The ONE Thing Giannis & Ben Simmons NEED To Do (Ft. NBA Playoffs & Not Many Threes)

Jul 24, 2020
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Giannis and Ben Simmons have the restart and NBA bubble, they have a chance at redemption.
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Till that point in the playoffs, Giannis was averaging 27.4 points, 11.4 rebounds, and 4.4 assists in only 31.5 minutes. And then in the six game series, he would only average 22.7 points in 38.5 minutes per game shooting 45% from the field which was super low for him. Yes Giannis would average 2.7 blocks and 1.2 steals, defensively Giannis was still doing his thing, but the Raptors dictated what Giannis would do offensively. In fact in the last 4 games, Giannis averaged 20.5 points in 40 minutes a game, something ridiculously low for him. And as a result, the Bucks suffered. That whole team is built around Giannis. So how did the Raptors do it? Apart from having great individual defenders like Kawhi Leonard who got him pretty good (Kawhi dunk), the Raptors forced Giannis to read the defense. What do I mean by that? Well the Raptors would always provide help and make a wall, both in transition and in the half court setting, even to the point of leaving individual shooters wide open, but they forced Giannis to make a read, a different read each time. Giannis likes attacking from straight on rather than taking on an angle from the wing. Sometimes, the help defense would stunt and remain in the passing lane. Other times they would fully commit. So a lot more times than not, Giannis would sorta make a predetermined decision and roll with it. Meaning he would pass when he probably could’ve taken it himself. This made it feel as if Giannis shied away from taking it in his own hands. Other times, he would take it when it was better to pass.
Giannis is now the most efficient post scorer in the NBA, upping his field goal percentage by 5.8% from last season while keeping almost the same frequency as last season. Instead of everything being off of momentum, Giannis can work his way into the paint and force the defense to make the decision to fully commit or not. He can make the right That takes advantage of his dominance and makes the defense play to Giannis versus Giannis changing because of the defense.
Now most people just excuse Ben Simmons most times because of the fact that he can’t shoot and that if he could shoot, he’d be a great player. I’d like to amend that statement to if he would shoot, period. Because Ben Simmons does not shoot. You know the other guy that I just talked about before, Giannis? Well he’s not good at shooting threes either, but that doesn’t stop his whole game. You mean to tell me a 6’ 10” forward that has great handle, can make plays like this and this can’t take more shots? Ok.
The funny thing is that when Joel Embiid is out, Ben Simmons seems to do better in the regular season. Maybe because he’s not supposed to be just the team’s primary playmaker, he’s supposed to be their main option. In the 9 game stretch without Embiid, Simmons averaged 21.6 points, 9.3 rebounds, and 7.9 assists which is more production than his normal. Per 100 possession with Embiid off the court, Simmons is averaging more points, assists, and rebounds versus Simmons with Embiid. Points and rebounds make sense, but for even the assists to go down just shows how Simmons and Embiid aren’t utilizing each other. And in turn Ben goes into overdrive mode and becomes more aggressive. There is no reason why Ben Simmons can’t do what Giannis already does, with more playmaking and a bit less dominance. And that’s exactly what he does without Embiid.
The main reason why I chose Ben and Giannis was because these are two players that in today’s modern game don’t have a three and at the same time, have the ability to dominate. These are two players that are freaks in their own right, point forwards that run their teams offenses. For Giannis, the most likely MVP, it’s really NBA Finals or bust, to redeem last year. For Ben, he has to prove that he isn’t shy of the lights and that he’s the max contract player. Both these players are capable of doing the things they need to do, they just need to do it, but what do you think? Will the Bucks make the finals? Will the Sixers make the Eastern Conference Finals?

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  • Giannis needs to get fed the ball in the paint and not asked to take it to the paint from the 3-point/half-court line. He’s dominant when he’s near the rim so run plays that get him him the ball near the post. They just need a playmaker/ball handler like Kyrie who can create his own shot and draw attention away from Giannis.

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