Just How DOMINANT Is Giannis Antetokounmpo in the NBA? (Ft. Dunks, Bucks, & A Weird Body)

Dec 6, 2019
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Giannis Antetokounmpo has been dominant in the NBA, but how dominant is Giannis really in NBA history? #NBA #Giannis #Body
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Shaq gave Giannis the “Superman” title last year and after seeing this, I don’t think that was a mistake. I feel like a Giannis Antetokounmpo video from me has been long overdue plus it’s his birthday today so happy birthday Giannis. Today he’s facing Kawhi and Paul George, but throughout this whole season and even last season, Giannis has looked dominant but I wanted to try to see just how dominant has he been putting that in context with other current player and the history of the NBA and then explain why he’s dominant.
Giannis is averaging 31 points on 20.3 shots a game. Last season he averaged 27.7 points on 17.3 shots making that 1.6 points per shot. To put this into context, during Stephen Curry’s unanimous MVP season when Curry was shooting 50/45/90 from the field, he averaged 30.1 points on 20.2 shots a game giving him a total of 1.49 points per shot even with him making 5.1 threes a game. Here we have Jordan in 88-89 when he averaged 32.5 points on 22.2 shots. And here’s Giannis. But those are guards that aren’t always as efficient so here’s Shaq at 1.45 in the 94-95 season. You know Shaq, who’s considered by many to be the most dominant player ever didn’t get higher than 1.5. LeBron in his best season couldn’t even measure up. There’s one player I left off the list and I’m putting is Harden this season at 1.59. James Harden draws a ton of fouls and so he has less shot attempts than if he wasn’t drawing so many fouls and the season isn’t finished yet, but he would have the second highest points per shot for a superstar, still second to Giannis.
This is something that hasn’t been done by a superstar or even a star. Giannis just won MVP and he’s getting better to the point where it’s becoming futile to stop him. He’s also led the league in field goals made inside the restricted area for the past 2 years. LeBron has also been one of those players that at times has been considered dominant with his drives to the rim and he’s never averaged more than 6.8 field goals made in the restricted area. Shaq’s career high is 7.5 which was in a slower era. Giannis averaged 8.1 field goals made in the restricted area last season. That’s why Giannis looks so dominant. Just by the eye test, he’s bullying defenders. He moving players to get to the paint. Players that are supposed to be comparable to Giannis size wise. But maybe that’s because Giannis has apparently put on...51 pounds of lean muscle. Today’s era requires players to be able to move fast and dribble the ball, Giannis is able to do that and still be a force no one can stop, no one but Kawhi. Kawhi made Giannis uncomfortable in handling the ball, not by moving Giannis around.
If you look at the Greak Freak, there’s a reason he’s called a freak. At first, he was given the nickname because he’s from Greece and because he was a 6’ 11” small forward that was quick and lanky. With a 7’ 3” wingspan, and his long legs, he was covering the court in 2 steps. But there’s a lot more to it than just that. Giannis has bigger hands than Kawhi, yeah Giannis’ hands are 12 inches in length while Kawhi’s are 11.25 inches which means it’s extremely hard to knock the ball out of his hands when he’s going for a layup or dunk. He’s a demigod.
But even more unique to Giannis and maybe the most important trait Giannis has are his achilles. Yeah, I’m talking about that tendon in your calf. Giannis has a 13.5 inch achilles tendon. That is more than double the length of the average male achilles tendon which is 5.9 inches. Sports scientist Troy Flanagan said that he’s never seen anything like it. The achilles is important for efficient storage and release of elastic energy which translates to acceleration and explosive movement. It’s a big reason why Giannis can take such long strides so quickly without hurting his legs. So he’s holding the ball tight and has explosive ability that physiologically seem impossible.
That should be an indication that Giannis hasn’t been able to be stopped, the Bucks are 19-3 including a 13 game win streak before facing the Clippers today. Tonight Giannis is going to face Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in what would seem like a difficult matchup. Giannis isn’t perfect and there still are flaws.
It really is comparable to Shaq, in some ways he’s actually more dominant when considering what he’s doing in this era. I don’t think anyone is debating whether prime Shaq is stronger than Giannis because he is, but Shaq was right in calling him superman. But what do you think? How dominant is Giannis? Will the Bucks make the finals?

  • So how dominant is Giannis? How far will the Bucks go? The second channel: usworlds.info/tv/ZWAssCaz6YHMXGziCKtdPw

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