The REAL Problem With Zion Williamson In The NBA (Ft. NBA Weight, Knees, & Pelicans Muscle)

Oct 25, 2019
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Zion Williamson and his weight has been a popular topic in the NBA. People keep saying Zion is overweight, but the Pelicans don’t think so, so here‘s Zion’s real problem. #NBA #Zion
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Zion Williamson is out 6-8 weeks with a knee injury that he’ll get surgery for. Zion only complained about knee soreness and out of knee soreness, now he’s getting part of his meniscus removed. And there have been a lot of people who have been saying he’s overweight for his playstyle, his high flying, rim destroying style. But that was never a concern in his earlier high school days when he became a viral sensation. Drop a like for Zion dunks, a good 5347 of them.
Zion was a 6’ 3” 175 pound freshmen as Zion called himself, small. But over the course of about 2 years, Zion said he gained about 100 pounds. There’s no way he gained almost 100 pounds, there’s no way, he was just 14 going to 16. That’s ridiculous. (show ESPN saying he’s 272 for senior camp). So Zion gained 97 pounds in 2 and a half years. This is not normal. The normal muscle gain at the ages of 14 to 16 is 20-26 pounds. While I don’t know how much of the 97 pounds was muscle and fat, looking at Zion himself in high school, it didn’t look like he was out of shape. His senior year was when he was doing this. This weight gain is actually unprecedented. When Zion initially got to Duke, there were reports that he was out of shape, that he was too heavy, that he was uhm thick. And then he did this. (free throw line dunk) Zion proceeded to have the most efficient season in NCAA basketball history. With a 40.3 PER, and also the stuff he was doing on the court, there was no denying that he was special. He didn’t lose any weight during the entire season and made his way to the NBA at that same weight of 285 pounds.
Now let’s go back to the comments David Griffin said. Saying that no one gains muscle like Zion is a pretty bold statement considering that David Griffin was also the GM of LeBron James and also part of the Suns organization when Charles Barkley was on the Suns for 4 seasons. One who’s a freak of nature himself at 6’ 8” 250 pounds and the other who’s notorious for his fluctuating weight. Let’s look at these two for a second.
LeBron is listed at 250 pounds now, but has played at 270 pounds during his NBA career. LeBron came into the league out of high school at 240 pounds. In his freshmen year of high school, he was 6’ 3” 185 pounds meaning in 4 years, he put on 55 pounds, which is nothing to scoff at. Charles Barkley came into the league at a weight of around 300 pounds at 6’ 6”, but a lot of that and I mean a lot of that was fat. Charles was the first to admit it. As a professional athlete, Barkley was lazy and let his weight balloon up to that, but with the guidance of Moses Malone, Barkley kept losing weight until he found his most effective weight at 255 pounds. But again, a lot of the weight Barkley lost was excessive fat. So while Barkley is saying that Zion needs to lose weight, their body types were completely different.
There’s one person in the NBA who is close to that type of muscle gain and that’s Giannis who gained 52 pounds of muscle in 6 years and that was with an emphasis on packing muscle. What the heck Giannis. Zion didn’t focus on gaining weight and gained 110 pounds. *sigh A lot of NBA rookies focus on packing on muscle after their first year so their bodies can be NBA ready. Lonzo Ball put on about 10-15 pounds of muscle after his rookie year.
I agree with the assessment, but then what is the right playing weight for Zion? LeBron played at 274 pounds at one point in his career, but there weren’t any injury concerns at that weight, mainly because LeBron was all muscle. Shaq also got heavier during his career, putting on about 100 pounds in his first 10 years to 341 pounds. He more so ate his way to that weight, but somewhere around 320 pounds was when Shaq was at his best where he was so dominant and still able to move enough. But to every player there is a different playing weight that they naturally are good at. I can see the arguments being made for his weight and while the way he walks is unusual, I don’t think Zion has to drastically change himself physically. Zion is in good shape, we’ve seen LeBron at 274 pounds be dominant. I’ll leave that up to the Pelicans medical staff to decide what Zion needs to do for his career and longevity, but Zion is not normal. His real problem is how quickly he gains muscle, not his weight. As David Griffin said, Zion is unlike anyone we’ve ever seen. But what do you think? Does Zion need to lower his weight? Will he win rookie of the year?

  • Im at a bit if a loss right now... I was fat in middleschool so i went and did a lot of gym (for 6months) in the 1st 2 months i lost around 20-25pounds... But after that i gained 35pounds that were now muscle... I gained 35pounds (more or less of muscle in a little bit less than 4months) and my gym was nothing special... I was just a "nerdy" (meaning that i always focused on studying rather than sports) 6ft 270lb 15yo doing what i could 5-6 times a week for around 2h each time... So how are these guys (except zion) gaining so little muscle mass... Or maybe i was truly abnormal and this is just normal... Hehe

    Eloi SherifiEloi Sherifi8 days ago
  • What was zion eating

    ShellChaseShellChase16 days ago
  • tell to take his shirt off that will answer the question no packs he fat

    J how you knowJ how you know2 months ago
  • zion is fat shaq at the end of career fat period the nba can lie and say its muscle all day its fat linemen run 4.3 to in the nfl doesn't mean there not fat

    J how you knowJ how you know2 months ago
  • KD should ask Zion to be his strength and conditioning coach

    S H A Y N E NcubeS H A Y N E Ncube2 months ago
  • Does Zion weight more than shaq i dont Think so right

    Adam JallalihAdam Jallalih2 months ago
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    Johnny McfarlandJohnny Mcfarland4 months ago
  • zion just a big kid hes still growing. Chill

    TGor2340TGor23404 months ago
  • Zion is built like an absolute Tank, I think that when he finishes growing he’ll probably be around 6’8” and if he can figure the whole knee thing out, I would like to see a 6’8” 300 pounds of muscle Tank Zion at his prime

    IceIce4 months ago
  • ben simmons

    GOD ZILLAGOD ZILLA4 months ago
  • Zion is not putting muscle only, he puts muscle and fat because with the best genetics you cannot put that much pure muscle, none of them put as much muscle as they said, part of it is fat. And if you look at his pictures he is over 15 % body fat even 20, and every NBA player is over 10 %. Do you know how hard it is to maintain low body fat? A lot of misinformation in this video, but I understand because you say what they say and most of it is lies.

    Srđan BeckSrđan Beck5 months ago
  • Zion: *lifts pencil* *gains 1,280 Ibs of muscle* Me: *Runs a mile lifts dumbbells* etc *gains 1million Ibs of pure fat*

    4 seconds ago4 seconds ago5 months ago
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    Figger 11Figger 115 months ago
  • he ain't fat he just got muscle no problem with that...

    Jaykwon TorresJaykwon Torres5 months ago
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    Chilee HafokaChilee Hafoka5 months ago
  • What if Zion gain weight. Will increase his vertical

    Malak PramisMalak Pramis5 months ago
  • like comment if all of what he is saying is not facts zion is the next LeBRon james but you would not say enything about zion

    yoboidavyoboidav5 months ago
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    Laeeq IsaacsLaeeq Isaacs6 months ago
  • Don't u fucking diss my boy

    Noah PaceyNoah Pacey6 months ago
  • Zion is not the rookie of the year JA MORRANT IS BETTTTTTER!!

    AntTheCardCollectorAntTheCardCollector6 months ago
  • musscle

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  • muscle :)

    Fat Boy Man Guy Heck YouFat Boy Man Guy Heck You6 months ago
  • Weight is going to be an issue on later part especially on how intense he plays, he needs to play smart with those weight gains, youths hormones will mask those increment of muscle tear and later part the injury comes in, hope he thinks way ahead for his career. Jump high cant be done always in the sport of gravity and speed. DO the Barkley style.

    GRSLGRSL6 months ago
  • gaining weight is much more than gaining muscle and fat. People have different amounts of waterweight, different sized skeletons, and genetics play a huge part in someones body and body type. His genetics made him gain all that weight because it is his body type to be big, not something you can control. Although that does not mean he can't lose weight. he is alo a freak athlete.

    Mika SMika S6 months ago
  • muscle

    Natia RukhadzeNatia Rukhadze7 months ago
  • If he just diets in January July and December ever year for 3 years he would be in the best shape and just did more lower body exercises for the knees especially (the type of diet would be a sliming down with muscle not fat)

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  • ROTY for sure!

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  • Yeah he looks like hes built for football

    thensg marshthensg marsh7 months ago
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  • There has been another Zion his name is SIR CHARLES BARKLY 6,4 280 pounds

    SUPREME HandlezSUPREME Handlez7 months ago
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  • He is not a bad shape nba player, at least he has vision, the one that doesn't have vision or skill is MJ2KALLDAY. Like I can barely roast you, I don't know what you sound like, boy

    Christ OlmedaChrist Olmeda7 months ago
  • “The NBA season is here.” Oh boy.

    Jagger WinklerJagger Winkler7 months ago
    • rip

      Fat Boy Man Guy Heck YouFat Boy Man Guy Heck You6 months ago
  • Gaining weight is all about height and body type

    Zachariah WilliamsZachariah Williams7 months ago
  • Diet is the key.

    Nate BanksNate Banks7 months ago
  • Barkley

    Baby New YearBaby New Year7 months ago
  • But Ja Morant has a 42-44 inch vertical.

    Winning every championship BY JUNEWinning every championship BY JUNE7 months ago
  • Those dunks and jumps are gonna kill his knees. He got to diversify his moves.

    Dib IrkenDib Irken7 months ago
  • I still hate that they are playing him. He should play next season. They can make the 2nd coming of Lob City next year.

    Dib IrkenDib Irken7 months ago
  • Muscle

    Sergiu ZaraSergiu Zara8 months ago
  • I don’t see him doing well in the long term. There’s no way a man can keep that much athleticism all the time without getting hurt. He’s gotten hurt before, and I see it as being a staple of his career

    Joseph QuinnJoseph Quinn8 months ago
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    Tramir LadipoTramir Ladipo8 months ago
  • no offense to zion but he ain't getting rookie of the year cause of his injury

    nich1480 nich1480nich1480 nich14808 months ago
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  • muscle

    Jacob PedersenJacob Pedersen8 months ago
  • His fat?

    CONRACE whateverCONRACE whatever8 months ago
  • I’m like Zion

    Josyah SerranoJosyah Serrano8 months ago
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    Anwar KhalilAnwar Khalil8 months ago
  • Let’s be honest, we all thought Zion’s weight was the problem...

    1hunnid ‘1hunnid ‘8 months ago
  • What is normal man. America is a place full of people with all kids of genes. Your a 5’7 Indian bloke. He’s a big black guy with godly powers. We should stop saying normal, causes everyone’s gonna be different. I know some Fijian guys who looked jacked without even working out at 16.

    Holden ToodicksHolden Toodicks8 months ago

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  • 11 mins and not one mention of steroids. There is an elephant in the room guys... Guys?

    lukkbox77lukkbox778 months ago
  • bruh u can tell by looking at him hes all muscle

    getshittedonkidgetshittedonkid8 months ago
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    Seth HillSeth Hill8 months ago
  • I think an NBA schedule could possibly have something to do with his injury, due to him being so heavy and explosive, hes putting more pressure on his body in areas that every other player doesnt due to how powerful and heavy he is. So all that constant strain might be a little too much. I think he could benefit from losing somewhere between 10 - 20 pounds, and I'm not saying hes out of shape, I just mean physically he might be to heavy to stay healthy in this sport with that frame.

    J LuxJ Lux9 months ago
  • Kendrick nunn is going to get to rocky of the year

    Esai PEsai P9 months ago
  • Mussle

    john craigjohn craig9 months ago
  • Zion is fine. All this speculation and BS surrounding him. Guy had a minor Meniscus issue, one of the most common procedures for young athletes. Yeah, he's big, he's already 10 lbs lighter than when he played summer league and has already proved that he's healthy with 22 points (17 in like 3 minutes). Let the dud play ball....

    Mack DeenMack Deen9 months ago
  • Iverson can never play in the nba at 155 pounds he will need to gain 40 pounds. Shaq cant play at 300 pounds. They have no clue. Curry is too skinny hurt in college he wont last a year in the nba

    Lee 1227Lee 12279 months ago
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    NeezDutzNeezDutz9 months ago
  • the issue is his play style and his ape legs that are not built for jumping or running or walking and his weight muscle or fat when he lands duh ur wrong

    TheeRepenter AkaTheeComforterTheeRepenter AkaTheeComforter9 months ago
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    Miles BrewerMiles Brewer9 months ago
  • dude is playing with A1 player now, not college students.

    Jacobo ReyesJacobo Reyes9 months ago
  • He used hormones ir steroids bro

    Santiago LeonSantiago Leon9 months ago
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    PlinkPlonkPlinkPlonk9 months ago
  • He’s way more muscle than fat right now but if he doesn’t watch his diet he could end up exactly like shawn kemp

    Mikey MendezMikey Mendez9 months ago
  • Think the NBA should allow him to hang on the rim to prevent the harsh landing. I'll say for a heavy player but not for showboating.

    George MillsGeorge Mills9 months ago
  • muscle

    Tedd 43Tedd 439 months ago
  • The problem is that he's 40 pounds overweight, and the force coming down on his knees the way he jumps is going to be a detriment to his career. All the time he was out, I assumed that he would come back lighter. Unfortunately, he plays for a stupid azzzzz team that's blind.

    Damoor BlackfootDamoor Blackfoot9 months ago
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    Kalen ShawKalen Shaw9 months ago
  • Muscle also I agree with you when you said he just needs to learn how to land right

    Brian SimmonsBrian Simmons9 months ago
  • Sir Charles was heavier than Zion

    DebDeb9 months ago
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    Mkflury4meMkflury4me9 months ago
  • I gained 50 pounds in 2.5 yrs, 5’9” to 6’2” in 8th grade summer to 10th 2nd semester rn

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    Isaiah LozanoIsaiah Lozano9 months ago
  • #muscle

    Alie -2kAlie -2k9 months ago

    Ellis ClarkeEllis Clarke9 months ago
  • When Zion gaind 8lb of muscle in the off season with just one week of workouts he completely shocked the entire Pelicans staff and anyone else who would've known at the time and they've never seen let alone heard of anything like this before so what do you do with a kid who gets that jacked just off workouts?

    Jahad BellJahad Bell9 months ago
  • Zion Williamson probably has a myostatin deficiency. Meaning his body doesn’t wNt to stop growing muscle

    GodsSon __GodsSon __9 months ago

    Zer0 SavageZer0 Savage9 months ago
  • Why everyone knows better for him. Can't understand

    Rudolph cRudolph c9 months ago