Is LeBron James Getting BETTER? (Ft. Lakers NBA Season, A Lot of Seasons, & Defense)

Nov 22, 2019
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LeBron James and the Lakers have been amazing this NBA season, but is LeBron getting better? Check out Raycons Black Friday Deals!: #NBA #LeBron #Lakers
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Man has LeBron come back for the throne. He’s averaging a career high in assists, but he’s also doing something we haven’t seen for over 5 years. I’m not trying to compare LeBron to just last year, I’m talking about his time on the Cavs too, so I wanted to really see if he’s somehow getting better and why he’s looked so good right now.
Usually I would start with what the player has done in the past and then see what they are doing right now to compare, but because LeBron’s body of work is so long, let’s take a look at what he’s doing this season and compare that to his best ever. This is LeBron’s defensive win shares for his career. This is his win shares this season if he keeps this pace. LeBron is on pace to have 5.79 defensive win shares this season. He hasn’t had that high of defensive win shares in a season since the 2008-2009 season when LeBron was 24 and on Cavs for the first time. What? That’s higher than his Miami Heat days when LeBron was 2nd in defensive player of the year voting. Yeah, LeBron is doing something he hasn’t done since Curry got drafted into the league.
Stats are one thing, but watching LeBron is another. LeBron is really putting that effort on that side. Yeah, chasedown blocks are nice, but I’m more interested in how LeBron is getting into a defensive stance and move his feet. Look at this defense from one pass away. LeBron is loaded, low, and moving his feet to cover both passing options, he eventually gets the steal. Last year this was the opposite. Even years in the past, LeBron has high IQ so he would get steals, but this is physical effort mixed in with IQ. That’s what made him so special in Miami because LeBron used his physical prowess on the defensive end and now he’s doing that again. LeBron’s absolutely right.
LeBron is also averaging a career low in minutes per game at 34.9 minutes which doesn’t mean a whole lot by itself, but actually means everything when put into context. LeBron James has been a leader in minutes per game for years. For 2016-2018, LeBron was ranked 1st in minutes per game. Last season he was 7th. And he was visibly tired some nights. This year, he’s ranked 11th. We saw this in the 2015-2016 season when he was ranked 14th. Also, LeBron has been averaging the most minutes in the playoffs for years as well. So the fact that he wasn’t in the playoffs helped LeBron rest, but more importantly than that is the fact that LeBron is playing less minutes this season.
The easiest to see is that LeBron is averaging a career high in assists. His previous high for a season was 9.1 assists and now he’s averaging 11.1. It’s not just because his teammates are just making more shots. LeBron has 19.9 potential assists which is a career high too. His previous high was 16 potential assists and even on the Miami Heat, he was averaging 13 potential assists. There’s also the fact that pace has gone up. Still, he’s also averaging is lowest turnovers since 2013. But, LeBron is averaging his second lowest points per game at 25. He’s had two seasons where he averaged 25.3 points but only in his rookie season did he average less than thaIn fact, this is his 7th worst field goal percentage in a season in his career. But honestly, his offense is comparable to his past self. His number drives are comparable to his previous years, but if you look at the drives themselves, LeBron is bullying opponents. LeBron’s offense is more like 2014-15 where he’s just shrugging them off more and more. There is more of a dominance factor to LeBron.
I know twitter was roasting +/- so let’s forget about that and look at on and off the court stats of this season compared to LeBron’s previous seasons per 100 possessions. And oh look at that, LeBron’s almost at a career high +17.4. LeBron was only a +1.9 on/off, oh yeah, he was one of the worst defenders in the league that year. It makes sense that the 2009 Cavs was his career high.
I think LeBron could do this every year he’s healthy which has been every year but one, but he’s rested and he’s playing less so he can do more in the time he’s playing. I’m excited to see what LeBron does in the playoffs, so far, this season is really giving me 2014-2015 Cavs LeBron vibes from the eye test and the stats show it. But what do you think? Will LeBron win MVP? Will he keep this level up?

  • So LeBron is cool, but is he getting MVP? Is he getting better? Get those Raycon Black Friday Deals, I mean you listen to music, right? RIGHT? :

    MJ2KALLDAYMJ2KALLDAY11 months ago
    • No Giannis is gonna win you will I know this because I am a time traveler ;)

      Get me to 100 Subs without videosGet me to 100 Subs without videos29 days ago
    • hi iq, he knows you cant do it by yourself, spends millions on his body, why even try when ur teammates suck.. i wouldnt wana get hurt when you know ur chance at the play offs is low. now he got AD and other good players. so he has something worth trying.

      Brian BarcelonaBrian Barcelona10 months ago
    • I honestly want AD to win MVP. I'm not a Lebron hater. But AD has a huge impact and the new guys as well

      Solid SnakeSolid Snake10 months ago
    • MJ2KALLDAY last season he was not very good

      T JazzT Jazz10 months ago
    • I think he’s playing extremely well. I think he needs to play even less minutes though if he wants to stay healthy. He looks good but he still takes a lot of hits and risks driving to the basket and playing tough defense. His defense is much better and he’s deferred a lot on offense. #LakersBaby! #WeBackBruh

      tahu300tahu30011 months ago
  • Lebrons playing good defense Bc he doesn’t have to do everything on the offensive end anymore. He’s got AD now and it’s taken a load off of him. He still has a huge responsibility to keep the offense going but having ad has definitely helped him be able to bring it on the offensive end of the floor and the defensive end

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  • ray con is trash but good video

    Iqbal KhurramIqbal Khurram3 months ago

    Lyndon BautistaLyndon Bautista3 months ago
  • U guys do know lebron stared passing more then before lol

    The Nba fan With 31 subscribersThe Nba fan With 31 subscribers3 months ago
  • I’m not surprise his low season point is 35 everyone gonna pass him the ball

    XxxtatecionxxXXxxtatecionxxX3 months ago
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    Terrance HowellTerrance Howell3 months ago
  • Just to let you know rules of the nba changed so much and has so much space unlike before.

    Yui TanakaYui Tanaka4 months ago
  • #Better

    Pad_ Dunk23Pad_ Dunk234 months ago
  • He is really good. It’s just the teammates and the coaching that is around him is bringing out every part of his game. The best thing is he is looking like he’s having fun doing it.

    swed62swed624 months ago
  • 1st bucket in highlight was a travel lol

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    Alien FlamingoAlien Flamingo5 months ago
  • Lebron hasn’t went one season without going off

    Chuma JonesChuma Jones5 months ago
  • The Lakers are the most stacked team that I've ever seen. AD is probably just as good if not better than KD. Lebron's team has been stacked since 2010. Sure he's getting better, not physically, he's getting worse physically. But basketball IQ wise and coach-ability, Lebron has nowhere to go but up because he couldn't get any worse in those areas.

    MightyJoeYoungMightyJoeYoung6 months ago
  • Man the optimism of this video makes me sad. I was like you as well earlier this season. But then Corona happened.

    NinjaMatulNinjaMatul6 months ago
  • He has definitely improved his 3 ball

    Connor BestConnor Best6 months ago
  • Wait for the playoffs my guy

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  • Lebron took 1 post season off and he spent it soaking in the hot tub of youth this man is a basketball machine

    tehnoobestworldtehnoobestworld7 months ago
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  • What if Kobe and LeBron played on the lakers at the same time

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  • We saw this LeBron in 2018 playoff run

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  • He is doing it for Kobe

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  • Is he taking PEDs tho?

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  • Appreciate the videos dude.. was chillin with this 1

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    How LovingHow Loving7 months ago
  • Less minutes, new teammates, and doesn't need to carry as much and had rest in the off-season. That's pretty much it and no serious injury. His also playing smarter. Is lebron the same as Miami LeBron when it comes to althetism hell no not far but not close. His just become much smarter

    Daniel PpaDaniel Ppa7 months ago
  • The difference is that LeBron has better players around him. He doesn’t have to do all the heavy lifting. He is an intelligent player that can conserve his energy, so when he decides what needs to be done he can do it.

    Paul LaNouePaul LaNoue7 months ago
  • I know my man LBJ three point average went ☝

    Fake LoveFake Love8 months ago
  • No he is not , he is getting help

    owen jamesowen james8 months ago
  • For Kobe?

    Tony SangTony Sang8 months ago
  • No he is not getting better. if AD was on the cavs with Lebron bron would have had averaged 30pts and 10ast easily

    N26P7N26P78 months ago
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  • No more dapping up kobe. Rip.

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  • This is how you lose all basketball cred. 2011 NBA finals a 32 year old Shawn Marion STARCHED a 26 year old Lebron on D.

    Lilbluepenguin10Lilbluepenguin108 months ago
  • RIP Kobe

    Stephen MannStephen Mann8 months ago
  • I love lonzos music my favorite is super sain (srry for spelling)

    Tsn Snapple ManTsn Snapple Man8 months ago
  • Also, I think he pairs better with AD than he did with Kyrie

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  • RIP kobe

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  • It's all because of how much time he gets to rest during games

    Zukashi MotoZukashi Moto8 months ago
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  • Sports medicine is getting better la has always been on the cutting edge of sports medicine

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  • Rip Kobe 🙏❤️

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  • No hes not but everybody in the nba are scared when they play him

    T3qYz ヅT3qYz ヅ8 months ago
  • Watch the games. He sags off on defense to collect uncontested rebounds his teammates could have got, he ALWAYS has the ball so he should have all those assists oh and he shoots about 37% outside of ten feet from the basket. His jump shot is TRASH

    Jason LanouetteJason Lanouette9 months ago
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  • So basically lebron been holding back when his team is 👎🏾😂

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    Elvis UribeElvis Uribe9 months ago
  • He is playing smarter now. More efficient. He's playing the passing lanes better because he is not as worried about defensive rebounding. His team is better making him better.

    Jason MontoJason Monto9 months ago
  • LeBron will turn it up in the playoffs prolly him & Davis averting 27+ PPG

    Gaming GodGaming God9 months ago
  • What’s the instrumental for this video??

    Tommy Robinson_boiTommy Robinson_boi9 months ago
  • He is getting better His 2k rating went up

    GlyphicGlyphic9 months ago
  • If he's healthy for the post season he's going to be a maniac, and yes the team going to lose games along the way, but teams want win if you see they haven't gotten better as the season progress

    Tavares WashingtonTavares Washington10 months ago
  • LeBron is going to hurt most of these point guards, and when you come to double he's going to dish it or lob it

    Tavares WashingtonTavares Washington10 months ago
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    Favour Ojeh-OdibohFavour Ojeh-Odiboh10 months ago
  • No way !He has gotten even better at distribution of the ball. With Antony Davis as a target that'd not surprising. Davis presence has made him better. As he knows he has to put forth a defensive effort. He is putting it all in this season as he knows next year. Father Time will be knocking the hell out of that door. If you look carefully it a little more effort to get down the court.He definitely has lost a step but he was always a step ahead, anyway. Not

    John AndersJohn Anders10 months ago
  • More ads = more dislikes!!!

    Liangjie ZhaoLiangjie Zhao10 months ago
  • He has the BEST BIG MAN in the game he doesn't have to do nothing but give it to AD

    D WilliamsD Williams10 months ago
  • Anyone is way better if he tries to play defense. I am Glad james plays defense now. If he did that for his last 8 years his repution would be a better one

    Luckytron asmr LuckyFriLuckytron asmr LuckyFri10 months ago
  • He’s not better, the nba is softer. WAAAAAAY,.....softer.

    eric maurereric maurer10 months ago
  • Mvp of course

    Sug PattonSug Patton10 months ago
  • This should be retitled “Does HGH work?”

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    ANT ON 30FPSANT ON 30FPS10 months ago
  • It’s not a motivation thing I don’t think, I think it’s a matter or strategy. He only has so much energy, especially as he ages, and on a weak team he can’t carry both the offense and defense all year. Hell choose offense every time, you can’t win without scoring. Maybe he could carry both offense and defense in a playoff game, but not all year. But on a strong team he can let some other people carry some load, so he can save some energy for defense.

    Ben WoodcockBen Woodcock10 months ago
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    n0t dinon0t dino10 months ago
  • This is Lebron making a statement after missing the playoffs last year. this is is Oh Hell No! to the haters who all jumped on him the moment he got injured last year, 17 years in the NBA and people are tripping he got injured and couldn't get to the playoffs in a stacked Western Conference? He is a GOAT not an immortal god. But he is DAMN close! School these fools LBJ!

    John ChandlerJohn Chandler10 months ago
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    Mohamed Tha greatMohamed Tha great10 months ago
  • this is the first time in his career that he’s made his teammates make him better. and lebronze has to play this good to certify that 3rd spot behind #2 kobe and #1 mj

    Stevie RayStevie Ray10 months ago
  • For sure he keeps it up! He’s lebron!

    LAZ ELAZ E10 months ago
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    urmom's friendurmom's friend10 months ago
  • Is he taking PED? I mean let's get real. Is it actually physically possible to do this without taking performance enhancements?

    David MitnickDavid Mitnick10 months ago
  • . . . . I still think he should have gone to the 76ers

    Sekoy the AngelSekoy the Angel10 months ago
  • Nope hes playing at the same rate but hes much happier having a team that actually helps

    Alex KarimAlex Karim10 months ago
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