIS11 months ago
  • Best shooter of the games idol wonder why almost one season not play..a.

    Tony CarmenTony Carmen11 months ago
    • Because he sucks

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
  • Who’s here when Blazers signed Melo

    MiniToothMiniTooth11 months ago
  • He signed with Portland now

    Ezel PyEzel Py11 months ago
  • He ain't in the NBA cuz he is a bum he hikes up shots till he makes them no team needs that from him at his age an he ain't good at 2nd or 3rd wheel

    REDDY 781REDDY 78111 months ago
  • Sounds like Melo gonna ball out for the Blazers

    Myron JrMyron Jr11 months ago
    • Looks like that was more wishful thinking

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
  • He's on the blazers hahahaha.

    shock toastshock toast11 months ago
    • Still holding Ls which is why nobody but a losing team wanted him ha ha haaaaa

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
  • He’s on a team now this video is irrelevant

    Tommy VTommy V11 months ago
    • "DeLeTe tHe vId" Or stop coming around if it makes you that butthurt

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
    • Might as well delete this vid

      MiniToothMiniTooth11 months ago
    • For real

      Toya MurilloToya Murillo11 months ago
  • Jab

    Grace MercyGrace Mercy11 months ago
  • After the Rockets dropped Melo after 10 games last year, nobody wanted him all year or in the off season and now he’s back after 10 games this year makes it seem to me like a 1year NBA ban.

    Steve NielsenSteve Nielsen11 months ago
  • Melo is a cursed on a teams he played.

    LhipOf FayeLhipOf Faye11 months ago
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    slimmee22slimmee2211 months ago
  • Well hese there now

    JordanJordan11 months ago
  • I'll never respect this man after what he did to Jeremy Lin. He hasn't changed a bit since then.

    Riley DenningRiley Denning11 months ago
  • Welcome to Portland! but might be comin off the bench in order to get your shots

    ToiletClogger1945ToiletClogger194511 months ago
  • who’s here after portland signed him

    Sterling TSterling T11 months ago
    • He wont help much but at least he got a fair Shot.

      Diallo WilloughbyDiallo Willoughby11 months ago
    • He wont help much but at least he got s fair shot.

      Diallo WilloughbyDiallo Willoughby11 months ago
  • I think it comes down to money they don't want to pay a 35 year old that big melo money

    Corey PromoCorey Promo11 months ago
  • Welcome back MELO!!!!!!!!!!

    Robert MossRobert Moss11 months ago
  • He’s back 👏

    YaBettsBelieveYaBettsBelieve11 months ago
    • To holding teams back

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
  • Well he has his chance now.

    M PM P11 months ago
  • Jab

    Samuel Adams BeaubrunSamuel Adams Beaubrun11 months ago
  • I just feel the league is blackballing Melo mistaking his confidence 4 arrogance💯...

    Nick Van9ExelNick Van9Exel11 months ago
    • this comment aged badly

      The Big Kiwi - NBA YoutuberThe Big Kiwi - NBA Youtuber11 months ago
  • # Bring Melo Back !!! He back baby Trail blazzers got their man erase this tape

    Ifyouknew 1Ifyouknew 111 months ago
  • Then the blazers called reinforcements

    FATTTBOI PlaysFATTTBOI Plays11 months ago
    • And felt stupid ever since

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
  • Welp, Melo to the Blazers

    Lheonell GueseLheonell Guese11 months ago
    • @Lheonell Guese They wouldn't because he's cancer, alot of teams need help. By your elementary logic only the Blazers needed help.

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
    • IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga why would a team thats winning add a player like melo? Obvs the teams that need help will offensively will get him

      Lheonell GueseLheonell Guese9 months ago
    • @Lheonell Guese And Nobody but a losing one wanted melon what was your comment supposed to accomplish?

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
    • IG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga there are atleast 15 losing teams in the league bruh

      Lheonell GueseLheonell Guese9 months ago
    • Welp, no wonder only a desperate losing team wanted him.

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
  • Jab

    Dee CollinsDee Collins11 months ago
  • He pissed somebody off.

    J TJ T11 months ago
  • Carmelo will get a ring When Lala returns it

    Rooster LongRooster Long11 months ago
    • Rooster Long a wedding ring

      Levi- SanLevi- San11 months ago
  • Jab. Keep it up man!

    Mark MisnerMark Misner11 months ago
  • Melo with the jab jab.....*body hits floor* dab

    jaylen flanaganjaylen flanagan11 months ago
  • Listen the Utah Jazz bench sucks. They need to sack up and sign Melo and bring Joe Johnson back into the fold. Then they will belong in the elite category. Hell play them at center they can’t be worse than Tony Bradley.

    MetalFace MovieReviewsMetalFace MovieReviews11 months ago
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      IG: confused_melo For FACTS #GingaIG: confused_melo For FACTS #Ginga9 months ago
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    richard tullrichard tull11 months ago
  • The hoodie trend ruined his career

    Top ViewsTop Views11 months ago
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    sng kssng ks11 months ago
  • Maybe because he was a ball hogger and never played defense. Good teams always shut him down. I never liked his attitude. Getting coaches fired because he can’t play team basketball.

    Eno BeanoEno Beano11 months ago
  • The reason is he’s 35 and plays no defense melo should’ve changed his game

    Smart peter GriffithSmart peter Griffith11 months ago

    Boowt BwjBoowt Bwj11 months ago
  • Jab

    Daniel BostonDaniel Boston11 months ago
  • Needs to come to nyc

    Laugh AlertLaugh Alert11 months ago
  • they Colin Kaepernicked his ass

    c sc s11 months ago
  • Melo must have screwed someone powerful's wife.

    Robert JacobsonRobert Jacobson11 months ago
  • It becomes more politics? Bitch you're right.... Coz that's what you did to Jeremy Lin.... You used POLITICS.... You're so high on your horse that you even said you aint playing off the bench...Now, no team wants to put you on their bench... Good for you bro

    K1ngK1ng11 months ago
  • Was the best ♥️

    Mohammed Al-RasheedMohammed Al-RasheedYear ago
  • If he swallowed his pride then he could be an effective 6th man. His days as a #1 option are over but he can still have an impact.

    Leonard WilsonLeonard WilsonYear ago
  • He not in the nba because he got blackballed. It some ppl in the nba that dont like him! So what happen is the ppl that dont like him came together in got him blackballed. The shit happen all the time. Definitely to black basketball players

    Trickdaddy hairlineTrickdaddy hairlineYear ago
  • Paying millions to a just average player is not worth it. It's just business baby

    Advant GardeAdvant GardeYear ago
  • Say what you want about Melo, but he was a great player in his prime. He may have kept the ball to himself WAY more often than he should have but as a delusional Knicks fan he gave me hope that we could bring another ring to the Garden. Did that happen? No, but it was fun while it lasted. Growing up I looked up to Him even though looking back at it now he wasn't a very great player to follow 's footsteps. As time progressed his career tell apart and sadly I feel like this may just be the end of it. I will always remember your time as a Knick and will never forget those times. Once a Knick, always a Knick. Sincerely, a grateful Knicks fan.

    Daumber1Daumber1Year ago
  • Jab

    Taylor FrenchTaylor FrenchYear ago
  • Always trust Chris Broussard

    Taylor FrenchTaylor FrenchYear ago
  • Melo just isn’t efficient, he wastes a lot of time and is too busy being the hero playing iso ball. His style is outdated

    ThetrueMarksmenThetrueMarksmenYear ago
  • #$jab

    Gabriel Kadri SpiegelGabriel Kadri SpiegelYear ago
  • Blacked balled

    Dirk GarnerDirk GarnerYear ago
  • melo = trash defense. thats why noone wants him. 15ppg isnt even worth having him on the floor

    jekktjekktYear ago
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    Cyrus JacksonCyrus JacksonYear ago
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    Drip CountDrip CountYear ago
  • His performance is not the question of the discussion rather his characters is being call in for question

    dennis wynndennis wynnYear ago
  • Melo great player but not a great leader to win a championship

    loic raimbertloic raimbertYear ago
  • Hi

    Apollo 12Apollo 12Year ago
  • Feel Sad for melo

    Bhoops YTBhoops YTYear ago
  • I wish he would evolved his game, won a championship, did not have all that unnecessary personal drama & a professional attitude, then he wouldn't be doing interviews begging for a spot in the NBA... Wish him the best...

    Alesha P AustinAlesha P AustinYear ago
  • Jab

    amvProdamvProdYear ago
  • Easy. He is a headcase that thinks scoring is the only value an NBA player can bring to a team. He should fuck off to China, where his mentality holds true.

    gullintannigullintanniYear ago
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    Maije BansMaije BansYear ago
  • Detroit should give him a chance

    Flash 3Flash 3Year ago
  • He can still play, just not on a team that's trying to win.

    TK CreusTK CreusYear ago