The Game Stephen Curry Became The GREATEST Shooter In NBA History

Aug 2, 2019
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Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history, and this is the game that made him the best shooter we have ever seen. #NBA #Curry
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There have been so many shooters in NBA history. We have come a long way from this. The NBA 3 point line was added to the NBA in 1979. That season, a total of 1403 3s were made. The Rockets alone made 1323 3s. The NBA in total made 27,822 threes and a large part of this 3 point boom is Stephen Curry,and while he may now be widely considered the greatest shooter in NBA history, a couple of seasons ago, he wasn’t.
Stephen Curry was the NBA MVP in 2014-2015, the year the Warriors exploded onto the scene and won the championship, but Stephen Curry was nearly identical in 2013-14. I mean if you compare the numbers, Curry averaged less points, less assists, 0.3 more 3s on 2% better from 3. He actually broke Ray Allen’s 3 pointers made in a single season , in the 2012-13 season. The main difference was that the Warriors were winning with an offense that was revolved around 3 point shooting. We hadn’t seen that actually work, ever. A 3 point marksman was never the best player on a championship team. With the Warriors winning 67 games in the regular season and then winning the championship, Stephen Curry had inserted himself in the conversation of the greatest shooter ever, even if it had only been 6 seasons and his resume was still lacking. We also hadn’t seen a guy do this. Curry was shooting 3s off the dribble at the frequency and consistency that all seemed like bad shots. No one, and I mean no one saw what was coming next.
Stephen Curry started the first 3 games of the 2015-2016 season averaging 39 points and 7 assists, making 5.7 3s a game, including a 53 point explosion against the Pelicans. It wasn’t just the three point shooting, it was the handles, the passes, the ridiculousness of the shots. But there wasn’t a signature moment you could just point to and be like yeah, Curry’s the best. For example, Curry’s explosion for 54 points in Madison Square Garden against the Knicks in 2013 was the game that made Curry a household name. Enter February 27th, 2016, a game between the Warriors and Thunder, exactly 3 years after his 54 point game in MSG.
Till that point in the season, Steph was averaging 30.4 points, 6.7 assists, 5.3 rebounds, off of 51, 46, and 91. Just 21 days before that on February 6th, the Warriors and Thunder played in a close game, which was pretty rare for the Warriors. Remember, this is when the Thunder had Kevin Durant and Rusell Westbrook, who were both healthy. The Warriors were 46-4 while the Thunder were 38-14 when this game took place. It was a 3 point game with under 2 minutes left and then Curry whips a pass to Klay.Curry had his worst 3 point shooting performance in the season, shooting 1 of 9 from 3. So February 27th was a big game, it was playoffs atmosphere from the jump. Kevin Durant had 37 points and 12 rebounds including 7 3 pointers. Klay had 32 points, Wesbrook and 26 and 12 assists, Draymond had 14 rebounds and 14 assists, Serge Ibaka had 15 points and 20 rebounds, just high level basketball all-around. The Thunder jumped out to a 10 point in the first quarter. Stephen Curry was keeping the Warriors in the game, he kept hitting three after three, and not just the basic off your screen threes, I mean sizeup, off the dribble, leaning threes. There were deep threes with hands in his face. There was just no stopping him. After a long back and forth, a game with all the hype filled with stars, MVPs, insane performances, Westbrook misses this jumper, Iggy gets the rebound and passes it to Curry with 5 seconds left. And then this happens.
Curry hits a 32 footer to seal the game. He had enough time to take another step, to get closer, but no, he brings the ball up and pulls up. It was the perfect representation of Curry, a deep three off the dribble, so casually. Curry had 46 points with 12 3 pointers. He tied an NBA record for 3s in a game. It’s as if everything came together in this one game. Curry tied the record for the most threes in a game, broke the record for most threes in the season, quieted his doubters about a bad performance in this season, and had a signature moment, a game winner from deep. There wasn’t much debate on who the greatest shooter in NBA history was after that game.
That unanimous MVP season pushed the envelope for threes. You can see how after the 2015-16 season, 3 pointers jumped up at an even higher rate. Heck Rudy Gobert is practicing threes now.That has all further cemented Stephen Curry as the greatest shooter in NBA history because him impact goes beyond just individual stats. And looking back at it, that was the game that Stephen Curry became the greatest shooter in NBA history. But what do you think? Is Stephen Curry the greatest shooter of all time? How will Curry do this year?

  • Is Steph Curry the greatest shooter in NBA history? If Stephen Curry dabs, you have to turn those notifications on to "All" 😂

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  • There is a a moment when Curry makes “the shot” against OKC..... As the camera follows the arc of the ball, you get a glimpse of the OKC bench And you see just an instant of player #11... throwing up his frustrated hands, as if to say “Jeeze, how could you leave him wide open...”

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  • And lost to cavs

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  • Curry is not the best shooter

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  • No he is not.

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  • Yes he is the best shooter as for now but he is not one of the greats in my eyes Steph always did had some type of player that can drop 30 or better with him. When you take a 18yr kid a skipping college straight into the NBA to play with grown as men that been in league for years of experience and carry a team to the playoffs averaging more than 20. PG and still haven't miss a beat has my vote..most come in the league and it take 3-5 yrs to get good LB has always be good since middle school to highschool the NBA and still putting in work..anyone can have a 3yrs moments the list goes ask melo but LB has beginning of his first season to this most recent season ..

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  • Larry Bird hit shots with defenders in his face. In an era where defenders could play defense.

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