How GOOD Is The TALLEST High School Basketball Player Actually? (Ft. NBA Potential & Height)

Sep 27, 2019
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Robert Bobroczky is the tallest high school basketball player at 7’ 7”, but how good is the tallest player actually, because height isn’t everything! #NBA #Tallest
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Robert Bobroczky is now entering his senior year of high school at Spire Institute. Yeah that means that we could see all 7’ 7” of him in college, even if there isn’t a clear college offer for him yet. Man they grow up so fast, no I mean quite literally, Robert was 7’ 1” at the age of 12 and so he’s been in the spotlight for a while, I’ve made videos on Robert that focused on his story and size which you all really liked but I wanted to focus on his game and figure out how good is he actually?
Robert Bobroczky is now 19 years old. That’s older than some of the players that just got drafted. And if you’ve seen my previous videos, you know that Robert is a stickman. At one point he was 7’ 7”, 180 pounds. He straight up looks photoshopped. All jokes aside, weight has been a problem for Robert since he first went viral in AS Stella Azura, an institution in Italy responsible for getting Andrei Bargnani in the NBA. Even with a height of 7’ 3” at the time, Robert had a reliable mid range that was unblockable. Especially from a set position, the shot wasn’t slow and didn’t rely on his legs at all. As a tall big man, that’s good to avoid any unnecessary movements with bending his knees. He keeps the ball high and releases it from an extremely high point. Robert also has a soft touch around the rim, I wouldn’t say he has great post footwork, but he has soft finishes. His dad had been teaching Robert skyhooks and post fadeways since the age of 10. He can dunk without jumping so he really can’t get faked out by pumpfakes. This all sounds really good right, until you look at Robert’s movements. (What is that). He has an awkward gait. That running is not right and that might be due to a misalignment of his hips. Because he has such a large frame, it’s easier to have misalignments. That cause him to have scoliosis which is a sideways curvature in his spine. That explains the weird running. There’s no lateral quickness and his strength seems non existent.
Yeah Robert decided to leave Italy and go to Ohio to SPIRE institute. SPIRE has world class facilities with a great coaching staff. The school costs $55,000 a year and it’s the high school LaMelo went to for his senior year. When Robert came to Spire at the age of 16, he was 7’ 7”, 180 pounds. (what the heck). Yeah, I made the statement that the tallest player in high school basketball was too small for the NBA and that was because of his size. There were some serious risks for injury, for exhaustion, and he would instantly break if someone backed him down. The whole goal for Robert was to gain weight. That being said, he’s not like Tacko Fall that could move at least move laterally and set strong picks. He fulfilled the role of a traditional big man, and then brought all the unique aspects of height like tough defense, blocking, and finishing over other centers. (Tacko crazy block) He didn’t need a jumpshot to get consideration from an NBA team. So while having a shot is great, this doesn’t mean anything if your fundamentals are all out of line.
Now at the age of 19, Robert’s weight is supposedly 220 pounds, but there are reports that list it as 205 and some places it’s 225. I mentioned this in my other video, but if he is 225 pounds, he’s at a BMI of 18.7 which is borderline underweight, but still normal. However, no player in the NBA right now has a BMI lower than 20 which is definitely alarming. Robert should be able to set picks, but he still would be massively undersized for the center spot. For example, Porzingis was considered too skinny and he was 240 pounds at 7’ 3”.
JV typically doesn’t have bigger, more athletic competition and so we have no idea how his body would actually hold up. Pair that with his scoliosis and Robert is no longer a Tacko Fall or Bol Bol type prospect. He straight up is a health risk that lacks basic athleticism. I do believe that if Robert continues on this weight gain and is able to get to 240-250 pounds with some real muscle, he should get some sort of workout with an NBA team to assess his talent, but from what we have seen currently, Robert is great for a high school basketball player, but nowhere close to being even an NBA prospect just yet. But what do you think? Can Robert make the NBA? Can he make college?

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  • No way he even makes college D1. I doubt he can even play lower level college ball. He's extremely skinny and doesn't look like he can put on much weight. Add to that his scoliosis, it'll be really hard for him to play above the high school level. I wish him luck but I really don't think pro basketball is in his future.

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