How The Heat STOPPED Giannis Antetokounmpo In The NBA Playoffs (Ft. Butler, Walls, and Height)

Sep 4, 2020
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Giannis and the Bucks are going against the Heat in the NBA playoffs and the Heat have slowed down Giannis, but how? #Giannis #NBA #Heat
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Congratulations to Giannis for winning Defensive player of the year. Now guard Butler. No, that’s a touchy subject? Dang. Giannis on the court looking like a demon, but letting Butler drop 40. I gotta hold you accountable. Also what’s up with the touch fouls for game? Giannis is most likely going to be a two time MVP and was stopped last year by a Kawhi led Raptors that had a very specific defense that worked. This is supposed to be a redemption year but it seems like Giannis isn’t able to get his way. This starts with the Heat’s defense that is one of possibly 4 defenses in the league with actual individual defensive matchups against Giannis. In the regular season, Bam Adebayo has been the most effective defender against Giannis and it’s no fluke. Bam’s a 6’ 9” center at 255 pounds that won the skills challenge. He has quick feet for that size, and more importantly, can shift directions with ball handlers on the perimeter at that weight. This doesn’t mean Bam is the Giannis stopper. We had a solid sample size, but not a prolonged sample. Giannis and the Heat played 3 games this season.
The Heat employed their own strategy for stopping Giannis in the open court. The Heat took some of those concepts but do not have the size the Raptors do, but have more of a forward rotation. Like right here, Bam’s backpedaling, Giannis is looking for an opening. Kendrick Nunn sees his man making a cut underneath the rim and sees Dragic dropped down. So he stays, Iguodala also puts pressure on Giannis to go right while covering the passing lane. As Giannis goes right, Nunn lunges and because Giannis isn’t this amazing ball handler, he retreats while protecting the ball, making him lose all his momentum going up the court and making this a half-court set which is exactly what the Heat want. There were other times that Giannis literally pulled back even when Bam was behind him and the Heat defense really didn’t have much set up. It wasn’t that he was even looking to attack and pass, it was more of Giannis just pulling back and letting the Bucks run a half-court offense. Now in the playoffs, the game does slow down and there is a bigger emphasis on half-court offense. Jae Crowder does not have a good record guarding Brook Lopez but over time, the Heat would rotate defenders with Iguodala, Butler, Crowder, and Bam. In fact in Game 2, all 3 wing players had solid moments on Giannis. Now don’t get me wrong, Giannis still had his moments of dominance where he couldn’t be stopped no matter what. Giannis’s footwork was solid but Heat players would be waiting for when he finished a spin for example. The Heat players know his tendencies inside and out and are forcing him to go to his moves. Game 2 was more about great individual defensive plays knowing where Giannis will go and what he wants to do. The Heat defense still isn’t perfect and can be susceptible to 3s even if they are the second best defensive teams against 3s, but that’s what you would expect against the Bucks.
What’s really interesting and a cause of concern is that the Bucks had 19 turnovers including 6 turnovers by Giannis in Game 1. This wasn’t necessarily because of bad passes, no it was because of his ball handling. Giannis tends to dribble the ball high, but he’s not some amazing dribbler with great ball control that can react to multiple hands reaching in. So that in conjunction with Giannis dribbling too high makes him vulnerable to steals. The Heat had multiple defenders stunt to sort of make openings tighter to dribble through. It’s why people like Kawhi could also bother Giannis so much because Kawhi keeps his hands low when defending and because there’s so much time between the hand and the ball when dribbling, it’s easier to take it or disrupt.
This isn’t even related to Giannis, but I wanna give props to Butler cause man is he a surgeon in that 4th quarter. He only took 2 pointers in Game 1, both in the last 5 minutes of the game, and made em. He picks his spots so well, almost waiting to unleash in the 4th quarter after seeing all the openings throughout the game. The Heat really have been putting the world on notice, specifically Giannis because he hasn’t been able to get it done. We’ll see if he flips a switch or if the Bucks can run more schemes to get Giannis in more one v one situations. They are gonna need to change things up because the Heat are dismantling them. But what do you think? Will the Bucks come back? Who’s making the finals?

  • So who's in the finals now? Twitch- Second Channel-

    • My guess is Nuggets-Celtics 🛠🔁🍀☘️

      Joaquin PlayzJoaquin PlayzMonth ago
    • dude OVER9000!!!! You”ll never know my friend, You’ll never know. 😁

      Rejie PalermoRejie PalermoMonth ago
    • @Rejie Palermo giannis won't join plus if he joined he needs a lot of money a lot of money

      dude OVER9000!!!!dude OVER9000!!!!Month ago
    • dude OVER9000!!!! haha why fake? he migjt go there. 🥳

      Rejie PalermoRejie PalermoMonth ago
    • @Rejie Palermo that's fake

      dude OVER9000!!!!dude OVER9000!!!!Month ago
  • Heat stopped Giannis but they didnt contained AD.

    Alpha MaleAlpha Male5 days ago
  • Bro you don't even play pro basketball so don't run your mouth it ain't easy

    Trey ActionTrey Action6 days ago
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  • 2:13 penguin slide

    Hansel FinnHansel Finn23 days ago
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  • Give the heat cred we all counted them out and the took it personal

    Chris ValerioChris Valerio27 days ago
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    Csékei MártonCsékei MártonMonth ago
  • Nobody is going one on 5. Still, he got 27 points 14 rebounds in 30 mins of play.

    Mike BMike BMonth ago
  • Watch out King James stop and crushed Jimmy butler on the Finals 👑💯

    Richmond Paulo LomibaoRichmond Paulo LomibaoMonth ago
  • 1:52 Bam has a similar play on Giannis in the playoff and Giannis was on the ground. To be fair even shaq will be pushed out the way because of the momentum.

    zhongming wenzhongming wenMonth ago
  • Milwaukee would of came back but Giannis was injured so they lost

    Giannis is the goatGiannis is the goatMonth ago
  • The rookie is doing work bro I said he was gonna thrive in the nba and I hate heat but best of luck to herro and the heat in ecf hope Boston wins but heat are rolling

    Manuel RobertsManuel RobertsMonth ago
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    terrance Osceolaterrance OsceolaMonth ago
  • Giannis needs to watch LeBron and learn to give the ball up quick, instead of waiting for the defense to get set.

    Freddy Fox 500Freddy Fox 500Month ago
  • Giannis needs to be a low post player. He's worked with kobe idk why he didn't bother to learn how to post up and like learn how to fade off the post or be shaq and learn to drop step. He needs to work with Hakeem Olajuwon since kobe is gone. RIP Kobe and Gigi.

    Kurt CometaKurt CometaMonth ago
  • The heat was smart about it. IMO they won’t be able to stop LeBron, if they meet in the finals. LeBron is just overall a better and smarter player than giannis.

    Austin TitsworthAustin TitsworthMonth ago
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  • giannis gota work on his FTs, thats sad, even kids can hit consecutive shots

    Wendell LeeWendell LeeMonth ago
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  • It’s called guard the rim

    Pantherfan LukePantherfan LukeMonth ago
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    Keigan RiversKeigan RiversMonth ago
  • the biggest problem is his free throws, nothing else. You cant expect from a player as dominant as Yannis in to the paint, to create his own shots, score 3 point shots and having the best jump shoot, he is 6 11 and he is not a god.Everyone forgets that James won his first title with Miami, having Wade and Boss.That means that Yannis will try another year with Bucks to win the title untill his contract expires and if not he will leave Bucks to win a tilte with another team. Then he will come back and try to win a title with the Bucks. Lebron did it because its the best way to increase your leadership and your limits. Its not the same to be a leader in a small country and a leader in a big country. Thats my opinion

    kostissapeskostissapesMonth ago
  • He doesnt look for teammates

    Sun'sayid RahsadSun'sayid RahsadMonth ago
  • Now the finals finna be ass bc anybody left in the west rn will smoke the heat or the Celtics

    YngUzziYngUzziMonth ago
  • He trash everybody say he better than Lerbon that's so funny 😂🤔

    Johnnie CorpeningJohnnie CorpeningMonth ago
  • I don't know why but Siakam who also play like Giannis was stopped by the Celtic, looks like in order to be unstoppable on today's game you gotta have at least a good jumper depend on

    MaverickMaverickMonth ago
  • I think Giannis lack of offensive skillset is overshadowed by his length and athleticism. He needs to have a more options offensively, moving forward. Imagine if Giannis is running down from a fast break then they put up a wall in front of him but he counters with a pull up or in a half court set instead of just providing screens for his shooters, what if he can post up defenders and hit them with a Nowitzki fade? GG.

    Dindo RetretaDindo RetretaMonth ago
  • Hi new friend here sending my full support. nice

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  • Who's here after the bucks are out

    Addi Dixon 6Addi Dixon 6Month ago
  • This dude talks like he can hoop 🤔😂

    Jaz JazJaz JazMonth ago
  • The way gianis release the bal from 3 pt shots,freethrows or a jump shot its prety awkward..thats why his shooting skills are very poor.big big different when he was in college.why he need to change his strook it doesnt help

    Jerome AndresJerome AndresMonth ago
  • I am a real one,wall

  • Hey bucks fan here, coach bud, and Bledsoe suck

    34EDPP5334EDPP53Month ago
  • Dra-gitch.. not dra-jick..

    Jessie JamesJessie JamesMonth ago
  • Finals will be Raps vs Lakers thats my guess

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  • Dont ask how miami stop giannis. Remember raptors stop game 3. Well maiami knows the secret.

    NeW KinGNeW KinGMonth ago
  • Because bucks doesn't really make the free throw

    Jacob dagreatAIJacob dagreatAIMonth ago
  • walls

    Zeb McguireZeb McguireMonth ago
  • please stop saying Giannis should guard Butler people... Giannis is a big (4-5) he cant guard Butler, no big in the league can.... the only big in NBA history that guard wing players was Rodman

    Beat DripperBeat DripperMonth ago
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    Keith JubahKeith JubahMonth ago
  • Who's here after heat advance to ECF

    Vihaan KVihaan KMonth ago
  • not good for giannis heat is good depents him giannis not shoting is only dunk not like lebron

    Jeffry LenoaJeffry LenoaMonth ago
  • giannis needs to add something in his offensive game, hes not that crafty offensively, raptors showed that last season but still same giannis this season, with or without the injury i gues the play style never changed since last years's playoff. Remember when the spurs showed how stopable lebron during his first ever nba finals. now he can hit threes pass the ball haha, kobe love to slash and drive through defense but later in his career he became an all around offensive player, same with kd, ealry days with sonics he does jumpshots and drive but after 2 season he can do hesitation moves effectively he can do high and lowpost depending on the defense. Kawhi can drive the ball and penetrate, high and low post effectively. butler can do high and low post, hit threes, and share the ball. So i totally agree when butler said his not even on the same league as he is. He need new arsenals to be an effective star during playoff.

    j.v smoetij.v smoetiMonth ago
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  • the sound effects make this shit unwatchable

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  • I told my bros you cant win with giannis as your best player yet..he's not skilled enough..his ball handle is loose ,he cant shoot all he wants to do is not dunking the ball 15 times every game in the NBA

    Jay JayJay JayMonth ago
  • Some times a hate being a bucks fan

    Jonathan SchwartzJonathan SchwartzMonth ago
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  • Lets just respect on how the Miami Heat was able to lock down the best team in the league.

    NBAZ3ntxNBAZ3ntxMonth ago
  • Giannis needs to add something in his game, post or something. They should pair him with a pure point guard who could score like Chris Paul to set him up. For me , having to bring the ball up and look to finish is being under-utilized. I know Lakers does the same with Lebron, but without any disrespect to Giannis, he is not at Lebron's level when comes to handles.

    Veli BrownVeli BrownMonth ago
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    OTJ-armon _OTJ-armon _Month ago
  • He is going to gsw

    Ezikeal TeageEzikeal TeageMonth ago
  • does anyone know what the outro song was for this vid?

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  • What kind of microphone do you have? I want it. It sounds great.

    UKN ReflexUKN ReflexMonth ago
  • Stopping him via injury is not stopping him

    KMC 19XXKMC 19XXMonth ago
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    tyree hendersontyree hendersonMonth ago
  • Giannis ain’t even got a regular 9-5 and I feel like I can shoot better from 3 then him.

    Kj YoungKj YoungMonth ago
  • 300 3’s a day, will make the playoff slump go away. GIANNIS

    Kj YoungKj YoungMonth ago
  • Who’s here when Giannis is injured

    M0N0M0N0Month ago
  • Yo send me a copy of 2k21

    Colin SchroyerColin SchroyerMonth ago
  • He is gonna be alright guys michael didn't win the title right away either

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  • ay bro where u get ur Jordan 11 win like 96??

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  • I'm saying this as a Heat fan, but I really hope Giannis Antetokounmpo can recover from his injury in game 4 ASAP

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  • The raps showed everyone the playback last year how to beat them.

    Empire MediaEmpire MediaMonth ago
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    JorgeJorgeMonth ago
  • Giannis need to improve on his post up moves that's what is in a nut shell!!

    roieljrroieljrMonth ago
    • giannis,,dribble to high in the fast break but in the post offence it does not work,,no half court offence,unlike kd,,the hesitations moves need to improve...

      Adrian AbarracosoAdrian AbarracosoMonth ago
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    PhilthebeastPhilthebeastMonth ago
  • I think the Heat is just a excellent team when they focus on neutralizing a guy like Giannis (huge and powerfull but not as good at shooting)

    NetoNetoMonth ago
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    Lyko BilodeauLyko BilodeauMonth ago
  • Giannis= Emphasis on “Regular season” MVP.

    Fotosynthesis858Fotosynthesis858Month ago
  • Giannis probably gunna join Golden State so he can be OP like Kevin Durant to win his first ring 🤦🏽‍♂️ Or join another OP team like the Clippers or Brooklyn

    Fotosynthesis858Fotosynthesis858Month ago
  • wall they have done well on giannis

    Dinkz- FrizzyDinkz- FrizzyMonth ago
  • I never saw giannis this clumy

    Jakub12Jakub12Month ago
  • Giannis is just trash honestly

    Giovanni SanchezGiovanni SanchezMonth ago
  • Wall?

    FijiBakeFijiBakeMonth ago
  • Idk how this channel came up but for u to question the percentage of people who aren’t subscribed like they owe u something is hilarious. Hopefully this channel gets nowhere with that attitude

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  • Just injure him

    Matthew GordonMatthew GordonMonth ago
    • Vixter I said this after I saw it

      Matthew GordonMatthew GordonMonth ago
    • Vixter yeah that is what happened

      Matthew GordonMatthew GordonMonth ago
    • Well.....about that

      VixterVixterMonth ago
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  • Wall hope all the viewers are ok

    Joel TecaJoel TecaMonth ago
  • why is it that everything falls as giannis’s fault when the bucks don’t perform at the level they usually do? where is his real help?

    Will GagenWill GagenMonth ago
    • Because hes not playing at star level...he's struggling ...

      Jay JayJay JayMonth ago
  • We saw james harden seal a game with his defense...nothing is impossible in 2020

    Danny KriseDanny KriseMonth ago
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    Swarm IRONYSwarm IRONYMonth ago
  • Let’s be honest when Giannis turns 28 he would already perfect all of these faults and have a ring

    Creatorthecloud 999Creatorthecloud 999Month ago
  • When running and dunking dont work for giannis no more.

    Eater xGEater xGMonth ago
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    Yogi SutarYogi SutarMonth ago
  • someone tell me the background music that he always uses

    Scott CainScott CainMonth ago
  • If everyone adapts to that defensive play style to stop giannis he will be forced to shoot the ball cause right now he looks really average, and I like Giannis

    FEDFEDMonth ago
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