RANKING The Top 10 NBA Players From This Decade (Ft. Steph Curry, LeBron James, & 2010s)

Aug 21, 2019
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This NBA decade has seen the likes of LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Russell Westbrook and so many more, but who are the top 10 players in this decade? #NBA #Curry #LeBron
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We’re gonna be looking at a lot of players, and tryna rank NBA players like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Paul George, Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Time Duncan, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Dwight Howard, and so many more. Not everyone can make the list and only 1 will be at the top.
With all these All-Decade Teams and with the decade ending, I thought it would be a pretty good time to look at all what has happened in the past 10 years, the good and the bad, and rank players. This video took me a long time to look into about 20 players careers for 10 years, but if you like this type of content and wanna see more, drop a like. If we hit 12,329, I’ll do this for the 2000. The NBA 2K20 demo is coming out tomorrow so I’ll be streaming on my second channel. And if you’re part of the 74% that watch my videos that still aren’t subscribed, the players in here are great so please subscribe.
So here is the point list that I came up with for each award, I changed some things thanks to your suggestions. Other factors like Finals appearances, stats averages, record breaking events, certain performances, and longevity aren’t awards but are part of context when ranking players. Awards themselves can have circumstances surrounding them, like the All-NBA team having positions meaning that players like LeBron, Durant, Kawhi, Davis are fighting for the same 2 spots on the 1st team, but could all be top 5 players in the league in that season. Remember this ranks stars and superstars, not all players. Role players like Patrick McCaw might have more points than someone like Carmelo Anthony because of having 3 championships, but that doesn’t mean that he was a better player. So any player under 30 points was automatically filtered out. I made an excel sheet that public for all of you to see their awards and stats. It’s in the description. Alright so let’s start.

And that’s the top 10 players in this decade. But what do you think? Is there someone else more deserving? What’s your top 10 list?
The excel with all their stats and awards is public for you to see. I also do have pages of notes for all the stuff these stats don’t show. If you want that to be public, let me know.
Drop a like for all the greatness of these players. This video took a really long time to research all these players careers, but if you like it, we can make this a series.
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  • What's your list? This is my longest video ever so I hope y'all like it! Check out the excel just to see all their greatness and hit the like button for more of these ranking videos! 💪

    • Where is D Wade

      Gabriel De GuzmanGabriel De GuzmanMonth ago
    • Fuck you

      Rigactic LemonsRigactic Lemons5 months ago
    • What about giannis

      Master TricksterMaster Trickster6 months ago
    • Greatness

      dcopeland 71dcopeland 716 months ago
    • Kobe was playing in 2010 to 2015

      Deng TutDeng Tut6 months ago
  • Bro u do be looking like that guy.. mrwhosetheboss

    Richard LalrinzualaRichard Lalrinzuala14 hours ago
  • lebron couldve had 10 1st team if he didnt got injured... he was averaging 27 8 7 before he got injured.. his team was 4th .. he finished 3rd team tho..

    Unknown PersonUnknown PersonDay ago
  • Boooooring

    Viral hoopsViral hoops2 days ago
  • Goat james

    Jose MontalvanJose Montalvan4 days ago
  • Fam you need to find something else make content on because in my opinion your not good at this you need to learn about basketball history and context

    Terrell BanksTerrell Banks7 days ago
  • Look KD and curry are gr8 players but sometimes curry is better than Durant and Durant is better than curry let's just leave it at that

    Kristoff MalabverKristoff Malabver17 days ago
  • he forget Elgin Baylor

  • Curry is way more valuable and way more skilled then Durant, half way through his career he has already proven to be the 3nd best pg ever. He #2

    Jack McNultyJack McNultyMonth ago
  • Curry should be Two

    Jack McNultyJack McNultyMonth ago
  • 🤦‍♂️

    It's yah boyKeIt's yah boyKeMonth ago
  • Tbh I think curry was the best this decade

    Renee GRenee GMonth ago
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    Eric ConnersEric Conners2 months ago
  • wheres tim duncan

    Anirudh SrinivasanAnirudh Srinivasan2 months ago
  • Please please get off the numbers

    Emiliano MoralesEmiliano Morales2 months ago
  • Now I'm done with u..... Screw the stats labrick can put up stats...... I test go by the eye test. That is the best test.....

    Emiliano MoralesEmiliano Morales2 months ago
  • I get it with d Howard is Coming

    Emiliano MoralesEmiliano Morales2 months ago
  • Davis has been playing great on a bad team

    Emiliano MoralesEmiliano Morales2 months ago
  • I got something for u. Don't filter. Then will see

    Emiliano MoralesEmiliano Morales2 months ago
  • My top 10 in this decade : 1.Leborn James 2.Kevin Durant 3.Stephen Curry 4.Kwahi Leonard 5.Chris Paul 6.Russel Westbrook 7.James Harden 8.Paul George 9.Dwyane Wade 10.Kobe Bryant

    Jacob LiJacob Li2 months ago
  • Alex carusgoat???

    Chase KimballChase Kimball3 months ago
  • where is tim duncan

    vorcifyvorcify3 months ago
  • admin this is bullshit. bryant is the top. u maybe one of fans of lebron james . no one beat the 5 rings championship. than only record. not easy to go in the finals. to get the rings if you only one superstar carry the team. so fcking die hard fans of lebron this fcking admin

    joel casiojoel casio3 months ago
    • lebron had wade and bosh. had ray allen . antony davis, kevin love, kyrie irving, dwight howard. and kobe had dwight and steve nash only. but before that. only odom, fisher, gasol and ariza or worldpeace then he get the champ

      joel casiojoel casio3 months ago
  • lebron has 4 mvp

    Mateja EricMateja Eric3 months ago
  • curry> kd

    Allies started WW1Allies started WW13 months ago
  • U just hit 460k subs when I watched congrats

    EZ imagineEZ imagine3 months ago
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    Jeremy LambJeremy Lamb3 months ago
  • What? Curry is better than Durant. Curry is better than James. Why is Curry underrated? Sorry for my grammar. I'm From Italy and 10 years old.

    Giorgi MgebrishviliGiorgi Mgebrishvili4 months ago
  • Greatness

    Dharun ChidambaramDharun Chidambaram4 months ago
  • I took a picture of the top 10 list from this video on my phone

    Abhijith's Super Cool Food ReviewsAbhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews4 months ago
  • Dirk > Howard

    Tommy RoqueTommy Roque4 months ago
  • Did anybody realize that he said that Kobe only had 1 championship but he has 5

    AceAce4 months ago
  • Kobe has 5 championships not 1 I think your counting is wrong buddie

    Boards NationBoards Nation4 months ago
  • 1. LeBron, 2.Curry, 3. Dirk, 4. KD

    N cMN cM4 months ago
  • 18:30 LeBron posterised Kyrie as well XD

    N cMN cM4 months ago
    • N cM that one is Tristan Thompson

      墨阡鏇墨阡鏇2 months ago
  • IK this is your list but its not good dwight howard is NOT on the top 10 and were talking about decade you need to do research

    YouTubeTrixss On FortYouTubeTrixss On Fort4 months ago
  • greatness

    shnowsfnshnowsfn4 months ago
  • lol i can never subscribe to your channel with d howard as #10... your opinions doesnt make sense. Dirk was better in the 2010s than D howard. garbage.

    asj 2009asj 20094 months ago
  • Dirk??

    Cash GunnarsonCash Gunnarson4 months ago
  • Steph was “Isiah Thomas” to Bron.

    Lorenz Clint Arquiza GallegoLorenz Clint Arquiza Gallego4 months ago
  • Greatness

    Da BoysDa Boys4 months ago
  • Durant is only a ring chaser in golden state warriors

    Hunter CrafterHunter Crafter4 months ago
  • 4×mvp po si lebron

    SASUKE gamingSASUKE gaming4 months ago
  • I would have kawhi third, curry second and durant fourth.

    Adrian SneenAdrian Sneen4 months ago
  • kobe has 5 champ you are not a true fan in nba

    DAMN BOYDAMN BOY4 months ago
    • Ur only saying that because he’s dead

      Eli LowryEli Lowry4 months ago
  • Derrick Rose?

    Vicente AntunesVicente Antunes4 months ago
    • V Finance I’m jp d rose a goat

      Eli LowryEli Lowry4 months ago
    • Ok, in a way that's true

      Vicente AntunesVicente Antunes4 months ago
    • Rose is overrated

      Eli LowryEli Lowry4 months ago
  • You fucking dumbass where fuck is Michael Jordan and should be number one

    Money GaNGMoney GaNG4 months ago
    • Couldn’t do anything without pippen

      Eli LowryEli Lowry4 months ago
  • I dont think Westbrook is better than Chris Paul, but hey, that's just my opinion.

    Rishi NatarajanRishi Natarajan4 months ago
  • Notice 8 out of these 10 players played in the west, this just shows how weak Lebron’s competition was in the playoffs 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Ballin BoiiBallin Boii4 months ago
    • Eli Lowry bird was 30 years old when he faced Michael in the playoffs, same season he put up 28, 9 and 7 while being in the 50, 40, 90s club stack with 4 hall of famers on his team 🤣, you can’t say he got lucky with the Pistons cuz he swept them lol, don’t disrespect Ewing like that, Shaq was young but was already in his prime since his rookie year, he averaged 27 and 12 in his years with the magic and reggie’s pacers were still raw winning 58 games in 98. Who da fuq did Lebron have to face in the East besides the big 3 old Boston Celtics lol

      Ballin BoiiBallin Boii4 months ago
    • Ballin Boii bird was past his prime he lost to the pistons a lot till he got lucky Ewing can’t hit a layup in a clutch moment Shaq was young and not in his prime Reggie Miller had no other stars on his team so IT IS WEAK

      Eli LowryEli Lowry4 months ago
    • Eli Lowry Larry birds Celtics, Isiah Thomas’ bad boy pistons, Patrick Ewing’s Knicks, penny and Shaq’s magic and Reggie miller’s pacers were weak? Yea... aight

      Ballin BoiiBallin Boii4 months ago
    • Not as weak as Jordan

      Eli LowryEli Lowry4 months ago
  • It’s Michael Jordan not Lebron Michael won 6 championships

    Guillermo GarciaGuillermo Garcia4 months ago
  • bro... imagine putting harden over kawhi smh and durant over curry

    cole worldcole world4 months ago

    Chester TurnerChester Turner4 months ago
  • Did Kobe only won one championship his whole career or is it this decade?

    Pak Yik HUIPak Yik HUI4 months ago
  • Greatness

    mike will3813mike will38134 months ago
  • Kobe is number 1.

    TheOnlyJeppeTheOnlyJeppe4 months ago
    • Ur saying that because he died

      Eli LowryEli Lowry4 months ago
  • I would switch harden to #5 and move kawhi to #4 because he has 2 chips and to finals mvp and the fact the he has defensive accolades

    Mallyboo -Mallyboo -4 months ago
  • Where the hell is Tim Duncan

    Quinn BurkeQuinn Burke4 months ago
  • Wtf dude lebron has 4 mvps

    CheemsCheems4 months ago
  • Mvp is dumb because players like cp3 and Kobe shoukd have won more but their era had so many stars and got robbed

    Nikola JokićNikola Jokić4 months ago
  • Curry is the best ✊

    Shenuka VensilausShenuka Vensilaus4 months ago
  • When talking about big moments, overall impact on the game and especially on their team and who has accomplished the most in the least time, I would definitely rank Lebron no. 1 and Curry no. 2

    Erish MaglaquiErish Maglaqui4 months ago
    • Kd is better then curry lmao

      ZSgamer(Minecraft)ZSgamer(Minecraft)3 months ago
  • Where is Giannis

    games and tutorialsgames and tutorials4 months ago
  • This is the dumbest video

    Daequan GamesDaequan Games4 months ago
  • I think it’s disrespectful to put Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard over Dwayne wade

    Trey SimonsonTrey Simonson4 months ago
  • What about Derrick Rose???

    nikoshem YTnikoshem YT4 months ago
  • So Chris Paul would beat Kobe 1V1 lmao

    Young PappyYoung Pappy4 months ago
  • Kobe is #1 2000

    Daniel BeaversDaniel Beavers4 months ago
  • Well to here sports media talk kobe Bryant barley makes a top 100 player all time. SMH! In reality he is the # 2 best player all time. Labron James is great but highly overrated. LABRON doesn't make a team great. Labron joins a great team so he can compete and try to create the narrative that he is great. There is a huge difference. It would be different if labron played for Cleveland then they drafted another all star or traded for one then he went and competed. Instead of the way he did it to where he couldn't win so he runs and started building super teams then leaving when contracts were do and he would lose help.

    Daniel BeaversDaniel Beavers4 months ago
  • Greatness

    Koaz BenKoaz Ben5 months ago
  • Kobe is way better than cp3

    Kindly KennethKindly Kenneth5 months ago
  • Bro curry over Durant had to dislike I get Durant has done it longer but curry literally has change basketball for ever way more accomplishments center piece of one of the greatest dynasties ever Durant had to join him to have success

    Green GoblinGreen Goblin5 months ago
  • do one for the 2000s and 90s or any other decade

    TJZ CrusherTJZ Crusher5 months ago
  • MVPS, FMVPS and Championships are team accomplishments.

    Vega LessVega Less5 months ago
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  • Greatness

    ??5 months ago
  • Why dame is not there

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  • Flight would clearly disagree with this list

    Xx Mr Prime xXXx Mr Prime xX5 months ago
  • does tim duncan count

    Flunky Gorilla sprinklesFlunky Gorilla sprinkles5 months ago
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    Andrew FoxAndrew Fox5 months ago
  • Curry all day I think Curry better than KD But Great list

    Macho Finesse CutsMacho Finesse Cuts5 months ago
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    Rigactic LemonsRigactic Lemons5 months ago
  • Ill be really sad when lebron retires

    TextrumTextrum5 months ago
  • when howard shows up on the list i quit the video. Howard is the 9 best player of the decade? give me a break

    Victor PoliVictor Poli6 months ago
  • Didn’t Baylor average 35

    Rex RutherRex Ruther6 months ago
  • People look at Kawhis 2014 finals mvp stats and don’t realize he won because he averaged like 24/8/3 on insane efficiency while defending lebron well in games 3-5 which the spurs blew out the heat

    Rex RutherRex Ruther6 months ago
  • Yo mj please make the video on the top ten for 2000's

    urmom's friendurmom's friend6 months ago
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  • too much talking

    yunis 99yunis 996 months ago
  • How tf is kevin higher then curry curry has 2 mvps 3 rings while kd had 2 mvps and 2 rings plus curry carried his team to the finals 2 times without kd and won a ring while okc kd couldn't do it so he had to join the worries to get his rings

    Jesus AlamoJesus Alamo6 months ago
  • good vid, but damn, 3 and a half mins to get into the list?

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  • Anthony Davis will never be a better player than Dwayne wade

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  • Dno about Chris Paul over Kobe but nice vid

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