Jimmy Butler Just EXPOSED The NBA's Problem

Oct 16, 2020
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LeBron, the Lakers won the NBA Finals, But Jimmy Butler just exposed the NBA and proved them wrong. #Butler #LeBron #NBA
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Yes, the Lakers won. And yes LeBron won finals MVP. But I’m not going to forget the man on the other side of the court. Jimmy Butler had a historic NBA Finals, and at times matched LeBron blow for blow. What I don’t get is why we aren’t talking more about what Jimmy just did. He averaged 26.2 points, 9.8 assists, 8.3 rebounds, and 2.2 steals on 55% from the field. He led his team in every category, points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocks. He pulled a LeBron. In fact, he legit did what LeBron did.
Heading into the playoffs, most people weren’t expecting Jimmy Butler to have the playoffs he did and it made sense. Butler wasn’t on the level of superstars, he was just a really good player that put in a lot of effort, an All-Star. In the regular season, Butler averaged 19.9 points, 6 assists, and 6.7 rebounds on 45% from the field and 24.5% from 3. This is showing a trend that has become even more apparent in the past few years. The difference between the regular season and playoffs.
Aite remember there was a time where the regular season was just a formality, when the whole world pretty much knew that it was going to be the Warriors and Cavs in the finals. The regular season began to lose meaning. There was also this whole load management wave going on which meant stars were already giving less importance to the regular season. We even started to coin names for players who performed specifically in the playoffs. Playoff Rondo which if you look at the stats is a real thing. We had Playoff Kawhi who would turn into possibly the best player in the world in the playoffs after being a star in the regular season. Heck we even had Playoff LeBron, the whole idea of him coasting in the regular season, saving himself for the playoffs. I think it makes sense. Players should elevate themselves in the toughest of moments or at least keep up similar production since playoff defense means more. Jamal Murray went to another level these playoffs, but his performances seem more like really good shooting days and he’ll have to prove it again. And now we have Jimmy Butler. Here’s a guy who legit didn’t average 20 points a game this season or last season. A guy that was written off as a locker room problem despite helping every single franchise he was a part of. The thing with Butler is that he really could perform like that in the regular season since it wasn’t about knockdown shooting with no one to really stop him, but he doesn’t.
And then we have the other side of the spectrum, the players that do well in the regular season but fall short in the playoffs. This makes more sense because defense tightens up in the playoffs and the main go to’s get taken away. We have players like Giannis who dominate in the regular season, but fail to replicate in the playoffs. Paul George was 3rd in MVP voting in 2019 and has horrible games. This year he looked like Pandemic P. The Lakers wanted the Clippers and then this happened. Just look at the stats comparison. Russell Westbrook has put up some tremendous historical stats in the regular season, but fails to do the same in the playoffs. At times, he can shoot his team out of the game.
So what does this all mean? We already know that playoff basketball is different. But does the regular season doesn’t mean as much to the players? We award accolades based on the regular season, 1st Team All-NBA, 1st Team All-Defense. These are what we measure players’ legacies but it lacks context. As a basketball fan, I wouldn’t want the regular season to feel like a long prelude to the playoffs but that’s what players like Jimmy Butler are doing.
So what’s the solution? It’s not as if you can fine players for not playing their best like we did with load management. Which is why I’m saying Jimmy Butler proved the entire NBA wrong. He was the last straw of sorts. The Warriors with KD would coast, they were just too dominant. They got in the right form at the right time, but even their stars weren’t like lemme not be a superstar. There’s a difference between resting because you’re an older player or in your prime, healthy, and still resting. I honestly think we should have awards for the playoffs besides Finals MVP because playoff basketball is a whole different sport. Players like Jimmy Butler make us reevaluate the value of players that we have and the value of the regular season.

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    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY7 months ago
    • Hi my name is Jimmy Butler I think I'm a big star. Lebron got lucky but got a little worried so he got another star. I played for a few teams that did not like me. I showed them all last year so they can just bite me. I play hard on every posestion. I never take a play off. Can I beat Lebron? I dunno but on D Kuzma push off... I am a lot like Kobe and MJ I push the hardest to be a winner. I wasn't quite there yet so my openents ate me like dinner. My skills have got much better. Did you see those gals in the crowd? They couldn't be wetter! Now I have to I have a lot of work to do. You see the way I'm playing? Lebron I'm coming for you!!! #lebronjames #jimmybuttler #nba #drseuss #kingjames #lbg #fakegoat #washedking #hairclubformen

      Brian MorienBrian Morien5 months ago
    • Just think about a healthy Heat team competing in the finals.

      Victor JonesVictor Jones5 months ago
    • I suscribe u because of good memes

      Khup Muan LianKhup Muan Lian6 months ago
    • Love it.

      Somerset BassettSomerset Bassett6 months ago
    • Dame dolla

      itsme 804vaitsme 804va6 months ago
  • Lebron franchises hopping killed the NBA

    Joe YoungJoe Young2 months ago
  • suspicious is just a feeling or showing a feeling but the ball is round and if worst come to worst let the authorities be probed. not to discount money talks but everything would happen under the heat of the sun!

    daniel cutamoradaniel cutamora2 months ago
  • The league is scripted

    antoniospvyantoniospvy2 months ago
  • The endurable alligator intriguingly intend because south america obviously load amidst a smelly license. fast, optimal cultivator

    Luis ColonLuis Colon2 months ago
  • Even though the Heat’s final’s appearance might have been a “Bubble” fluke)...Jimmy and the Heat showed heart.

    Todd StarksTodd Starks2 months ago
  • You forgot playoff p

    Pepe handzPepe handz3 months ago
  • Somehow I feel jimmy should've been finals MVP

    Black ObitoBlack Obito3 months ago
  • He was feeding his rookies being a facilitator

    Gudda-Bounce ent. - TopicGudda-Bounce ent. - Topic3 months ago
  • Coz you never won a series against Lebron so he is definitely a problem for you..😂🤣

    Darwin BancalDarwin Bancal3 months ago
  • do things like the euroleague and the nfl: which means; 2 rounds regular season (mostly in confrence. with priority for strong east/west matches) and wildcard, everey game would be a war

    yoav ben eliyahuyoav ben eliyahu3 months ago
  • Dudes been my favorite player since the bulls got him and I was so looking forward to him getting a 🏆

  • I been playing basketball for over twenty years if you go hard in the regular season like you would in the playoffs you wont make it to playoffs when you play your best basketball you risk getting injured . Its like leaving a starter in the game when your up 30 its a big gamble sir maybe less games per season and bonuses for stats

    Cooper YanezCooper Yanez3 months ago
  • I don't know if people know this but to enter the playoffs you gotta have a winning record in the regular season.

    Zamasu did 911Zamasu did 9113 months ago
  • Adam silver is thinking short term by now the nba should be an all year round league with a 3-4 month break. regular season shouldnt be 82 games, it should get cut down to 62 games. implement a tournament for both 2-8 seeding teams and play the playoffs as the 2nd end of the season. They pay them a lot of money to entertain us but the ratings are falling and tv is really not needed, if they focused more on the pricing and roll out of NBA league pass and NBA tv and youtube, they would for sure make more revenue and reach more ppl. They younger generations should be the focus as the older ppl are fazing out. Who ever runs the finances over there is a dickhead and not looking to maximize profits long term... The ppl they are branding as stars fall to weak ass team that honestly don't have a big market share anyway so in result they are selling them selves short. Zion, trey young, Brand Ingram , both ball brothers should all be on midsize market teams.. They need to get rid of the thunder, the pelicans, the hawks and go for Seattle again, and maybe look to move to other regions in Canada maybe or look at the economics growth of different states and compare so they can make more money off the talent. A lot ppl want to see Zion and lamelo hell even the guy that plays for the timberwolves but aint nobody paying the price to see them mediocre ass teams

    DC82mobstar no dreamchaserDC82mobstar no dreamchaser3 months ago
  • And still ran out of gas before the old man

    Fred BeaufordFred Beauford3 months ago
  • Playoff basketball now ain’t even as hard as preseason. In the 80s and 90s

    JMT GolfJMT Golf4 months ago
  • I’ll take butler over Kylie, Westbrook, Beal and klay

    JMT GolfJMT Golf4 months ago
  • The NBA’s problem is no viewers

    Smack DabSmack Dab4 months ago
  • Crazy how the timberwolves let go of him instead of trading wiggins.

    Channel Ni EdselChannel Ni Edsel4 months ago
  • Thr heat SHOULDVE won if you want me to be honest

    Noel DiazNoel Diaz4 months ago
  • I knew from the beginning that the Bart will be better than the bucks

    Kyle LowryKyle Lowry4 months ago
  • Bruh you talked about a whole bunch of nothing! 🙅🏽‍♂️

    Magic Soo CoolMagic Soo Cool4 months ago
  • Its not an NBA title its a bubble title at best

    Nathan MoralesNathan Morales4 months ago
  • My take: Jimmy didn’t really expose the nba, but he did expose the bulls, t-wolves, and sixers for letting him go. He proved to us that he wasn’t the problem.

    Franklin MorelFranklin Morel4 months ago
  • jimmy is the only one to WIN the 40pt triple double...so he didnt pull a lebron or jerry west..dont get it twisted.. he didnt even shoot a 3

  • Jimmy Butler is Michael Jordan son btw...

    r3dmanr3dman4 months ago
  • This video is silly... Butler had a ton of injured team mates and had to take over.

    Mohammed AlimMohammed Alim4 months ago
  • Do not give awards for playoff games!!! That’s what the trophy is for. You will be encouraging players to not perform there best during the season and you will be devaluating the awards for season games and also bringing cost down for seats and tv viewing. If you want to keep the NBA performance going you gotta let players play a little tougher. Let them create a real rivalry amongst each other. None of this sitting out thing. How unfair is that for the consumer who pays his hard earn money and doesn’t get a chance to watch their favorite player. That’s what they paid for! To see there favorite player play. Can you imaging how much money the NBA would loose if they announce Lebron is sitting out. Tons. And they wouldn’t because they know they would loose stadium seating/tv commercials slots would cost less and etc... joe Smith wouldn’t buy ticket for little Timmy to see his favorite player since he ain’t playing. They know it doesn’t make business sense that’s why they don’t announce it.

    bellypaulbellypaul4 months ago
  • Fire vid🔥

    ChxngeChxnge4 months ago
  • The thing to do,would be to have a 20 game regular season,and chop 62 games off the players salary

    Jeff PoehlJeff Poehl4 months ago
  • He isn't talked about because yall wanna ignore how he was prior to the finals. Many of the heat players were stepping up before Jimmy was even doing anything. People were talking about Bam, Goran and Herro before they were talking about Butler. Without any one of those 3 jimmy is not making it there with the numbers he had

    Kha'len McCoyKha'len McCoy4 months ago
  • Lol you go play 82 games with back to backs and see if you give it 110 percent every game. When it's win or go home you obviously are gonna play with a greater intensity than you normally would.

    Tre RidleyTre Ridley4 months ago
  • Thts why you need to have promotion/relegation in the league as well as league champions for finishing first like any other team sport in the world. Then you will have a competitive league and team cannot cheat by tanking in order to gain odds in the lottery. Bad performing team shd move down a second tier division not being awarded. Playoff can be a cup tournament during the season not being separated after the league end. Do it Americans. I guarantee you will enjoy it more

    Johan JoharisJohan Joharis4 months ago
  • FAX MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TrackHawk1TrackHawk14 months ago
  • Where is the exposure you talking bout.

    Ronald IngramRonald Ingram4 months ago
  • Jimmy doesn't load manage or just wait till the playoffs. The difference between him and other stars is he cares more about getting his teammates involved than scoring a bunch by himself. After Bam and Dragic got hurt, he HAD to completely take over in crunch time

    Jason CrockerJason Crocker4 months ago
  • We not talking about because he lost... no one talked about lebron when he averaged a 30 point triple double in 2017 in the finals..

    CedCed5 months ago
  • What’s the point of this video? Players always play harder and better on the playoffs. And yes you will see players that underperform on playoffs cause everything increases on playoffs defense and offense even the refs do reír job difference the advantage always have it the players with more experience most of the time

    Daniel LebronDaniel Lebron5 months ago
  • Hi my name is Jimmy Butler I think I'm a big star. Lebron got lucky but got a little worried so he got another star. I played for a few teams that did not like me. I showed them all last year so they can just bite me. I play hard on every posestion. I never take a play off. Can I beat Lebron? I dunno but on D Kuzma push off... I am a lot like Kobe and MJ I push the hardest to be a winner. I wasn't quite there yet so my openents ate me like dinner. My skills have got much better. Did you see those gals in the crowd? They couldn't be wetter! Now I have to I have a lot of work to do. You see the way I'm playing? Lebron I'm coming for you!!! #lebronjames #jimmybuttler #nba #drseuss #kingjames #lbg #fakegoat #washedking #hairclubformen

    Brian MorienBrian Morien5 months ago
  • Jimmy wind finals fighter in my book he fought the hardest

    Robert LikesdonutsRobert Likesdonuts5 months ago
  • Jimmy actually gives a sh|t about winning

    Sid HowardSid Howard5 months ago
  • Butler can't do it all himself. He needs help

    Isaias MendozaIsaias Mendoza5 months ago
  • Even a kid knows that the problem with NBA is they've been kissing Lebton's Ass for too long

    okir ramaokir rama5 months ago
  • man said jimmy wasnt a star lmao

    Michael ScarnMichael Scarn5 months ago
  • Decrease the amount of games

    Cory TravelsCory Travels5 months ago
  • The bubble was easy fake title nobody cares

    Edward RiveraEdward Rivera5 months ago
  • As long as China is in control of the NBA, they're gonna make sure Lebron and his BLM bs have the path of least resistance towards a title. Only in THIS era could a guy with SIX finals losses be even brought up in a GOAT convo.

    marcos laureanomarcos laureano5 months ago
  • he lost dude.

    Charlie WilsonCharlie Wilson5 months ago
  • He didn't win the championship but he did won a better trophy Selena Gomez she's a beauty lucky Jimmy

    Djkn1ghtDjkn1ght5 months ago
  • Lebron bring virus in the NBA!! COW23 virus Coward virus23!

    Jer MoJer Mo5 months ago
  • Even when Jimmy was playing back uo to Derrick Rose....you could see IT. Man just has that look. He reminds damn near everyone of Jordan. If he just starts scoring 50 every game nobody would be all that suprised cus he just looks capable. Its kinda wierd honestly. I always had him over Rose in potential.

    Zetsu TsuletsuZetsu Tsuletsu5 months ago
  • Just like the nfl protects there star QB they do the same in the nba

    Steve RodriguezSteve Rodriguez5 months ago
  • Even Jordan had off days

    Steve RodriguezSteve Rodriguez5 months ago
  • Some people say Jimmu butler is one of jordans son

    Steve RodriguezSteve Rodriguez5 months ago
  • Westbrook need to be with bron. Or he will not listen. Nobody in the league can control Russ he my fav player but I hate his decisions lol!!! 😅😅😅

    Da EscapeDa Escape5 months ago
  • Nice video But u answered your own question about jimmy. 82 games vs playoff ball is different Plus he was dog tired in playoffs ..

    Da EscapeDa Escape5 months ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/e56fi6a9jaeIhYs James step back on kids

    Da EscapeDa Escape5 months ago
  • The finals was rigged

    Jerry SavageJerry Savage5 months ago
  • Big respect for Jimmy. What a legendary performance

    Atul KalashjikovAtul Kalashjikov5 months ago
  • Ther is NO problem in the NBA you Troll . It’s entertainment. Turn it off if you don’t like it . Maybe Butler is a San Antonio type player that doesn’t crave all the hype.. so Miami is a small market city?? Living in obscurity in a little known city with no exposure like Miami must be tuff

    Steven WolfeSteven Wolfe5 months ago
  • All we can do is voice/post our concerns and trust we hit critical mass where they have no choice but to listen or lose their fan base 🤷‍♂️

    Sean CarterSean Carter5 months ago
  • reg season you cant and dont have time to watch film on one specific team and prep for their tendencies etc....

    DesignsOfARonin _DesignsOfARonin _5 months ago
  • Jimmy is always been a star player. A lot of players do that. But sound offensive when you said EVEN playoffs LeBron. You have all kinds of players and LeBron is one that he’ll do great in the regular season and enter beast mode in the playoffs

    Ivan OlveraIvan Olvera5 months ago
  • Jimmy Butler took rookies to game 6 against LeBron, AD, and the Lakers. Jimmy is a mad baller now and he deserves his damn respect.

    Alex SmithAlex Smith5 months ago
  • I know video is about Butler, but damn that Adebayo Block was so nasty

    Bodinho 78Bodinho 785 months ago
  • If jimmy played the whole season like he did in the playoffs none of the young guys would have been prepared to take big shots in big moments. I think it wasn’t only building chemistry, but giving young guys like Tyler herro, Duncan Robison the reps they needed for them to make this run....... I think he will play a little different this year but he doesn’t really need to take over games. They found out this year they have legit scoring options on that team. This heat team could develop into not only one of the best basketball teams but be able to maintain and sustain high level competition with all the young guys they have.

    Stan SoleStan Sole5 months ago
  • Its obviously this video is supposed to support Jimmy butler.... Fact check nobody will talk about if you won't win the finals in the nba...

    Alisa SaavedraAlisa Saavedra5 months ago
  • Jimmy is definitely underrated

    Gil EaganGil Eagan5 months ago
  • It's why I don't like the "Now" NBA. I watched the NBA in the 80's, 90's, of course, and the 2000's. "Now" NBA is all about scoring. Jacking up threes. Pace. This results, of course, in inflated assists numbers, scoring numbers, rebounding numbers, etc. Defense in "Now" NBA sucks. Then, there's load management. Sometimes a kid and his father would get a ticket for a game then find out their favorite player is not playing because it's "rest" day for him. They still paid full price for the tickets, mind you. That sucks. I'm a Bulls fan and I'm looking forward to the upcoming season. Last year, the team didn't do so well. Coach Boylen was not ideal coach for the team. Fred Hoiberg was brought in to replace Coach Thibodeau but that didn't work out. Jimmy Butler moved on and so did other good players. Watching the Bulls games under Hoiberg and Boylen can be painful to watch, at times. Hopefully, the new GM and EVP of Basketball Operations can turn the Bulls around. I hope the Bulls can be respectable again. A perennial playoff team/contender. I'm a Jimmy Butler fan more than a LeBron James fan.

    Roderick LRoderick L5 months ago
  • Jerry west in 1969? Noice.

    WhiteTrashSuperHeroWhiteTrashSuperHero5 months ago
  • They should definitely shorten the regular season permemantly. Most top players don't take every regular season game seriously like they used to, and I think they could fix it by shortening the schedule. Let's say they also use this opportunity to expand the NBA by 2 teams, then split the conferences to 4 divisions of 4 each. 2 games vs each team in the league but 4 games vs each team in the same division would create a 65 game schedule. Each game would matter a lot more if you're only playing them twice, and there would be no excuse for resting or skipping games if they can cut out all of the back to backs and harsh road game schedules that happen in the 82 game season.

    ogbmtogbmt5 months ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/d6uMrGi2jmKkjYM

    Niti VasanasomsithNiti Vasanasomsith5 months ago
  • the NFL uses contract bonuses for stats to get players putting in more effort... the NBA contract format keeps these guys lacking

    isaac debeilaisaac debeila5 months ago
  • Bro I never seen LeBron cried so much to the refs before bruh he was lowkey making me mad 😂😂😂

    The real MvpThe real Mvp5 months ago
  • The real problem is people still giving a shit about sports.

    BodhiZaffaBodhiZaffa5 months ago
  • Jimmy Butler needs to work on conditioning because he would have a great game next night he couldn't do nothing because he was so tired

    Seth ClarkSeth Clark5 months ago
  • First round bye

    Halfman HalfamazingHalfman Halfamazing5 months ago
  • It’s obvious that butler needs more help

    I UI U5 months ago
  • You make a name for your self in the playoffs. People only remember you by what you do in the playoff not the regular season.

    Bernardo CamposBernardo Campos5 months ago
  • You obviously don't know basketball. Just repeating what you heard on first take

    Leroy BookerLeroy Booker5 months ago
  • I don't think Jimmy exposed anything. You have to look at how players/ teams play. The reason Harden, Westbrook and Giannis have crumbled in the playoffs is because of the style of basketball they play. The offense is built around them taking shots making decisions. If you limit them/ contain them and force someone else to do that it makes them and the team uncomfortable. The heat play team style basketball. Jimmy individually is the best player but the offense is not built around him it's built on ball movement. Jimmy also being a selfless player who just wants to win also adds to that. For example Bam had an amazing series vs the celtics because they don't have a true center so the featured him and ran the offense through him. You look at the series vs the bucks Dragic looked unstoppable for most of it cause he was to quick and can shoot the 3 and Bledsoe was to small to guard him. In the finals bam and Dragic were out for most of the games so jimmy had no choice but to put the team on his back. He's always been a baller. He just didn't have to play like that because the heat were so versatile on offense that it could be anyone's night

    felix52492felix524925 months ago
  • is Jimmy Butler is MJ's son??

    Zivile Mat.Zivile Mat.5 months ago
  • There's 82 regular season games First 50 games, top 6 are in and play 32 games against ONLY the top 12 teams in the NBA have a 4 wild card bracket that goes by 4 game elimination. No East and West after the first 50 games. Best play the best for seeding 1-12, a shoot out for the last 4 spots. 4 win system after 82 games. Best play worst every bracket... BOOM would be a RAD mix-up to the NBA

    Jeff HenningJeff Henning5 months ago
  • If your an allstar doesn't that kinda make you a star lol. That's pretty contradicting. Anybody that didn't think Jimmy was a star before these finals haven't watched alot of basketball in the last 5 or so years

    Riley McGillRiley McGill5 months ago
  • Okay but heres just a thought. What if Jimmy butler sacrificed reg season awards just to make sure the other players would be ready for the playoffs what if he was just so confident in his team that he knew they could make it to the playoffs so instead of him shinning he let his teammates shine to prepare them for the amazing playoff run they had

    Jacob SchogerJacob Schoger6 months ago
  • no this season was bs no one wanted to be in the bubble but Lebron. Pat Bev said it best if Lebron wants to play I guess we're playing. so it was fck the majority what does Lebron want.

    Serve 3000Serve 30006 months ago
  • Why did you call Bam a rookie he was drafted 2017

    Emily WhitworthEmily Whitworth6 months ago
  • Your question can be summed up into two parts, there is a reason why guys like Giannis and Westbrook doesn't do well in the playoffs. And secondly, why show a team everything you can do in the regular season when they have more time to scout you in the playoffs. For LeBron, Kawhi, and even Jimmy Butler to cruise through the regular season is to preserve themselves for the post season and to not show a team all of the cards in your hand. Then instead of a team who can barely scout you in the regular season now having a full booklet on a team has to constantly make adjustments as opposed to have you figured out from day one. Playoff Rondo is a thing to a similar extent, he can throughly read teams and know when and where he or his teammates can get shoots off as well as picking the offensive schemes apart.

    JeromeJerome6 months ago
  • LeBron and the owners are the problem with the NBA.

    Andrew ToddAndrew Todd6 months ago
  • The Bubble was an anomaly. There was no home-court advantage. That hurt the Lakers and the Bucks and the Clippers and Toronto. It helped Denver and Miami. In the old days (80s and 90s) home court in the playoff made the difference between victory and defeat. More so, the old 2-3-2 arrangement of the 7 game series gave some help to the visiting team, but ended hope if the series got to game 6 for the home team. Also, in the 70s and 80s refs were more biased in favor of the home team than they are today. That was just accepted. All of these things made the regular-season standings critically important for playoff success. What can be done? Some ideas: 1) include playoff results with regular-season results. Problem: this is a change from the past. 2) Go to a 3-3-1 split for a 7 game series. This would give a stupendous advantage to the team with the better record. 3) Give a minimum amount of minutes per game requirement for regular-season award. I'm just brainstorming here. I don't have a real answer.

    Forgiven SinnerForgiven Sinner6 months ago
  • Less games in the season so each game is more important

    Riccardo ValenteRiccardo Valente6 months ago
  • Make the regular season shorter. 82 games is just to much to expect for any athlete no matter age/talent to be great in. Having a shorter season will mean each game is worth more and we'll get better overall bb

    xtxondxtxond6 months ago
  • This video literally gone now where

    XEliX.24 XXEliX.24 X6 months ago
  • Jimmy is nice, but he's has to be more aggressive if he wants to be a superstar.

    James MooreJames Moore6 months ago
  • Jimmy been a beast since Chicago yo. Chicago Bulls made a huge mistake years ago by letting him go.

    Zakaria PhilipZakaria Philip6 months ago
  • 3:13 Ayo what about Playoff P?

    DababyDababy6 months ago
  • The Bulls,Timberwolves,Philadelphia are crying right now

    DababyDababy6 months ago
  • Jimmy Butler and all the heat team they deserve a lot of credit!!! I'm proud of them!!!

    Anyang ThiepAnyang Thiep6 months ago
  • jimmy plays defense during the year. especially with all the early changes. everything he does wont show in the box

    Awesomest WilsonAwesomest Wilson6 months ago