NOBODY is Noticing THIS About Zion Williamson In The NBA Preseason (Ft. Lonzo Ball, Dunks, IQ)

Oct 11, 2019
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Zion Williamson has been domination NBA Preseason, but there’s more to Zion than just his dunks and athleticism. #NBA #Zion #Pelicans
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Zion has been dominant in preseason. He’s already taking bodies. His last game he dropped 29 points on 92% from the field in 27 minutes. It’s almost as if no one can stop him so I wanted to break all this down. Drop a like for the amount of lobs Lonzo is about to throw Zion, 6143.
The NBA has become a league where players are expected to do a bit of everything. Forwards and big men are expected to shoot from the perimeter. NBA Twitter bullied Ben Simmons into taking a 3. They’re expected to be able to dribble a bit, to stay with guards on the perimeter, and at the same time bang down low and finish at a solid rate. Don’t get me wrong, if you can add more parts to your game, that’s great, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of other parts.
If you look at Zion’s shot chart, he isn’t one of those players that is a jack of all trades. Some people have a problem with Zion taking all his shots inside the paint, but I see it as a good thing. Look at this shot chart.Out of 1229 shots, 1090 came from the paint, who was this? That’s Shaq from 2001-02. Look at this one from a player last season. You can see that there are shots around the whole court, but everything is focused on the paint. This player took 1248 shots in total and 912 of them came from the paint. Who is this? That’s Giannis Antekounmpo. Zion’s exceptional in one area and that’s what makes him special, because he is focused on pushing that one area to the max.

We all know that Zion’s vertical is crazy, he was measured to have a 45 inch vertical with a weight of 285 pounds. What stands out more is his speed and in particular, his acceleration. With a weight of 285 pounds, he’s heavier than guys like Joel Embiid who’s 249 pounds. Zion’s 6’ 6” and he’s moving as fast as a guard. What that does is create an incredible amount of force. Forget the vertical for a second. The Wall Street Journal analyzed Zion’s speed and said the force of taking a charge from him is similar to a head-on collision with a Jeep traveling 10 miles per hour. We’re seeing that NBA players aren’t able to stay with Zion, especially when Zion gets a 2 step headstart. The defenses are sagging off him, daring him to shoot, but in doing that, they are actually giving him just the space he needs to accelerate, and then players are just bouncing off him.
Now Zion is a creative finisher, he still is using his left hand only, but he brings the ball low and out, then brings it up. His hangtime allows him to do so much with the ball in the air before putting it in the hoop which is special. What wasn’t expected was Zion’s off-ball movement. Zion is in the right place at the right time and that isn’t luck. He’s moving around, always ready for the pass. His first step is so quick that if he gets free for a second, it’s enough for him to explode. And Lonzo has been moving the ball around to everyone. In fact, this Lonzo and Zion pairing seems to be working well because Zion is a willing off-ball mover and Lonzo is a willing passer wanting to get his teammates involved. That sort of culture is contagious and so Lonzo inspires a lot more movement from everyone along with unselfishness. The main point here is that Zion sticks to his game. Shooting 12-13 all from the paint is a sign that he knows what he’s good at and how to be effective. And he’s extremely confident in that ability.
But the one part of his game that no one is talking about and something I said last year is his playmaking. Players do need some sort of secondary skill or basically insurance if the defense goes all in to stop what they are best at. If defenses came at Shaq or if Shaq was getting fouled with no foul call, he would use his soft touch around the paint to shoot some post hooks over the defense, meaning he didn’t have to only dunk it. With Zion, it’s his ability to make quick decisions when he gets the ball. Zion is unselfish, but more than that, he’s using his gravity to actually make plays for others.
These are all efficient plays. Zion isn’t holding on to the ball and looking for an opportunity to pop up, he going and creating the opportunity after 1 or 2 dribbles. And these are split second decisions that he’s making as he reads the defense. Zion is more than just a finisher and it compliments his finishing game.
Zion’s using his athleticism in the right ways, but in case he’s getting stopped from crashing inside the paint, he’s making the right decisions instead of forcing the issue. How will Zion do this season? Will he be the rookie of the year?

  • So is Zion winning ROTY? Thanks for all the subs and support, seriously, thank you Here's the second channel where I'll be streaming:

    • MVP

      J MorrisJ MorrisYear ago
    • For sure most definitely without a heard it here first Zion and Lonzo Ball ....this is gonna be a Good season for the Pelicans... he will be R.O.T.Y

      Rocky KhadafiRocky KhadafiYear ago
    • I personally like Ja Morant better but being realistic it will probably be Zion

      ElipticElipticYear ago
    • IQ

      JimmyFromWorkJimmyFromWorkYear ago
    • Without a doubt .

      BigBoyGotGameBigBoyGotGameYear ago
  • Pelicans need to use him better. He had that LeBron flick pass speed. Draw up plays designed for him to pass the ball. He draws attention and he’s a great passer.

    Kyle RichardsKyle Richards21 day ago
  • Zion's straight up great. His basketball IQ is fantastic, he knows where his strengths lie. A little less weight, he'll be less likely to injure himself, then... I see potential MVP.

    Annie BennettAnnie BennettMonth ago
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  • Is nobody going to say anything about asking for 420k likes by the end of the year

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  • 500IQ btw

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  • 0:48 the referees face 😂

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  • "A JEEP!"

    LockerEhNichtLockerEhNicht10 months ago
  • Zion gonna make a powerful impact in the NBA, but only for max 5 seasons, unless he shreds like 40-50 pounds... He way to big and already struggling with injuries, and not minor injuries mind you......

    tbhturbotbhturbo10 months ago
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  • When Ben simmons made that three I thought it was a edit until I saw the real game...

    Mig's GamingMig's Gaming10 months ago
  • I respect your hustle and time taken to put out this awesome content. One request as a fan, please adjust the sound 🔊 volumes, the sound bites are too loud in comparison to your voice. Thanks.

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    Delia SuarezDelia Suarez11 months ago
  • Zion Williamson is 19 years old if you guys no and the reason why can block and jump high is because he does vertical jump

    Juniorr39 is my Fortnite FloresJuniorr39 is my Fortnite Flores11 months ago
  • Zion is a GOD

    DA G.O.A.TDA G.O.A.T11 months ago
  • Bummer he is now out for the season.

    nathan koroushnathan koroushYear ago
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    LumpyRex007LumpyRex007Year ago
  • Zion has a football player body type😂 so when football players play basketball they body everybody

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    Kaiden GoddardKaiden GoddardYear ago
  • Very nice analysis of this kids skill. ESPN really glosses over his game giving casual fans the impression that all he can do is dunk bully his way to the rim. A lot more there if you want to see it.

    TheKennsimpsonTheKennsimpsonYear ago
  • I can't believe the Pelicans are allowing Zion to play without an elastic knee support. A simple knee support costs $15 in a drug store. I've used them many days for pains and minor injury in my knee. Support helps. Pelicans keeping Zion out of games, but they are not making him wear knee support!!! Whaaaattt???

    Ronald ShiffmanRonald ShiffmanYear ago
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    Broadway BangleBroadway BangleYear ago
  • I love watching Zion but I hope Ja wins ROTY

    Jackson.DJackson.DYear ago
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    VZ ClipzVZ ClipzYear ago
  • Don't know if his body can take the toll of an 82 game season. The same can be said about Derrick Rose. Derrick Rose was too fast, too quick for his body which eventually failed on him. Hope Zion has superhuman recovery and body structure.

    Randy MonsterRandy MonsterYear ago
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    Abdulla ShajiAbdulla ShajiYear ago
  • Nobody has officially measured Williamson's vertical. He skipped the combine and Duke doesn't provide that kind of information. Judging by a still shot of the video taken during the testing, it appears that Williamson cleared a vertical leap mark of 40 inches.

    Kermit T. FrogKermit T. FrogYear ago
  • Do A Video On Tyler Herro Bro Please

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  • Brinks Truck ,Freight Train, Mack, Boeing,Battleship

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  • Dope video!

    Greatest Sports HighLightsGreatest Sports HighLightsYear ago
  • agree, people forgot that Centers used to basically only score in the paint, they probably even forgot what is a Center.......just push one simple thing to extreme, is as amazing (if not more) as someone is good at everything. MJ is the GOAT is because of his in-human basics---his very simple, predictable, yet unarguable mid-range JUMP SHOTS, not flying in the air

    Steve SongSteve SongYear ago
  • Only thing you are very wrong about is his handle

    christopher johnsonchristopher johnsonYear ago
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  • Wow really out here making videos private???

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    • MJ2KALLDAY Bro this is why your one of my favorite you tubers!! Literally replied in minutes wtf lol. Can't wait to see the new video! Keep up the good work g!!

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    • USworlds got technical issues 😩 will be back up tomorrow

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  • Lonzo UNSELFISH = Can't Shoot! -QMFT

    JPMoronJPMoronYear ago
  • Wait till his bone broke

  • I think that's a fact ijs....Rookie of the year FOR SURE! remember you heard it here first!

    Rocky KhadafiRocky KhadafiYear ago

    Vijaywynne ButanasVijaywynne ButanasYear ago
  • I don’t care if it’s just preseason ..people are acting like some people are not gonna go hard especially rookies

    A StacksA StacksYear ago
  • Zions vert is 40.5 inches not 45

    Home of HandballHome of HandballYear ago
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    jeremy harryjeremy harryYear ago
  • Funny thing is people said Zion will have problem playing against grown men in the NBA. But why does he look like he is bigger n faster than those grown men. Weird. Hope he works on his speed, game IQ, making plays n finishing. He cant dunk forever coz at 6'6" against any agile 7 footer will b a prob for him. Zion could b a great point power/small forward if ever dat bcome a thing.

    Frazer M.Frazer M.Year ago
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    Janek FreoJanek FreoYear ago
  • The Bo Jackson of the NBA

    380Ken380KenYear ago
  • Thanks for making the correct Zion comparison. He's the closest to Shaq in comparison more than any of the other players people were mentioning. No he's not similar to Charles effin Barkley

    Hero MilesHero MilesYear ago
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    Mana Joyce-GraceMana Joyce-GraceYear ago
  • Sets record charge fouls this season?

    Benjamin DoverBenjamin DoverYear ago
  • Zion is going to be a beast!!! Let's go Zion

    Joyner PerezJoyner PerezYear ago
  • The thing that you aren't taking NBA players an coaches adapt....they let you dominant the pre season learn what u game plan...let see what he's doing mid season.... he's going to be a goat no doubt tho

    YoSexy GamerYoSexy GamerYear ago
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  • MJ2KALLDAY . I'll subscribe if you're not liberal.

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  • you get the like / thumbs up for mentioning F = MA

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  • I hope he won't suffer from a serious injury.

    Adrian ClavoAdrian ClavoYear ago
  • How will Zion do? Zion will do what he whatever he wants to do, and no one can stop him!

    inquizative44inquizative44Year ago
  • Don't need to shoot 40% from 3 when you shoot 90% from the paint.

    Orion ForeseeOrion ForeseeYear ago
  • Awesomeness

    Chris BelandChris BelandYear ago
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    Deadprez101Deadprez101Year ago
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    Aaron MitchellAaron MitchellYear ago
  • NO LIGHT WEIGHT INDIVIDUAL is going be able to effect his trajectory, while in the air...they will merely bounce off him. You will not be strong enough to stop his deep-back right-handed dunk...they have already shown a center who was holding his right arm, to no prevail. If you take a charge, you will be injured...this was tried in college...the guy was out for the season. You are either going to (1) get put on a poster, (2) get injured taking a charge or get out of his way and (3) let him score. Basically, Get on a poster or get on a gurney...which one do you choose? He's stronger than Shaq was.

    Timothy SinclairTimothy SinclairYear ago
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    Mack LawsonMack LawsonYear ago
  • Zion Williamson is my MyPlayer

    Spazzout OfficialSpazzout OfficialYear ago
  • IQ.. u got yourself a new sub..

    vorheez2vorheez2Year ago
  • i wish he also had the talent to play volley ball... that would be cool to see him fly and den kill the ball... but then it'll be cool to see him play rugby! and football. Zion one in a million human !

    AreLL LioAreLL LioYear ago
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    Luka ZajicLuka ZajicYear ago
  • Nobody noticed? But you noticed it? Are you God?

    Radioactive HeartRadioactive HeartYear ago
  • Nobody noticed? But you noticed it? Are you God?

    Radioactive HeartRadioactive HeartYear ago
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  • Bro you talk like you’re on muscle relaxers

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  • i give zion 3 years before he blows out his knees

    alian halian hYear ago
  • they get lamelo and its rings

    CX 312CX 312Year ago
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    Almiighty.4xAlmiighty.4xYear ago
  • He deserves it ROTY

    Dubstep PrinceDubstep PrinceYear ago
  • Hes a top 20 player in history, I'll say it now.

    1 LLIK1 LLIKYear ago
  • Zion is like if Michael jordan had no jumper and was the size of Charles Barkley

    Tyler MurrayTyler MurrayYear ago
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  • You have Zion's height without shoes but Boban and Tackos height with shoes. Why do you morons keep doing that?

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