The REAL Problem With Ben Simmons In The NBA (Ft. 3 Point Shots & a Tall 76ers Point Guard)

Dec 10, 2019
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Ben Simmons has so much NBA potential, but is playing at the same level as his rookie season. So what’s the problem with Ben Simmons? #NBA #Simmons #Jumpshots
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Ben Simmons made his second career 3. Every time he makes a three, it’s actually like the memes. Simmons somehow is averaging a career low in points at 14.8, a career high in assists by 0.3 at 8.5 assists and a career low in rebounds at 6.9 rebounds. Now that this is his third year in the league, you would think that Simmons would be improving, but he seems like the same player if not a little worse than his rookie season, so I wanted to look at what’s going on with Ben Simmons, because his main problem actually isn’t his jumpshot.
I think the reason why Ben Simmons not improving gets frustrating is because we all can see the potential he has. He averaged 16, 8, and 8 in his first year. Then we saw the playoffs and when he had 0 points and wondered what he would do. Brett Brown wants Simmons taking 1 three a game, but Ben Simmons is somehow taking less overall shots per game than last season when Jimmy Butler was on the 76ers. Simmons is only averaging 10.4 field goal attempts a game which is lower than the 12.2 from last year. Jimmy Butler who was averaging 13.6 shots a game in 55 games for the Sixers is gone. Now we know that Ben Simmons shoots only inside the paint.
Even as the guy handling the ball, he’s not able to create enough shots for himself. And it’s not his shooting that’s the problem. We’ve seen Giannis last season without a jumpshot get to the rim, take shots, and make them. The Bucks didn’t seem to have this issue last year even with Giannis only taking 2.8 3s a game. A lot of that has to do with the Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer who put in a 5 out system to let Giannis have all the space to drive when he has the ball. There’s so much space for Giannis to take his steps, his long demi-god steps (ahhhhh) If there is help defense, he can make that open pass. Even when Giannis didn’t have the ball, defenders would not leave him completely open because that would give him too much free space to start running into the paint. When Simmons is given that 5 out space, he’s at his most effective. He’s able to drive to the rim and make passes with his great playmaking ability.
Ben Simmons’s only value as an off-ball player is as a cutter. Most defenses will leave Simmons open and double on the person who has the ball like Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris.It’s not the supposed star in Ben Simmons getting doubled. It’s the other players like Tobias Harris who almost became an NBA All-Star and solid role players like Korkmaz, Josh Richardson, Mike Scott who are getting superstar treatment with Ben Simmons on the floor and they aren’t always the best under this double team pressure.
The 76ers don’t run a lot of 5 out with Embiid liking to sit in the post, but even with Embiid popping out to the 3 point line, there’s something missing from Simmons. I know that he’s not as dominant Giannis, he got bullied by Giannis, but there’s more to it than that. It’s his lack of aggression that’s concerning. Ben’s usage rate has dropped from 21.5% last year to 19.6 this year which doesn’t make any sense. A lot of times Simmons will begin to drive, and then stop at the free throw line area and pass, not to an open teammate. Why? Probably best to ask Simmons himself, maybe he wants to avoid the defenders. Whatever the reason, he’s being passive. That’s why his usage rate is down, because he’s choosing not to do more. Simmons actually was averaging more touches in his rookie season than this season from 95 to 90.3.
The 76ers don’t really run a Ben Simmons-Joel Embiid pick and roll. It’s weird when you have two All-Stars that are a point guard center combo. We’re seeing LeBron and AD run pick and rolls and while Simmons is not LeBron and Embiid is not AD, Simmons playmaking, and Embiid’s presence could have a similar effect. I get that defenders would drop underneath the screen, but that would give Ben enough space to bulldoze into the paint and see if the defense helps off Embiid to then pass to him, or if the defense switches for Ben to have a 1 v 1 in the paint. As the Ball handler in a pick and roll, Simmons actually averaged 0.96 points per possession last season which was in the 80th percentile but ran less than 3 pick and rolls a game. Even a pick and pop with Al Horford and Simmons would be pretty good, but these are all options that just don’t get used as they probably should.
I hope the Cavs game was more of what we’re going to see from now on because Ben is special, don’t forget that. But what do you think? Will Ben Simmons play better than last year? How far can the 76ers go?

  • Simmons has gotta be in the 3 point contest, right? Will he get better this season? Second channel:

    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY10 months ago
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      Eyob BerukEyob Beruk5 months ago
    • A lot of people don't realize that Magic wasn't a good 3 pt shooter, AT ALL, till the last few seasons he played, when he got decent

      De'Lebronté Zebulon JonesDe'Lebronté Zebulon Jones10 months ago
    • The 76ers need to make a choice they must trade embid or Simmons the skills set don't match

      Patrick ManaliliPatrick Manalili10 months ago
    • Ben Simmons does not have a problem. What are you talking about? He plays on a team with ultra talent, so wtf do you expect. He is actually doing great. Idiots.

      Cuz MusicCuz Music10 months ago
    • Just because you bloggers are doesn't mean they know what they're talking about

      MrGabagooMrGabagoo10 months ago
  • I didn't even start playing basketball until I was 30. In one year, of playing in my free time, I developed a jumper. BEN IS LAZY AND THATS WHY HE AND THE 6ERS SUCK ASS

    The Dred GodThe Dred GodMonth ago
  • He should be a center period

    Angry BirdAngry BirdMonth ago
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    Joe AkemuJoe AkemuMonth ago
  • Ben the fraud simmonsz

    Karim Assane-AlyKarim Assane-AlyMonth ago
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    Get me to 1k with no VidzGet me to 1k with no Vidz3 months ago
  • Hes a Slashing Playmaker with no shooting badges

    LowKeyLowKey3 months ago
  • That dunk from Giannis you showed was missing the last part, where Simmons came straight back and did a huge put back dunk on Giannis. Then Giannis got the stare down

    SpecialRelativaFunkSpecialRelativaFunk4 months ago
  • Is it just me or should Ben Simmons be a Power Forward or a Center

    ThatRedGuyThatRedGuy4 months ago
  • This guy's voice is soo annoying.

    Ashwin GopinathAshwin Gopinath4 months ago
  • He’s not with the right team, Joel keeps clogging up the lane let him get too a right offense he will open up

    James VinerJames Viner4 months ago
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    anonymous ??anonymous ??4 months ago
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    Yrnjavion 5183Yrnjavion 51834 months ago
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    Sheel PantSheel Pant4 months ago
  • Simmons got Rookie of the year over Mitchel. Like a FMW fight, Mitchel got robbed. Simmons is trash.

    Daniel LinanDaniel Linan5 months ago
  • Thank you for pointing out the fact that the Sixers offense does not run sets and actions that could easily help make scoring for Ben more easier. As a Sixers fan it is frustrating that Ben isn't aggressive. That is really his weakness. He doesn't need to shoot more, he needs to play in attack mode more often. That would open up more for not only him but his teammates. Aggressive cuts and stronger takes to the rim would force teams to make a decision of what to do with him, which then would put teams in a "pickle" because there is still that 7'0 monster they have to contend with named Embeast (as we call him here in Philly). Lastly, although his offensive numbers went down his defensive efficiency and impact has greatly increased so you have to take the good with the bad.

    Assistant Principal SmithAssistant Principal Smith5 months ago
  • His problem is that he chose the wrong sport. He wanted to be a boxer and everytime centers hit threes, he just punches the air

    BrillantesBrillantes5 months ago
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    Ryan SwineyRyan Swiney5 months ago
  • simmons is trash

    big brainbig brain5 months ago
  • Tell me about smh. Just not aggressive enough

    Broken Matt HardyBroken Matt Hardy5 months ago
    • We need Brett Brown and Horford out of here too

      Broken Matt HardyBroken Matt Hardy5 months ago
  • Ben is a good player he just can’t shoot he likes to pass the ball more

    Tiger WoodsTiger Woods6 months ago
  • He’s point forward

    Zidan DeluxeZidan Deluxe6 months ago
  • Three

    YHN FrankYHN Frank6 months ago
  • he is afraid to miss shots. he dont want to be criticized too much by missing.

    prancerjohn ponceprancerjohn ponce6 months ago
  • he got bullied by giannis but he dunk on him in the next play

    KFCKFC6 months ago
  • Three

    Logic BexLogic Bex6 months ago
  • He's a power forward lol

    ImXboxAddictionzImXboxAddictionz6 months ago
  • In other words, the coach is trash

    William MatlholaWilliam Matlhola6 months ago
  • That was a good stat line

    Faith Over AllFaith Over All6 months ago
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    Diwakar AravindDiwakar Aravind6 months ago
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    Sarvajeeth MareeduSarvajeeth Mareedu6 months ago
  • Great analysis.

    David EliezerDavid Eliezer6 months ago
  • The coach sucks for there team

    Mr. PenguinMr. Penguin6 months ago
  • I mean just dont go for 3 i know the league is centered on 3 but its kinda boring let him layup or just close range or dunk

    Frogy ParraFrogy Parra6 months ago
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    Ayna WonaAyna Wona6 months ago
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    Dan RoDan Ro6 months ago
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    Aien BernabeAien Bernabe6 months ago
  • 何言ってんの?

    ごあごあ6 months ago
  • brah ben still good doe

    Brian HackertBrian Hackert6 months ago
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    Kale GeerKale Geer6 months ago
  • fire brett, elton brand has to go. simple as that. brett cant coach properly he doesn't know how to utilize his players and elton brand forced brett into the situation by making horrible trades.

    Aswanth MadhavAswanth Madhav6 months ago
  • For all those who doubt him mark my word he will be the best shooter in the nba next year

    Mike McDonnellMike McDonnell6 months ago
  • It’s more on the coaches than him

    Henry IngersollHenry Ingersoll6 months ago
  • Haven't seen your videos before, but this is a MKay mimic right? because you sound like MKay from southpark.

    Hanzo ShimadaHanzo Shimada6 months ago
  • Why is he not talking about how he’s the DPOTY and is improving his D more than his O

    TheZMasterXTheZMasterX6 months ago
    • Cuz this man is biased and looks only at facts that he wants to put in his video

      XxInTrOxXXxInTrOxX6 months ago
  • 3 BTW

    Ladarius SmithLadarius Smith6 months ago
  • Ben Simmons doesn't shoot is because of us because we make meme and fun of him i feel bad for Ben

    Game CreatorGame Creator6 months ago
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    KR BRO 1KR BRO 16 months ago
  • three kinda late tho

    Riss NowRiss Now6 months ago
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    Tyshwan RlTyshwan Rl7 months ago
  • You're off your mark with this one. Blame plays on Simmons that wasn't his fault.

    Eric GrahamEric Graham7 months ago
  • “the rookie” cmon man he’s a great player and also has a name - matisse thybulle.

    nikki flanagannikki flanagan7 months ago
  • What’s Interesting is that Simmons can shoot 3’s non stop in training but when he’s in a game........

    10K Subscribers Without Any Video Challenge10K Subscribers Without Any Video Challenge7 months ago
  • Who’s watching after simmons popped off without joel lmaooooo

    Your DestroyerYour Destroyer7 months ago
  • ben simmons sand bagging frz

    Jay WeezyJay Weezy7 months ago
  • the thumbnail really got me thinking ben simmons REAL problem was his left fuckin eyebrow

    joe fartjoe fart7 months ago
  • I don’t understand why everyone gets all worked up by his jump shot he makes that up from being a 6 10 guard and his shear athleticism and his ability to find open teammates and I’m sure he’s going to work on his jumpshot so that will make him a freak of nature

    Aspxct CrxptGusAspxct CrxptGus7 months ago
  • And somehow this dude was an all star and Beal wasn’t 🤷🏻

    yuvraj singhyuvraj singh7 months ago
    • J Young huh? We hearing everything now. With this you proving that your opinion doesn’t matter

      Kemoh SesayKemoh Sesay3 months ago
    • Lmao Beal trash

      J YoungJ Young3 months ago
    • Simmons is generational talent, beal is defo not

      Kemoh SesayKemoh Sesay3 months ago
    • Simmons>Beal

      Kemoh SesayKemoh Sesay3 months ago
  • lebron? Hes not even close to the greak freak.. Even jimmy buckets is way better....those three are mvp and team franchise material.they can carry any team they played for..

    Jello DumlaoJello Dumlao7 months ago
  • His body and the way he moves was like unnatura. Like i just don't understand why he moves like that.

    JadedJaded7 months ago
  • His body and the way he moves was like unnatura. Like i just don't understand why he moves like that.

    JadedJaded7 months ago
  • I knew youd have a video about this 😂😂

    jluis90sjluis90s7 months ago
  • I like Ben Simmons a lot as a NBA player. I honestly feel like it’s his confidence. Against the Clippers he was popping off he has his certain days. (He had a triply double) on February 11th

    Andrew ShortssAndrew Shortss8 months ago
  • Ben Simmons eyebrows are the problem?😂

    SEN MkoSEN Mko8 months ago
  • He’s a Bum! He’s too stubborn to shoot. Hurting himself and his team. Disrespecting his Coach and the game itself. Embiid can dominate without Ben!

    THE HOOP LORD!THE HOOP LORD!8 months ago
  • When your PG cannot/will not shoot, no way your team can get a ring. Period

    W YannisW Yannis8 months ago
  • All🌟

    Allister DoodyAllister Doody9 months ago
  • He still play the same way every year nothing new and Sixers will not win a championship facts in I'm a Sixers fan and its hurts that seeing sixers go down every year it's hurts

    ASMAR BrownASMAR Brown9 months ago
  • Trade him can't shoot

    ASMAR BrownASMAR Brown9 months ago
  • u a fake ass nigga wannabe keep talking like u got that mouth full of marbles, thumbs down jesus christ never come up in my feed again

    will thowill tho9 months ago
  • Ben isnt a Superstar but he's getting paid like one ($170M). In a league where pace has become everything you would think a guy with Simmons pedigree would be able to drop 22+ a night while still getting his 8.5 assists. But he cant. He cant avg. 20 in this league. He will forever be a 15.8.8 guy. Thats terrific but in todays game he isnt worth that type of money. To me if Ben was what everyone expected he would be what Giannis is with a better handle and better playmaking ability. Yet , he never be Giannis because i think the real reason Ben will never be a Superstar is....because the kid really doesnt want it bro. He got paid , he got the fame, the bitches , to him... he made it.

    Stevie CarnegieStevie Carnegie9 months ago
  • I just came back to the comments to tell everyone one "you were absolutely wrong" Ben is beasting now. fuck you haters who never want to give a young player a chance to develop

    Plastic LifePlastic Life9 months ago
  • I think its now mental problem and i also think the sixers suck are improving shooters look at fultz when he went to magic.

    sonnyjemsonnyjem9 months ago
  • Yes I gotta tease no you aren't a god you're a super human

    CjCj9 months ago
  • We nurture people people cant become there own people nigga it's just food are ya dumb lol

    CjCj9 months ago
  • We just talking as perfect beings

    CjCj9 months ago
  • Three

    Bohdi LensBohdi Lens9 months ago
  • the problem with Simmons is/was media hype.. and he was exactly that.. all hype.

    Anthony PaloAnthony Palo9 months ago
  • Problem with this video is that Joel Embiid is equally as promising, changing the offence for Simmons means giving up on Embiid as your star. Embiid can function in a regular offence, while Simmons seems to need a custom tailored offence beyond that of the Bucks

    Rei OwenRei Owen9 months ago
  • guy is good but just don't have the IT factor

    nononono9 months ago
  • Three

    Jacko skittlesJacko skittles9 months ago
  • Threw

    Jacko skittlesJacko skittles9 months ago
  • Kuzma is better than Ben 💀

    Dayle BucadDayle Bucad9 months ago
  • We need to trade him and fire the couch too I'm tired of this winless Australian connection

    Orlando GarciaOrlando Garcia9 months ago
  • Three

    Leo ArenaLeo Arena9 months ago
  • Ben Simmons is a great basketball player!! Find me a guard who gets as many rebounds, assists, can play defense as well, and can shoot way above 50 percent!! I would not trade him for any other guard. If the Sixers trade him they will drop below 500 and would have to go back to tanking just to try to get some better players. They better not trade him for Deangelo Russell, he is not even close to Simmon's in talent. It is scary that I think they are even considering trading him. I never liked Allan Iverson, and Russell is his mirror, because he would take dump shots, and play poor defense. You have to know what makes teams win and Simmons more than does his part. DO NOT TRADE HIM!!

    Larry GLarry G9 months ago
  • In short the main problem is coach?

    No HateNo Hate9 months ago
  • He is overrated. No motivation. No improvement. No jumper. Won't reach his potential and just relies on his size and athleticism.

    roondoggers87roondoggers879 months ago
  • The problem Is that he went back to the Kardashian curse 🤣

    Matthieu SaadeMatthieu Saade9 months ago
  • Rookie of the year, all-star last season, arguably the best defensive player this season. Ain't exactly a wasted talent.

    Paul SPaul S9 months ago
  • Better stop messing with Kendall

    JP GordonJP Gordon9 months ago
  • Sixers are a sloppy mess. Must fire coach Brown, to practice perfection over and over until the team becomes one.

    speedoflite1speedoflite19 months ago
  • Lazy

    CONRACE whateverCONRACE whatever9 months ago
  • The problem is that he is overrated as hell.

    Polo JPolo J9 months ago
  • 0:31 best defence ever seen

    csyd22csyd2210 months ago
  • He’s a taller Michael Carter Williams.

    The HawkThe Hawk10 months ago
    • MCW can shoot

      csyd22csyd2210 months ago
  • He can’t shoot if his life depended on it. Barely makes free throws. Boring player is all layups and dunks. Moses Malone had a much better jump shot

    Just Another NameJust Another Name10 months ago
  • Who could ben get traded for if anyone?

    James CorseyJames Corsey10 months ago
    • Devon Booker

      Jose JacobJose Jacob10 months ago
  • he always popping 3s in my 2k session

    zay hardisonzay hardison10 months ago
  • Maybe he’s tryna get traded

    WNCHSTRWNCHSTR10 months ago