LeBron James Could Do Something Jordan Never Did

Sep 29, 2020
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LeBron James made the NBA Finals and he could do something Jordan never did. #LeBron #Jordan #GOAT
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I already know the comment section gonna be Jordan vs LeBron, but I wanna ask, if LeBron wins his 4th ring with this team, where does that put him in the GOAT conversation. And if he isn’t the GOAT after that, what do you think he needs to do to be the GOAT. Also, 2 or 3 videos this week so turn on notis, it’s about damn time.
LeBron has a chance to make history again, this time being the first player in NBA history to win a finals MVP on 3 different teams, but this is perhaps his most significant achievement. First of all, LeBron is doing something that we haven’t seen him do in a while and that was going to a team and have faith things will fall in place. Remember, when Bron joined the Lakers last season, there was no superstar name attached. The best player on the roster was Brandon Ingram. We didn’t really get to see much of the last year Lakers healthy with Ingram and Lonzo both missing significant game time, but there was no guarantee that the Lakers would be able to make a championship team together. At that time, we were really thinking Kuzma was gonna have to develop into a second option, that we need more role players. And then towards the end of the season, there was massive turmoil.
When LeBron went to Miami, it was with Wade there and Bosh coming. When LeBron went to Cleveland, he had Kyrie was a young All-Star, and the #1 pick that would be traded for Kevin Love. With the Lakers, all he had was a young core that could either develop or get traded, but it was a risk, a leap of faith. And then the Lakers got Anthony Davis, but even then, there was talk that the Lakers had given up too much. Fast forward now and here we are, LeBron’s gamble has paid off. And now he’s put himself in the position to win Finals MVP on 3 different teams. That was the talk of the town for Kawhi, that he could snatch his 3rd finals MVP on 3 different teams, that wherever he went, his ability to raise a franchise was so amazing. Damn PG...But now LeBron has that chance.
But, in this case, we’re talking about legacy, a cementing of a new age concept of player value. Stars in the past have played the majority of their career, almost of their prime with one team. We have players like Shaq that was a sort of journeyman in his prime, but the Lakers years were his best. The thing with LeBron is that it’s hard to say which version of him is the best on which team. Was it the Miami Heat LeBron with all the athletic prowess? Cavs Bron with the greatest comeback in sports history? Or this Lakers Bron that is reinventing his game at a new position? LeBron inspired the idea of players holding power to control their destinies, he normalized players demanding more from front offices, that it’s ok to leave to join another team. There’s only 3 players in NBA history with finals MVPs on multiple teams. Kareem, Kawhi, and LeBron.
In year 17, he’s playing MVP level basketball. But this still isn’t enough. Because LeBron needs to come out with a finals MVP, to solidify his own impact on this league, an impact different from Jordan’s.
Each player leaves a legacy behind. Think deeply about the legacy LeBron leaves. A freak of nature? Longevity? LeBron may end up being the statistical leader in most major categories, but is that something necessarily passed on to the next generation? Maybe the greatest problem any player could have is to be good, no great at everything, but that has led to a less distinguished trait we associate LeBron with. The closest to that is the chase down block. Look at other players in the past. Magic had the fanciest passes, showtime Lakers. Isaiah Thomas proved that you can win a championship with a small point guard. Jordan brought on an era of isolation basketball. What will LeBron leave on the game? Power to the players to control their own fates. And so to go to 3 different teams, with 3 different franchises, 3 different rosters, and win 3 championships and 3 Finals MVPs. That’s a legacy of a King.
But for all this to happen, to transcend and become greatness itself, LeBron needs to perform insanely. He needs to be aggressive LeBron, the LeBron that doesn’t get stopped by anyone, isn’t worried about the right play, but instead is just trying to win the game in whatever means necessary whether that means he has to take 40 shots a game or average 18 assists a game. And based off this photo, I’m thinking he has the right mentality. But what do you think?

  • LeBron or MJ? Heat or Lakers? Also school project, help the boi: www.nballday.com/

    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY7 months ago
    • Lebron is goat curry is🗑

      Pope JohnsonPope JohnsonMonth ago
    • mj

      Mustafa MohamudMustafa Mohamud2 months ago
    • Kobe all you disrespect him by not putting him in the goat conversation and I’m not just saying that because he died

      BreBre4 months ago
    • CaVs Lebron

      NBA HamishNBA Hamish4 months ago
    • LeBron

      MrHumorMrHumor4 months ago
  • He never did what kobe did no 81 no 60 points

    J BroJ BroMonth ago
  • Lebron supposed to be the goat.

    Harrell S.Harrell S.Month ago
  • His 6 loses in the finals has negative inpact already in his career

    Aris TalionAris Talion2 months ago
  • All time leader in turnovers?

    tintman831tintman8312 months ago
  • Just letting you know Jordan is the best nobody is better we've established that stop saying he's better just saying and Michael Jordan didn't do it because he only has 1 good teammate for 1 season so lebron fans u suck love ya but I hate legion

    DudmanDudman3 months ago
  • 2 more titles and a 1st seed in the west 1st in the mvp race 2020- 2021. If he isn't the goat he's in the neighborhood as a matter of fact he's in the on the same block. Tim duncan, magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant stand in this man's way. After them its jordan then its kareem and bill and if he matches kareem in regular season mvps and catches mj in titles?. Its over... he will be the goat

    sosasosa3 months ago
  • R u a la

    Taline HindoyanTaline Hindoyan3 months ago
  • Kuz should’ve been traded instead of zo

    Araf ChowdhuryAraf Chowdhury4 months ago
  • Lebron aint gonna do shiiii

  • Three

    XoSyceXoXoSyceXo4 months ago
  • I know I know, let me tell you, to lose in the Finals

    Knathan KnathanKnathan Knathan4 months ago
  • 3

    Cloutt_ yCloutt_ y4 months ago
  • i belive he needs a 3 peat🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    Maricruz GonzálezMaricruz González5 months ago
  • Lebron did something micheal never did score 8 points ina finals game😂😂😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ItsNoahGF -_-ItsNoahGF -_-5 months ago
  • I love your videos bro

    The AwesomenessThe Awesomeness5 months ago
  • Lebron aint never got a 3 peat and he had some good ass teamates🤷‍♂️ Jordan also had good teamates but he went on 2 3 peats

    Harold CarzonHarold Carzon5 months ago
  • 3

    Elissabeth SantosElissabeth Santos5 months ago
  • lebron would win against MJ

    mr fartsmr farts6 months ago
  • Hair implants ?

    Re LaxRe Lax6 months ago
  • Three

    aka jedi xavieraka jedi xavier6 months ago
  • Remember when lebron got swept even a 6 foot midget did not get swept in 2001 against the best team of all time

    aka jedi xavieraka jedi xavier6 months ago
  • The difference is people fell in love with jordan's game and charisma and lebron's persona and do it all stats i Can understand but this is misleading in fact Jordan look like the version of a perfect father and LeBron of a perfect mother i swear and thats where our choice goes who do we want to ressemble

    jack jahjack jah6 months ago
  • Witnessing lbjs greatness is something to behold an he’s the greatest of this generation an the greatest of this era but no Jordan

    Murray Eagle PlumeMurray Eagle Plume6 months ago
  • Lebron did something Jordan. Could never, play In 7 games in a nba finals

    Adonis DixonAdonis Dixon6 months ago
  • Who's truly the G O A T? ambot sa kanding nga naay bangs.

    Funny PandaFunny Panda6 months ago
  • 3

    Ball2413 23Ball2413 236 months ago
  • Who cares how many finals Ledron been to mj was stuck on a trash team

    IPG_NateIPG_Nate6 months ago
  • In my opinion lebron is 4-3 in the finals the two warriors teams and the spurs come on

    XcottwtfXcottwtf6 months ago
  • Give D rose a ring

    XcottwtfXcottwtf6 months ago
  • He could be the first player to lose 8 finals. Kind of a choke artist and sellout. That's just my opinion. He never stayed with a team until they became great and then stayed with that team

    Kyle StevensKyle Stevens6 months ago
  • 3

    Emmanuel NaranjoEmmanuel Naranjo6 months ago
  • Well im sure if the bar was infront of jordan and he knew what to do hed smash it

    josh waldeejosh waldee6 months ago

    George HendersonGeorge Henderson6 months ago
  • Three

    Ron HernandezRon Hernandez6 months ago
  • Lebron it's just a good player but he never make a legacy because he's been moving around the nba....and he doesn't make a last shot that makes him be different from his teammates so there is no legacy and he doesn't have the mentality of a real killer like jordan or koby so i dont think that he will make a legacy on any team he goes

    Mario VelazquezMario Velazquez6 months ago
  • Another thing LeBron James has done that Michael Jordan didn’t is to speak out for civil rights and against police abuse. Jordan could have done so, but was afraid of alienating white fans and losing income.

    MarcosElMalo2MarcosElMalo26 months ago
  • For me Jordan and LeBron ar the same in the goat conversation

    VenomVenom6 months ago
  • Yo mj is goated y’all maybe 10 and never saw him play but I saw him play and bro he’s so good idk y ppl r arguing Lebron is really good and if u never saw Jordan go watch the LAST DANCE

    David RubenDavid Ruben6 months ago
  • 1:43 mans accidentaly tapped the x button instead of holding it

    Oi BoiOi Boi6 months ago
  • 3

    Paolo 123Paolo 1236 months ago
  • He cant do anything to become a Goat Jordan is the Goat end of the story

    Nikola AntonijevNikola Antonijev7 months ago
  • Lebron the goat 🐐 👑

    Susan McNuttSusan McNutt7 months ago
  • 3

    Seth UribeSeth Uribe7 months ago
  • Stop the cap

    Antonio GAntonio G7 months ago
  • He already has.

    santosonly7santosonly77 months ago
  • Im a life laker fan. he could stop crying about every call and flopping,thats something Jordan didn't do

    jeff russelljeff russell7 months ago
  • Jordan

    TSK_Sebas 05TSK_Sebas 057 months ago
  • 2021 Miami

    Frankie WestwoodFrankie Westwood7 months ago
  • No AD No playoffs.

    Frankie WestwoodFrankie Westwood7 months ago
  • Are you on drug

    Luis MurilloLuis Murillo7 months ago
  • Like become more woke?

    Roderick AspirasRoderick Aspiras7 months ago
  • Lakers in 6

    Michael SchweichMichael Schweich7 months ago
  • More rings koby is the goat period

    Troop ThuggaTroop Thugga7 months ago
  • I love James and Jordan and Ik ppl have different opinions but I say that they should just be the greats of there generation and if your gonna say lebron is better he never had the work ethic that Jordan had and all the rings that Jordan got he worked for and always won in the finals so he never had to always go to the finals all the time he won them and set records on multiple occasions there will never be another Jordan another lebron and another Kobe they are all greats RIP The mamba And Gianna ❤️

    Edgar SidburyEdgar Sidbury7 months ago
  • Wow LeBron won the chip with three diffrent teams Dany Green: Spurs, Raptors, Lakers

    Vonny RicchVonny Ricch7 months ago
    • Right, and so did Horry: Rockets, Lakers, Spurs

      Jim GoffJim Goff7 months ago
  • Won without HOF coach on 3 teams...

    Edward BritoEdward Brito7 months ago
  • LeBron could get woke and ruin the NBA that jordans era created

    John RamboJohn Rambo7 months ago
  • Ok mj and Kobe are better

    Donovan MitchellDonovan Mitchell7 months ago
  • U think that’s a good thing bro that just symbolizes that u have to bounce around teams to get rings like no

    Thatgirlzozo_Thatgirlzozo_7 months ago
  • Wilt is the GOAT no question. Led the league in assists in the days before positionless ball AS A CENTER Most rebounds in a game Most points in a game Most PPG for an entire season (FIFTY PPG NO JOKE) "the NBA was bad back then" He played 1/7 of his games against the SEVEN OR SO HOF'ERS CELTICS because there were eight teams in the league. Don't give me "bad league" excuse D-Book might get there though 70 points in 1 game 23 years old Getting better in every area Jordan was "great player bad team" like Booker at this age. Booker is scary

    Kawntent YTKawntent YT7 months ago
  • Go back in time and not lose to the mavs

    Olallo DelgadoOlallo Delgado7 months ago
  • There is nothing that will change the lwbron haters minds like if he wins four more rings ( not including this year)and is 8-6 they'll be like well he was never 8-0

    Andres Espinoza-ZasadaAndres Espinoza-Zasada7 months ago
  • Every team changed their roster so Lebron had a chance. By The way, what did LeBron ever do on his own???

    Vikki BowersVikki Bowers7 months ago
  • Stupid to bring this up. Longevity isn't GOAT. The League officially sucks! Thanks AAU. SJWQUEEN JAMES. FLOPPER...

    Vikki BowersVikki Bowers7 months ago
  • Lebron equals flop queen 👸

    Whorez OfBabylonWhorez OfBabylon7 months ago

    Gary ZehrbachGary Zehrbach7 months ago
  • Yeah Lebron is definitely finals mvp

    Gary ZehrbachGary Zehrbach7 months ago
  • The fact that Lebron has gotten to that many finals with the teams that he’s played on is incredible

    Gary ZehrbachGary Zehrbach7 months ago
  • Lebron is the goat no doubt

    Gary ZehrbachGary Zehrbach7 months ago
  • Lakers in 6

    MO AguilarMO Aguilar7 months ago
  • Why do they say Jordan or LeBron? Kobe is better than both

    BreBre7 months ago
  • They would never vote lebron for this finals mvp, they can’t have him being better than Jordan

    Ozzi HarviesraOzzi Harviesra7 months ago
  • Mj > LBJ

    Tomer RazkerTomer Razker7 months ago
  • He can loose 7 finals. The GOAT.

    kainowerkainower7 months ago
  • k but how many did he win?

    Harvey MartinHarvey Martin7 months ago

    Lunatic MonkeyLunatic Monkey7 months ago
  • I'm just glad superman getting a ring

    Edwin HernandezEdwin Hernandez7 months ago
  • Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love... when you surround yourself with 8 future HOF players along side some VERY solid defensive role players, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem, Danny Green... the list goes on and you're as talented as LBJ is you end up in the finals. That being said, he's quit on his team several times when the going got tough and THATS what LBJ did that MJ hasnt... QUIT ON HIS TEAM.

    jaymtl79jaymtl797 months ago
  • Everbody talking bout the 6 rings while LeBron Sittin untouched on the playoff wins leaderboard😭

    FMB.GamingFMB.Gaming7 months ago
  • Lebron needs six rings along with all of his stats! He doesn’t need to be perfect 6-0 , four or five MVP Finals nor he may not be a dominant player like M.J. ( whom I love). It’s doesn’t matter about being perfect just as long as he can make it to 6!!!!

    Elite Clean RestorationElite Clean Restoration7 months ago
  • Lebron has help players know that them going to multiple teams doesn’t effect there legacy 💯💯

    OMari Ox8OMari Ox87 months ago
  • 6 tries 6 titles vs 10 tries 4 titles 🤔

    R&B ThugR&B Thug7 months ago
  • There's plenty of things LeBron could do that Jordan never did. For example, form a Superteam consisting of himself(self-proclaimed GOAT), D.Wade(3rd best SG of all time), and Bosh(11x straight perennial allstar), then get destroyed in the finals by a Mavs team that only consisted of only 1 allstar. That's something LeBron accomplished that Jordan could never do.

    rtc7788rtc77887 months ago
  • When LeBron loses in the finals: Lol LEBRON CHOKED, HE SUCKS LOL LE 3-6 When LeBron wins in the finals: the NBA is rigged, LeBron got carried, the west and the east is weak LOL.😁😁😁 Lebron is the King and some haters still hate him and also love to bring up the 2011 finals in every conversation.

    MR CAT MANMR CAT MAN7 months ago
  • LeBron, antetoukounmpo, and Leonard are all in the same finals woooooooooo.

    MR CAT MANMR CAT MAN7 months ago
  • Damn lebron 10 finals and only 4 rings ,GOAT

    Bunny TBunny T7 months ago
  • And what is that, lose 6 finals instead of win 6?

    TillaClayTillaClay7 months ago
  • lebron is the goat

    Agam DhudwalAgam Dhudwal7 months ago
  • Three. I want the heat

    Jesse G.Jesse G.7 months ago
  • How about Lebron James can't/do what Michael Jordan has done, win 6 finals MVP'S on one team, the team that drafted him.....

    Kenneth WoodardKenneth Woodard7 months ago
  • Lakers in 5. Bron is better

    Karan KumarKaran Kumar7 months ago
  • What if bron doesn’t win FMVP?

    Karan KumarKaran Kumar7 months ago
  • Jordan never cry, that’s something that Lebron have done better than anyone in the league. Now, the premise in this video deceiving. I trying to make relevant a record that no one cares!!! This only prove he cares just about him!

    Hector LaureanoHector Laureano7 months ago
  • How is that incredible? 3-6 mafia record ? That's fucken terrible

    Nathan OeiNathan Oei7 months ago
  • Jordan will never win chip in west and bron is who's the goat ?

    Mallah HedgesMallah Hedges7 months ago
  • 3

    Kahmari GreenKahmari Green7 months ago
  • 6 of 6 in championship - end of story.

    Rode BuenRode Buen7 months ago
  • 3

    struberry Domstruberry Dom7 months ago
  • Lebron sucks

    Vince LapuzVince Lapuz7 months ago