Nobody Noticing THIS About The NBA Suspension (Ft. LeBron, Harden, Sad Boi Days, & Awareness)

Mar 14, 2020
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The NBA season has been suspended and this changes a lot for NBA stars, Harden, Kawhi, LeBron, Giannis, Russ, Zion, pretty much everyone, but no one is talking about it. #NBA #LeBron #Giannis
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Rudy Gobert really does deserve defensive player of the year. He shut the whole league down. In all seriousness, this is bigger than basketball so before I get into the potential impact of this, I wanted to take this time to talk a little bit about the Corona Virus and what we can do.
So with the season being suspended, there are a lot of uncertainties. No the season is not cancelled, it is on a break. At the current moment, the league is going to reconvene in 30 days to figure out what to do. There are a few possibilities being thrown out there. We might resume and go straight into the playoffs with the current records and standings. That would mean the Grizzlies would be the 8th seed and not the Pelicans, Dang it. I like you Ja, but Zion and Lonzo vs LeBron and the Lakers, come on now. The one certainty in this is that the NBA is on break for at least 30 days.
The one player that I actually see benefitting the most from this break is James Harden. Harden has played the most minutes in the regular season in the NBA for the past 5 years at 13731 minutes. He’s averaged 36.7 minutes per game and he’s only missed 18 games in the past 5 years, so less than 4 games a season. Yeah he’s been a tank, but he’s also had to carry a pretty heavy load. It’s the way the Rockets offense is designed. Now the playoffs haven’t always been Harden’s best friend. While we could debate the style of play and why it doesn’t work, but Harden at times has looked outta gas in the playoffs. In 2017, D’Antoni said that Harden was tired throughout the series against the Spurs in which he let a Kawhi-less Spurs beat him on his own home floor while playing lackadaisical (oof). A minimum of one month off means Harden gets a mini-offseason to rest up and be geared to finish off 20 more games right into the playoffs.
This also helps players with injuries like a Kyrie, KD, and Klay Thompson but more importantly players with nagging injuries get more time to rest. There’s one player that comes to mind and that’s Kawhi Leonard. Kawhi has continuously dealt with the same quad injury that he had on the Spurs over 2 years ago. During his championship run with the Raptors, he still was dealing with that injury. It’s why he load manages, to make sure his body is ready for the playoffs. One month off can help Kawhi get even more rest. The one downside is that there is no practice. Kawhi and PG barely practiced together so it might not be that big of a deal, but hey the robot likes his tune ups.
This break could really end up hurting LeBron. LeBron meticulously plans his year out so that he is in peak physical condition at the end of April, May, and June. My friend Sleepymish, a.k.a the guy who made the outro song made a really good point. LeBron tends to not play well from January to March. This happened with the Cavs in 2017 and 2018, right before we see playoff LeBron go in full beserk mode and bully the Raptors. It’s part of his process. Remember LeBron spends over a million dollars per year on his health, it’s down to a science. And when LeBron tried to activate Playoff mode early last year, it didn’t end up turning out too well.
The one player that I can see being the most upset is Giannis. Giannis has been playing low minutes at around 31 minutes a game for the entire season. To put this into perspective, Giannis has played 500 less minutes than Harden has this season and is 73rd in the league in total minutes players. This isn’t necessarily to just save Giannis, but because the Bucks were blowing teams out, they had the advantage of resting players for extended periods of time. That advantage disappears with this break. Also, this is the best time for the Bucks to make the finals before Kyrie and KD are fully healthy, and before Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown take another step. The Bucks were in a groove and this whole break can be enough to disrupt that. That and also the whole MVP race narrative going in LeBron’s favor right now, yeah this ain’t it.
With no injuries, it was really gonna be about which star players could carry their teams to the promised land because there are so many great matchups. Now with this break, more variables are thrown into the mix. I really just wanna see the NBA season return, but what do you think? What will the NBA do? If the season resumes, who’s gonna win the chip?

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  • Trump botched the management of this by his lack of clear leadership on it from the beginning. And you are WRONG about masks. They do help. His people were just not being straight about it, since there were not enough of them and that blame goes to Obama and Trump.

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  • Virus is fake

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  • It is now 60 days

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  • Harden and Westbrook win the chip

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  • Just cancel the season and receive the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. NBA is not important. Spend time with your families and to know one another. Many of you have neglected your family for years and now is the perfect time to be there for them. Take advantage before everything gets back to where it was.

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  • Stop giving people false information "Masks don't help" Is a lie, why do you think Dr's wear them? To look pretty?

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  • Cancel the nba forever! A bunch of overpaid narcissistic crybabies. The guy who is a self appointed king? I stopped watching months ago because the nba is just plain boring. If I see one more king slam dunk? Maybe the nba will disappear?

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  • Also if they go to the play off now lebron have a smaller chance of beating Abdul jabars point record

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  • Lol 3-4 mins into this video and it's a waste of time-- I'll tell you what this video should've told us: Giannis' situation can change a lot-- if the season continued and they won, he may stay-- if it continued and they lost in the finals, he may return-- but this? This is going to send him straight to Toronto on a max-contract leaving the Bucks robbed of their best chance at a title.

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  • Why would giannis be upset about the break? He was hurt and was supposed to miss 11 more games its going to help him and his mvp chances

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  • U sound smart but u sound stupid saying LeBron gonna hurt his self for getting a 30 day rest, you commentators sound real restarted just to get clout like you really know, LeBron is doing great this season between January n march, how all you dummies keep comparing him to when he got hurt last season n when he came back.... U just as bad as skip

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  • Everythin is fine there athletes there really healthy and they strong immune systems they will be fine the corona is only a big deal for people that got weak immune systems like old people or baby’s, adults and teens are good as long as you don’t smoke and shit like dam

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  • KD just got it

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  • Love how Harden is viewed as a victim who "has" to carry such a "big" load because that's how the offense is designed. 😒 Uhhhh, yeah... he designed it! He wants the load because it comes with the extraordinary usage rate that usually pads stats. Been watching it develop for years, and anyone who stands in the way of this philosophy whether it's Kevin McHale, Dwight Howard or Chris Paul... They have to go! A player. With no rings. With that type of power ...😩

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  • Why the fuck are you spreading mis information, covid19 doesn’t have a “lower mortality rate than the seasonal flu” it’s a more than 10 times higher mortality rate at the very least :/

    Toby _AToby _A7 months ago
  • Dude you giving out false info, the death rate for the COVID 19 virus is higher than the common flu not lower than. Also, there is no free universal testing for COVID 19. You obviously aren't medical professional. You probably meant the absolute death rate is higher for the common flu than COVID 19.

    Steven CeciSteven Ceci7 months ago
  • Come on man, you don't even talk about Giannis being actually injured (knee) and that he will have more time to rest especially if the playoffs began directly

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  • You forgot the Olympics factor--if they won't be postponed/cancelled. With the elite players going for gold in Tokyo, how do you see the resumed NBA season? I don't think the NBA will schedule to resume before the Olympics, rather after them.

    Maja MintoftMaja Mintoft7 months ago
  • Good point about Harden, and the rest factor. Forget about Klay and KD returning this resumed season. Not only because they didnt make the playoffs; they need more rehab time from their serious injuries. They'll be back next season.

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