The REAL Reason Why Anthony Davis Does Not SHAVE His Unibrow (Ft. NBA Brows)

Jul 17, 2019
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Anthony Davis has NBA history with his unibrow and is known as the Brow. Being on the Lakers, I was wondering, why does Davis does not shave his unibrow. #Davis #brow #NBA
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What is that? Anthony Davis is known for many things, being a really good basketball player, being a Laker, but he’s also known for being the Brow. But why does he keep a unibrow? There’s more to it than you think.
It’s time for another story that no one asked for. I’ve always wondered what the story behind Anthony Davis unibrow because it’s so well known and so here it is. Follow me on twitter for all my takes while I’m in California at Venice Beach. And for the 20% that are subscribed and have notifications on, you lit, and to the 80% that watch my videos that still aren’t subscribed, Anthony Davis still has a unibrow so please subscribe.
Before sophomore year of high school Anthony Davis was your normal high school student, except for the fact that he was 6’ 0” and already dominating high school basketball. And then all of a sudden in his sophomore year, some fuzz started to show up between his eyebrow and it connected his two eyebrows into a unibrow. Davis didn’t really like it. He already had thick eyebrows to begin with and this made that stand out. He constantly got made fun of by his friends saying that he was Bernie Earnie. (Look at this dude…) So after being bullied, he told his sister, you gotta shave this off. And so she did. AD was happy with how he looked and his friends even stopped making fun of him for a day or two. Before he knew it, it was back and it was back thicker than before. And so AD was disappointed, it bothered him knowing that all the jokes would come back and they did. The issue was that if would only be making it worse by continuously shaving it and so he decided to keep it at whatever it was before it would get thicker and really look like Bernie Ernie. This is a teenage Anthony Davis we are talking about, only 15 years old and so it makes sense that he would be insecure. I can’t believe I’m about to analyze this man’s brow, but if you look at the center, it’s not as thick as the sides of unibrows, which would have been the two eyebrows. That means he either really did stop grooming his unibrow or that was the extent of what it grew to. Based off the Mayo Clinic, facial hair does not grow back thicker after shaving, it does grow back faster so I’m not so sure about the whole “thicker” part of the story. Wow, I did not expect to do this on this channel.
So that could explain why he didn’t save his unibrow in high school, but why not in the NBA? I mean, most players have their own personal barber and get a haircut or shape up for games so Davis could just get it taken off everyday. Heck he could even do it in like a minute everyday, at least based off of this one time he did it. It’s fake. If he didn’t like it, then why keep it right? Let’s go back to college when his opinion changed.
His growth spurt and dominance in high school made Anthony Davis the best college recruit in the nation. He chose to go to the Kentucky Wildcats in 2012 and had the single greatest college season since Kevin Durant. As Davis gained more and more fans, he gained more and more support and their biggest form of support came in the form of the nickname “The Brow”. They made unibrow masks, made the saying “Fear the Brow.” On twitter, #BrowDown went viral. What once was a joke, a feature of discomfort and embarrassment became a strength and pillar of support. Plus when stars like Kobe are encouraging the Brow, it’s hard to lose that part of you. I mean we’re talking about ruthless Kobe. (Kobe trash talk) Remember that Anthony Davis played on the Olympics team before he was drafted and so being around his idols at the time like LeBron and Kobe and having them accept and like the unibrow would make it easier for a 19 year old to accept the unibrow as part of his look. So just like that AD realized that the unibrow is a strength he has, a way for fans to identify him and support him, something that sets him apart in a good way. In 2012, AD trademarked the phrases “Fear The Brow” and “Raise the Brow” to capitalize on the marketing opportunities that come with that identity. Nicknames for players usually don’t come so early in your career and so Anthony Davis took real advantage of having one so early and now almost everyone know Anthony Davis as the brow. In fact, The Brow nickname might even be more famous than Anthony Davis. To bring this full circle, now Anthony Davis believes that the Brow is a part of his life. We’re gonna be seeing more it with him in LA. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. But what do you think? How will Anthony Davis do this season? Will he ever shave his unibrow?
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  • He keep his unibrow because it’s prob his super power for basketball so he can dunk on people and it prob give him more wingspan but I’m not trying to make fun of him but ya

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