Jimmy Butler Is STILL Getting His Revenge On LeBron

Oct 6, 2020
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Jimmy Butler vs LeBron James in the NBA Finals, but Jimmy’s out for revenge against the Lakers. This is how he’s doing it #Butler #LeBron #Lakers
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We all saw this at the end of Game 3. “You’re in trouble.” After dropping a 40 point triple-double, Butler was talking his smack. It seemed somewhat appropriate at the time although I wondered why he was trash-talking LeBron. The funny thing about Game 3 is that LeBron provoked it. Right here. He told the Heat they were in trouble in the 1st quarter and by the end of the 4th with no Bam, no Dragic, the Heat were the ones with the lead, the Lakers looking desperate and out of order. LeBron left the game before the game even ended. This was the first game in finals history that another player has outscored, outrebounded, and outassisted LeBron. Butler legit had one of the greatest NBA Finals performances ever and all of that led to a win. It’s not best to rile up Butler, any small thing can be used as motivation. LeBron, AD, and the Lakers on the other hand had no motivation so let’s look at it.
Alright this was interesting because LeBron didn’t back up his talk at all. Not once, especially in the 4th quarter with the Heat getting closer and closer to victory. With 9 minutes left, the Lakers were 2. LeBron had 4 turnovers in just the 4th quarter alone and couldn’t stop Jimmy from getting what he wanted as Jimmy scored 10 points with 5 assists in just the 4th alone. Pat Riley has subtly been taking shots at LeBron. Bron left the Heat when things were getting bad and now Butler has sorta taken LeBron’s spot on a gritty team as the leader. No bad blood, not yet. The Heat and Lakers been pretty civil to be honest, despite some trash talking and injuries. Butler looked more like LeBron than LeBron did. I’ve called LeBron an orchestrator of offense, well this time, it was Butler. It was Butler who was driving and then making last-second passes in the air as defenses converged. The Lakers also have a tendency of over helping off the corners, but with shooters all around, the Heat just need the ball to get to the perimeter to have the ball swing around and Jimmy knows that because every time I watch him, I get one vibe. He wants to win and he will do whatever it takes. He scored or assisted on 73 points for the Heat, and he made sure to hit timely shots. But that’s not what Anthony Davis did in Game 3.
AD was in foul trouble. Ok fine. He only took 9 shots. Fine...Anthony Davis only took one shot in the 4th quarter like what? AD was in foul trouble and he attributed his game to fouls leading to a lack of aggression which didn’t let him play the way he wanted on both ends, but actually, if you look at all the 4th quarters in the series so far, Anthony Davis hasn’t really played well in the 4th. He had four points in Game 1, 2 in Game 2, and 0 in Game 3 despite playing a combined 26 4th quarter minutes. So 6 points in 26 minutes. Now you see what I mean? Most of his damage has come in the earlier quarters and don’t get me wrong, AD has been dominant, but he’s just not been the same in the 4th quarter. The Lakers 4th quarters in general this series have been tragic. They haven’t outscored the Heat once in the 4th quarter. Like what is this possession. LeBron basically holds on to the ball for the whole possession. No one moves besides AD and Kuz, AD doesn’t get into any sort of position, LeBron makes no threat, and Kuz just jacks up a 3. This under 5 minutes left with the Lakers down 6 in the NBA Finals.
In all of Game 3, look at how Jimmy was getting to the rim. Almost always to the right, off a slight hesitation or slight shift in the help defense behind the primary defender. The Heat let Butler isolate on that right side, and it works, especially because by this point, the Lakers don’t know whether to help or not because Jimmy had been passing so much. At one point, he legit overpassed and made a mistake. When there’s no help defense, Jimmy is most likely making it with grown-man strength. Even on LeBron, Jimmy is barreling into him too. And he did all this without attempting a single 3 pointer. Yeah, he was methodically breaking the defense from inside the 3 point line. Midrange jumpers, post ups, and layups mixed in with calculated dribbling to get to his spots. That would force the defense to help and that would lead to many assists. This is actually nothing new, just more of the same Jimmy we’ve seen throughout the playoffs.

  • So it's 3-1 now...but Butler really out here for revenge. School project, help the boi: www.nballday.com Twitch: www.twitch.tv/mjallday2k

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