The Lakers CHANGED The NBA Again (Ft. LeBron and Anthony Davis)

Oct 11, 2020
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The Lakers are the 2020 NBA champions, and LeBron and Anthony Davis are changing the NBA. #LeBron #Lakers #Champions
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The Lakers won. The Lakers are your 2020 champions, LeBron got his 4th ring and solidified his place as a top 3 player of all time. AD got his first. But this isn’t about individual accomplishments, well at least not the focus. The Lakers are not the typical makeup of the modern day championship team apart.
It had been 5 years. 5 years of us seeing one type of offense and defense dominating the NBA. We had the rise of Stephen Curry, that unanimous MVP season where we literally saw him do things that we just hadn’t seen before on a day to day basis. And when they ran through the league and won a championship, made the finals, the rest of the league followed and got frustrated. We saw an increase in 3s, off dribble threes, deep threes.
And here are the 2020 Lakers. A weird collection of players and lineups when looking at the recent NBA. They took a chance on Dwight and we had Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard in the starting lineup, two big men, one of which can't space the floor at all. Not only that, but the Lakers didn’t need to take the most threes. They did most of their damage from right inside the paint. But this isn’t typical of a LeBron team.
The Warriors would run teams off the floor if they tried to use a big man. The Death Lineup outscored opponents by 47 points per 100 possessions. It was dominant and we just hadn’t seen it before, especially after seeing forwards and bigs being the MVPs of the league. This was the first point guard driven team that was successful since the Isaih Thomas Pistons in the 90s. So we had teams in the last few years try to build a championship team with the point guard as the focus, like the Celtics with Kyrie. We’ve seen teams try to emulate Warriors basketball with different pieces, we all know the main example, the Rockets. The epitome of small ball. No guy over 6’7”, shooters all around and Westbrook cause uhm (show Westbrook miss) and look what happened to them this playoffs. The Lakers killed them on the inside, but were able to hang with them defensively and their offense. Did the Lakers go a bit smaller? Yeah, they went with one big man instead of 2. But that still kept a massive size advantage and that’s what gave them the edge. No one was able to guard Anthony Davis. The Lakers averaged 13 more rebounds, shot 51% from the field and kept the rockets to 44% from the field. Bully ball prevailed over spread 3 point shooting. The Rockets took advantage of AD on the perimeter, but AD is also one of those demigods we talk about in the NBA.
The Demigod experiment has been a notion in the NBA for years. Throughout the years, we went from 2 shooters on the court to finding big men that can shoot to then finding big men that can shoot and switch onto the perimeter to guard guards to then finding big men who can create their own shot. But we took a detour for Curry’s revolution, where it was all about 3 point shooting, ball movement, shooting off the dribble. And this was put in the background. And now Anthony Davis is bringing that back again. The idea of a do-it-all player capable of guarding 1-5, being a threat from everywhere on the court, too fast for a normal big man, too big for a forward. AD did it on the biggest stage.
The Lakers have traditional positions. Rondo is the traditional point guard that runs an offense, not necessarily a shot creator. Dwight Howard and Javale Mcgee are traditional big men. The grab boards, protect the rim, can’t shoot. Anthony Davis is the power forward center combo. The Lakers have positions that are actually followed and not just a loose guideline. This reminds me of a 2010 Lakers team with Kobe who was the 2 guard with a dedicated point guard in Derek Fisher, a true small forward in Ron Artest, Pau Gasol who played the 4 and had a mid range post game and Bynum who was the typical 5 that could bang. The Lakers are bringing back positions and big men.
So yeah the Lakers are literally changing the NBA again. The NBA is cyclical and so we see different types of players dominante. It went from Bigs in the 60s to the guard in the 90s to big men and guards in the 2000s to forwards and guards in the 2010s to now size. Next year is going to be interesting, the Warriors come back, the Clippers run it back, we have the continued improvement of Anthony Davis, Giannis, and Luka. And we’ll have LeBron running it back, chasing greatness.

  • Oh wow, nba. Yawn...

    Rude SwordRude Sword16 hours ago

    Jake IJake I3 days ago
  • man your content is dope your channel name makes me cringe tho xD

    Spirit NationSpirit Nation4 days ago
  • Miami did NOT start the three superstar team concept 2004 Lakers 2008 Celtics

    Vin LloydVin Lloyd5 days ago
  • Yo I thought this dude was a Raptors fan, dude be looking Toronto as fuck in his videos. with that silly ass head band on

    Peter VirdenPeter Virden5 days ago
  • when i was in highschool i was a 6 man off the bench. i used to love taking the 3 but my coach didn't like it. he said it was just a bad shot....looking back on it now with everything that has be honest, he is absolutely right. i used to rely on the 3 point shot because well i was a chucker, and i didn't develop any of my other skills such as dribbling and passing or even defense now that i am a grown ass man when i play basketball i bust my opponents' ass all over the court...chucking only takes you soo far chucking up shots can make you but its just as likely to break you and make waste your entire possession.

    AI IshmaelAI Ishmael6 days ago
  • I’ll never watch an NBA again until LeBron is playing. That was the most rigged shit I’ve ever seen.

    Humbler32Humbler326 days ago
  • Very few people care

    A KA K6 days ago
  • I’m excited to see what happens in the off season. Who comes to the lakers.

    Mr RobMr Rob6 days ago
  • I think you’re onto something, but I’m not sure if the idea of duos full captures what made the Lakers the season Champs. It’s Duos and Trios. On both offense and defense, the team is communicating and thinking, sometimes almost like they have a single mind. Nowhere was this more apparent than game six. Start with the defense and defensive positioning. The Lakes were able to defend against penetration while also not being too far from the corners. Sure the heat scored lots of threes, but far fewer were uncontested. The Heat weren’t shut out from the paint by any means, but it was tough going and time wasting (and let to some explosive turnovers). Anybody know the shot clock stats for game 6? I have this suspicion that the Lakers fluid positioning (due to communication and knowing where their teammates were on the floor) slowed down and broke up *a lot* of Heat plays. The second thing is the transition game. Going both ways, the Lakers hustled and communicated. They were often already pressing their attack while the Heat was just getting organized. I’m not talking about Caruso stealing the ball and passing down court to Rondo, I’m talking about regular plays. The Heat weren’t used to always being rushed. I’m not saying they were lazy or leisurely, but the Lakers took it up a notch, and this was one weapon used to throw the Heat’s defense off balance. All of the above feeds into the effective offense. AD and Lebron are obviously basketball gods (yes, I just promoted Anthony*), but it was the effective hall movement between all teammates that 1) allowed LJ and AD to exercise their god-like powers (and Rando his Demi-god powers), and 2) got the ball to the open man for a three (or a sneak attack to the hoop). *I nominate AD for the AVP, the Almost (most) Valuable Player. I continue to be blown away by his talent and athleticism. He’s got the power and reach of a big, but the speed of a small. So we can talk about basketball IQ, but what you’re looking at is team IQ, when all the smarts of the individual players adds up to something greater than the sum of its parts. (I think this is why Caruso started-he set the tone or something at the beginning. I almost mean a literal tone, like a frequency everyone tuned into.) Watch the tape and tell me I’m full of shit (I probably am full of it in part at least).

    MarcosElMalo2MarcosElMalo26 days ago
  • LeBron to green after whooping bronny: “Your next.”

    jxmxsjxmxs6 days ago
  • No disrespect to the Lakers but the warriors are going to have a super team

    GebmateGebmate6 days ago
  • If like more of your videos...hahaha if you didn't talk so dam slow my bro hahaha. No offense.

    Tiger TukapuaTiger Tukapua6 days ago
  • Why are you skipping from facecam to narration so much

    20 1620 166 days ago
  • Mj you still on Twitter

    JuriBallJuriBall6 days ago
  • Bro lebron was already top 2 before this championship if anything it completely solidifies that

    EKT !EKT !6 days ago
  • Let’s remember that the warriors aren’t healthy...remember

    Pewter OdinPewter Odin6 days ago
  • Bro the lakers cheated

    Papi GucciPapi Gucci6 days ago
  • Well top four. 4 finals MVP like only MJ, Kareem, Russell and himself. So plz shout out to those guys who are never talked into the conversation as Kareem and Russell. Thx. They need their respect back, cause this discussions without those greats is so damn disrespectful. 11 rings in 13 years one. 6 rings, 6 MVPs, 4 finals MVPs, 1rst in points ever, and you know if the blocks were to be counted back then he could be 1 or 2 behind Wilt only maybe.

    Lorenzo BontorinLorenzo Bontorin6 days ago
    • @Voltaire tho he still won 6 rings. And having him so distant from MJ when he won more RS MVPs (6 vs MJs 5) is kinda unjust to me.

      Lorenzo BontorinLorenzo Bontorin6 days ago
    • @Voltaire Oh ok, lol i was for some reason so sure he was 4 times FMVP :D mb

      Lorenzo BontorinLorenzo Bontorin6 days ago
    • Kareem is only a 2x FMVP, and Bill played before tr award existed. Neither are given enough credit though, that's true

      VoltaireVoltaire6 days ago
  • I thought I’d try you but Lebron cemented as top 3... ima dip out

    Jacob WileyJacob Wiley7 days ago
    • You disagree??

      VoltaireVoltaire6 days ago
  • And GSW will be back in 2 months to change it back 🤣

    Dallas Te RangiDallas Te Rangi7 days ago
  • Rockets forgot you can actually play small ball without going truly small

    JamesonYTJamesonYT7 days ago
  • Curry and GSW gon come back and win!

    Dylaan SolomaaDylaan Solomaa7 days ago
  • NBA Finals 2020 1. LeBron James 4th time NBA CHAMPION & Finals MVP. 2. LeBron James first to win three(3) Finals MVP on three(3) different teams. 3. LeBron James tied Kawhi Leonard become Finals MVP in WEST & EAST. 4. LeBron & Danny Green are NBA CHAMPIONS in three(3) different teams. 5. Rajon Rondo is part of the CELTICS 17th Title & LAKERS 17th Title. 6. Dwight Howard is an NBA CHAMPION in ORLANDO. 7. Javale McGee, Danny Green & Quin Cook are NBA CHAMPIONS against LeBron & with LeBron. 8. Jr Smith is two(2) time shirtless NBA CHAMPION. 9. Kostas Antetokounmpo is an NBA CHAMPION before his Greek Freak brother. 10. Morris twins are not the same anymore. The one is a Clipper & the other one is an NBA CHAMPION. 11. Talen Horton Tucker youngest American NBA CHAMPION 19.8 years old. 12. Three NBA First overall picks won a ring on the same team & the same year. 13. Dion Waiters is an NBA CHAMPION since last week.

    Christoph BorlonganChristoph Borlongan7 days ago
  • basketball fans! 🏀 the season is over but i got y'all! watch this when the finals are over! 🙌🙏🔥

    TheBrotasticBroTheBrotasticBro7 days ago
  • rondo getting better at spacing the floor now

    southcentredsouthcentred7 days ago
  • Your content is always nice. Just stop showing your face

    RJ SimbulanRJ Simbulan7 days ago
  • Second rate championship

    Vaughan MunroeVaughan Munroe7 days ago
  • Anyone know what’s the name of the filter he has on the video at 0:15? It’s clean

    Young KingYoung King7 days ago
  • Any dodgers fans if so rip

    Lavon DiggsLavon Diggs7 days ago
  • Jr Smith got his 2nd ring and Dwight Howard got his 1st ring

    Rayce BernardRayce Bernard7 days ago
  • Explain this then? october 4: Adam Silver gave an interview on ESPN stating that this BLM thing is driving the ratings down. october 4: Game 3, Heat win 115 to 104. (prolong the series for american viewers) october 9: After a prolonged absence the NBA brings back basketball to China saying they will broadcast game 5. october 9: Game 5, Heat win 111 to 108. (prolong the series for chinnese viewers) Then you have AD not being suspended with what he did to Butler? but Draymond Green did? what's up with that? This isn't just coincidence.. jussayin. I mean i don't care who wins and shit, i just want to watch a fair game / series. This series was all about giving Kobe a storybook ending. This was never a matchup, this was a coronation. That's it.

    Funky Goose WorldFunky Goose World7 days ago
    • Man this is nonsense. Silver never said BLM was driving down ratings, one reporter for the NY Post tabloid speculated that. AD never did anything to Butler, you're thinking of Crowder, and better camera angles showed it was nothing. He didn't deserve a foul much less a suspension Miami won game 5 because they played better just like LAL won the championship because they played better than everyone they faced. That's all. This is just blind conspiracy shit man

      VoltaireVoltaire6 days ago
  • Damian Lillard deserves a ring like if you agree!

    Omar AlemanOmar Aleman7 days ago
  • Its hilarious how you guys are so blinded by the media coverage of LBJ. Hes a terrific player but he has lead the most LOADED rosters to the finals.

    jaymtl79jaymtl797 days ago
    • 2007? 2018? Who did he have then? LeBron has been the underdog in the majority of his finals, you don't know what you're talking about

      VoltaireVoltaire6 days ago
  • They did it for my guy Kobe bean Bryant R.i.p

    XX best default on controllerXX best default on controller7 days ago
  • LeBron is definitly top 10 of all time but not even close to top 3

    LokyLoky7 days ago
    • @Voltaire please don’t listen to loky after that dumbass list only ones he got right was mj and Kobe

      CLUTCHKID 123CLUTCHKID 1236 days ago
    • @Voltaire bet.MJ,KOBE,WILT,MAGIC,LARRY BIRD,HAKEEM,STEVE NASH, and in the future KD

      LokyLoky6 days ago
    • Name every better player

      VoltaireVoltaire6 days ago
    • I really hope this is a fucking joke. Even though I still think mj is better all the stats and rings he got he is definitely a top 3 player

      CLUTCHKID 123CLUTCHKID 1237 days ago
  • Job done.

    NY Sock ExchangeNY Sock Exchange7 days ago
  • It works cos bigs like bron and AD can guard the perimeter. On offense they can go traditional without fear of small ball shooting their asses off the floor on the defensive end

    terence wterence w7 days ago
  • U lost me when u said solidified as top 3 all time. Like he wasn’t already #2 before this happened.

    Jack DillenderJack Dillender7 days ago
  • So basically opposite of it lol

    Mathew CampbellMathew Campbell7 days ago
  • Remember me imma be great one day. If u shout me out when I get older your gonna be happy

    SpeedyZ11SpeedyZ117 days ago
  • Top 3? Bro

    Luke DavidsonLuke Davidson7 days ago
  • Lakers won because their players know their roles except kuzma

    CAC CACCAC CAC8 days ago
  • Solidifies his place as top 3 all time? Wtf is wrong with you people? The NBA is the WWE. The shit is so fake and set up. LeBron has been the most underwhelming superstar in any sport. His inability to be a real all time great is what’s led us to this age of obvious favoritism. LeBron couldn’t be touched in these playoffs...LITERALLY!! Not because he’s MJ, who would break defenders down with his nonpareil b-ball skill. Of course, MJ got favoritism but like the actual all time greats before him, he earned it. LeBron is SO CODDLED, which explains why he cries to the refs after every excruciatingly clunky drives he bowls defenders over with expecting to just get a call cuz he can’t finish at the rim. YOUR modern basketball SUCKS SO BAD!!! Defense has turned into the leagues way of controlling the game. Phantom calls and no consistency when making calls between the two teams playing. There is no doubt in my mind that Nike, the NBA and ESPN are pimping this fraud out and you young people can’t decipher truth from narrative. Fuck all of you for being sheep. I miss the game before corporate influence fucked it up with their very own special fuckboy named LeBron James

    i gi g8 days ago
  • Jesus loves you and died for you he is Lord

    Jair BarriosJair Barrios8 days ago
  • Yeah they made the NBA WORSE I am one of the 70 percent who have quit watching...

    George McLaughlinGeorge McLaughlin8 days ago
  • Lebron L3-6ron ❌ LAbron L4-6ron ☑️

    Richjohn WayRichjohn Way8 days ago
  • Love you content! Unique insights! Keep it up!

    St Peter's ChickenSt Peter's Chicken8 days ago
  • What’s the song at the end??? 🤔

    iLL wiLLiLL wiLL8 days ago
  • Mj2kallday is the goat of youtube

    Blaize WhichardBlaize Whichard8 days ago
  • Always needs a super star to win a championship can never win it by himself trash he always a robin never a batman

    Adam GomezAdam Gomez8 days ago
    • Really!

      arronnovarronnov8 days ago
  • Why lakers change the nba ? They couldn’t play with a center

    Fábio OliveiraFábio Oliveira8 days ago
  • Can't wait for draft and trades and next season. Any idea when next season is supposed to start? Should be a short break right?

    RaumanceRaumance8 days ago
  • Nice assessment

    Wobbling RealityWobbling Reality8 days ago
  • Dwight Howard: nba champion.

    Jason ReyesJason Reyes8 days ago
  • Not gonna lie, this Lakers championship feels somewhat tainted to me... Kinda like when the Warriors won a title after Kawhi Leonard rolled his ankle on a guys foot... Only 22 teams out of the 30 were invited to compete, weird schedule... We'll see next season, if we don't get confined again for the X time...

    DoumC 35DoumC 358 days ago
    • They were the only 22 with a chance to make the playoffs lol. You really think this is tainted because the Hawks didn't play?

      VoltaireVoltaire6 days ago
  • What is the name of the background music it slaps

    Michael DanfulaniMichael Danfulani8 days ago
  • kostas be like Kostas: hey brother look Giannis: 😡😡 Kostas’s hands 🖕with ring

    SavageZuhayrSavageZuhayr8 days ago
  • LeBron be smoking just like Bronny

    Abhijith's Super Cool Food ReviewsAbhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews8 days ago
  • Lebron one step closer being the GOAT

    MoonroofMoonroof8 days ago
  • You will say this until the warriors come back this season

    Yassine DialloYassine Diallo8 days ago
  • AD is small ball center, only that he's taller.

    maleman julpaxmaleman julpax8 days ago
  • The Series was rigged for the Lakers LeBron doesn't deserve to be MVP or to be a 4 time champion So can you please stop sucking him off

    Dakota BrockDakota Brock8 days ago
    • Conspiracy theory with zero evidence. Like usual when butthurt fans just spurt out "rigged"

      VoltaireVoltaire6 days ago
  • We actually vibing

    Darkagent 15 gaming ytDarkagent 15 gaming yt8 days ago
  • How dare you say Dwight can’t shoot?! Did you see what he just did?

    SpaceRace144SpaceRace1448 days ago
  • Yeah they did it barely beat Miami

    Sun'sayid RahsadSun'sayid Rahsad8 days ago
  • No. Next season is going to be GSW all over again. It was the bubble minus the warriors

    That Drip StationThat Drip Station8 days ago
  • Lebron is the goat undoubable.

    taco BStaco BS8 days ago
  • Lebron wanted to end this and go give Bronny that whoopen

    Elahn HodonouElahn Hodonou8 days ago
  • Lakers literally traded their whole team for a championship

    Zachary DavisZachary Davis8 days ago
    • They traded three people lol how they literally trade they whole team

      NLMB RellNLMB Rell7 days ago
  • They aren't bringing back positions the NBA isn't going to go back to this style cause it didn't make them money, they wanted high scoring games.

    Zeke JacksonZeke Jackson8 days ago
  • its funny how everything analytics says is bad wins rings

    Elijah SchreiberElijah Schreiber8 days ago
  • its not about lakers its about lebron. you get easy if you get two superstarts.

    andres m suarezandres m suarez8 days ago
    • Like the Clippers

      VoltaireVoltaire6 days ago
  • Howard gets a ring, Morris an Kostas get a ring before their brothers. Rondo who legit hated lebron now has another ring because of him. Frank Vogel who lebron kept beating in the East now gets one with lebron by his side. This is such a great story for the nba.

    Nestor Heredia jrNestor Heredia jr8 days ago
    • @C M yea i think it was Paul Pierce who Lebron got a beef with. Heck even ray allen won with lebron...

      Breggs GonzalesBreggs Gonzales6 days ago
    • Rondo never hated LeBron?? Sure they were rivals and competitive but there was never hate

      C MC M7 days ago
  • Did he say top 3?

    Ani MerkajAni Merkaj8 days ago
  • I hate the lakers

    Miami 4 championship 2020Miami 4 championship 20208 days ago
    • 🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂

      Jose LunaJose Luna8 days ago
  • I can't believe Giannis Antetokounmpo's younger brother won his first ring before his MVP brother 😂

    Anthony AdeAnthony Ade8 days ago
  • You didn't mention Lamar Odom for the 2010 Lakers , smh , the dudes sixthman of that year.

    Micro SunnyMicro Sunny8 days ago
  • you didn't say what to caption if we stayed till the end so imma make something up: Lakeshow? What about... Pondshow :)

    Ivan YorobeIvan Yorobe9 days ago
  • I am not a Lebron/Lakers fan but honestly, this is one of the best Playoffs I have seen.

    Manshell RamosManshell Ramos9 days ago
  • Excellent video , nba is a lot better with many equal contenders than one super teamwinning it all ❤👍

    vinkatavinkata9 days ago
  • Reminded Kobe!!

    Love2 LearnLove2 Learn9 days ago
  • Big shout out to the Clippers!!! See you in the parade

    Moises SobrepenaMoises Sobrepena9 days ago
  • You should partner with the flight mike

    Sports CheckedSports Checked9 days ago
  • Anyone else irritated by USworldsrs overusing the word "thee"? "Pass thee salt, please." It's odd.

    The Dwight MambaThe Dwight Mamba9 days ago
  • Kawhi: imma be the first player in NBA to win 3 FMVPs in 3 different teams. Lebron: Hold my 4th Larry O' Brien and 3rd FMVP on a different team bruh!

    Francis EmeterioFrancis Emeterio9 days ago
    • 4th FMVP

      Niwesh LekhakNiwesh Lekhak8 days ago

    Stephen Wiafe-AmoakoStephen Wiafe-Amoako9 days ago

    Stephen Wiafe-AmoakoStephen Wiafe-Amoako9 days ago
  • Lets gooooooooo Lakers nation 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    marc montoutmarc montout9 days ago
  • Draymond green is actually 6’5” which IMO just makes everything more impressive

    CrudeleafCrudeleaf9 days ago
  • I feel like this is LeBron’s last chip

    j.gonz33j.gonz339 days ago
    • j.gonz33 You never know, but with the style he plays he still has 3-4 years more than likely of high play

      The Bossy MangoThe Bossy Mango8 days ago
  • What is that THEY all about in the title? Of course THEY (LBJ and AD) did it. Klay, Steph, KD, and Draymond did it (THEY DID IT) Jordan and Pippen did it THEY DID IT (Actually MJ couldn’t do it under any other circumstances). So what does the THEY mean in this context? Basketball is a team sport after all. But relative to all other current and past NBA players, LBJ is the only player in history to lead 3 different teams to a championship. Only player to lead teams in BOTH conferences to a chip and do both in just 2 years or less of getting to that team (Most players never get to the Finals) and hardly nobody gets there in 2 years or less and none has done it on 3 different teams). Make no mistake, with the Lebron, relative to the aforementioned players I just mentioned, it is more about HIM than them.

    santosonly7santosonly79 days ago
    • You can appreciate LBJ without taking shots at MJ

      VoltaireVoltaire6 days ago
  • nobody: Demarcus Cousins almost won 2 rings.

    Kent EdwardKent Edward9 days ago
    • @Killa Kam ik know more bal then u

    • @SNAXGZ WRLD Gotta take you to school somehow bruh

      Killa KamKilla Kam7 days ago
    • @Killa Kam u wrote a whole school essay

    • @Killa Kam yea ik

    • @SNAXGZ WRLD Yeahh you don't actually know how this works do you??? It's not specifically only for traded players. Waived players, players that retire, any player that at one point played on that team during the season or was on the roster for a significant amount of time is eligible if the team so decides to give them one. Boogie was waived and is thus eligible IF the Lakers want to give him one.

      Killa KamKilla Kam7 days ago
  • Kostas be like, Yo bruh, look what i got boi, look what i've got booooooiiii

    Brian RossBrian Ross9 days ago
  • Heat and Nuggets are the biggest surprise in the playoffs.

    troy matthew pardillotroy matthew pardillo9 days ago
  • “LeBron James is washed” “LeBron James went to LA for the movies” “LeBron James would never survive in the West” “LeBron James isn’t a winner” “LeBron James will never make another Finals” “LeBron James will never win another championship” “They missed out on Ty Lue” “Frank Vogel won’t last the season” “Jason Kidd will end up coaching this team” “The Blazers will upset the Lakers” “The Rockets will out shoot the Lakers” “The Nuggets in 7” “LeBron James and Rajon Rondo can’t coexist” “They gave up too much for Anthony Davis” “LeBron James isn’t a closer” “LeBron James isn’t s champion” “The Lakers got the worse Morris brother” “The Clippers are the best team in LA” “The Clippers have two LeBron stoppers” “The Lakers have ‘has beens’ defensively” “Kawhi is the King of LA” “LeBron James will be injured again” “Anthony Davis will be injured again” “It’s Derrick Rose’s league” “It’s Steph Curry’s league” “It’s Kevin Durant’s league” “It’s Kawhi Leonard’s league” “It’s Giannis’ league” “LeBron James doesn’t defend” “LeBron James can’t defend anymore” “LeBron James will never be a Laker great” “LeBron James needs to win for Kobe” “I don’t want LeBron James in LA” “LeBron should have shot the ball” “LeBron James is slowing down” “The Lakers should trade LeBron James” He heard it all. Now, a champion for 3 different teams, a Finals MVP for 3 different franchises. He can handle the hate, but people can’t handle him being great. There comes a point where you need to realize this is probably the greatest individual player we have ever seen.

    Hans Tan PedrocheHans Tan Pedroche9 days ago
    • @Darth Vader many people think hes already the goat so ur wrong and lebron can easily be the consensus goat by many people of he wins 1 or 2 more champs at least

      NGU_GRINDING ytNGU_GRINDING yt21 hour ago
    • @NGU_GRINDING yt Nah LeBron can NEVER be the GOAT, but he'll always be CONSIDERED as the 2nd BEST NBA player.

      Darth VaderDarth Vader21 hour ago
    • they did get the worse morris brother 😂, an ad definitely got hurt

      MaatttMaatttDay ago
    • Aye bro good job, u said all that without mention Jordan and somehow 51 percent of the comments mention Jordan smh 😂😂😂

      ccae07ccae073 days ago
    • @Breggs Gonzales Breggs G Man that's one of the best comments from the high school thing to being fatherless that I've ever heard about LeBron and know one ever brings these things up,Jordan had these things LBJ didn't but u would never know,and what about LeBron social stances seems like he's an all around good dude can we say the same about Mike seems like all he cares about is Mike & Nike.

      Eric ReidEric Reid6 days ago
  • The next year, if the Warriors come back healthy, and given Kristaps' health with Luka's progression, will be a very balanced West Nuggets, Clippers, Warriors, Lakers, Rockets, Mavericks, Jazz to name a few

    Shantanu MahapatraShantanu Mahapatra9 days ago
  • my man made sure he put some weights in the background of his room😂😂😂

    Bryce ThompsonBryce Thompson9 days ago
  • Rondo first player to ever win a chip with Lakers & Celtics.

    GIVNCHIGIVNCHI9 days ago
  • Back to traditional DYNAMIC DUO era

    Benzam VideosBenzam Videos9 days ago