Nobody Is Noticing THIS About The NBA Season Return (Ft. Old LeBron, Giannis, Harden & A Bubble)

Jul 3, 2020
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The NBA season is returning, restarting, but for LeBron James, Giannis, Harden, Westbrook, Kawhi, is this an asterisk championship? This is what nobody is noticing. #NBA #LeBron #Harden Twitch-
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The NBA is officially coming back. Just this past week, they released a schedule for all the 22 teams playing in the Orlando bubble, the NBA wants the Pelicans to make the playoffs too It’s being called the asterisk championship, something that ESPN and Jay Williams have vehemently denied, saying that this is the toughest championship to ever win, that if LeBron is able to do this, this puts him on another level. This isn’t all about LeBron, aite.
So this is how the new format is supposed to go. 22 teams, 13 Western Conference teams, 9 Eastern conference teams, will return to play 8 regular season games to determine the playoff seeding.These are the teams that got the invite and you can see teams that weren’t in the top 8. Because no team will be able to complete their 82 game season, if the 8th seed in the conference is 4 or less games ahead, there will also be a play-in tournament between the 8th and 9th seed for that last spot in the playoffs. These teams are out of the playoff picture right now, but they have an opportunity. Zion looks ready man, but let the man play before expecting him to dominate like Jordan.
Now with the format outta the way, what really is concerning is this. This is a list of players that have officially said that they aren’t playing in the season reboot. No this list does not include players who have COVID and will continue to play like Nikola Jokic. There’s actually quite a few players in that category. These are just players who have stated for whatever reason whether it’s their own safety, their family’s safety, the BLM movements, etc.
The Nets are literally missing half of their roster due to players sitting out and injuries. The Lakers have signed 3 new players, Markief Morris, Dion Waiters, and JR Smith. Imagine having JR Smith and Dion Waiters on the same team. The simulation really on something right now. Other teams like the Bucks have lost absolutely no one at the moment, and the Clippers hadn’t lost anyone until this report.
And the losses of these players is already enough to change the chemistry and complexion of playoff teams. There’s the added risk of players catching COVID which would be horrible in itself and eliminate those players from teams. I like to think of them as season ending injuries. Imagine how injuries in the playoff could derail a championship run. We saw the Warriors last year have to change up their whole style. Just think about if a superstar like AD or Harden get it. Just like that, their whole championship hopes are over.
Which leads to me to the point on the whole asterisk championship. It’s the notion that this championship regardless of who wins it has an asterisk next to it due to the extraordinary circumstances. Giannis said that it’s the player’s job. Doc Rivers said that “the team that wins this deserves a gold star, not an asterisk.”
I agree, this championship has no asterisks if none of the players get COVID. But if any star or role player get it, it changes the entire dynamic. Like if LeBron got it, then whoever wins has a huge asterisk because a literal pandemic took out their competition. Same if a player like Giannis, Kawhi or even key pieces like Kris Middleton, Louis Williams get it and the Lakers end up winning.
This doesn’t even take into context how the players are going to be after a 4 month break.Like I said in my NBA suspension video, certain players benefit, certain players lose out. James Harden gets to finally go into a playoffs rested and not burn out. He’s also a lot skinnier which can hurt and help his game, but hey he’s skinnier. A guy like LeBron times his workouts and conditioning to be in peak shape during May and June. It’s not sustainable to be in the best shape all year around, but with this break, plans have to shift. Look LeBron looks like he’s having fun, but this concept applies to every player. They have to adapt to unprecedented circumstances. I might go into detail about teams and players because each team could literally have their own separate video. Let me know if you want a video on how this impacts the Lakers, the Rockets, Bucks, etc. But the matter of the fact is that it’s gonna be a race on which team can get in form first rather than which team may necessarily be better.

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  • There are doctors and nurses working 16hr shifts. Your whining and there's is falling on deaf ears. Military spend long periods of time away from women and get paid way less and risk way more. I respect both the players for thier efforts to entertain the world and help us move foreward into a new age. I respect those who didnt play for thier decisions. This is professional sports. You win or lose with the hand you are given. True champions overcome all of it to win. Kudos to the underdog team that powers through. Kudos if the veterans do the same. The scrimage games lacked the intensity needed. But that is regular nocovid too. The real games starting next weekend will be better. Especially ones with the cutoff line huggers. I like Doc Rivers comment. I think we will see some good basketball here. We are also going to see some rough play despite the run and gun atmosphere. Maybe some fights? Some drama? The NBA is going to have to create some type of intensity without fans. Lets see if they can do it. The WRestling and UFC knows how its done. Time for some players to talk some trash, even if for fun.

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