Jimmy Butler Just EXPOSED The NBA's Problem

Oct 16, 2020
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LeBron, the Lakers won the NBA Finals, But Jimmy Butler just exposed the NBA and proved them wrong. #Butler #LeBron #NBA
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Yes, the Lakers won. And yes LeBron won finals MVP. But I’m not going to forget the man on the other side of the court. Jimmy Butler had a historic NBA Finals, and at times matched LeBron blow for blow. What I don’t get is why we aren’t talking more about what Jimmy just did. He averaged 26.2 points, 9.8 assists, 8.3 rebounds, and 2.2 steals on 55% from the field. He led his team in every category, points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks. He pulled a LeBron. In fact, he legit did what LeBron did.
Heading into the playoffs, most people weren’t expecting Jimmy Butler to have the playoffs he did and it made sense. Butler wasn’t on the level of superstars, he was just a really good player that put in a lot of effort, an All-Star. In the regular season, Butler averaged 19.9 points, 6 assists, and 6.7 rebounds on 45% from the field and 24.5% from 3. This is showing a trend that has become even more apparent in the past few years. The difference between the regular season and playoffs.
Aite remember there was a time where the regular season was just a formality, when the whole world pretty much knew that it was going to be the Warriors and Cavs in the finals. The regular season began to lose meaning. There was also this whole load management wave going on which meant stars were already giving less importance to the regular season. We even started to coin names for players who performed specifically in the playoffs. Playoff Rondo which if you look at the stats is a real thing. We had Playoff Kawhi who would turn into possibly the best player in the world in the playoffs after being a star in the regular season. Heck we even had Playoff LeBron, the whole idea of him coasting in the regular season, saving himself for the playoffs. I think it makes sense. Players should elevate themselves in the toughest of moments or at least keep up similar production since playoff defense means more. Jamal Murray went to another level these playoffs, but his performances seem more like really good shooting days and he’ll have to prove it again. And now we have Jimmy Butler. Here’s a guy who legit didn’t average 20 points a game this season or last season. A guy that was written off as a locker room problem despite helping every single franchise he was a part of. The thing with Butler is that he really could perform like that in the regular season since it wasn’t about knockdown shooting with no one to really stop him, but he doesn’t.
And then we have the other side of the spectrum, the players that do well in the regular season but fall short in the playoffs. This makes more sense because defense tightens up in the playoffs and the main go to’s get taken away. We have players like Giannis who dominate in the regular season, but fail to replicate in the playoffs. Paul George was 3rd in MVP voting in 2019 and has horrible games. This year he looked like Pandemic P. The Lakers wanted the Clippers and then this happened. Just look at the stats comparison. Russell Westbrook has put up some tremendous historical stats in the regular season, but fails to do the same in the playoffs. At times, he can shoot his team out of the game.
So what does this all mean? We already know that playoff basketball is different. But does the regular season doesn’t mean as much to the players? We award accolades based on the regular season, 1st Team All-NBA, 1st Team All-Defense. These are what we measure players’ legacies but it lacks context. As a basketball fan, I wouldn’t want the regular season to feel like a long prelude to the playoffs but that’s what players like Jimmy Butler are doing.
So what’s the solution? It’s not as if you can fine players for not playing their best like we did with load management. Which is why I’m saying Jimmy Butler proved the entire NBA wrong. He was the last straw of sorts. The Warriors with KD would coast, they were just too dominant. They got in the right form at the right time, but even their stars weren’t like lemme not be a superstar. There’s a difference between resting because you’re an older player or in your prime, healthy, and still resting. I honestly think we should have awards for the playoffs besides Finals MVP because playoff basketball is a whole different sport. Players like Jimmy Butler make us reevaluate the value of players that we have and the value of the regular season.

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    • Dame dolla

      itsme 804vaitsme 804va2 days ago
    • This is the NBA'S problem.. usworlds.info/slow/video/roOahaqpn5F5Z2o

      Iggy BlitzIggy Blitz2 days ago
    • I going to go ahead and predict that Kevin Durant will win MVP next season.

      DarkReNeGade93DarkReNeGade932 days ago
    • @Jared Thomas That would be dope but I'm not too sure about that especially if he continues to take games off. Defensive player of the year is a more reasonable prediction though.

      DarkReNeGade93DarkReNeGade932 days ago
    • Jayson Tatum, if not Luka

      Jamari YoungJamari Young3 days ago
  • You do know the playoffs are separate stats...do you want a separate ALL STAR break for the playoffs outstanding players PASS

    Mataya KurzukMataya Kurzuk15 minutes ago
  • Pandemic P hilarious

    Mataya KurzukMataya Kurzuk18 minutes ago
  • A.D. needs more credit too, I think. Lakers didnt do squat last year. Add A.D., #1 seed and NBA Title. Lebron couldn't do it without him. Just saying

    Mike ColonMike Colon25 minutes ago
  • Jimmy reminds of the time when Jordan needed help to get over hump Miami is miss a 1 more player in order to be a championship bound team maybe The Greek Freak i'm beginning to understand why so many nba players form a super team most the sports media call it collusion or cheating but we all can learn from the past yes your Iverson, Barkley, Ewing, Malone, Wilkins English, Gervin,, King, Anderson, Carter Wall,

    Jesse ByrdJesse Byrd42 minutes ago
  • He surpassed lebron's and jerry west's 40pt triple double because he's the only one to WIN a 40pt triple double finals game...so now we can actually call it a "40pt triple double in the finals" or whatever

    sgt1terrencesgt1terrence2 hours ago
  • let me save you some time....skip this video, nothing useful here.

    Karan ChopraKaran Chopra4 hours ago
  • Wanna know why we’re not talking about it? Because after that performance, he was all out of gas. Lebron in his 17th season still had a full tank.

    Plastic LifePlastic Life5 hours ago
  • Because he lost...no one cares

    BarackOBZBarackOBZ5 hours ago
  • Jimmy is a star, he’s not a super star. But Jimmy had a better mentality than 95% of players. He plays within the system. He wants to win. He chastised teammates who Mailed it in. He found the right culture in Miami.

    Dayne AmyxDayne Amyx6 hours ago
  • I still can't believe we didn't beat the Heat in game 5...That performance was insane to watch...Butler played one of most efficient games I've ever seen...I didn't sleep very good that night...lol

    thedirty530thedirty5307 hours ago
  • Jimmy butler is suck let me explain y he is an overrated underrated player Keke im capping after that ima put some respect on that mean name and correct ppl if they disrepect him like hes not like that when he proved y he is and im a russ fan

    Only BallerOnly Baller8 hours ago
  • Yo JB been nice since Marquette though

    GoodNight RobicheauxGoodNight Robicheaux9 hours ago
  • Westbrick’s airball is too funny

    Austin TitsworthAustin Titsworth9 hours ago
  • The playoffs is where the mental side of the game is most important. During the regular season most guys aren't as locked in on the scouting report, hell the coaches are still compiling the damn thing. In the playoffs it's not good enough to just be more physically gifted or a better shooter etc. You have to beat a team 4 times to advance to the next round. Rondo does better in the playoffs because he's so cerebral. The biggest key in what the lakers did was having guys like rondo, lebron, Danny green, Ad etc. That coaching staff was ridiculous as well. They beat teams mentally more than anything else. They knew guys tendencies, likes and dislikes etc. The forced guys to take shots from uncomfortable spots. It's the same reason Jeremy Lin was so good in his initially run. Very little game tape and time to study him with an unorthodox style made him impossible to guard but once there was enough game tape to form a scouting report insanity over. The regular season has really always been like this

    Robert NoldenRobert Nolden9 hours ago
  • You lost jimmy deal with it

    Lee BiggsLee Biggs10 hours ago
  • Ship Lebron back to China!

    Man Bear PigMan Bear Pig10 hours ago
  • Jimmy is a beast but lets slow down.... Bron been doing this on this level over a decade.... Last year Kawhai was the man... stop

    J.R. FullerJ.R. Fuller11 hours ago
  • It was all planned out for LeBron to win the Championship. Jimmy was done wrongly by the NBA. LeBron should be ashamed of his fake championship title.

    Mark OrtizMark Ortiz11 hours ago
  • Jimmy fa sho earned my respect. But he didn’t win.

    Shad RobertsShad Roberts11 hours ago
  • You can't expect an athlete to max out playing 3 to 4 games a week traveling all over the country for 7 months and still ball out for the playoffs. If the NBA was a twice a week league then I'm with you but let's be realistic. These guys are world class athletes don't get me wrong but they are human first. Also the playoffs cut down on travel tremendously and a easier daily routine takes over which can explain the increase in intensity

    dredaidredai12 hours ago
  • Maybe they should shorten the regular season so that way we won’t spend too much time hyping good regular season teams

    wilderacwilderac12 hours ago
  • Do you know what that beat was called? The one that you used for almost all of the video, in the one where it was titled something like... Why the Rockets are losing to the Lakers.

    Jayson RidleyJayson Ridley12 hours ago
  • Can you do Jamal Murray, he deserves a lot of credit for the playoffs.

    CodaThaGreat OGCodaThaGreat OG12 hours ago
  • Jimmy Butler straight up drags his teams up the ladder.

    Allan NgAllan Ng13 hours ago
  • Jimmy did make it to da conference finals

    Prince HarperPrince Harper14 hours ago
  • Ye bro I don’t agree with your sentiment about him just being a “good player” & not a superstar, he’s been a star since the day he got on a court

    Hendrix GoldslingHendrix Goldsling14 hours ago
  • Jimmy butler fan alert

    Ric_ YTRic_ YT14 hours ago
  • Make the season shorter

    For BasketballFor Basketball14 hours ago
  • High IQ players thrive in series. Load management players try to save their strength for playoffs.

    Keith S.Keith S.14 hours ago
  • Jimmy Butler is underrated

    Abhijith's Super Cool Food ReviewsAbhijith's Super Cool Food Reviews15 hours ago
  • I like the music at 2:34

    Blac WynnBlac Wynn15 hours ago
  • I just think Jimmy never got a chance to play like that. He let His PG and Bam shine all season. When he needed to take it all on he did.

    Benji PriceBenji Price15 hours ago
  • The regular season is to long

    ronny meltonronny melton15 hours ago
  • Cause he didn't win !!! Easy as that

  • Reg season doesn’t suffer. It’s the emphasis the media puts on it 2 try 2 prove points about the playoffs... Point...1 team beats another all games durin the reg season...then that team loses 2 the SAME team in the playoffs. Happens a lot... It’s jus like 2 diff’rent seasons...cuz it’s 2 diff’rent animals...period. Experience teaches that...

    Marc RichardsonMarc Richardson16 hours ago
  • Your references to Jimmy Butler isn't making sense. He did what any dedicated athlete would have when they meet on the big stage. And Jimmy needs to show more sportsmanship on the court. Play the game competitively but with love and respect for each other .

    Kobe HowardKobe Howard16 hours ago
  • Lebron did that same shit, 29 ppg, 11 ast, 8 rebounds on 59% lol

    100 200100 20017 hours ago
  • Saying that about Butler just proves you either didnt watch any of regular season games or you dont understand how basketball works in the first place. There were at least 10 games in regular season that Jimmy literally saved by himself, nevermind the ones they won easily. Besides between playoffs and regular season there are about 110 games in 10 months. To keep a constant playoff level for a 110 games is impossible, what Jimmy is doing is the right and smart thing to do, you pick your battles carefully, you play the games you need to play at the max and leave the rest to the teammates, Bam (when not beeing a donkey like post allstar this year) Dragič and the rookies can close out the rest. Butler started the season at a high level right away, he needed to establish himself in the culture, he did the right thing,went out and showed right away why he was here and besides the non bandwagon fans and the team everybody else, the media and their "experts" and youtubers did not understand what that ment. Jimmy or should i better say the Heat are not a regular team, they dont do rebuilds,load management any of that shit, what they do is go out game to game and give their all. How many times we seen Jimmy Goran and Jae got to Spo and UD to be put in the game when they saw they were needed and knew their beeing there will make a difference. This video is a prime example of media and youtubers speak before they think and talk about something they clearly dont understand. Miami just spit in the face if the whole league, and this is the best content you can come up with?

    weed highweed high17 hours ago
  • Nope

    T D1T D117 hours ago
  • I knew jimmy could do that. His team just needs to get alittle better. They’ll be back next year better. I’m a Lebron fan and love the Lakers mainly because of Kobe and Shaq but I was sayin the heat was a good team that just needs to get better

    ToiletPaperRollToiletPaperRoll17 hours ago
  • Shorten the regular season and instead of 8 teams from each conference making the playoffs make it 6 so each regular season game means more and players have to play harder and they wont be worn out because the season is shorter

    Keith McCallaKeith McCalla18 hours ago
  • lebronito is the PROBLEM 🎃🥢

    Vicente TankehVicente Tankeh19 hours ago
  • Giannis should go to Miami.

    irwin sloirwin slo19 hours ago
  • Jimmy in any good team will be successful

    jrmop 09jrmop 0919 hours ago

    yung_restlessyung_restless19 hours ago
  • Shorten the season

    SoberDave’s LifeSoberDave’s Life19 hours ago
  • Also goal is to keep everyone healthy for playoffs

    SoberDave’s LifeSoberDave’s Life19 hours ago
  • Will they upset the nets or the bucks nxt season??

    king kulitking kulit20 hours ago
  • I enjoy your videos. You often make good points in your content. I understand what you are saying in this video. You just omitted a large piece of the puzzle. ESPN is the one media outlet that deserves a lot of blame for the lowly stare of pro sports in America. ESPN work in conjunction with the leagues while controlling a majority of the media hype surrounding the NBA and NFL in particular. ESPN was great back in the day when Sportscenter was the flagship and every sports fan tuned in religiously. All that changed around 2011 , when ESPN forged a multi billion dollar contract with the NFL and the NBA to broadcast games on the network and sister network ABC. This deal alongside the rise of the sports debate paradigm changed everything. ESPN had its personalities push biased narratives instead of objective reporting. ESPN convinced the two most popular leagues in the country that it would be in their best interests to promote the big market teams, I.e.Lakers, Cowboys, Patriots. Promote your stars like never before, which is why you hear these momos talk about goats in both sports even if one of those so called goats is not even close(LeBron). ESPN was the first I heard to call the regular season meaningless. All to fit narratives mostly to cover up for big name stars they promote who were underperforming in the regular season. They devalued the regular season in an age where young people barely have the attention span to read a wordy post like mine. . ESPN the first to try to devalue championships because one guy followed the example from another guy and joined forces with a great team to form a juggernaut. That juggernaut was formed because the NBA chose to force a rivalry between a player and a great team(that up until they were cheated in 2016, owned that player head to head). If the league wasn’t fake, and allowed corporate sponsor money in the form of ad revenue control their every move, the league might have some actual parity. The leagues both use refs/officials to control certain games. It’s beyond pathetic and if we don’t make it be known that we want true competitive sports and NOT sports entertainment, then we will be subject to this bullshit. Oh and it will get worse. I mean, case in point, the LeBron Mickey Mouse club ring? They gave that bum carte blanche on his lame drives to the basket. If you think different, it’s because you’ve never played b-ball competitively. ESPN destroyed modern sports and while Jimmy Butler was playing better than the supposed MVP of the Finals, you won’t hear a peep out of ESPN concerning thst. No, they’d rather hold ridiculous debates comparing a true all time great to a manufactured, corporate Johnny bravo(Brady Bunch) who fits the “Face of the League” suit 😂😂

    i gi g20 hours ago
  • Cmon bro ok jimmy buckets was going crazy but lebron the Lakers won a chip who tf taking bout the other time but overall it’s was a great finals to watch

    Crafton MooreCrafton Moore20 hours ago

    boy bagsikboy bagsik21 hour ago
  • There is no problem. Coaching, strategies, time of season, load management have always been variables to manipulate since the leave started. Depending on the goals of organizations, teams individual and the incentives to excel, you get equivalent work effort. The biggest difference you see in Jimmy is being apart of a "Heat organization culture " which fits his personality and play style. The Heat have rebuilt them selves to surpass other teams which were thought of as more automatic finals teams. They deserve a ton of credit for out smarting and out working other teams to get to the finals. Their injuries contributed to their lack of total production at finals. But, they still made it to a game 6. It is not a problem that Jimmy exposes but opportunities for those which can "rise to the occasion". Because team that make a habit of coasting can be caught.😊

    James BowserJames Bowser23 hours ago
  • Okay appreciate that halfway through theres a clip of jimmy blocking lebron... after Tyler herro stuffed him... yur

    BreakdownBreakdown23 hours ago
  • Jimmy! 1

    only1travonly1trav23 hours ago
  • Jimmy is Lebron's father. And Jordan is Butler's father. It's a big 3

    PeterPeter23 hours ago
  • Yes!

    PeterPeter23 hours ago
  • something to add... I think the reg season is about making sure you make the playoffs (obviously) but I think that the awards are taken lightly because of the way they are distributed.. for e.g mvp is best player on best team one year then it is triple double Westbrook. Then it is 3rd seeded rockets with harden and then back to best player on best record again. it becomes a joke rather than a benchmark.

    christian crampchristian crampDay ago
  • Dragic and Butler carried Heat in the Playoffs

    Job LalisanJob LalisanDay ago
  • Historically this was the easiest path to a championship outside of the 87 & 88 Lakers. Fact check it.

    Grimey BucketsGrimey BucketsDay ago
  • Jimmy. Buckets.

    JoelingtonJoelingtonDay ago
  • Lebrun was carried by ad

    Juan LaredoJuan LaredoDay ago
  • This era is ass a lot of fouls bro and Lebrun is one of those guys that if he gets a foul he throws a huge tantrum it’s like if his mom did not buy the candy he wanted

    Juan LaredoJuan LaredoDay ago
  • Bro dis was a waste wat was the point

    Marcus MatsMarcus MatsDay ago
  • Plays offs are a half court game and a defensive game. It is different from the regular season and it has been for a long time. Also, when you are playing a seven game series the great teams can adjust their offense and defense accordingly. This is not the case in the regular season where you are not playing a seven games series. The regular season is a race to get a good seating for the playoffs and then it becomes a different game.

    botacobotacoDay ago
  • lebron is not and mvp in nba butler is the mvp

    percival navospercival navosDay ago
  • The reason why no one is talking about Jimmy Butler is because the Heat didn't win the championship. In spite of his best effort, he could not elevate his team to victory.

    Ira DotsonIra DotsonDay ago
  • Actually, he's my mvp

    Rolly SJRolly SJDay ago
  • Y'all sick Jimmy had two 40 point games, the rest he was average like Jimmy is not going to climb after this yall don't know basketball straight up, he is a career 20 a game scorer and he hovers around or under it, he's damn near a decade in bruh y'all acting like he's about to go up, he wi decline. Unless they get GIANNIS they will not get a chip and will never get even as close

    Arty StarksArty StarksDay ago
  • What happened game 6 then only 12 points. IJS😂😂

    Terrell JamesTerrell JamesDay ago
  • I will stop watching these videos.... of you have ever played sports, los and go home, you run harder, you jump higher, you do what you gotta do. Jimmy had to play at another level, of he didn't it would have been a sweep. Because if they lose....and they did.... they went home.

    Alan ChavarriaAlan ChavarriaDay ago
  • No one talks of second placed, just saying

    Jay DevonishJay DevonishDay ago
  • Less games will make there asses play more

    The Rapper AshThe Rapper AshDay ago
  • Jimmy gets better and better. Every season. I expect phenomenal 🏀 from him next season. If he had one more peice I would bet on him. Dont sleep on butler. In the off-season and on pro runs he does amazing things 1v1

    kay harveykay harveyDay ago
  • 82 games are a lot

    ricardo alvarezricardo alvarezDay ago
  • mvp sould be given after the conference playoffs... before the finals... because as you said.. playoffs is diffrent from regular season.. regular season is easier since the intensity of the game is lower... in this case you will see how a true MVP plays....

    Unknown PersonUnknown PersonDay ago
  • If you know anything about sport, you realize that your regular performance will get you nowhere. The team that win championship always do a little extra. Listen to Shaq, if you average 2 rebound get one to two crucial rebound . You call them play off guys but this is what it take to Win championship. All the great one knows each guy must do something he does not do in the regular season.

    V SirmonsV SirmonsDay ago
  • Miami has found their D Wade replacement

    maleman julpaxmaleman julpaxDay ago
  • Took you so long to do the intro

    Dennis RollandDennis RollandDay ago
  • The diffrence is that Jimmy plays with inexperience team he carried them and galvanize them to play better unlike lebron whose gathering superstars to win championship. Jimmy is the real MVP. And he got my respect all the time for that just became a fan of him.

    Jewison JacabanJewison JacabanDay ago
  • Regular season is 1 game playoffs is another kind of game, playoffs is when the real players show up.

    Eriverto GonsalezEriverto GonsalezDay ago
  • There should be an award for the team with the best regular season record

    RaZe KeithanRaZe KeithanDay ago
  • Define a great player, they man up and take their rookies to the finals, LeBron trades them. Jimmy is great.

    Humbler32Humbler32Day ago

    ttv_rafa3206ttv_rafa3206Day ago
  • Players like Jimmy Butler don't care about individual accolades whether it's regular season or playoffs. He has said multiple times, Championship... nothing else matters.

    Francisco MasisFrancisco MasisDay ago
  • im miami fan and when i seen jimmy git fouled by dwight and take a second to get his breath i was like fuck man its over he look gassed 🤕

    rage nationrage nationDay ago
  • Shorten the season so each game has more meaning with playoff seeding.

    GauravSingFedMV3GauravSingFedMV3Day ago
  • Jordan average 30 in regular season Jordan average 33 in playoffs

    raymund fernandezraymund fernandezDay ago
  • You make some good points.

    Vietizy CampbellVietizy CampbellDay ago
  • It’s annoying being a jimmy fan and people just started looking at him this is literally his worse year in the regular season

    Shemz LoveShemz LoveDay ago
    • On the timberwolves he used to have multiple 30+ point games week after week the only thing that slowed him down was injury he went to the sixers and had to play behind Joel and Simmons in Miami he let the young stars develop more instead of padding his own stats

      Shemz LoveShemz LoveDay ago
  • Great content. This channel is motivation for me

    TC For ThreeTC For ThreeDay ago
  • Jimmy rose up in the clutch moments every game of the finals #Respect

    TC For ThreeTC For ThreeDay ago
  • You know what I noticed watching the series though? After jimmy buckets trip dubs he was so exhausted playing in the final games, and that’s something Lebron does night in and night out and we just take it for granted ! I mean at one point jimmy was literally under the hoop leaning on the barrier from how tired he was!

    da Bda BDay ago
  • *every time lebron dunk* the whole lakers team: *has a small tea party*

    ChosenChosenDay ago
  • HIS TEAM LOST! THAT'S why we ain't talking about him. FOH! #LW

    Christopher OwensChristopher OwensDay ago
  • this problem has been raise for a long time. Truth is most players are just coasting specially those already at the star level or super star level and they would just turn on the game when they need to. Most players who goes hard during the season are those who wanna make a name or has something to prove you know so they could sign that big contract. We can't really blame them though cuz there's like 82 games a season and no player would go all out even have of that,,, besides if they lessen the number of games they wouldn't even be able to afford to play the players. but hey like american football only plays a few games but everyone's making some cash... not as big as nba players i think. cuz ave players over there don't make millions? even bench warmers in nba gets to make 10mil or so per year.

    cris criscris crisDay ago
  • Jimmy just did what lebron always did.. Nothing special

    Ramon AnzuresRamon AnzuresDay ago
  • There should be no playoffs. It should be a season with the team with the most points declared the champion. Similar to how most soccer seasons are structured!

    Mungai NFIMungai NFI2 days ago
  • Sorry i don't respect jimmy's game in the finals. Same way they don't respect other players in the players when they lose like lebron did.

    SesshōmaruSesshōmaru2 days ago
  • Enjoy the art of the game without adding these extra narratives you thinking too much

    Kevin WoodsKevin Woods2 days ago