The REAL Reason Why Alex Caruso Is SO Important To LeBron & The Lakers In The NBA Bubble (Ft. Memes)

Jul 31, 2020
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When looking at all 2 man lineups that have played at least 300 minutes together and their net ratings, LeBron and Caruso are tied for first in the whole league with Giannis and Bledsoe at 20.8. At first glance stats wise, he looks like well an NBA scrub. In 17.8 minutes per game, he’s averaging 5.4 points on 43% from the field and 35.5% from 3 with low assist and rebound numbers. So what am I talking about then. He’s got the second best defensive plus-minus in the whole league, he has the second highest on-off numbers on the Lakers, and before you go well, he’s just a role player, just a meme, he’s played over 1000 minutes this season. He’s actually important to the Lakers, and without Avery Bradley and Rondo, his part in the Lakers is about to get a lot bigger.
Let’s start with the special LeBron and Caruso connection. Caruso is also humble when explaining his high plus-minus. Without Caruso, LeBron shoots 48.5% from the field, 34.1% from 3 with versus 53.5% from the field, 37.5% from 3 with Caruso on the court. That’s a 5% increase from the field and maybe an equally more fascinating part is per 100 possessions, LeBron averaged 10 more points and 2.9 less assists with Caruso. Alex is a role player that actually helps LeBron be more aggressive and score more.
Specifically recognizing how teams play LeBron and operating in that space is where Caruso excels. Even though Caruso is a guard when he’s on the court with Bron, he handles the ball less often than 90% of the guards in the league in the 8th percentile. He’s not ball dominant which allows LeBron to dictate play more. But unlike guards that just shoot when on the court when with LeBron, Caruso is moving in response to what LeBron is doing. This is one of my favorite plays with LeBron and Caruso, it’s not a flashy pass. In reality, it’s just a give and go, but not by design. Caruso draws two people on him, LeBron improvises by passing mid air and Caruso responds to that improvisation with a touch pass immediately to where LeBron is running to. This isn’t the only time Caruso makes a touch pass after a LeBron pass. In fact, that happens a decent amount, especially when LeBron collapses the defense, swings it to Caruso who immediately swings it to the open man.
And right here, LeBron is about to take a very tough shot. Caruso is slowly actually creeping towards the top of the key, just in case LeBron decides to pass it out of nowhere, shortening the distance. And guess what, LeBron does. Caruso makes the three. This understanding between the two, just knowing where to be on the court is just so natural. Caruso positions himself to where it would be easier for LeBron to make a pass to.
Based off a metric called the RAPTOR which takes into account all defensive stats along with on-off numbers, Caruso is 5th in the league defensively only behind Gobert, Dieng, Isaac, and Willie Cayley Stein. A much simpler stat to go by is defensive real plus minus which Caruso has the second best in the league.
And so he puts his body on the line defensively too. He does a solid job at keeping defenders in front of him and bumping them on their way to the rim. He usually goes straight up and although he doesn’t have super long arms, remember he is 6’ 5” meaning he can switch between 1 through 3, and Caruso switches easily within the defensive scheme. He has decent lateral quickness, but once again, Caruso’s basketball instincts give him a leg up. He’s able to recognize plays and anticipate passes. Because of his IQ, he’s able to just have a hand in just the right place like here when he gets the steal on Gobert. With these steals, Caruso gets on the fast break where he does such a great job in making decisions despite not being the fastest.
Perhaps the most intangible part of Caruso is the energy he brings to the team. Anything Caruso does becomes a sort of spark for the Lakers. They all recognize the meme, and they all play along with it. It’s a sort of moral booster, and he randomly has those plays that just gets fired up, especially because it catches you off guard every time. So yeah Caruso has done something that few players are able to do, make LeBron James better, and that is gonna be important in the playoffs. But what do you think? Will Alex Caruso play well in the playoffs? Is LeBruso a real thing?

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    Tjuanne PitchfordTjuanne Pitchford2 days ago
  • you called it! He was very important Lakers 2020 Champs!

    Mandelson FleurivalMandelson Fleurival2 days ago
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    Gabriel OrtigaGabriel Ortiga2 days ago
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    PushMeToTheEdge _PushMeToTheEdge _2 days ago
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    JKJUNIOR95JKJUNIOR953 days ago
  • Just another example of Lebron making average players look good. And getting paid doing it..

    Colin EdwardsColin Edwards4 days ago
    • you definitely dont watch the games..

      Newton LamNewton Lam3 days ago
  • AC is a very hight IQ player, he makes a winning plays all the time

    Rati KonjariaRati Konjaria4 days ago
  • Crusoe is underappreciated

    Manu BainsManu Bains5 days ago
  • Caruso's lob passes to LeBron reminds me of Dwayne Wade 👀

    Youtube WatcherYoutube Watcher5 days ago
  • Lord Alex Caruso the GOAT

  • I will fly to LA & slap 👋 Pelinka if he trades Curoso..he is hardly getting paid ..let him stay

    Vijay MareddyVijay Mareddy6 days ago
  • Starting him in the last game of finals sealed the championship. Their's a reason why Vogel called him Laker's secret weapon.

    proxima centauriproxima centauri6 days ago
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    Samuel ContrerasSamuel Contreras6 days ago
  • It's all fun and games until the substitute teacher dunks on you.

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  • The Bald Mamba

    ALvin MartinALvin Martin6 days ago
  • just checked the stats on esps for real plus minus and caruso aint second...bron is. i really like caruso but what statsheet did you find that on?

    markus iflandmarkus ifland6 days ago
    • @proxima centauri i mean hes not even top 10 but i didnt think he was worse in the bubble so i didnt know why his rpm would have gone down so far

      markus iflandmarkus ifland4 days ago
    • At the time he made this dude of course stats will be updated after two months.

      proxima centauriproxima centauri6 days ago
  • Ball might have been a number 1 chosen draft pick of the Lakers but Caruso has now proved He is much better overall in so many ways than Ball !!!🎀 Caruso is so Important and Special to the success of the Lakers!!!🌋 Caruso is a so valuable Bald Mama up and coming STAR!!!

    Phil YeePhil Yee7 days ago
  • He's hustle and defense is so important to the team

    Hun TerHun Ter7 days ago
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    Jelo BorraJelo Borra7 days ago
  • This video aged so well! After the NBA Playoffs and Vogel starting him in Game 6 Alex was a major reason they won the Chip

    Krystin CallenderKrystin Callender7 days ago
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    Davide AbondioDavide Abondio8 days ago
  • Caruso is like Kuroko in the anime, who chosed to be the shadow.

    Emerson CamposEmerson Campos8 days ago
  • Caruso might not scored so well but how he move without the ball is amazing he run on the phase to make himself available all the time. The defense he have is so effective for the lakers he can defend well, that also helps the lakers to be ranked as 4th defensive team last 2019-2020 season.

    Vincent SocoVincent Soco9 days ago
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      John WallJohn Wall7 days ago
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      Nick CunnimghamNick Cunnimgham7 days ago
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    Quincy MojoQuincy Mojo11 days ago
  • And just like that, Caruso is now a champion.

    Alpha SulapasAlpha Sulapas12 days ago
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    Charlie TingCharlie Ting12 days ago
  • This video aged well :^))

    EndSource GamingEndSource Gaming12 days ago
  • This video aged well :^))

    EndSource GamingEndSource Gaming12 days ago
  • Caruso is the definition affecting the game not the box score. Dude can have 4 points and 2 assists but somehow his fingerprints will all over the game.

    MaxJuilienMaxJuilien12 days ago
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  • This video proved to be accurate. He got his first of the year start in game 6 of the finals...a game they dominated.

    Richard BentzeRichard Bentze13 days ago
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  • Here we stand, as the Lakers become champions and caruso starting for the final game.

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  • It's like when in games, Caruso is the Aura buff that increases the stats of the whole party, even though he doesn't do much on papers stats.

    Swanky PantsSwanky Pants15 days ago
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  • He’s what the Lakers hoped Lonzo would be

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  • This video aged well.

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  • Well they won the Finals so Lebruso must be something. Not saying that’s why they won but...

    WoodyWoody17 days ago
    • Caruso started in game 6, and they blew out the Heat, winning the Title. Coincidence? I think not.

      ryanexsusryanexsus16 days ago
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  • Caruso has been a monster in the playoffs. You can tell Lebron loves playing with him and the chemistry with Davis has grown as well.

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